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  1. Actually, you CAN, IFF you're a D shooter, possibly even a C shooter. (I've done it)
  2. .223 Indoors ? No thanks. I'd limit it to PCC's, IMHO.
  3. I tried it one time - shot both Open and Limited - in the same squad. Two problems - 1. it was a small squad (6 or so) and there was no time - just shoot, change belt/holster/gun/ammo and shoot - to tape/set steel 2. the MD gave me results of one shoot, not the 2nd. If the squad was larger - it might not have mattered as much, but I never tried it again after that - took too much away from the spirit of the match, IMHO.
  4. Definitely NOT. I was just kidding around with the "newbie". You cannot possibly have too much ammo with you - never know if you'll drop a mag or anything else goes wrong - better to have too much.
  5. Just remember to save that sixth mag to THROW at the targets if you've missed with 40 rounds.
  6. I don't know how many times I've watched new USPSA shooters, coming from IDPA, make these two mistakes, over and over and over.
  7. I've seen them, here at BE, for both 9mm and .223, but I suspect each comp's effectiveness may vary with the powder used, the amount of powder and the bullet weight.
  8. 1. If you have to take couple steps - Reload. 2. Do NOT shoot to Empty. This will save you Lots of time in USPSA.
  9. My local clubs all begin with assigning "the RO buckets" to people willing and qualified to RO. Then, the squads fill on one of those squads. Problem solved. Not enough "willing, qualified RO's", no problem - fewer squads - only one willing RO ? That simply means only one squad. Easy.
  10. And, you can reload anytime, anywhere you want Good luck with it.
  11. I shoot OPEN, and love it, and it sounds like You will, also, but you asked for reasons to stay in CO: 1. You'll learn to shoot better with your CO - get up to an A in CO and then you'll be on the right track for OPEN The comp, the Major - all mean you can shoot a little sloppy and still shoot well - not in CO 2. You'll know when you feel comfortable spending the extra money (and your wife will also) - when you are ready, OPEN will still be waiting for you - no rush.
  12. Unless you know where the bullets went, you don't know enough to diagnose or solve the "problem". See how large your group is, and where it is - from what you've told us, it is possible that you are shooting 1" groups at 25 yards with this new ammo, but it's hitting 6" high. That's a different kind of problem than shooting 8" groups in the center.
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