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    P320 X5 Thread

    Unfortunately it will not work with the X5 due to the barrel not fitting. It is mainly made for non-Xseries P320s that want to add the slide cuts and optics option.
  2. I forgot to post, but Osage has them for $250, but not in stock yet. They also have the module without the magwell and weight for $210: Whole module - https://www.osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-8900039.html Without magwell/weight - https://www.osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-8900036.html
  3. The TXG tungsten legion grip module is now listed on the Sig store site: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-x-series-txg-grip-module-assembly.html
  4. Sounds good. I also think the SI release is angled when the extension is not installed, so it might have angled the Shadow2 pad out too far as well.
  5. Can you tell me why the Strike mag release did not work with your X5? I have one in my X-compact that is working fine and I thought the mag release was identical to the X5. Thanks.
  6. Do you think it has to do with a many of the new Sig models coming milled for an optic compared to the other manufactures, therefore it is easier for people to get into CO by just picking up a sight and attaching it?
  7. Here is his eBay store if you need it. I am using one of these as well. https://www.ebay.com/str/USPSA-Hangers-and-Scout-Patches?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  8. If you want to save a trip to the store, call your Cabela's and ask for item IK-233765. Just have to tell them flat or curved too.
  9. If you have a local Cabela's, they have the AR Gold flat triggers on clearance for $199.88. In store only since it is clearance. My local stores had 2 each in stock when I picked up my flat one last week.
  10. I just picked up some of the Federal Syntech Action Pistol 150gr to try out in my X5, but I have not had a chance to shoot it yet. Got a pretty good deal at Brownells for about $100 for 500 rounds after coupon code and rebate. Oops, you said major. Never mind. Its been a long day.
  11. I would reach out to them on Facebook, if you have an account. Robert is pretty fast at getting back to people. Edit: I just sent him a facebook message with a link to this thread as well in case you don't have facebook.
  12. Looks like Titan Rocket is running 20% for Labor Day. I just ordered one for my PA-X9. Code is SPACELABOR20
  13. I am just putting together my PCC, so I have a standard buffer for now. Is there any advantage / disadvantage to this over the Taccom 3 stage buffer? There is only a $10 difference between the two, so that's really not a deal breaker.
  14. I am also debating between the red and green HS510c, so I may not be so much help in your decision, but wanted to ask if you saw any good deals on either one. I have been watching the usual places but have not come across a deal yet.
  15. Zeros

    P320 X5 Thread

    That's good to hear. I ordered mine May 2nd, so hopefully it comes in soon as well. Now if I could just get Sig to send my X5 to my LGS already!
  16. So I picked this up used and it was delivered today. Everything looked great until I turned on the illuminated reticle at full power. I don't know if I have ever seen something like this. The haze and smudge are definitely inside of the scope. Now that I did some searching online, I am seeing that a few other people have had this same issue with these scopes. I'm sure that Vortex will take care of it, but I was just shocked. Has anyone else here ever seen something like this?
  17. The tube is slightly longer when there is no choke. With a choke in they are just about even. This is the only picture I have with me at work on my phone, but I can take a closer pic when I get home if you want.
  18. I couldn't agree more. I waited 2 months for my M3k and now feel the same way. Don't get me wrong, I love my M3K. I picked up a MOA precision +5 tube and follower for about $100, so I am at about $700 so far. I have already looked into replacing the charging handle and bolt release with the MOA ones, but then what was the point in getting a M3K? All it would have at that point over a 24" M3000 is a larger safety, slightly opened loading port and a higher stamped serial number so that the port could be opened more. If I was to do it over I think I would go with the 24" M3000 and use the extra $100 towards those other parts.
  19. I just joined recently, but I was able to both see and post in the classifieds in the last week. Maybe that was before you set this new restriction. I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, and I can understand not being able to start a new thread to sell stuff before 50 posts, but not being able to see the classifieds or post that you want to buy something is a bit unfortunate. It makes it a bit more difficult for members like me who are just getting into 3 gun and would rather save some money by picking up used items here in the classifieds
  20. Looks like I will be getting a M3K finally. My local store called and said they should have one for me in a week or two. I am not holding my breath, but I think they will come through for me.
  21. Thank you, I completely get what you are saying. I would love to go with a Benelli but they're just out of my price range right now. What are your thoughts on the Stoeger m3k. That's a 24-inch Barrel but I'm not sure the weight compared to the other ones.
  22. May I ask why you would pass on the VersaMax tactical? I am also a bit concerned that the 1301 in 21" might be a bit short, especially with a longer tube on it.
  23. I agree on both, but the Stoeger M3K only comes in 24" and the only Beretta available at this store is a 21".
  24. Hello everyone. I am new to these forums and am thinking about giving 3 gun a try. I have a pistol and rifle, but no shotgun. That's where you all come in. I would like to list my options to get your expert opinions to help me make a decision. #1. New stoeger M3k. $630 at my local Cabelas ( I know I can get it cheaper online, but I have like $600 in Cabelas gift cards that I'm stuck with). This was my first choice but Cabelas had been trying to get me one for literally 2 months now and is having no luck. If I wait a while u can probably get one from them. #2 New Beretta 1301 comp 21in. $780. Again at cabelas. This was recommended as an alternative to the M3k by the manager. That is if he can get the only one in the company sent to my store. These gift cards are really screwing me. #3 Lightly used Remington Versa max tactical. $575 from a local private sale. Then I just have to dump the gift cards somehow. I know the M3k and 1301 would each need a tube, so I'm looking at $80 on top of the listed prices, While the tactical comes with one. The down side to the tactical is that I don't think the loading port is opened up like the other two. I'm sorry for the long post, especially being my first here, but I am just trying to see what you all would do in this situation. Thanks.
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