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  1. I have no idea why anyone would do that, unless you just don't care about placing as high as possible, ever. If moneys tight, extended Carlsons chokes are $30-$40, get at least 3. Personally I think the bare minimum to be competitive is Briley Diffusion or similar spreader choke, IC or Light Mod, and Improved Mod or Full. But when you need an Extra Full, you really need an Extra Full.
  2. Best thing to do is to get a better inner belt. The NERD belt is a huge improvement and fixes that problem completely.
  3. To maximize flatness on a PCC you need to view it as a system. Each factor in the system will help some, together they can help alot. In order from most to least impact the factors are: 1. Load development. You really need to reload in order to maximize a PCC. 2. Hydraulic buffer. There's many, kynshot/blitzkrieg is the best of the ones I tried. Which one you choose is dependant on the other factors. 3. Shortstroking. Maybe equal to the buffer, but they really go hand in hand anyway. 4. Weight. Keep the front light for transitions, but having some weight in the rear settles the gun a good bit and moves the balance point rearward to help one handed movement. 5. Compensator. Rifle style comps on 16" barrels don't do much at all. Pistol style comps on shorter barrels do help some. Or just buy one of Max Leograndis builds and call it a day.
  4. As the progenitor of this thread I am going to go ahead and upgrade the 3-Gun situation from a recession to a full on Depression. More than a few long running and important local matches have shut down in the last 6 months, including Atlanta 3-Gun which was one of the best for a decade. Others have scaled back significantly. Some major matches are filling up still while many if not most are struggling to reach a critical mass of participants. Here in Georgia 3-Gun was really picking up steam in the latter half of 2019 and even for some of 2020. The situation now is dismal. With no central organizing body local matches were the foundation and lifeblood of multigun. Obviously the shortage/cost of ammo and components is central to the problem now. Many dedicated shooters are reserving their ammo only for majors. Potential new shooters can't even consider jumping in the game. Reduced round counts haven't mitigated the problem much, and there's only so far counts can be reduced without compromising the basic nature of 3-Gun. Help with matches also is in short supply. A sport based on volunteer labor does require volunteers after all. And not just with setup and planning, I've noticed increased laziness during reset at both 3-Gun and 1-Gun matches I attend. I'm lucky to have a good crew of folks to help me with the match I run, but I don't know how others get by. What is the state of 3-Gun where y'all are at?
  5. It really depends on the targetry at the match, your gun, and your load. In my tacops shotgun I run Diffusion about 50% of the time. If there are heavier plates or further shots or slug steel I'll put in light mod. I will occasionally use improved mod if there's a spinner a bit further out or a plate rack with heavy plates leaning way forward. I use Xtra full if there is no shoot steel mixed in. Choke choice is really something that comes with experiencing the various targets and scenarios at matches. For your first match just use something in the mid range and you'll be okay.
  6. There seem to be only 2 kinds of autolifter owners. Those that have removed the autolifter from their gun, and those that are going to remove the autolifter from their gun.
  7. I waited and waited for Everglades to get the MRH back in stock, which they claimed they would this Spring. I gave up and ordered the new Safariland 015 based on the recommendation of a great local shooter and honestly cannot imagine a better holster.
  8. Ssanders posting on this thread when bullets get added to the website is a massive service to competitive shooters. I will be a PD customer for life now.
  9. Yeah I just made some kydex belt clips like the Dissident ones and stuck them on the mag with 3M double sided foam tape. Then drilled holes in the kydex to mount the ELS forks to. I'll try and get some pictures. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/da-kydex-belt-clip/
  10. Also meant to add that like you when I tried a faster powder (7.5 grains shooters world auto pistol) the dip went away even with my regular heavy grip. But the dot had a lot more jump, more than my minor load with the single port comp, and the impulse was much sharper. I much preferred the feel and flatness of the slow powder and figure I'll just learn how to shoot it even if it takes some time and primers.
  11. I also just started load development for 9mm major Honcho. I am used to shooting 9 minor in it. I immediately noticed the dot didn't rise at all but actually dipped substantially. I tried less powder, more powder, faster powder. I have a home range so it's easy to mess with it. What made the dip go away was just relaxing and easing up on the grip some, focusing on keeping the splits around .16 with a neutral pressure. Final load is 10 grains SWMP 124 MG at 1.175. Not sure if that will apply to you, but having never shot an open major gun its clear to me that I need to develop a slightly different technique. Heres a vid of my new laid back grip. 20210503_201733_1_2.mp4
  12. I got a new 9 Major barrel for my Honcho and started messing with loads. Its a freaking blast. This is 10 grains SW Major Pistol with 124 JHP at about 170pf. 20210503_201733_1_2.mp4
  13. From the experiences of friends who had the Kenny M2 lifter, it seems that the best way to get responses from them is to post publicly about it on facebook pages and groups. Not just their page, but try starting a thread in the beretta 1301 owners group and 3-Gun Talk group.
  14. This is really not a hard problem to fix. I have thousands of practice and match quad loads into my 1301 with no ghost loads occurring. I put the pro lifter in my Gen 2 1301 well over a year ago and right off the bat I got some accidental depressions of the lifter release. 10 minutes later after dremeling a lower profile top surface onto the release nub and roughing up the bearing surface to give it more engagement friction it became a non-issue. I think the benefits of the pro lifter far outweigh the slight tweaking of the part, especially considering that almost everything involving 3 gun requires some slight tweaking of parts.
  15. The screws are only supposed to be torqued to 20 inch pounds. I haven't heard anyone have any issues.
  16. The heads up is MUCH appreciated!
  17. I would highly recommend getting a major 3 comp barrel with it too. The honcho is so fun it will make you want to shoot it in all the ways in all the sports.
  18. Yep, it's really gonna depend on the flavor of the matches you go to on the holster. You shouldn't need to rearrange your belt much if at all for open division. I move stuff off my front if I'm going prone but that's about it. Hangers for your shotgun mags work great, or put an els clip on the hanger and cut off the wings so it slides out easily.
  19. Thanks for all the help, y'all. I'm glad I asked!
  20. I am trying to get started in uspsa in Open division, I would settle for any in stock 124 jhp to feed my honcho but checking PD, Montana Gold, etc daily has not been fruitful. Any recommendations?
  21. I bet its related to Ken's List being taken off practiscore. Enos classifieds is the only trustworthy game in town now. Hopefully some of these folks will find ways to actually contribute...
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