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  1. I worked for several years in a very good gun store. Mostly for hunting. The way I sold scopes, lower price & high end was to see what their budget was and to bring several outside for them to look at an item in the distance and decide what they like. In a large sports store just looking across the building as far away as possible will work. Rather than recommending a particular brand. Every ones eyes are different and what looks great to one person may not work for another. I found that several lower priced scopes looked excellent to my customer compared to the more expensive.
  2. Funny thing is I started shooting PCC before it was official USPSA division. I went thru many different configurations and barrels and it was always the same problem with feeding issues creating double feeds. Learn not to rack it just drop the mag out, shake the double feed out, reinsert mag and go on. Got pretty good with it. When the Taccom feed ramp first came out I installed it my upper and these all went away. Same with the Taccom barrels with the built in feed ramp. Been running these for many years now with basically zero malfunctions. Reliability is the key with all guns in
  3. They correct the geometry & differences in the way the Glock mag sits in the lower. Do you need them, not necessarily but then everyone isn't shooting a $2K JP that is matched and fitted. My 3 home builds cost about $1K each and 2 have JP barrels and other has a Taccom super feed with a built in ramp. 3 different brand lowers, 2 are matched billet, and 1-NFA, & uppers, all quality names. Before the Taccom feed ramps my JP barrels ran 98% with maybe 1 misffeed/double feed out of every couple of hundred rounds. With ramp 100%. Just 1 more inexpensive insurance for reliability.
  4. Glock feed ramps are the best $20 you will ever spend for reliability. Have made our 3 PCCs with many rounds 100% as long as my reloads work. Factory ammo is 100%. gerritm
  5. Do you have a thumb rest? This will help stabilize your grip and the dot. gerritm
  6. Anyone use one on 9mm? Kind of heavy. Got a used pinned & welded JP 9mm Super Match 14.5" 9mm barrel with a Rage Tactical adjustable comp attached. I have one on my PCC with the JP tactical comp. Knowing that most comps don't do much with fast powders and having shot open 9/38S and tuned several AR comps I am familiar with how they work. This was setup up with max downforce, only got to zero it this weekend due to weather, but it shot dead on at 15 yards, but couldn't really shoot enough to see how it works. Will shoot a match this weekend.
  7. 337 starting in 2014. Doesn't count another 50 or so that don't show up there. Plus the ones when we used paper, before PS. Not just USPSA, includes 3-gun, 2-gun, shotgun, .22, & Steel Challenge. gerritm
  8. So if I'm reading this right, setting up the stage they don't nail down the fault line, create a tripping hazard, and then penalize the shooter when it happens. Something wrong here. I call BS. Slipping in an indoor range on the concrete happens quite often. Between brass and dust/powder/oil covered slick concrete I have seen this happen many times.. gerritm
  9. I have basically the same setup on 2 different CZ's and use RHT holsters. All I did was use a good hot hair dryer or heat gun and heat the area up where the thumb rest goes and shove it in and let cool. After doing it a couple of times it will mold a channel and draw & insert perfect with a little adjustment of the retaining screws. No grinding necessary. gerritm
  10. This. I don't know where you shoot, but here in the Houston area we never go off the way you either signed up, were squadded, or alphabetical. We always do a random mix and ask if newer shooters are comfortable going early or need to move down. If you do go first you will rotate on next stage to last. This is supposed to be fun and a game. Major matches you are kinda stuck. Between watching other experienced shooters run the stage & taping & resetting you will get a good plan figured out. Tough part is sticking to it when the "neuralizer" goes off. gerritm
  11. We usually put the newer shooters down the list and this doesn't help if you are first couple up, but I have learned that taping & resetting the stage as many times as possible gives me a heads up on my stage plan because you see all the hidden targets & positions. gerritm
  12. Everglades has some different 9MM & 40 in stock and shipping is free. gerritm
  13. My gun is very temperamental with slugs. It only likes certain ones including Wolf & Xtreme. They are slightly shorter and will feed & eject. Most others are just a hair longer and catch or are too hot and over run the bolt. Will not run Fiocchi slugs consistently. Same with longer & hotter birdshot. You have to find what the gun likes, goes with the territory. We shoot a VR80 also and it also likes certain ammo and slugs. I have mine set up to run light loads with a lighter recoil spring from Tooth & Nail. Once you figure this out it will run consistently. Cannot
  14. I have shot an MKA 1919 for many years. Not knowing what parts are in that or how it is set up, hard to tell. Does it happen with all ammo? Depending on what recoil spring is in it it can be that with hotter/lighter FPS ammo the bolt is cycling too fast/slow and not having time to go far enough back to strip the next round off correctly. Mine will do this with hotter ammo 1300 FPS and up. Over runs the bolt. Or you are not running hot enough ammo and again it is not cycling completely. Try different FPS ammo to see what it likes. Key is it happens with all mags. I run Win AA 1145
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