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  1. gerritm

    pcc starts

    Been shooting PCC in USPSA & UML 3-gun since day one. Have seen almost every start position including holding on to ropes & weights while shooting. Every time the MD said it was to handicap the PCC shooter in some way. Not sure why cause it is a totally different division, but they do. Most have now gone to several different standard starts. Stock on belt facing downrange. Low ready, with or without a mark on the ground to point at. Muzzle touching X-marks on wall same where pistol shooters hand are. Unloaded start on table with mags on table or belt. Feet wherever the pistol starts are. As a PCC shooter I really don't care what the start is as long as it is safe for all the shooters taking into account all skill levels. What slows me down may be totally un-safe for the newer shooter whether PCC or pistol. Worse stage was holding on to a rope and being forced to stretch to full length to shoot around a wall 1-handed left & right with PCC or pistol. Several experienced pistol shooters DQ'd and no PCC's did. Totally un-safe and when told this his reaction was if you don't like it take the penalties. Or holding on to a 10# weight and having to do a mandatory reload. Both MD"S did it to handicap the PCC shooters. It didn't work. Most MD's have gotten over their initial rifle in a pistol match problems and have accepted PCC's as here to stay. gerritm
  2. gerritm

    Magpul 27 GL9 Magazines - Update

    Check Magpul's website, just ordered one to try. gerritm
  3. We will be shooting Steel Challenge this Sunday @ PSC. gerritm
  4. gerritm


    The Harris is fine for most 3-gun applications, I use it and a bag in open, but if it is for PRS get the best one you can afford. gerritm
  5. gerritm PCC muzzle

    We were crazy when PCC's first started with rules, each range had a little different handling rule, how to carry, where to bag/unbag, every official and their brother scrutinizing each move. waiting to DQ someone. There was some poor PCC handling at first with all the new rifle shooters who were using these for the first time in matches. Many of us shot 3-gun & were used to flags and safe rifle handling procedures. But, after coaching and shooters actually reading the rules it has become a pretty standard practice with all. Flags are required. Un-case/case or take off cart into berm or at make ready. Muzzle generally up, but a few like muzzle down. Indoor we all use a case and bring it up to the line and wait for make ready. The few that can't seem to read we coach. Generally only happens once depending on the infraction. One thing is if we shoot at a different or new range we ask the RM/SO what they prefer or require. Makes life a whole lot easier. gerritm
  6. Not sure where, are you talking about? Are you taking the primer punch assembly out and putting the shim there? Picture maybe? gerritm
  7. What is the shim you did? I have had this same problem for quite awhile, but not all the time. Have done all you said and still get a few cases that stick going into the sizing die. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 10, but random. Thought it was just different brass dimensions causing this. If there is no case in the primer plate opening it does not happen so I have figured it is the primer causing it, but not sure how to fix. Just installed a MBF and love it, until this happens and you have to reach around to push case in. gerritm
  8. gerritm

    No new screw ups/Here is one!

    It was fun. MD said it was from Nationals and one of his favorite stages, but was not used as a classifier. I think he added a couple of targets and changed the wall set up slightly to make it a stage. But shot the same way. 2 targets left & right in front of wall and 2 behind left & right and the kept the 2 straight ahead. Virginia count. Amazing to see how many screwed it up. Seems pretty easy till the buzzer went off. gerritm
  9. gerritm

    No new screw ups/Here is one!

    No, Brazos @ CCC. gerritm
  10. Rimfire only. It is a NSSF Rimfire steel rifle/pistol challenge match. Like regular steel challenge with 5-7 plates you shoot 5X throwing out the slowest. Shoot 3-stages with .22 pistol then 3 stages with .22 rifle. Can be shot with only 1 gun, too. Nothing else this weekend, so if the rain holds off we will be there. gerritm
  11. Bay Area Practical shooters @ PSC Range, Area 59, Thunder Tactical all have them. PSC is second Sunday. Area 59 is 4th Saturday. Thunder has one tomorrow although it is NSSF Rimfire type. Here is the info off PSC calendar for match. Check out Area 59 website. BAPS Steel Challenge WhenSun, January 13, 2019, 9am – 2pm WherePSC Shooting Club, Inc., 3121 W. Parkwood Dr., Friendswood, TX 77546 (map) DescriptionTakes several pistol bay's. 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D & 2X. Jim Duncan is the Match director duncanjd@aol.c gerritm
  12. gerritm

    Carry Optics vs Open

    This. I am roughly the same age as you. Blind in one eye & can't see out the other. Old,fat, & slow. A bunch of us shoot together of various ages & overall seems to be our way of bragging rights, too. I shot limited then open, improved greatly, but biggest improvement in overall was going to PCC. Open is all about foot speed & gun reliability. If you don't want tinker open is not he way to go. Always something between working on the gun & major loads. Went to PCC and have never looked back. The stability of the rifle, huge capacity, & red dot make up for my bad legs. Just a thought. gerritm
  13. USPSA match running a 2 part stage with PCC. First string start back behind shooting area, step in shoot 2-left, 2-right, & 1 straight ahead, mandatory re-load go past walls hiding front targets and shoot 2 left, 2-right, & other one straight ahead. 2nd string reverse from the front of the shooting area. Simple memory stage, right? Shooting PCC, picked up Glock 31 round mag off ground after 1st string, shoved in mag pouch, prepare for 2nd string. Shoot 2 front left/right, 1-straight, move back, perform the mandatory reload with the dropped mag to finish & guess what, mag won't go in, after beating on bottom finally got it to seat & finish, of course tanked the stage. ULSC and a chunk of dirt/grass falls out with mag & round in chamber is very tight to eject. Moral of the story check the dropped mag for debris before putting away in mag pouch cause Murphy's law says they will always drop feed lips first into the only mud/sand/dirt/puddle on the stage. gerritm
  14. gerritm

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    Funny thing now that you brought this up I have had a couple WSPP not go bang lately. Put it off as something I did although I do inspect every primer in my Hundo 100 gauge when case gauging. I also have had several spent primers not come out of the pocket or come out partial when de-capping & sizing, but can feel the new primer squash as it goes in and stop. I have squashed WSPP every way possible and never had a problem. CCI on the other hand are much harder and generally will not squash. gerritm
  15. Mine is a Gibbz lower with a JP upper 14.5" pinned JP tac comp. I built my own CF handguard to keep the weight down, but there are plenty of light handguards available. I found the JP was too heavy. I like the front to be light for fast transitions. Balance more in the middle. gerritm