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  1. DAA just put out ELS adaptors for their mag pouches.
  2. I had this same problem with an anodized upper. Could only get a BA barrel about 1/3 of the way in a Seekins upper. I froze the barrel for about 2 hours and it went in significantly further and a few taps with a dead blow seated it. On the plus side, no loc tite on the extension was needed.
  3. Dan Wesson PM9. I never should have sold mine.
  4. I've used a ckye in a match. It worked well. Quick mounting and super versatile
  5. Gotcha. I know the MBX tubes are shorter so their base pads are 7mm. Just making sure STI didnt change
  6. Will that fit a gauge with 7mm base pads?
  7. I like scoop. I can put my knuckle in there and rack the slide. I used to use the rear sight to rack my Tac Sport so it was an easy swap for me.
  8. Reciprocating weight vs static weight.
  9. jon49erfan


    I was all about the VTAC until I used Colorado Precision cuff sling. It has the quick adjustment like a VTAC but it's also cuff sling and all the fasteners are metal.
  10. Wasn't it a 126mm mag too? I'd rather the CK with no mags over an edge with 1 mag I'll never use.
  11. Because its replacement is $800 more.
  12. Every match I've shot, if it has a lens, it's an optic. The SeeAll sight and the Trijicon RX30 would fall into that category too.
  13. Hows the size compared to the PT evo or other metal grips?
  14. That looks really good.
  15. Cut belt shorter. No need for overlap. Drill holes in belt. Attach ratchet to holes. Ratchet that f*#ker down. Spin belt around so it ratchets in the back and you dont lose usable belt space.
  16. The price of a Marvel unit and enough mags to practice with buys a lot of reloading components...
  17. as far as a plug goes, get a wooden dowel from home depot, cut to size, stick behind follower.
  18. yes. pull the safety and plunger, spring, and slide lock pluger come out
  19. I've used trijicon RMR, RX30, MRO. Aimpoint H1, T1, M3, PRO. Eotech XPS. Burris FF2 and 3. Leupold DPP. Primary arms and holosun T1 clones. Vortex sparc. C-more. Basically, a whole bunch of red dots and not a single one was a clear defined dot (except for the Trijicon RX30 which isnt a real red dot and had a terrible amount of blue tint). Everything looked like a smear or pixelated (eotech). Finally tried the 510C on a demo rifle. Went home and bought one for myself. It is the only red dot I've used that is clear and defined for my eyes.
  20. I used Wiss Snips. They work well for cutting kydex also.
  21. I used a fold up wagon. The small wheels were not a fan of the big gravel at my range. Couldnt pull it easily. Tried a bike stroller and found it was easy to weigh it down enough to rip the fabric. Ended up buying a cart from https://rangetacticalgear.com I wont have to upgrade again. Admittedly, I bought it around black Friday and it was significantly cheaper than what they run for now. It hold A TON http://imgur.com/a/vUw0nvn
  22. It's the same as a scope that is on 1x. For me, its noticeably sharper than using a red dot. Plus there is no color change looking through the lens like a red dot has (some dots more that others). I can shoot both eyes open with mine. Although I'd argue that the bdc was unusable in the Burris AR1x I had. Center dot completely covered targets as well. Went back to leupold prismatic and eventually Vortex Spitfire AR. Owned aim point t1, eotech xps, holosuns, primary arms t1 clones, and trijicon fiber optic and led dots. All except the holosun 510c is gone. For some reason, the dot is nice and crisp while every other red dot for me isnt. The fiber trijicon was crisp, but the image was so blue.
  23. Exit pupil and light transmission are not related.
  24. Timney, Hiperfire, Trigger Tech, and CMC are on a decent sale at Dvor. CMC 2.5lb is $130. Hiperfire reflex is $160 with a safety. Full disclosure, If you sign up with this link, I get $10. https://dv.0ps.us/V08s Even if you dont want to sign up with my link, there are plenty of decent deals to be had on there. https://www.dvor.com/
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