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  1. Built a PCC for my 19 YO. grandaughter several months ago. She is very good with PCC in USPSA & UML 3-gun. Built it fairly light & fast. Used Quentin Arms matched billet upper & lower. Original barrel was a Taccom 13/16 super feed, Taccom SS BCG, 3 stage buffer, CF handguard, & Timney PCC trigger. She loved it and shot it very well. But it would double feed every once in awhile. Drove us nuts. Checked everything and could not figure what was causing it. Changed the barrel out to a JP, same thing. Installed a Taccom feed ramp setup up exactly like mine that is 100% reliable, same problem, occasional double feed. No pattern to when it would happen. Different ammo including factory & my reloads. Different factory Glock mags, different size mags. Very random, but would always happen to ruin a good match. While cleaning it I noticed the ejector hook was slightly loose, almost not movable, just barely. didn't think much of it and tightened the set screws that had blue loctite. Gun ran perfect for several hundred rounds. then started again. Checked it again and very slightly moved. Took it apart and used red loctitie and now after about 2K rounds all good. Something to check every time I clean it. gerritm
  2. No help for cleaning as I use a dental pick. but I found spraying all my comps including PCC's & 22's with WD40 every couple of matches keeps the lead & carbon way down. gerritm
  3. Nothing wrong with a race modified Stoeger. My son shoots a Benelli M2 built years ago by Hayes. Uses TTI spring kit to run low recoil slugs and rounds. Will run Win AA 1145 all day long. 100% reliable. It has the Comfort Tech stock which helps with the recoil some. But if you can get the right springs and get it down to low recoil rounds the recoil is not bad. My granddaughter shot one for years. gerritm
  4. We also shot it and found many difficult shots and learned several things that never come up in a normal USPSA match and have never seen in 2-gun or 3-gun matches using PCC's. Not complaining. It was a National Championship should be tough. We know how to prepare for next one. Our biggest problem was the torrential downpours/lightning delays on first 3- stages Saturday PM squads with drizzle Saturday PM & Sunday AM and basically shooting blind between the bags on stacked PCC targets and the rain on open C-More red dots. Pretty much pick which dot to use and hope. With the bags on the longer stacked PCC targets, there was no way to tell where the scoring area was and where the no-shoots started. Learned that a 6 or 8 MOA C-more was not the right choice for a 4" clay @ 60 yards in the rain, no rain, or long stacked targets. Will have 2MOA Aimpoints, Trijicon MRO, or tube type scope with offset next time. No complaints on porta cans, but we finished early Sunday. Facility is amazing and even with all the rain the bays never got slippery or muddy. RO's were great. Our squad was outstanding. Look forward to next year. Gerrit, Nick, & Juliann
  5. We rented a golf cart, was nice because it rained hard the first day of 2-gun Nationals and drizzled the next day. Kept us along with guns & gear dry. Range is top notch and even after hurricane downpour the bays drained and no mud. Footing was excellent. gerritm
  6. It's on a 14.5 JP barrel that she loves. Have one on mine with JP tactical comp installed by them and absolutely the best barrel I have had. Eats any ammo and is super accurate. Couldn't find one other than this used one with the comp attached. Really want to keep it. Going to shoot a couple of more matches with it to decide. gerritm
  7. Thanks, still deciding on whether to remove it. gerritm
  8. Wish I had a mill or access to one. Trying not to use one or chase a local GS down.. Anyone on BE that can do this? gerritm
  9. Want to change a comp on a JP 9mm 14.5" barrel that is I am assuming is pinned & welded. Was not done by JP as it is not their comp and I have one that they did. Can see the single weld not sure if there is a pin under it as I bought it used. Better to use a die grinder and work slowly thru the weld or use a drill. Would be worried about drilling too deep and damaging the threads, gerritm
  10. After shooting this for about a month, here is what we have found. This 9mm PCC comp actually works. With the adjustable segments you can get what gasses are available to have a certain amount of down force & movement. After playing with it I got it from torqueing the barrel right & down to a neutral push back and no dipping of the red dot. This is by using the different segments in sequence and experimenting with your load. Now for the cons. It is on the heavy side. Not bad, but you know it is there. Seems to collect carbon & lead. I have had to clean it after every couple of hundred rounds and this is even after using factory ammo. It is fairly easy to clean, by removing the end and segments and then cleaning the ports. Segments don't seem to have any build up. Zero doesn't change after disassembly and reassembly. Might be interesting to try on a 5.56. They are available in several different calibers. gerritm
  11. Follow up on this. Completely disassembled the PCC. Cleaned everything. Checked firing pin & BCG. All seemed good. Dry fired trigger & function checked, with no issues. Took it to the range Sunday to test & 3 shots in CMC PCC trigger froze/locked up totally like the safety was on. Took it home and apart and 2 pieces of the blown case came out of the trigger housing. Blew them out with high pressure brake clean, 1 piece was about a 1/4 in size and totally flat, other was about an 1/8". Murphy's law, the pieces will find the worst spot to jam. Function checked it again with dry fire and will test tonight. gerritm
  12. We run CMC PCC triggers in 2 and Timney in another. All 3 have Taccom extreme or SS BCG's. Just ran a batch of CCI SR magnum primers with no issues. gerritm
  13. Had a case blowout of my son's PCC last Sunday. Blew the 42 round Glock mag out of the magwell. Pretty sure it was an Xtreme brass case without the step. Case broke into 3 pieces. Bullet was just slightly into barrel & fell out with almost no pressure with squib rod so know all force went back & out. Front of case was stuck in chamber. Had to remove with a tap. Found the middle ring of case on ground and never did find the base with headstamp. I have had this happen before with Xtreme and cull the cases. He forgot when he loaded these rounds. Have had a bunch in this range brass. No damage to PCC, mag, or BCG that I can tell. Few slight marks on his arm. Glad it was a blow back and not one of our pistols. gerritm
  14. I am blind in my right eye. So shoot left eye/handed. When classifier or stage calls for weak hand I switch to my right side and hold the PCC off my shoulder just enough to still be able to see the dot. Sometimes on hard right hand leans I will do this. Have practiced it in dry fire and although slow it does work. gerritm
  15. Mine looked good, wasn't sure how many rounds were on it. Was still plenty accurate. Just wanted to make sure. I coated the new one with light coat of hi-temp grease to make sure it would come out in the future. gerritm
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