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  1. This on all our pistols, with Mobil 1 or Lucas. Tried it on our PCC's and found the blowbacks are so dirty the crud accumulated on the SG grease, so just Mobil 1, but a generous dose. Same with our rifles. Here in SE Texas lots of sand at our ranges & bays. Sand sticks to the SG. Just Mobil 1 or Lucas. gerritm
  2. Don't know the size but if it is the outer one that locks the elevation & windage they will send you a new one. Just email or call & ask. Asked for 2 and they sent them NC and I got in a couple of days. gerritm
  3. I have it happen twice but always got stuck on the deprime pin, never made it past the 1st stage. .22 case mouth went up on the pin. Deprime even worked for quite a while without noticing anything unusual. gerritm
  4. We have installed 2 in different guns. Both were drop in no fitting. First one was an STI 3-gun 9mm the other a CZ 75 SP01. gerritm
  5. Stupid question, but did you check the inside of the U-die on the pin. I somehow twice have had a .22 case pierced by the pin blocking the case from seating correctly. Range brass, must have been stuck inside one of the 9mm cases. gerritm
  6. At a small local country range during a USPSA match as we walk from one stage to the other there are bays on our side and long range on opposite side with the usual shooting benches. We look across and there are 2-guys pointing all their rifles across at us on the benches, not in the provided racks. The RO & MD hurries across and tell them to move the rifles so they are not pointing at us. They get mad and say that they were going down range to check targets and didn't want them pointing at them. gerritm
  7. The standard CMC AR trigger does not work with all BCG's. Depends on the cut. They work with the Taccom Extreme, but I have tried it with my Spinta & NFA BCG and they don't work. The CMC 9mm trigger has worked with all my BCG's. gerritm
  8. We are running a 3.5 flat one with a standard NFA BCG with about 3K rounds with absolutely no issues in one PCC. I am running the CMC standard flat 3.5 AR trigger in my PCC with Taccom Extreme BCG with 20-30K or so with no problems. I did break a wire spring on one of my standard 3.5 AR triggers after maybe 30K rounds and they have a lifetime warranty, replaced it right away. CS was great. They told me about the warranty I didn't know. We run CMC triggers in all 3 of our 3-gun rifles, too with many thousands of rounds with no problems. gerritm
  9. Area 59 2nd Sunday of the month. Look in Practiscore under 1911 Match Area 59/GPS. Just bought a new 1911 SS .45 to play. gerritm
  10. Found one over the weekend at a gun show. Not sure if it was the best choice, but it was brand new. Felt great. A Smith & Wesson Doug Koenig SW1911DK from their custom shop. Gun was built in 2005 and has never been shot. Still in the original box wrapped in the oil paper. Only thing I have to replace is the front sight with a FO. Trigger is a little heavy, but super smooth/crisp. I played with several different models & brands at the GS. Didn't like the triggers on most. Thanks for the help. gerritm
  11. We have a once a month SS match and my son & I shoot it. He took my Trojan & I am looking for a reliable 45 SS just something that runs with a decent beveled mag well. Ruger, Springfield, Kimber, Sig? What would you recommend? gerritm
  12. We have a SS/revolver match once a month here in the Houston area that attracts 50 plus shooters and a couple of revolver guys. We all love it, kind of fun to have the match set up to be SS friendly. Gives us a chance to drag out the 9/.45 SS that sit in the safe or we carry and have fun. gerritm
  13. My son carries 6. 2-triple Safariland 775 mag holders ( I think that is the #). Can never have too many. gerritm
  14. I have shot "Outlaw" 3-gun matches where not putting on the safety when abandoning the gun was a match DQ & others where it is a stage DQ or even a time penalty. Depending on the affiliation that the match has there is a set of rules. UML, USPSA, & 3-gun Nation come to mind, others use a hybrid approach and combine the rulesets to what they want. gerritm
  15. Last couple we have shot with PCC or pistol I bring some hotter 147 or 124gr factory rounds. Seems to work pretty good. gerritm
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