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  1. Yes it was and with all the options to shoot if gives you a choice to shoot what you have the most ammo. Sounds like with future plans it is only going to get better. I bought this one already built. Did a good job judging on how it ran. If I bought one that was not done already I was going to send it to Hayes. Should get yours back in plenty of time. Figured out how to fix my old mags so they seat. Always good to have a 24 rounder in the mix. gerritm
  2. My granddaughter ran the new to us VR80 in the Dissident falling steel match. After sorting out a few problems with my old MKA mags that would not seat. We used a couple of 19 round RIA and my old Firebird mags, it ran perfect rest of the day. Screwed her on the first stage of the day. Used 1145 & 1200 Winn AA. Gun was super soft and we were surprised how fast she ran the trigger. Softer than my MKA. She is still having problems seating the reload mag. Download it several rounds. Her hands aren't big enough. Working on a reloading techniques to help. Great new matc
  3. I have a shooting buddy who has one and has shot a few USPSA matches in open. He is a GM and shot it well very flat & fast, but guessing anything he shoots would be fast. Probably shot minor ammo. This would be a great open 3-gun minor pistol, but not USPSA. Buy a real open major gun. gerritm
  4. Put 2 of the Taccom adjustable recoil systems in 2 different PCC's I built and the BHO work. I used Taccom SS bolts with these. They come with different pre-load rings & SS cushions/bumpers and depending on how you set it up the BHO may not work. gerritm
  5. The matches here in the Houston area, participation and round counts have definitely slowed. Weekday evening practice matches have way fewer participants, some cancelled. We shoot all year round and there are matches every weekend within an hour or 2. Weekend matches are down to around 100-150 rounds. Depending on the quality of the match, some are still full with wait lists. Most are online registration only. No walk ups. Social distancing is encouraged. No mandatory masks outside. Some have cancelled shooters meeting just relying on the experienced shooters to educate the newbi
  6. I have witness marks on the rest. This being behind and kinda hidden didn't notice.
  7. Had the same experience with the Citori. When I lived up north I shot many pheasants with my trusty Ithaca Pump. Came down south and shot a couple of company trade competitions at the top trap & skeet club in the area. Took the Ithaca out and did well shooting trap, but what a difference shooting my buddies Citori. Fell in love with it but could never justify buying one for my few trips to the trap clubs. You will not regret getting one. gerritm
  8. I use a Dillon size/decap die and have for many many rounds with no issues. I use their lock nuts. Periodically check it for depth & tightness. Well I didn't for awhile. Usually catch any problems when I case gauge all rounds. The die had loosened up and was allowing a slight bulge on some at the bottom near the rim. Guessing they were the Glock bulge cases. When I case gauged they dropped in with just the slightest amount not falling completely down. Got sloppy mainly cause it was so random. Will shoot fine in my JP barrel pcc & STI 3-gun, but the 2 CZ's & Taccom barr
  9. We shot PCC last time, but running out of pistol/pcc ammo so still plenty of shotgun shells still available. Besides shooting steel with a shotgun is a blast. gerritm
  10. Here is our new to us VR80 with the following mods. Taccom extended bolt, mag release, buffer, comp, T&N Flat trigger, & Advance Tactical mag well. Initial testing & zero ran 1145 & 1200FPS Win AA. Zero @ 50 yards Fiocchi low and medium recoil slugs out of my old T&N tuned mags perfect. Put an RTS2 6moa optic on it. Have a couple of 3-gun & shotgun matches coming up to really test. My granddaughter will be shooting it. gerritm
  11. Look online at some of the smaller ammo manufacturers and get on their mailing list or FB page. They are all making ammo if you are willing to pay. Mostly 9mm. Need to buy as soon as it comes available as it sells out fast and they only make a limited supply. Yes, even shotgun shells are getting scarce. gerritm
  12. gerritm

    Accushadow Parts?

    We have a CZ-75 SP01 and just got an Accushadow. When looking for parts in Cajun or CZ Custom, doesn't really list it separate. So what model parts fit. Looking for a bigger safety and possibly a straight DA/SA trigger. Thanks, Gerrit
  13. Problem I have found is that most MD's are right handed and tend to set stages up that favor righties especially pistol. I have run across several stages that you literally couldn't shoot a target left handed without switching shoulders, but would not have been any problem for a right handed PCC or pistol shooter. The good thing for me is due to an eye injury I shoot PCC left & pistol right so I am used to seeing the stages from both directions and planning. gerritm
  14. I am a lefty and unless there is an advantage I tend to run right to left only because the the PCC naturally faces downrange. I really don't have to think about it when going around walls or obstacles. Left to right I have to make sure where it is pointed. gerritm
  15. Any experience with the bake on type. I have used the regular spray on mix with OK results. Want to do an AR upper & lower. It is in the raw now. gerritm
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