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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
    My posting is only my opinion - based on 65 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. I love W231 (been using it since our American Civil War But, everyone here feels there are certain benefits to N320 , so probably not really comparable. I'd start around 3.2 gr W231 at 1.125" OAL, if your gun will load out that long
  2. Hi-Power Jack

    Simple things to help your head game.

    1. Infinity 2. marauder 3. para ops
  3. Hi-Power Jack

    9mm IDPA Bug loads

    I loaded up few hundred "bug" loads for my Kel-Tec P-11 - that's a very small, light gun. Got it down around PF 110 with 3 grains of anything and a 115 gr bullet. The rounds fed well, and were accurate at 10 -12 yards (never tested them beyond that). Very nice light load - lots of fun for very light guns and/or new shooters
  4. Hi-Power Jack

    Limited Minor

    I shot Limited Minor for years - was never going to come in first anyway, and it's what I had, and I used 9mm ammo which was cheaper,and it held more rounds than a major round. Few advantages, if you're just having fun. Serious disadvantage if you're serious - then you definitely want to shoot Major - The Shadow and 2011 are purely personal choices - YOU might want to stick with a Glock 34
  5. Hi-Power Jack

    Simple things to help your head game.

    BigMike, you really had me going there for a while (especially for a first post), BUT, then I got to #4 (above), and realize that, as a complete Newbie, you totally miss the entire purpose of shooting.... acquiring new toys. And, I've been shooting for almost 66 years now, and NEVER has it been MY FAULT - it's always the damn Gun. But, it's easy enough to get a NEW GUN
  6. Hi-Power Jack

    A funny thing happened on the way to the chrono

    When I'm turkey hunting, I like to "carry enough gun", but 7mm is a bit much, unless it's loaded with #4 shot. Not sure a center shot would have left anything but the gizzard.
  7. A fully customized Browning Hi-Power, of course, in 9mm.
  8. Hi-Power Jack

    Full custom vs factory

    Is that a 6" .40 ?
  9. Hi-Power Jack

    A funny thing happened on the way to the chrono

    Real "bird brains", if you ask me Animals don't seem to associate large noises with death - the first shot might startle them, and if they get startled they tend to run. But, my shooting on my property didn't seem to affect them very much.
  10. Hi-Power Jack

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    I'd start by changing out all the springs on the gun and the mags - cheap and easy, and it just might work.
  11. Hi-Power Jack


    Now, you just need ONE more Hand
  12. Hi-Power Jack

    Forum issues

    No problems, here
  13. Hi-Power Jack

    Win 231 and Zero 147 JHP 9mm for 130 PF

    I'd start at about 3.3 gr and work up slowly, with a chrono (OAL of 1.125")
  14. Hi-Power Jack

    SP-01 OAL Issues

    True dat. Florida is NOT for timid people. And, sink holes are even worse. (Sorry, no emoji for a sinkhole). BUT, it doesn't get cold
  15. Hi-Power Jack

    How did you save money for your 2011s?

    Hey, come on Steve, don't tell everybody about our retirement plans. Everybody will want a piece of the pie.