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  1. I've been struggling with elbow pain (mostly on the outside) ever since I got back into shooting about three years ago. I've tried the exercises promoted by Chad Reilly, which helped quite a bit, and I've done a lot of stretching and self-massage, but lately the pain is keeping me from training more than once or twice a week (dry fire, live fire, whatever). There's a relatively new treatment available called Tenex that uses ultrasound to remove scar tissue (not to be confused with the blood pressure medication of the same name). If you google "tenex tendinopathy" or "tenex tendonitis" you'll come up with info on it. It's not technically surgery, although it does involve sticking some sort of needle/probe into your body. Just wondering if anyone here has tried it, and if so, how it worked out for you. I don't think I've ever going to get out of B class until I get this under control so I can train more. Thanks, John
  2. P.S. The gunsmith recommended a maximum torque of 10 in./lb. on those little M3 screws. He said I could go as high as 18 in./lb. with the 6-32 screws, but I'm trying 15 to see how that works.
  3. Ended up taking the slide to a local gunsmith. Fortunately, it was an easy fix. I probably could have saved some money sending it to CZC, but I really wanted to get this gun back in action as soon as possible.
  4. Mine were black. BTW, I was referring to the plate being aluminum, not the screws. I'm not sure if you were thinking that the screws were aluminum.
  5. Interesting! Thanks for passing that along; I might end up going that route. I'm not a metallurgist, but I do know that aluminum expands at about twice the rate of steel when heated. Guns get hot when you shoot them, so maybe those tiny little screw heads just can't take it anymore after being stretched by dozens of heat cycles.
  6. Well, now I've gone and done it. I broke the head off one of the tiny screws that hold the CZC optic mounting plate to the slide (M3 x 6mm). I used VibraTite V3 and torqued to 15 in/lbs., which didn't seem crazy at the time, but in retrospect it was clearly not a good idea. The weird thing is that the head didn't break off when I was installing it. When I went to remove it today, it was already broken, so it must have happened at some point when I was shooting the gun. Anyway, now I've got a screw that's broken off slightly below the surface of the slide. My only thought at this point (aside from taking it to a gunsmith) is to use a left-hand drill on it. I could use a regular bit, but a) I don't have a screw extractor that tiny and b) the screw that broke off is on the side that's partially blocked from below, so I don't want to drive it any deeper into the slide. I have no problem taking it to a gunsmith, but I thought I would check here first. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks, John
  7. Thanks, belus! I've looked at the Scales before, and they do seem to have the approximate shape I'm looking for. The thing that has always put me off from trying them is the "open" design, since it reduces the contact area. Do you find that to be a problem, or is there something about the design that makes up for that?
  8. Interesting! I was not even aware of those--thanks!
  9. Pertinent info: I have "almost large" hands (e.g. large gloves are generally a little too big on me, but medium are too small). I've tried a number of grips on my Shadow 2, and right now I'm using the LOK palm swell grips. They're the right size for my hands, and I really like them for the most part, but one thing about them bugs me. As my grip technique has evolved, I've started using a "nutcracker" grip in which I squeeze the edges of my palms together slightly and my support hand palm is locked in place along the back edge of the grip panel. I have started to think it would be great if I had some grips that were essentially flat on the sides, but with a sort of angled "ledge" on the back to allow maximum contact in that area. The problem I have with the palm swells is that they curve inward at the bottom, making it harder to keep my palm in contact. These two grips look promising and are offered in different thicknesses: https://usa-shop.armanov.com/products/pistol-grips-maxxxgrip-technology-cz-shadow-2-sp01 https://www.m-arms.eu/products/monarch-1-long/ Does anyone have any experience with these grips or with any others that might be suitable? Thanks! John
  10. MikeyScuba: The primers being offered by Zinc Point Manufacturing are Argentinian. Is this the company you're talking about?
  11. Placed an order for 1000 125gr CN with Black Bullets on 5/17, received the bullets on 5/20. I've never bought from them before, but I'm definitely impressed with the shipping speed (and the fact that they had the bullets in stock). I've got a larger order with another outfit that I've been waiting on for about two months now....
  12. Thanks, edison! Looks very interesting.
  13. Glad to hear that, ddc! The primers they're selling now are from Argentina, I think.
  14. Interesting.... I googled that article just now. At least it appears that they are an actual company.
  15. I'm late to the conversation, but wondering if anyone has bought, or more to the point, received any primers from Zinc Point Manufacturing. At $0.14 each the price is still high, but they seem to be the cheapest of the outfits that are taking orders and claiming they can actually deliver (2-3 weeks). Feel free to PM me if you've had a bad experience. I'm not interested in slamming anyone publicly, just getting desperate. Down to my last 1000 primers, tapping into my endless supply of dryfire ammo.... John
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