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  1. Good seller, have shot with Mike & this gun runs. gerritm
  2. Not sure about other squads, all of us on our squad are very experienced, but with our squad's walk thru there happened to be a paint mark on the ground & RO told all to shoot it from this mark to be OK. Me being the only odd ball lefty gamed it slightly causing the discussion. RO did not feel I broke the 180, score keeper sitting on bench called it. In the MD's defense there was another shooting position about 10 feet away where you could have shot it, but that would have been the only steel necessary to shoot from there. Being a UML match he wanted to accommodate the 2-gun pistol shooters with that extra position. No other targets needed to be shot from that position. No one from our squad moved there. gerritm
  3. I shot a UML 3-gun match a couple of weeks ago and the first steel target in a set to the left shot with PCC or shotgun was at exactly 181 degrees for a right handed shooter & 179 for left handed. Big discussion by RO & scorekeeper cause I am left handed but decided it was OK. Should never have been put there, no reason, move it 1 foot & takes that trap out. gerritm
  4. You will be fine with the Viper. My granddaughter has shot it for over a year and loves it. I have shot it, so has my son. We have gone out to 600 yards with it. Not an issue or problem. Now not to change your mind, but take a look at the Burris XTR 1x8. I have been shooting mine for 3 years with not a single change in zero. Glass is as good or better than the Viper. Capped or uncapped turrets. I have the ballistic dot reticle which is very close to the Razor. Dot is super bright 2MOA. Midway has them on sale for $563.Lifetime warranty. Just a thought. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1017280975?pid=867539 gerritm
  5. I bought the Viper & Razor off Gunbroker, bid on it and got a smokin deal. Much better than any deal even with sales & 10% off coupon I had. Check Gunbroker, Vortex warranty is lifetime thru company no questions. gerritm
  6. Have had all 3. Razor is the best, glass is awesome clear. Viper is next. Not HD but very good, equal to my Burris 1x8 XTR in clarity. Strike Eagle is Ok, not my first choice, but works. Changed that out to a Viper. For the money I would buy the Viper again unless I shoot a lot of longer 400 plus yards then it is hard to beat the Razor. We have 3-rifles going right now with a 1x6 Viper (granddaughter) 1x6 Razor HD (son), & a Burris 1x8 XTR on my rifle. Been very happy with the Burris for the money. gerritm
  7. Here is her PCC. Taccom 3-stage buffer with stock springs. I will have to take pictures of mine, but I run the same buffer. gerritm
  8. I have shot open USPSA and have been shooting PCC since day 1. Using fast powders with a blowback system you don't have enough gas to make a comp operate efficiently. I tried slow powders, HS6, and it was way too dirty at lower PF. I have a JP 14.5 barrel with their pinned tac comp on my PCC & the Taccom ULW barrel & CF handguard on my granddaughters. I have shot her PCC before she confiscated it. So instead of worrying about working the comp I concentrated on our load, bcg weight, & buffer. I have the Taccom Extreme bcg with the weight out & 3-stage, she has a standard bcg with the weight in & 3 stage. As long as the recoil is straight back & dot movement is minimal we are good. Guns are as close to 100% reliable as possible. Not sure if you have the newer ramped barrel, but if not get the Taccom feed ramp & install it on your upper. Best $20 I have spent. gerritm
  9. Right around minor 125 or so. I have tried different bullet weights including 124s & 147 and like the way these cycle the gun. The heavier bullets seemed sluggish. Recoil is straight back into your shoulder. This is the same load we run in our 3 pistols & pcc's. We shoot a lot of 3-gun, steel challenge, USPSA, & hoser outlaw matches and don't worry too much about PF. If I shot a level 2 match I would probably bump it up. gerritm
  10. We are running the same set up and have for a couple of years on my 17 year grandaughter's PCC. Using a Taccom 3-stage buffer, CMC 9mm trigger @3.5#. 115gr RN plated Everglades bullets @ 1.12 OAL with 3.8grs of Titegroup. Dot does not move much at all. gerritm
  11. I usually polish everything on our pistols, god idea. Thanks, gerritm
  12. I have a 17 year old granddaughter who shoots Steel Challenge (RFRO)and other steel matches with this rifle. She loves it and has won high over all in several local SC matches. She is shooting just below GM (roughly 92%) and getting better. She also shoots PCC in USPSA & UML 3-gun and does great. She shoots any kind of rifle really well & is pretty good with a pistol. Clean & oil lightly before each match. Been running CCI mini mags & Federal Target match. Not happy with the Federal seems to have more problems. CCI seems to run pretty good. Tried a couple of others with mixed results. Trying to make this rifle as bullet proof as possible. Has less than 1K rounds on it. Seems like every match we get a few malfunctions, mostly end up with double feeds. Have checked mags they seem to be OK. Marked them all and no pattern with mags & malfunctions. Looking for suggestions as to what to do to the rifle itself. I have changed the FP & extractor to the Volquartsen bolt tune up kit. Put a recoil buffer. Have a Tandemkross comp. Any other internal ideas to keep it running as close to 100% as a .22 can? gerritm
  13. All fine and good, but if I can't see with it mounted to my weak side right shoulder, give me the procedurals/penalties or whatever. Its just a classifier. I follow all of this except touching the shoulder. gerritm
  14. Not sure how it fits the rules on classifiers. When I shoot classifiers where it specifies weak side I go to my right hand (weak side) and still hold the pcc off my shoulder so I can use my left eye to aim. No RO has said anything as long as I am weak side, and personally I have no choice. If there is a rule, call it & give me a procedural. gerritm
  15. Other than a few times I pretty much have. At first thought it was the cure all for those hard leans. Figured out a better way to shoot them. I am blind in my right eye so shoot left handed and can't switch hands for the hard right side leans. We have had a few that almost had to shoot pistol one handed so PCC was super difficult. Just worked out a way for switch hands and hold it out away from the shoulder and it seems to work. They are cool indoors. gerritm
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