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  1. Happens at many matches. Generally, at least with our 3-gun/UML matches it is an experienced shooter/SO who is assigned to clear only the shotguns and rifles. It is done safely into the bottom of the dump barrel never pointing downrange. Once the gun is cleared, bolt open, or flagged, and safety applied it is left in the dump barrel for the shooter/RO to remove unless they are in another bay/not downrange and then it is removed to a rack or safe area. If the person assigned is not familiar with the gun, it is left for the shooter to clear under the supervision of the RO. Never have seen an AD doing this. gerritm
  2. My combo of 115gr 125PF rounds, Taccom Extreme BCG/no weight & 3-stage buffer with JP barrel & pinned tac comp pushes the dot straight back on my PCC,, but being left handed I have always fought this on my AR rifles no matter what comp. I cured 90% of this torque by drilling the holes on the top & left side (9 & 11 o'clock) of the comp out 2 sizes larger. That pushes the gun into my right hand. Holding far out on the guard. Of course this depends on what comp you have if it will work. gerritm
  3. My son shoots with me along with my 17 year old grand daughter. She loves multigun, USPSA, & Steel challenge. When she first got interested a few years ago in shooting we started her with a .22 pistol progressed to 9mm. She is very competitive, and got frustrated with the iron sight pistol. Tried PCC, built her a light weight one, and she loved it and has never looked back. Now shoots, pcc, rifle, pistol, and shotgun very well and competes with us. Has turned into a very good shooter. My grandsons who are 5 & 8 both shoot .22's when they visit in a very safe environment. Can't wait for the oldest to visit next time & try SC. I put together a .22 pistol & rifle just for them. My advice is to find what they like not necessarily your likes are. gerritm
  4. Feel better cause each had several thousand rounds on it. Funny thing is I have never been able to find the pieces or clip. Looked all over. Thanks, gerritm
  5. gerritm

    Fun with guns

    New Glock for the hood. gerritm
  6. What would cause the clip to break? Do they just wear out? I had 2 pin setups for the die and broke one about a month ago. About 5K on it. The pin looked fine, not bent or broken. Replaced the whole pin/spring.clip & this one broke last night. This pin had a slight bend to it. About 2K on this one. Decapping range brass, might have some military sealed primers in the range brass. Ordered a 10 pack of each from Dillon, pins & clips. I have always used Lee decapping/sizing dies before, but when they rebuilt the press a few months ago they replaced my Lee with a Dillon die. It has worked perfect until recently all brass is sized correctly. gerritm
  7. Now if you are going to run open minor, there is nothing wrong with the 34. I have one that I shoot 3-gun minor. Ported barrel by my LGS instead of a comp which I took off due to the length. Barrel has 3 ports, 1 slightly forward, center up, rear back. Have a slide mount Vortex Red Dot, Pyramid trigger, Dawson Ice magwell, extended mag release etc. Shoot right at 125 PF. Gun is flat & fast. Fairly inexpensive. gerritm
  8. I shot a Carver built Glock 17 open gun with major PF for several years and have run 2 open Glock 34's in 3-gun & USPSA. Minor in 3-gun, major in USPSA. The 17 is faster & easier to shoot. 34 is too long once you get the comp on. 17 seems being more compact to keep the dot down, where the longer barrel 34 moves more. My shooting buddy has run a 34 major for several years. I believe he has cracked 3-slides right at the ejection port which Glock replaced. Both 17 & 34 work for major but are not ideal. Metal guns work much better. gerritm
  9. Ordered from Dawson, thanks. gerritm
  10. Loading some 200 gr plated to just make PF. What recoil spring? gerritm
  11. She is 17 started shooting a little over a year ago. She also played every sport, VB, Swimming, & SB. Did well in all. But concentrated on school instead of sports. Strait A's. Her Dad & I both shoot. She wanted to join us. My wife is not a big gun person, but doesn't really care one way or other and will shoot SG & .22 once in awhile. Her mother is not involved. Started her out in PCC in USPSA & UML. She is a natural with a rifle. Struggled with a pistol until we had a buddy who is a former Green Beret & firearms instructor teach her the finer points of shooting a pistol that father's & grand fathers can't. Same with shotgun, she did a clinic with Jerry & Lena at Babes with Bullets & improved greatly. Loves multi-gun & USPSA. Shoots all guns well now. Is really good with AR & PCC. Really likes falling steel matches shooting PCC & shotgun. One note about starting out. We picked PCC because it is the easiest to shoot, no reloads, fun & accurate. Transfers to rifle easily with same controls, SG & pistol have a longer learning curve so worked into that. Needs to be fun and if she is like my GD she will want to be competitive quickly. Good luck with your daughter. We have a great time shooting together & competing against each other. gerritm
  12. Kind of a waste of 25-30 yards of good real estate for targets & shooting. gerritm
  13. This. Shot an outlaw match Sunday that had a similar start. 25 yard run to retrieve gun & start the stage. Not equitable to all. Some of the older (including me) shooters had a hard time completing the run. Chances of tripping/injury are high. Better ways to build up heart rate. Probably will not go back to this match, several of the shooters said the same. gerritm
  14. She shot it this weekend in an AR match at our local range. Beat my old slow butt. She took 7th out of almost 40 shooters. Shot the short range targets as fast or faster than any other shooter including me. Struggled a little with some new positions that the SD demanded, but is learning. Hit the longer range steel at 200/300 with no problems. We are using a LWBCG/RCA adjustable gas key with an old Taccom LW buffer system. Ran perfect the whole day. She is loving it.
  15. That is the one we got. gerritm
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