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  1. rlillyskygod

    Help me choose a trigger

    AR Gold
  2. rlillyskygod

    Aluminum carriers

    Yep Whiskey arm, no issues runs great.
  3. rlillyskygod

    AR magwells

    Learn to load without one. Most do, it can be done.
  4. rlillyskygod

    ar not running

    Case gauge the ammo first. Case gauge before you do anything else. Small base dies doesn't mean its right check it. Or spent a bunch of time and money changing things. CASE GAUGE.
  5. rlillyskygod

    New to me Firebird questions

  6. Try a youtube search lots of video's there of the past matches
  7. rlillyskygod

    Low Mass BCG

    Whiskey arms I have 4 of em they are great . 2 in guns of mine, 2 in guns of my wife's . Thousands of rounds on all of em. https://whiskeyarms.com/products/lbc
  8. It's all under the FAQ tab http://www.piratesoftexasmatch.com/faq.html#guns
  9. rlillyskygod

    elftmann triggers

    Yep run an AR-Gold great trigger.
  10. rlillyskygod

    Optic magnification

  11. rlillyskygod

    Optic magnification

    The Facebook is that message board on the line. It's for people that can't find friends in the real world.
  12. rlillyskygod

    Any cheaper options for basepads

    They drop free from my glock 17
  13. rlillyskygod

    Any cheaper options for basepads

    Use the new pmags and forget about base pads. buy 3 mag for same price as one TF or one TT pad. http://www.primaryarms.com/mpi-pmag-gl9-9mm-21rd-mag661