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  1. Go for it. Don't forget, there's a difference between flat and gentle. More powder might buy you less muzzle climb but more of a hit to the hand. Your timer is your best friend here.
  2. Oh, now you're becoming a "gamer" ….
  3. Can't sympathize. We had a wind chill in Orlando of 27 F. yesterday. Almost froze my bippy.
  4. If you are able, it's ALWAYS better to phone Dillon. May take a while for them to pick up, but it's better than waiting 7 days for an e-mail.
  5. My SDB sat unused for about a decade - no problem. It escalated in value - think I bought it for about $250 and now its worth almost $500. I still have a couple pounds of WW231 that is at least 20 years old (probably more). You can't lose either way: sell it or keep it. It's just the aggravation of selling it all. Sounds like you'll be back "in the game" one day - everything will be fine and waiting for you. Nice problem to have : Sell it for $ 5,000 or hang onto it.
  6. Thanks for posting all these videos …. Think I'll just keep filling primer tubes - it seems lots easier.
  7. You were told almost seven months ago that it would be ready "soon", and you still don't have it ?????????
  8. Might be a liability issue. Not sure I'd want to let the average public start doing fast holster draws in my range either. Scary thought.
  9. May be wrong, but I thought heavy and slow was better for pins ???
  10. Have to allow for a revo that holds 30 rounds to start, has something so I can make a 2 second reload with another 29 rounds, and have a nice, easy, smooth 2.5 lb trigger.
  11. What are you using the ammo for ?
  12. I throw away any headstamp, even WW or RP, if it has NT after the brand, e.g. WW NT . Out it goes.
  13. Couple of years ago, someone (I forgot who) wrote up discussion of the 930. He concluded that if you did a half dozen things, they were extremely reliable - if you didn't, they would be problems. If you can find that in search, it was a great analysis.
  14. As everyone mentioned, the only advantages of the heavier bullets is that it is easier to make Major and feels softer. If you're just plinking, and don't have to make Major Power Factor (PF) I'd definitely go with the 165 gr bullets with lighter charges. Get the Velocity down to c.800 FPS and you should have a great plinking round.
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