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  1. She likes the little bit heavier rifle to match her PCC. Her PCC is right around 5.5 or 6#. Same with me, we shoot a lot of PCC in USPSA & UML, so the transitions are the similar She just won a couple of our bigger local USPSA matches shooting PCC so SC is both fun & good training. Plus I really like her Ruger. I have it running 99.5%. So pretty happy with it. gerritm
  2. Has the carbon fiber tensioned barrel with no threads. Laminated thumbhole stock. Weight about 4.6#. Just got it in and shot my first SC match with it. Did nothing to it to see how it would run out of the box other than making sure the barrel was clear and added a few drops of oil. I am left handed so switched the bolt handle to the right side. Installed a C-More RTS2 and zeroed it at 15 yards. Ran the whole match with CCI mini mags ammo with not a single problem using stock Ruger 10 round mags. My 17 year old granddaughter shooting her Ruger Target lite won the match. So last stage (5 to go) after match was done she tried the new rifle. Beat her time by well over a second total, so pretty sure I will be losing it to her. gerritm
  3. We shoot the Ruger Custom Shop and Ruger Target Lite. Other than some polishing and swapping out the charging handles to Kidds they run great. Very happy with both. Really like the target lite for weight and price. Custom shop came with a BX trigger & I put one in the Target Lite. gerritm
  4. I used the Nordic follower in 2 different SX3 with no issues or problems. gerritm
  5. Not this, I take the case when I weigh at the beginning of the loading session & dump it back into the hopper & save the primed case for when I get a bad case during sizing or priming. I only weigh every couple of sessions so not happening. Lots of good advice, but pretty sure it is the case is still wet inside or still could be bad primers. gerritm
  6. Usually it is the last thing you did different. Here in Texas it is normally 90 plus degrees with 70-90% humidity when I dry my brass outdoors for a couple of days under the ceiling fan. Last time I cleaned brass it was in the 60 degree range with low humidity. I did give them an extra day. I am going with the wet or damp brass theory. Going to dry all the brass in an oven tonight to make sure. What do you think is a good temp & time for this? gerritm
  7. I don't lubricate the brass. So not that. I do wet tumble, hmm? could be never thought of that. Maybe need to double dry the brass. I usually have some perforated drying racks and leave it outside under a ceiling fan for several days rotating them several times to get all. Was more cool this time than normal Texas heat. Maybe start throwing them in the oven after to make sure. I am thinking I will put balance of brass in the over at low temp to make sure. We usually tumble/process 3-5K brass at once.Good thought, thanks. Or bad primers? Don't remember if case was extracted. Thinking it was the first time, cause it went click, racked out the next round by instinct and new round would not load & bolt would not seat & by that time I had stopped, knowing I had a problem. Come to think of it the sound was not the normal squib, was a little loader. So maybe powder was wet & partially firing? 2nd time I just stopped. gerritm
  8. Have loaded somewhere in the 75K-100K rounds range Just popped up. Never happened before. Have not changed anything. Loading on a Dillon 650. Dillon was rebuilt at factory about a year ago. Has about 15K since rebuild. 3.7grs Titegroup, Everglades 9mm .355 plated RN, CCI SPP @1.12OAL using range brass. I weigh powder & check OAL frequently. We run this load in all our pistols & PCCs for USPSA & 3-gun. I case gauge every round on a Hundo and visually inspect every primer for height & making sure they are positioned correctly as best as possible. I visually check for powder, and have a light. Double check case for powder if any kind of stoppage. Dillon is running well. I have no upgrades on it. Seems to happen only in my PCC so far. Gun is cleaned/oiled after every match. Taccom Extreme BCG with his new design FP. Runs super reliable. Many reliable rounds on it. Have had 2 random squibs. I or the RO has caught them. Typical squib sound, bullet barely travels into the barrel rifling. Knocks out really easy with rod. Seems to happen at the end of the match when it is dirty. Ideas? Pretty sure it is not lack of powder as I check. Kind of hard not to have powder on a 650, but possible. New 5K batch of CCI primers. Bad primers or slightly high, firing but not setting off powder? Powder is from an 8# sealed container that is maybe a year old, kept inside with AC sealed about 2# left. Have not been able to find the brass case to inspect. Something with the powder dispenser? Have not messed with it since the rebuild when I cleaned it completely. Every once in awhile I get a split case or one that separates in the middle, but that's about it. gerritm
