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    I have no concerns about sounding like an idiot
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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
    My posting is only my opinion - based on 65 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. Hi-Power Jack

    What makes a single stack “competition ready?”

    ^^^^ This, plus RELIABILITY ^^^^^ and a .080 " fiber front sight. Can't overestimate the value of reliability …..
  2. Hi-Power Jack

    Cleared Hot.

    Eight months off ? Been dry firing ?
  3. Hi-Power Jack

    Case ejection

    Needed new spring
  4. Hi-Power Jack

    What 70,000 9mm Cases Looks Like...

    Should be about a nine month supply …
  5. Hi-Power Jack

    Case ejection

    I used to have that same problem with my TruBor - took me months to realize it happened only with one of my four magazines. I fixed the mag, and the problem went away. Not saying that your mag is definitely causing the problem, there are other possibilities - but the easiest to identify is to see if the problem occurs with just one of your mags.
  6. Hi-Power Jack

    New security question

    ask him …..
  7. Hi-Power Jack

    You Know You're A Shooter When....

    You know you're a shooter when you get questioned at the airport security because your "carry on bag" smells like gun powder or residue.
  8. Hi-Power Jack

    Running Out of Belt Real Estate

    I'm 20 lbs lighter, also.
  9. Hi-Power Jack

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    And, I bet they won I had a classifier at around 45-50 yards - three full sized paper targets. Shooting OPEN, I wish they had MORE long shots
  10. Hi-Power Jack

    Jaybees A's, B's and D's (and M's)

    Whatja shootin' ?
  11. Hi-Power Jack

    How low is the best trigger on a Ruger Mark pistol

    My TruBor is around 3 lbs, but I shoot that from a holster and running. If I were shooting a .22 (I'm Not, yet) from the ready position with very little to no movement, I would be very happy with a 19 oz trigger, I think.
  12. Hi-Power Jack

    OAL problem with Berry 9mm 124 gr HBFN TP

    When I get down to about 3,000 it's time for a re-order.
  13. Hi-Power Jack

    Shadow 2- 50 Yard Accuracy

    May be wrong, but that looks more like a 4-5" group than a 1-2" group ?
  14. What gun are you shooting ? Any modifications to it ? Reloading yet ? Have you thought about dry firing ? (How many rounds/week are you shooting ?)