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  1. Not on your list but AR Gold is still my favorite (very 1911-like, if that's something you want in a long gun) when properly adjusted and has a good fit with the safety. For a stouter reset and a no take-up (aka no creep), a Wilson Combat TTU single stage fits the bill for me. JP is great too when properly fitted. Maybe a little less crisp than the Wilson, but it still feels very nice.
  2. Yes, very good CS. I had an issue with my trigger and they fixed it asap. Trigger pull was amazing.
  3. If you can get the AR Gold on clearance, that's a no-brainer. Still the best I've used. I am curious about the Trigger Tech and the newer Timneys. I really like my CMC too, but it did have to get returned to the factory after some issues early on. Once I got it back it was flawless and reliable. The JP is excellent as well. Sounds like you like DIY and you can fit and tune it to your liking. There is really little to complain about it and I do like it a bit more than the CMC. Excepting their match triggers, the Geisseles for me have been more hype than substance. YMMV. That is a pretty good price for them though. I had the S3G trigger and it just didn't match up to the 3 triggers I have tried above.
  4. With all the fancy "new" "extreme" "ultimate" "innovative" "whatever" lubes out there, Slide Glide continues to be the one constant that never leaves my gun lubing process. Stays on and keeps my stuff lubed and running. For Glocks, a little goes a way long way. Mostly on any surfaces I see any wear. 1911s feel naked without them. And even high wear parts on the AR. Bolt cam pin and bolt bearing surfaces near the gas key. Even softens up carbon build up inside the bolt carrier during cleaning. I do this by taking out the bolt, cleaning the bc interior, and then brushing on Slide Glide. Let it kind soak in while cleaning other parts or other guns. Then come back and finish cleaning the bc. It takes out any build up that remains. I do augment the lubing with a little wet oil too. But never without Slide Glide. One little tub lasts for years.
  5. bagdrag

    308 build

    What's for sale, lol??
  6. If you're right handed, the PRI QC comp is pretty great. Miculek break is really good too. And the newer 3-port JP comp works well for my .308. The Gas Hog is nice too but that price and I'm not sure if it's better than the previous 3 I mentioned
  7. Anybody with issues using these rifle gas less than 18" length barrels? I always hear dwell time could be a problem or is the gas port generously sized?
  8. Good to know about the TacMod. I had considered getting one years ago when I saw a pic with Daniel Horner using one. Didn't find any source for one and their website at the time didn't even have ordering information nor did they reply to any e-mails I sent inquiring for one. I stumbled onto the XLR Industries website during my search and saw that their Tactical stock looked similar. I ended up ordering one from Exile Machine who became a vendor from my excitement on Calguns to get one. Interestingly, I had issues with their factory cheekpiece and looking through my scope (Daniel uses a higher scope mount which I noticed later). I contacted XLR directly and they ended up sending me a clamping piece that didn't even use the cheekpiece. So far it has worked great. It even survived mortaring when I had a round stuck with a new JP upper during a class. Nothing coming loose or moving (just need the right torque on the screws). It uses ACE stock recoil pads so I don't have the stickiness issue like I do with the Limbsaver pad I have on my shotgun.
  9. Anyone know how the Timney AR Calvin and Timney AR Targa compare to the AR Gold and Trigger Tech?
  10. Magpul MOE Rifle Stock isn't bad for A1 length stock. Other option I like is Mags EFX-A1 but that's heavy and bulky. Lancer makes a carbon fiber one that you can get cheaper sometimes if it's SiG branded (still a Lancer).
  11. The first part of a complete multi-part set of videos of muzzle devices compared. Kind of interesting with shots fired at full auto and results for shot groups shown for each muzzle device tested. Shooter was the same for each device tested and not just shot from a sled.
  12. This comparison by Pat Kelley has the Jet Comp included. http://www.multigunmedia.com/ar15-comps-pt-2.pdf
  13. Didn't Trapr Swonson of Red Neck Tactical have a similar mod for the Supernova?
  14. Not me or mine but this is pretty much what it looks like minus the cheek riser.
  15. My favorite is the Magpul MOE Fixed Rifle Stock (A1-length). Just solid and I've never felt the need for adjustability. I kind of see how a lot of people still just go with an A2. I pick A1 length stocks because I am puny. I have a XLR Industries tactical stock that I really like too. But I've basically set it to A1 length and they made a smooth collar piece for me that eliminates the attachment point and necessity of the cheek riser. I just looks cool now and the weight balances my heavy "medium" contour JP upper.
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