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  1. Closeup of the notch. Side view of ports. gerritm
  2. Here is a picture of the 13/16 barrel & CF hand guard with notch. gerritm
  3. Easier to give you the link on Taccom website explaining it with installation instructions. Plenty of pictures. Goes in the upper and clam shell closes against the lower. Not much to take a picture of. Unfortunately they are out of stock, but he gets them in pretty regular. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-glock-lower-feedramp/ gerritm
  4. Try a Taccom feed ramp. Best $20 we have spent on our un-supported/non-ramped barrels. Have a JP barrel on mine and installing the feed ramp has stopped all misfeeds,. Had one on her old ULW Taccom barrel before the new one with a built in ramp. Thousands of rounds thru both with the Taccom feed ramps with no issues. Same with the new Taccom barrel with the built in ramp. Cheap easy fix. gerritm
  5. In many 3-gun matches I have never seen this happen, but the questions would be, and only the RO can judge, which is the same as this original post, did the shooter anticipate the beep, false start, reshoot, did the shooter hear another beep, false start, reshoot, or did the shooter randomly fire one into the berm off their hip or shoulder, DQ unsafe gun handling AD, ND, or whatever you want to call it. In 3-gun not sure of the particular rule, but most are outlaw matches with a combination of rules and unsafe, ND, AD, whatever is all enforced in our local matches. No questions. Safety is the most important part of our games, no questions on safety. Looking at UML 3-gun rules, this would be an ND and would be up to the RO to judge the situation. Personally as I said before I would apologize to all and DQ myself if I randomly, took the safety off, put my finger on the trigger, and fired one into the berm before the beep and after make ready and not starting the COF. gerritm
  6. I shoot both UML 2x4 3-gun & USPSA. Other than most of the COF are usually tighter/faster in USPSA with tougher leans, no real problems that I have seen. For USPSA it is good to either have an offset optic or learn to shoot strong & weak hand because the leans are more designed for pistol shooters. Just make sure you know local & USPSA rules for handling your PCC. They are much more restrictive than 3-gun. From un-bagging your PCC at a safe table not at your vehicle. Where to park your cart or bag. Where/when to un-case or take off cart against berm. Waiting for make ready to turn on dot. Several others that you don't always have in 3-gun. gerritm
  7. This. Have run an average of 20K Everglades plated, all weights a year now for 2 or 3 years with no lead build up and consistent accuracy. gerritm
  8. I have TF & MBX. They both work. Biggest thing we have found is to radius the inside of the mag (Glock factory, not sure on others) and smooth out the follower so when the bullets in the extension transition from extension to mag it is smooth. gerritm
  9. Our governor put the Kabash on pretty much all matches in Texas. Can't have more than 10 people at a gathering. Every one in the Houston metro & as far as I can tell across the state are cancelled or postponed. gerritm
  10. 3.7grs Titegroup @ 1.125 CCI SPP with 115 plated Everglades bullet. We shoot these in our minor pistols & PCC's. Glock 34, CZ75, & STI 3-gun. gerritm
  11. Says that PCC safety must be applied if carbine is loaded after the standby & before the start with finger outside the trigger guard. You all missed my point. Not enough info on what happened to determine false start, unsafe gun handling, DQ or no DQ or what rule to apply. Knowing & seeing thru the RO's eyes that he aimed at a target trying to anticipate the beep off his shoulder or hip is way different than randomly lighting one off his start position. That would be the RO's decision to make. gerritm
  12. I have shot with several guys who either double plug/muffs or are just plain hard of hearing or have amplified muffs and pick up the beep from another bay. Lots of reasons for a false start and have seen it happen. So really would need more info on where the PCC was when it fired. gerritm
  13. Totally confused here and I am noting that I am not a certified RO just a lot of PCC & shooting experience. Not trying to get a shooter DQ'ed if anything we go out of our way to help & warn before unsafe practices happen. No where in the original post does it say that it was at a target. The shooter took the safety off, had finger on trigger and lit one into the back berm, not in the direction of a target. Now my only question would be, was the PCC on his shoulder pointing in the general direction of a target when it was fired, then premature start, no DQ. if it was stock on belt facing downrange, or still at low ready, then unsafe gun handling, Obvious DQ. gerritm
  14. We have been shooting this 1316 barrel for about 6 months & it is awesome. Runs everything. She has a 15" CF handguard and the side ports are just past the end of hand guard & all I did was notch the top CF so the top ports do not blow into the HG. Took me maybe 5 minutes with a die grinder. gerritm
  15. I understand there is no direct rule for this to DQ, but how can it not be unsafe gun handling AD? I have shot PCC in USPSA since day 1 and if I fired off a round after make ready on safe and before the beep, I would A--DQ myself, and B--apologize to my squad for careless handling of a weapon. Whether there is a direct rule or not. Just me I guess. gerritm
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