  9. The gun ran about 95% with mag fixes & some polishing. Jams were always the same where it pinned the round just above the chamber. Sometimes so tight had to be picked out with a knife.Not good when it is your 17 YO granddaughter who is going into the RFPO division after winning all of the local SC matches with RFRO and tuning her Rugers 10/22 rifles to 99.5% efficiency. I decided to upgrade the stock bolt with a Volquartsen Competition Bolt which requires removing the loaded chamber indicator. From what I have read this is one of the feeding problems with these guns. Started by breaking out the plastic parts, got it down to just the pin & metal flag. So after watching & reading the how to's getting the pin out, I tried everything I could think of with magnets and tapping the upper to try & drive it out. Nothing worked. Center punched the pin and set up my drill press to start drilling it out. Of course the first 1/16th bit walked slightly so trip to the local hardware store to buy new good bits. Cleaned up the top of the pin got the first 1/16th bit centered and kept drilling it out increasing the bit size till the last bit was a 1/8th. Tried screw extractors & driving torx bits into it with no luck. Finally got it to break out. Removed the pin & metal piece. Replaced it with a Tandemkross cover insert to blank it off. Surprised at how bad the casting was inside where the LCI was. Might have been the problem where it was sticking. The cover insert would not even go in half way. Had to clean up the rough spots in the casting with a dremel until it dropped in. All good with only 1 slight fixable scratch in the upper. Will do some testing, but man that bolt is a work of art. gerritm
  10. I agree. Not talking about stages at majors, but local matches. We have had a couple of local matches that the MD designed all of the stages for very experienced shooters, but not the fairly newbies that were showing up. Many got disappointed because they timed out and the few experienced guys blew thru the stages. So a few each match tended to not come back because they felt the total match/stages were beyond their experience level. Yes, all need to be challenged. But if a newer shooter spends several thousand on guns, gear, ammo, match fees, & time they need to get their money's worth. My point is to keep shooters coming back the stages should be designed for all levels to enjoy. If 50 or 60% are timing out maybe the stages/par times need to be tweaked. Again based on match size, time, reset, etc. Need to keep the majority interested. My thoughts and advice to the MD was if you had a super difficult stage, design the next one so all can do it. Remember it is a game and all are there to have fun. These small changes have now kept the match full & running on time. gerritm
  11. My 650 is mounted super solid to the bench. Bench is mounted to the wall. So no movement other than when you work the handle. Using the hanger mounted to the left side of the plastic case feeder never seemed like a great idea no matter how tight I got those 2 little 10mm bolts digging into the plastic. The case feeder vibrates and moves. Worked fine for the first year or so with 15K/20K thru it. Then started loosening slightly & moving, Would re-tighten, last for awhile and vibration would cause it to move. Angle of the bullet feeder would change & and adjustments would move slightly and increase upside down feeds. Not any more. gerritm
  12. Being a plumber by trade I had everything laying around our warehouse and the cost was next to nothing. Spur of the moment. Kind of got aggravated when the unit moved for the umpteenth time and started giving me problems. Hose clamps were sort of temporary to see how it all works. Going to leave it as I don't want to mess with success. gerritm
  13. So I got tired of upside down bullets and the bullet feeder going out of adjustment. Took it off the case feeder. So I kind of Texas engineered this stand together out of Home Depot parts. Works like a champ. Now it is stable and not affected by vibrations when pulling the handle. Took less than an hour. 4' piece of 1" black gas pipe 1" IP threaded galvanized floor flange 3-- 2" SS hose clamps 1" -- 2-hole strap piece of PVC block between Bullet feeder & pipe to level gerritm
  14. I have broken 2 Wilsons and a couple of other brands. Not only broken, but mushroomed the heads. So far the Taccom running in both our PCC's have been bullet proof. Thousands of rounds. gerritm
  15. Oil,oil, oil. If it ain't splashing you there is not enough. gerritm
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