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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
    My posting is only my opinion - based on 64 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. Hi-Power Jack

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Does that mean the Tank is legal for OPEN ?
  2. Hi-Power Jack

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Do you have any data comparing the effectivenss of your muzzle brake vs other leading brands ? The sure are a very attractive brake
  3. Hi-Power Jack

    gen 4 vs gen 5 recoil

    You might try your buddy's ammo in your gun - see if that shoots "softer"
  4. Hi, Wayne, welcome aboard Can't wait to get acquainted more with your products.
  5. Excellent description, Idescribe Especially for 4:30 a.m.
  6. Hi-Power Jack


    I got a sample of the PD and RMR 124 JHP's and they are both as good as the MG BUT, cheaper
  7. Hi-Power Jack

    Open gun expected accuracy

    115 or 124 ? Can't wait to see your results
  8. Hi-Power Jack

    From behind the lines.........

    Congrats on your upcoming move to FL Great set of laws re: shooting sports.
  9. Congratulations on your move - St. Augustine is a GREAT place to live. And, as George mentioned, lots of great shooting and very nice laws relating to the shooting sports
  10. Hi-Power Jack

    Problem Headstamps?

    If you have a Dillon 1050, you'll have very few problems with almost anything - most of the problems I have had relate to getting crimped primers out, and back in. If you're reloading 9mm MAJOR, it's a personal choice - some people like to use only new or once fired brass - then you'll have to find a source which you feel comfortable is selling once fired brass. BUT, many of us use Anything (range brass) for 9mm MAJOR, and some of us continue to shoot it until it falls apart …. So, how many problems you have depends on your equipment and your personal choices
  11. Hi-Power Jack

    Shooting PCC strong and weak hand only

    So, it's NOT WHO . It's actually WH .
  12. Hi-Power Jack

    Anyone training with musical targets?

    Only in December 🎅
  13. Hi-Power Jack

    Greatest teaching ever spoken by a Yoga teacher

    Okay, that one might work 😂
  14. Hi-Power Jack

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    How long a wait did he tell you ?
  15. Hi-Power Jack

    Open gun expected accuracy

    I got a 3" group, 10 - shots, at 55 yards with my TruBor. And, 7 of the 10 shots were within 2" Are you shooting a steel gun, or a plastic gun ?