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  1. I've run PF 150's thru my TruBor and they are SWEET to shoot. Quiet, gentle and the comp may not be doing too much, but it doesn't have to because the load itself is so gentle.
  2. Doesn't the tumbling remove the lube ?
  3. From reading the old posts, sounds unlikely they have any more in stock - hope I'm wrong. Good luck with it.
  4. 1. You should be very proud of that - fantastic, and congratulations. 2. IMHO, you would shoot better if you had improved : trigger, sights, magwell, grip, accuracy job, shooting Major. Or, at least they wouldn't hurt any. Improvements on guns are made, at large expense, because they improve performance, IMHO. Obviously no reason to improve your shooting, since you're having a blast shooting a stock Glock. Have fun with it.
  5. Check some of the American Rifleman mags from the past year - they've reviewed guns and three of the factory loads were running PF 150+.
  6. #5. You aren't counting your shots during the COF, right ? You pre-counted so you knew where you wanted to reload. If you're shooting a revolver, counting shots might make sense, but not if you're shooting a 20-rounder. #6. Run FAST. Shoot a little slower (Make sure you hit the target), but do Everything else FAST. Sounds like you had a blast - as usual
  7. Same, but I add a piece of napkin or paper towel inside plastic bag, spray, roll and let brass dry before I reload.
  8. Excellent accuracy, esp the 4.2 and the 4.5 gr. What is the velocity ? I'd try, if possible, to get your OAL up a bit - can you load longer ?
  9. I'd use the lighter bullets (115 gr) and just enough powder to get up to PF 145 or so. Bet that will be a nice load for him. Not a lot of gas, but no much recoil either. And soft. And quiet.
  10. 1. Don't sleep on your stomach 2. Do simple back "exercise" - lie on back and bring knees up to chest - hold 10 seconds - all done. That stretches and strengthens the lower back muscles.
  11. Hi-Power Jack


    There are NO positive diseases that I can think of ….
  12. Using a 115 FMJ for reference doesn't accomplish much, but you made up for it by doing The Plunk Test (that's necessary whenever you change bullets - not just the weight, but also the brand). No other "additional concerns" that I've ever heard of - safest, but probably unnecessary for the load you are using, to drop the charge and stick the bullet in shorter. You are NOT in unchartered waters with the load and OAL you're discussing - many people are doing the same thing. BUT, safest to drop the charge and work up slowly with a chrono.
  13. I appreciate it immensely when a really good shooter wears a shirt with his/her NAME on the shirt. Since I'm familiar with many of the top names, but not their faces, I get to add to my knowledge base by associating great shooters' names/faces. And I enjoy watching them shoot - and talking to them.. I embarrassed myself the one Nat'ls I attended when I introduced myself to one of the Greats - but I thoroughly enjoyed the few minutes he gave me - very generous of him. I congratulated myself, later, on NOT bothering Rob Leatham, as much as I really wanted to ….
  14. I presume you're shooting Major ? Two thoughts: 1. I wouldn't use any bullets in Major unless the base was completely sealed - no lead exposed - I like the JHP's 2. Using a 115 gr bullet offers advantages, especially in producing more gas to make the comp work better, BUT lots of use the 124's because the 115's take so much powder they fill the tiny 9mm cases and they tend to spill when reloading. Good luck - certainly worth a try, and see if you prefer the 115's.
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