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  1. The three squibs I've had in 9mm Major have all been cycled by hand - not enough zip to extract the case and reload the chamber.
  2. Off to a bad start. I got on website, and most of the pages have been deleted.
  3. Iff you are going to use this to measure powder that is going to be dispensed thru a Dillon 550 or some such machine, you really don't need a "more accurate" powder scale. I use my "not too accurate" powder scale to get me in the right ballpark, then I throw 10 or 20 rounds and put them thru the tests (velocity, accuracy, feel). If I need a certain PF (Minor or Major) then I usually use the chrono to set my final powder charge. If you are NOT using the powder dispenser on your 550, but you are measuring each individual load for precise shooting, then you might need a "more accurate scale". Just a thought for you.
  4. I'd ask whether it is worth reloading 9mm and .223 right now. Prices are low, and very available. The .223 is a PITA to reload for - lots of steps - Not sure it's worth it for 20 boxes/month. Carefully weigh the upfront expense, labor involved and the cost saving before you decide.
  5. I use WW231 (start c. 3.2 gr and work up slowly with a chrono).
  6. My SDB works very well for 9mm, which is NOT straight wall.
  7. If you're loading this to 9mm Major (PF 165 +), you are using the wrong powder … as echotango is suggesting. Are you loading 9mm Minor (PF 125 +) ?
  8. Welcome back, and thanks for the great review. Should be very helpful for lots of folks here.
  9. Just started reading "Skills and Drills : Reloaded", and also have "Dryfire : Reloaded" and "Pat of Focused Effort". Going to be a Great 2020
  10. Looks like some good times to me, esp for a beginner. I'm going to start dry firing, soon (New Year's Resolution). Hope we can both keep up with it
  11. You have shot only 6 matches. Too early for you to answer your own questions re: YOUR preferences. Keep shooting what you've got, and decide next Spring.
  12. From watching police shows on t.v. it seems a major problem with "catching trespassers" is the camera being high enough resolution to actually identify the people. Not sure that a trail cam will have sufficient resolution. But, not sure.
  13. I'm a low B shooter, and I don't need the miniscule advantage of .38 SC. A local M is still using 9mm Major - he doesn't suffer from it - I've never seen him with a feeding problem.
  14. I'd also try the hottest 115's you can find, but I'd run them against some of the slowest 115's and the 147's you're currently using - try all three at the same time and comparison. Try them on a timer - see which your wife likes the best.
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