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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
    My posting is only my opinion - based on 64 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. Hi-Power Jack

    40S&W Major Reloading Cost

    You should be able to shave some on the bullet and primer - maybe 3 cents. Cases are expensive, unless you load them many times and prep them yourself. What are you reloading on ?
  2. Hey, Sarge, could you pls blow into a bottle, cork it up real fast, and mail that to my wife ? 😂 Is this your wife's first vacation in a while ? Big grin on her face ? 🤗
  3. Hi-Power Jack

    What 9mm bullets are you using for major?

    Doesn't cost any more to use their JHP's, and that will save you a LOT of comp scrubbing down the road
  4. Hi-Power Jack

    New to USPSA: Where do I start?

    The answer is ALWAYS, "start with what you have". Break out the Q4, get down to the first match you can find, and ENJOY while you're learning. When I started, 30 years ago, I brought my Browning Hi-Power 9mm and shot against all the .45's. I wasn't going to win, or come in 2nd or 3rd anyway, so I went to learn and enjoy. And, I did. Read the rules a few times, get proper gear (muffs, holster, etc), consider taking an RO course, and try to get some shooting instruction. Oh, and read BE Forums a LOT. You'll be amazed by the knowledge here. Start dry firing, and save your 9mm brass BTW, if you fire PF 172 .40 in a steel gun (as opposed to shooting PF 200 .40 in a plastic gun), you'll find that there's not that much difference from the 9mm. Enjoy, SAFELY.
  5. Hi-Power Jack

    People who do not wear deodorant on airplanes

    In Florida, 2 showers/day during the summer - mandatory 💪
  6. Hi-Power Jack

    What 9mm bullets are you using for major?

    My experience was the opposite - the HS6 "bounced" LESS than the WAC. BUT, I'm using WAC because the HS6 is so dirty
  7. You gotta scratch That Itch. I did, about 12 years ago, and haven't looked back. OPEN is KING
  8. Hi-Power Jack

    I Am So Lucky To Have Won!

    So that's what the UN and IMF are doing with our $$$$
  9. Hi-Power Jack

    Training advice needed

    Make sure your gear (gun, too) is Top Notch - has to work All The Time - and be more accurate than your average gun. Have gun sighted in perfectly, with the load you're going to use - and see where it hits at 3, 10, 20, 35 and 50 yards. Right before I went to my first, and only, Nat'ls, I bought an identical back-up gun. Worth it for peace of mind And, it's not just for the one match - a back-up gun comes in handy all the time. Make sure the ammo is perfect - every single round thru the chamber of your gun, and fire at least a thousand of the same rounds in practice, to make sure they work Every Time. Work on the PF and recoil - match springs with your load - confirm many times the PF of your load, at various temperatures. Get in shape - lots of walking - strengthen arms, legs, grip, core, etc Shoot SHO and WHO every day - lots of dry firing, but lots of rounds, also. You don't want to follow Jake's advice (see above) and then lose points because of an equipment or fatigue problem. Get squadded with people you enjoy. My only visit to the Nat'ls was seriously marred by being on the wrong squad, for me - nothing wrong with the guys, but we did not match - not real compatible. Work out every detail so that you do NOT become DQ'd - my squad at the Nat'ls had a M shooter DQ on the first COF - that slowed me down by at least 10% for most of the match. Be damned if I was going to be sent home after spending all the time and money to get there. Make sure you practice keeping your finger out of the trigger guard when you're not shooting, and drill the 180 into your sub-conscious. Bring food/beverage/OTC/Rx/clothing goods with you appropriate to weather and your individual needs. LOTS of hydration - keep up energy levels. Dry fire Every Day, and live fire at least once a week - the more the better. Get to as many USPSA matches as possible. Practice bill drills, El Presidentes, and shooting fast at 25 yards. Learn when you can ignore the sights and hit the target every time - RO's will NOT believe that one hole in the target is actually 2 bullets Learn how to get your gun/ammo out to the match - don't panic at the end - learn, now. You'll need a hard, lockable case. Oh, and have fun
  10. Hi-Power Jack

    Boys' Night Out with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson

    What do you wear over the V-comp ?
  11. Hi-Power Jack

    People who do not wear deodorant on airplanes

    That's why I ALWAYS put a dab of Hoppes #9 behind each ear
  12. Hi-Power Jack

    Why are my bullets suddenly tumbling?

    Could the barrel be either leaded up or shot out ? Who makes the plated bullet ? Many plated bullets are known for causing accuracy problems.
  13. Hi-Power Jack

    Muzzel break

    It might serve as a bayonet if you runout of ammo
  14. Hi-Power Jack

    What 9mm bullets are you using for major?

    I tried the FMJ MG's and they leaded up my comp, badly. Now stick with JHP's, only, either MG, PD or RMR. The PD and RMR are tough to beat on price
  15. Good morning Jack, I am currently looking into acquiring an open gun and at a dilemma as to which way to go  I know you shoot and have shot a Trubor for years and would like to bounce some thoughts off of you if you would be receptive  Let me know if his is something you would entertain. And thanks for your time