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  1. 1. Iff you've checked The Plunk Test, and the OAL is okay, I presume the primer pushed the bullet out of the case into the rifling ? 2. Did the small pop happen only with one headstamp ? Which headstamp ? 3. Sounds like the powder was normal until the primer went off ? Supports theory that the primer was weak and did not fully ignite. Iff they're Plunking okay, sounds like the primer is the culprit …. but, why in only one particular headstamp ????
  2. Guess we'll both have to give it a try, and see ….
  3. Crossout, very refreshing thoughts. Nice to open up the windows and get some fresh air and thoughts in here - keep it up. But, an awful lot of Very Experienced shooters here, who have tried many things and have learned a thing or two in the process. I always find it in my best interest, as a competitor, to listen to their experiences, and learn from them, the Easy Way. That way, I don't have to repeat their trial and error process.
  4. There is a progression of improved technique, but it is far better to get some proper instruction rather than starting out all wrong, IMHO I know - I started out all wrong 30 years ago, and only wished I had taken the opportunity to learn from people who knew much more than I did (and do). I'm planning on taking more instruction later this year, even though someone will come up with a better way to do it a few days later.
  5. Someone posted 1,500 of the little devils just yesterday (.38 Super brass)
  6. I can't reload with a 170 as quickly as with a 140. And, it's not a lot of fun running with two 170 's on my belt.
  7. Florida … pretend I found an emoji of a Mickey Mouse. And, we all (most of us) speak English and take US $$$. And, you can bring your gun and shoot some USPSA while you're here.
  8. My "magwell" isn't big enough - I have to use a mirror.
  9. The3Un4given above says that after practicing with the 155's, the 140's seem too short. Since I've been reloading with the 140's, it's difficult for me to reload my BHP - the mags seem Very Small, even though they hold a whopping 15 rounds.
  10. The cases aren't even shaped the same - the SC is straight and the 9mm is tapered. And the 9mm case is shorter, so that it is not fully lodged in the chamber of the SC. I've read here that many have done it, but not much advantage to it, and not 100% proper.
  11. I'm not an RO, but I would think the most dangerous part of holstering without the safety would be "holstering". Even if your hand is still on the gun, the most dangerous part of the action has already taken place - lucky he didn't shoot himself in the leg. Matter of fact, having your hand on the gun makes it even more dangerous than having the gun sitting in the holster. Let's see what all the RO's think, but seems to me that is a very dangerous, and therefore DQ'able, offense.
  12. I guess you are all shooting Production ? I shoot OPEN, with a HUGE magwell, and I've never looked at a reload in 12 years.
  13. For the past few years, on almost any stage, I start with a 170 and reload with a 140. But, I haven't tried the 155's yet.
  14. When I shot SS 30 years ago (it was called, simply, IPSC at that time), I tried 200 gr SWC's because they were all the rage, and I never got them to run 100%. Switched to 230 gr RN's, and voila, they worked 100%. For our shooting sports, you cannot go wrong with the RN's, and the heavier bullets, with some fast powder like that HP38 you have, should be a winning combination.
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