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  1. I have shot both coated & JHP's in open & PCC's with comps. The JHP will clean the barrel portion of the comp not the baffles of lead. Had to use a Dremel with a flattened nail to get the lead out of the baffles. gerritm
  2. Have these in my range bag and have used them before. Something about the thinness of this case just could not get a grip on it. Gun was clean with maybe less than 50 rounds. Wished I knew exactly what headstamp it was for sure. gerritm
  3. Got it. Took a fluted easy out and started a slight cut at top then took a sharp pick and split it out. Pretty sure it was an extreme brass head stamp. Really thin. Not a stepped one or steel. Had a stuck extreme brass earlier. Culled all the weird head stamps out of my loaded rounds. These were commercial processes brass not my normal range brass.
  4. Already tried this. Case is stuck as tight as I have seen. Normally just use little hook tool I made and drags it out.
  5. Tried the. 223 case seemed good and tight but didn't get it. Guess a trip to find a dowel. Any type of easy out?
  6. Had a case separate in my open gun today. I made a hook to grab the case but not working. Really stuck. Any ideas to get it out? gerritm
  7. I am 66 and that stage looks like fun. Running is never a problem, you can move at your own pace. gerritm
  8. I certainly don't mind a tough match, but keep in mind your audience when you start adding ladders, platforms, tunnels, & towers. Probably 50% of the shooters at the 6 or so matches in our area are plus 50 & many over 60 years old. They are the week to week & month to month guys who support these matches. Movers, & all are great, but seem to always malfunction at one point and can clog up the squads. Not against, just notice this. Distance is good to a point. Running & moving in general is good cause based on age & ability you can do it at your own pace. A healthy mix of all makes a great match and being lucky here we have several MD's that accomplish this. gerritm
  9. Checked everything over. Feed lips are good. No problems that I can see internally. I have a new gen 140mm and the Lula is tight loading that also. Made sure the follower is smooth. Ran all my dummy rounds thru it and they ejected smoothly. I am shooting a match this weekend, if the rain holds off. Will test at the range again before and if it runs then try it in the match. gerritm
  10. This, most stages are set up by righties. Make the COF hard leans fair to all including PCC shooters. I shoot PCC left handed & open right handed due to an eye injury so I see it from all angles. Keep in mind all levels of shooters when designing the stage. Had a stage a couple of weeks ago with a target @ 180 degrees to the left with a wall outside the shooting area blocking it so couldn't use it, that was physically impossible for a left handed pcc or pistol shooter to shoot it without touching or hanging on the wall or breaking the 180. gerritm
  11. I have the Dawson tuning kit and set them per the Atlas video, but will have to check for sure. They were off from the factory. Tried 3 different followers/spring combos including the original never worked right. As a side note I have used many STI mags including older 170's with the shim and so has my son with great success. This is my first 170 new gen. gerritm
  12. Did that already. Tried TTI springs & followers, and tuned the feed lips, same results with Grams guts. Last time it failed in a match it had the TTI guts. Guessing this gun doesn't like STI 170mm mags. 140's run fine. Will just get another MBX. gerritm
  13. When I started reloading a few years ago I went the same way with loading machines. Started on Lee 4-hole turret press with Titegroup to learn and then went to the top of the line Lee progressive Pro loader with all the goodies, including primer feed,shell feeder, & bullet feeder. When it worked it was great, but I was always tinkering with it to keep it running. Very easy to miss advancing the case when it was constantly stopping and me getting distracted fixing something. I got rid of it when I suspected a double charge and weighed about 100 rounds and pulled a bunch to double check. Never did find the double, & hated not knowing, but decided to go with a Dillon 650 with a powder check and have never looked back. Still using a 650 with Titegroup and probably 100K rounds later with no issues. Very difficult, not impossible, to double charge with a 650/750 especially with the powder check. gerritm
  14. gerritm

    Corona Virus Humor

    J uly A ugust S eptember O ctober N ovember Next 5 months are telling us what is coming? 2020 SUCKS! gerritm
  15. I have been running Eggleston and SNS coated 124RN .356 @ 1.10 OAL for minor since the shortage. Been very happy with accuracy and reliability. One thing I have noticed with the SNS is that their coating is thinner than the Eggelstons and the coating scrapes a little easier when loading with the same bell. Also get a little more lead/carbon build up at the comps on our PCC's with th SNS bullets. Nothing terrible, but can see it. Will stick with the Egglestons for now until the plated Everglade 124's come back in stock. Found plenty of MG & Everglades 124 JHPs to run in the open gun. gerritm
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