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  1. Can you get Duracoat spray finish there or shipped there? I have done a couple of Ar's & shotguns with this and it works well. Not quite as good as Ceracote or some of the commercial finishes. Also have tried the ceramic based automotive high temp engine paint with decent results. Really need to get some kind of finish on it. I bought the ceramic engine paint & Duracoat off Amazon. http://www.duracoat-firearm-finishes.com/ gerritm
  2. I use these and have a couple of empty .223 mag holders on my belt. I hook them on these and they come out much easier than hooking them over my belt. If it is a shotgun only stage I use both, if I have a spare mag in first one just use the second. Have never come out by accident. gerritm
  3. Best add on I did since getting the 650. Fill case feeder, fill bullet feeder, have a bunch of primer tubes ready and go to town. One note, did start off with the Mini BF and did not like it, took too long to fill. Got a light & pay attention. Case check all rounds for fit & high primers. gerritm
  4. Not when you don't have them. I have a pretty good idea how many we went thru as I save each transaction in my emails. Thought I would weigh them and see how many. gerritm
  5. Trying to figure how many we have loaded. Not trying to recycle. Just figured someone smarter than me knew. Guess I could weigh an ounce and multiply.
  6. We have a bucket full of saved spent primers. Does anyone know approximately how many spent primers are in a pound of them? Thanks, gerritm
  7. Same with mine that I just got back. If it was not new, which I really couldn't tell every part was replaced except the primer tube. Runs like the day I got it. gerritm
  8. gerritm


    Level III. gerritm
  9. Don't know for sure, they really didn't say. There was a whole page of parts replaced. One thing they did change was they took the EGW U-die out and replaced it with one of theirs. I do know the case was tilting way before it ever entered the u-die & I had at least 20K rounds with it installed before this started happening, I put the u-die in the tool head from day 1. So it was not this. When this started I tried the Dillon decapping/sizing die and it made no difference. Does work fine with the Dillon decapping/sizing die and I case checked all 200 rounds and they passed. Checked for high primers and all good. We process a lot once fired range brass with the Glock bulge. gerritm
  10. Been having a problem with the cases tilting on my 650, been discussed at length in another post. Finally gave up on bandaid fixes and sent it in to Dillon. Was gone including shipping roughly 2-weeks. Came back like new. Whole page of parts replaced. Best of all it works. Ran about 200 9mm rounds last night without a hitch. Feels like new again. Thanks, Dillon. gerritm
  11. Look up on the internet Ruger BX25 mag fixes. There is a way to take a used .22 brass shell and cut it down for type of bushing/bearing. Try it for it to help. Did it on mine and it worked. gerrritm
  12. Yes, they do only beat PCC's. But it really depends on the course of fire & the MD. PCC's do well on open long fast courses with tight shots, no shoots, head shots. Stages with lots of leans around props & walls left & right are better for pistol shooters. Some MD's are more PCC friendly than others. In the Houston area they go all different directions kind of based on what the MD shoots or shot. He tends to favor that style of stages. gerritm
  13. For me this all started again by taking off the shellplate to clean & lube. I have tried all of the above solutions at one time or another. Then will get it working at about 90% & be happy for awhile. My basic premise is the case should not tilt that far back when it moves up. No amount of alignment of the shellplate or die is going to cure this. Something is causing the case to tilt, something is off. Should move straight up into the die. Then I could see if the die alignment was off. The machine was never like this for the first 20K rounds or so. Something has changed. It kind of all started when I got a deal on some S&B primers, my 650 did not like them. Caused all kinds of issues until I went back to CCI & WSP primers. It got better but never completely right. Maybe Dillon can figure it out, it got there yesterday. gerritm
  14. Depending on the size of the match and how many shooters it is fine to wait. Several of our matches here in the Houston area fill up several days in advance & have waiting lists so may not get in. Small matches, no problem. Weather is a factor. Most you don't pay up front on PS so signing up ahead is not an issue. I know some MD's get a little PO'ed when people sign up & don't show. LVL1 USPSA matches are generally 1 and done. gerritm
  15. My buddy has been shooting one for about a year in minor for 3-gun. Had a few ejection issues. Changed out the C-more & mount to a Leupold DP and because he runs minor all the time changed the recoil spring to an 8# and it runs great with stock STI mags. gerritm
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