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  1. OP here again. Finally got a chance to shoot the gun with the Hiperfire Reflex. I have no other rifle triggers to compare it to, but I have zero complaints. No perceptible creep, at least while actually shooting, and a good reset. The 3.5 lb. springs are light enough for what I'm doing with the gun. I'm sure there are better triggers out there, but this one does everything I need!
  2. OP here. I haven't had a chance to shoot the gun since completing the build a couple weeks ago, but I like what I'm feeling in dry fire. Very slight creep (you really have to feel for it), short, positive reset. I've got the 3.5 lb. springs in it right now, and that feels plenty light for me. blueorison: The only reason the AR Gold was a possibility is that Cabela's had them on sale. I couln't find a Cabela's within driving distance that had one in stock, so I went with the Hiperfire.
  3. When I search I come up with apps named PractiScore Competitor ($9.99), PractiScore (free), and Pract - Competition Management App (free). Something tells me the one you're referring to is probably the first one. Can you elaborate? Thanks, John
  4. Hmmm.... I did not inspect the bullet holes extremely closely, but they all looked the same size to me. I think the RO just scored the two best shots. It certainly wan't obvious which of the NS holes was mine, so it sounds like he should have ordered a reshoot according to the rules. I would have aimed higher the second time if he had! Thanks, John
  5. As to the issue of a reshoot, the RO was paying attention and knew that I had only shot twice on that target. It stands to reason that only two of the three holes could be mine. Was the RO within his rights to assume that the targets had been pasted correctly, and to further assume that my two shots were the A and the NS that broke the edge? As I ask the question, I can see that there is a lot of assuming going on here. For all he knew, I could have shot an A and a mike, and the two NS could have been due to a lack of pasting, or pasters falling off. Or I could have shot two mikes, etc. Well, it's too late now, but I can apply this knowledge in the future. For now, I'm just trying not to beat myself up for shooting so close to the NS in the first place! John
  6. DKorn: I think our posts crossed in cyberspace. I wasn't ignoring your post, you just anticipated my question! Thanks, John
  7. OP here. RJH and amokscience appear to have summed up the situation nicely. If I do the math with 30 points for the As minus 10 points for the NS, then divide by my time, I get the hit factor as reported on Practiscore. Just for learning purposes.... If I had actually shot 5A and 1NS, I would be assessed 1M and 1NS, right? Sorry if that seems really obvious, but sometimes the rules surprise me. Thanks! John
  8. I shot a USPSA match yesterday which included Classifier 18-04, "Didn't You Send the Mailman" (http://www.amshooters.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/18-04.pdf). Two open targets on either side, one target in the middle with the lower half of the A zone covered by a NS. I've got one straightforward question, and one question that might be more complicated. Here's the straightforward question: If a shooter shoots two alphas on each target plus one NS, that's a total of seven shots. Is that one procedural for the extra shot, while the NS simply counts as a NS? I'm new to this, but that's how I read rule 9.4.5. OK, here's where things get more complicated, at least to my mind. The scenario above is NOT what happened yesterday, although Practiscore seems to indicate that it did. THIS is what actually happened: I fired two shots on each target for a total of six shots. When we inspected the targets, the one in the middle showed one A and two NS, all in a pretty tight group. The RO knew that I had only fired two shots on that target, so he determined that one NS was due to a paster getting blown off. I expected when I went on Practiscore that this would show up as five As, one NS and/or a mike (I don't know if you get penalized twice in this situation), but instead it shows up as six As and one NS. Can someone please explain to me whether this is a mistake in scoring, or maybe I just don't know how the scoring works? How should it have been scored? On a related note, the Practiscore page I'm looking at doesn't have a column for procedurals. I thought maybe I needed to scroll horizontally to see more columns, but the "Horizontal Scroll" function doesn't do anything. I know there was one shooter who got a procedural on that stage, but it doesn't show up on Practiscore. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, John
  9. 12glocks: Thanks for the info! I will definitely check out those videos no matter what barrel I end up with. And thanks to everyone else for the input!
  10. Thanks, bigedp51, for the specs! I'm no expert on these things, but two things jump out at me immediately: 1) the freebore length for the Wylde is significantly longer than it is for the 5.56 NATO, which is the opposite of what I was thinking; and 2) Clymer has a VERY different idea of what a 5.56 NATO chamber should be compared to JGS and PTG. Beyond that, I can see that there are many variables that I don't yet understand. 12glocks: I will definitely check out the Odin and Criterion barrels. I've looked at Ballistic Advantage before, but I'll have another look at them as well. Does your wife's Ultralyte barrel continue to deliver sub-MOA accuracy after the first few shots? Most reviews I read about the light profile barrels say something like "Things were going great for the first 4 or 5 shots, and then the group really started to open up." Anyone else? Thanks! John
  11. I ended up going with the Hiperfire Reflex. I did check on the AR Gold at the local Cabelas, but they were out. I thought I was getting a really good deal on the Hiperfire until I saw what jon49erfan just posted! I'll have to look into Dvor for the future. In any case, thanks again to everyone who gave me advice!
  12. I've been reloading for 9mm and .45 ACP for a couple of years, but now I'm building my first AR and I'm researching the reloading process for that. This will be a relatively lightweight build, and I've narrowed down the barrel to either a Faxon Gunner Match 16" 223 Wylde or a Faxon Gunner 16" 5.56 NATO. It's my understanding that, all other things being equal, a 223 Wylde barrel will be more accurate than a 5.56 barrel. It's also my understanding that this is due partly to the longer bullet jump with the 5.56 chamber (and the fact that the chamber is a little looser). So, my question is, how much can this difference be minimized by loading with a longer OAL for 5.56? The reason I'm building this gun is to use it in the 2-gun matches at my local range, and I realize that extreme accuracy is not really necessary for that purpose. 2 or 3 MOA vs. 1 MOA is not a huge disadvantage in this arena. Still, part of me doesn't care about that and just wants the gun to be as accurate as possible. There is about a $50 difference in the price of these two barrels, though, and I don't want to throw away money for no reason, especially if reloading technique can make a 5.56 barrel almost as accurate as the Wylde. Any advice appreciated! Thanks, John
  13. Again, thanks for all the suggestions, especially to emjbe for the in-depth report!
  14. Just answered my own question about Delta Team Tactical with a Google search, and it didn't take long. I thought the price sounded too good to be true.... Lots of reports of people waiting forever for their parts, or never getting them at all.
  15. So many to choose from! I do appreciate all the recommendations, of course. I found the Hiperfire Reflex for $190 with free shipping at Delta Team Tactical. It's starting to sound tempting, as long as I can verify that this is a reputable outfit (Delta Team Tactical, I mean). Anyone ever dealt with them? There's a Cabela's within driving distance, so I might have to check out the AR Gold as well.
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