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  1. We have right around $1K total in her gun. We shoot with the Dissident guys and many other shooters with Dissident SG's and her VR80 is every bit as reliable and softer shooting. Dissidents are great, but past my pay grade. I run RIA 19 round mags with some minor fixes and it will also run my T&N MKA 1919 mags including the T&N 24 rounder. My buddy with the F12 has an FFL and also owns a Dissident SG. He has been running the F12 lately in 3-gun & falling steel matches with no problems. He likes to thoroughly test these guns before recommending them. I don't think other than breaking it in he has done anything to it. Has made the same mods to the RIA mags that I recommended. Not sure on the longevity of the SG. He probably has a couple of thousand rounds on it. Does run good Win AA 1250 & Fiocchi ammo. Have a couple of other shooters who run them and it will not run a whole match without several malfunctions. Not sure on them could be user error. Pretty sure they haven't done anything to the mags and I have noticed he runs whatever ammo he can find. We have 3 or 4 guys with them and have mixed reviews. gerritm
  2. This. My 19 YO granddaughter runs a fairly tricked out VR80 with Taccom buffer, comp, & T&N trigger, with the gas ports drilled out. Runs Win 1145 AA all day long. Super reliable, very soft and fast. Very accurate with slugs. gerritm
  3. Buddy of mine has run one off and on more for testing and seems pretty reliable with properly tuned mags and finding the right ammo it likes. gerritm
  4. We all run lighter Win AA 1145 loads in our shotguns. We all have the common chokes for each. VR80, MKA1919, & a Benelli M2. For most local matches depending on targets we run our mod chokes the majority of the time especially if there are spinners, heavy steel or small steel at distance. But depending on the match, targets, slugs, distance and shot size we will change based on the stage. From IC to IM and once in awhile even full. Base your choke on loads, targets, and distance, but Mod seems to work the majority of the time. gerritm
  5. I have 3 Taccom buffer systems in all of our PCC's with thousands of rounds. With the ammo shortage we have shot my reloads with varying bullet weights and factory ammo. Recoil changes slightly, but always back in the shoulder. dot movement does not change. gerritm
  6. I could agree with this if the first was a squib. You are all missing that there was at least 5 or 6 very experienced shooters within 10 feet of this besides the RO & score keeper. No sound or smoke, nothing to indicate a squib round especially if it had enough to get it that far down the barrel. Would have heard something. We all have amplified hearing pros. someone would have heard something and we all agreed nothing other than the normal click sound of the striker/FP. Need to be quite a bit of back pressure to split the barrel that bad and yet not hurt anything else. gerritm
  7. All good ideas, but how does whatever happened, if a squib, push 2 projectiles thru the barrel & cause enough pressure to split the barrel, but not damage the gun, mag, frame or slide or internal parts. I have never seen a squib round not get stuck, whether far enough to chamber a round behind it or not. I am sure we have not seen it all, but between all the other guys there was many many years of experience and could not figure it out. All had different opinions. gerritm
  8. We were all within 10 feet of the shooter and there was no indication of a squib. Only a click like a high primer. We have all heard squibs. Very experienced RO. Can't stop on a typical striker sound. Would not of thought if there was a squib round in the bore the second would have chambered & pushed both out. Nothing in the barrel, just split. gerritm
  9. Any ideas on what would cause this? Never seen it before. Many seasoned shooters heard and saw this, and no good ideas. Glock 40 with a newish Lone Wolf barrel His reloads, I believe plated 165 or 180, Titegroup 4.0grs. not sure on OAL, but he is an experienced reloader on a Dillon 650. While shooting the stage we all heard a click/no obvious squib poof sound or primer. We were close. Racked round out, did not find it. Next round chambered and went off with lots of smoke out of chamber and RO called stop. Did not blow out mag. Could not rack it. Went to safe table and disassembled gun. Found the Wolf barrel split completely top and bottom with no projectile stuck in barrel. Almost like it split on a seam. No obvious damage to gun as far as we could tell, just the barrel. Chamber was intact. Would have thought if it was a squib, bullet would be stuck in barrel. Out of battery? Double charge? If double charge would have thought more damage. Defective Wolf barrel? Ideas? gerritm
  10. This! I am left handed and have had this lower for several years and many thousands of rounds. Great quality, would recommend highly. gerritm
  11. Check the set screw that holds the mag release button. Had this happen to us and the lock set screw that holds the inner mag release screw had backed out and it would not push the release all the way to drop the mag. Tighten the set screw or remove both and release will come apart. gerritm
  12. This! Pretty easy if you have the right angle to see where the PCC is pointed and see the shooter when at 3-5 yards it is almost touching the targets. gerritm
  13. To add I have had several times on close targets, where a sharp RO has said he saw me shoot twice and hit the same spot so no need for overlay. gerritm
  14. Pretty simple solution. I shoot PCC and many times on close targets I get "doubles". RO checks for grease rings, checks the back of the target to see if there are 2 obvious holes, if not we get an overlay and he decides. Double or not and score it. gerritm
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