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  1. My local gun shop had waiting lines until they got shut down couple days ago. Out of most everything. But, they're closed for at least two weeks, now.
  2. Speed vs. recoil. Bet it depends on how hard you grip the gun. A VERY hard grip would probably favor a lighter gun, and MY kind of grip favors heavy gun and heavy bullets. But, a local GM (super GM, actually) just stuck steel grips on his 2011 and LOVES them - and he's Very Fast. Just my opinion, BTW.
  3. ^^^^^ Worth a try, as a last resort ^^^^^^ If you're going to pull the plug, I would certainly at least try this first.
  4. I was going to brag about my Kobalt shop table that I reinforced with 3/4" plywood and bolted it into the wall, but I wish I had thought of the above, from Memphis - looks like a great solution.
  5. I'd love to see that again from the other side - see how you're holding your weak hand. How much pressure are you applying with your weak hand ?
  6. What's the difference between a barrel for 9mm Minor and Major ?
  7. I had three - at least two were WW cases, in a TruBor, using WAC powder. All within a few weeks of one another - none before and none since ???
  8. I've never had a Kaboom, but I've read here many times that .40 Major is prone to Kabooms using fast powders and heavy bullets, if setback occurs.
  9. I wonder why the bullet is still in the case ?
  10. $15 does sound steep for smaller items. As MikeyS mentioned, some graduated fee sounds more appropriate.
  11. With all the uncertainty in the world right now, I'd hang on to that job as long as you can.
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