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  1. Old news Any more wins during the past 11 months ?
  2. What is the advantage of shooting major matches with the .38 SC ? Why not just shoot the 9mm in local and major matches ?
  3. Do you reload the cases immediately after lubing them ? Or, are you allowing the cases to dry before you reload them ? Could be a problem if the cases are still wet.
  4. When you say "the primer fired", did you hear it fire ? Or, did you find the primer dented upon inspection after the squib, and assumed it had "fired" ? I've suspected (never proved) that I have had failures to fire with a dented primer because the old fired primer had never been extracted during the reloading process. Left the old fired primer in the case, loaded the powder and bullet, and No Bang. At first, I thought the primer had failed - but thinking about it, I suspect it is more likely that the old fired primer had never been extracted and replaced.
  5. Can't be. Some COF's START downrange and work back uprange - I
  6. Depends on what's in the "used press" - if you can save some money, buy used IFF everything's there. Dillon will fix anything for free - so don't worry about that. The other "options" can be added as money flows in ….
  7. Can't wait to hear the answer to this one. Obviously, in the spirit of shooting a match for fun, since there is "no advantage", there Should Be only a single procedural …. But … well, let's wait and see The Correct Answer
  8. Sounds like a 650 is in your future. High volume - flexible - fast and you can buy a LOT of attachments and go really fast.
  9. I would adjust your sights up and to the right. See how that works. Also, work on your weak hand grip - as hard as you can to keep the gun from moving while you press the trigger.
  10. What kind of groups are you getting SA, from a rest ?
  11. I took a course with Max Michel in 2007, and he suggested that the way you are currently drawing is superior to the "scoop draw". Don't know if he's since changed his mind - but he preferred attaining that grip first, and drawing 2nd. Don't forget, it's NOT only how fast is your FIRST shot, but also your SECOND shot - if you get off a very fast first shot, but then have to adjust your grip for the 2nd shot, you've lost time or an A.
  12. Most people find the heavier bullets, and fast powders are the key. Try some 147 gr bullets and N320 or WW231 - very soft and very accurate in my gun - you'll have to try them in Your Gun. p.s. Don't get carried away trying to load to 125.5 PF - that can end up "going sub-minor" and you can end up shooting for no score. Most of us shoot for PF 132+. You won't notice the difference during a match between PF 125 and PF 132, but you will make Minor PF every time. And, knock down the steel more reliably.
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