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  1. been doing a local match with 150 round count recently due to ammo shortage. showed up with 200 and they said they upped it to 182 or something like that! yeah i had to be a little more accurate!
  2. is there a match book anywhere for this?
  3. is there a match book out for this? if not, does anyone know any details? sling needed, do they designate what must be shot with handgun and what with pcc, anything prone or that might interfere with an "open" holster or get mud etc in the comp, etc?
  4. 2nd/3rd for peacemaker! buncha big bays and plenty of natural terrain stages. several stages there can shoot out 400-500yds. https://peacemakernational.com/
  5. received the rcbs primer tray. very pleasantly surprised how quickly it got all the sideways and upside down primers right side up! federal must package them on their sides for safety reasons, because they're definitely a larger form factor than the others (ie costlier packaging and shipping) and not easier to handle for their customers.
  6. not bullets, but just got some 223 brass today from starline i ordered back in march.
  7. thx, ordered a primer tray
  8. new to reloading. no issues using other brands that just come out flat. will check out flip tray. any rec's?
  9. ok, win and cci you just open the box and they lay flat - easy to pick up with primer tube. fed's are on their sides. some come out top up, some top down, and half come out on their sides. pita to get them oriented for the primer tube. what trick or tool am i missing?
  10. mix of mtm 100 round plastic ammo boxes and .30 - .50 cal plastic ammo cans. before i recently started reloading i just kept everything in the factory 50 round boxes. for storage i have one safe at least half filled with ammo, then a few of those really large rubbermaid totes, all with goldenrods to help keep down humidity.-50
  11. a little less capacity and more expensive ammo/bullets. but yeah minor in my edge (of course not CO legal) is very soft.
  12. i'm showing one match more than you also since 2014. so that's avg of 16/year which sounds pretty light for me given i've already done 16 so far this year. normally at least one a weekend though most clubs shut down here over the winter. showing 34 last year with some venues/matches being covid cancelled. matches include uspsa, idpa, 2 & 3 gun, outlaw and steel matches, prs, etc.
  13. arredondo's for my glock mags. couple of the magpul 140's also.
  14. i zip tied a sony action cam mount to the top center of the strap that goes over your head of one pair of my muffs. works great but have to watch out for ceilings, popup tents and the like that will catch it. i screwed/bolted a gopro mount to the bill of one of my shooting hats. do it close to your head vs end of the bill and it's pretty stable.
  15. midwayusa has been dropping lotsa primers. 1k limit so they come to around $100 incl shipping & hazmat. but they're out there if you want them.
  16. actually $100 because they're only selling 1k at a time and with hazmat etc it's around $100 out the door. brownells has jacked up their prices also.
  17. man i just don't know what's going on with my zev lower. tried the timney trigger now (after trying an apex) with a few different connectors. takeup sucks a little less but still sucks. i was trying to sight it in the other day with a red dot, using a rest, and by the time i got the trigger all the way back i was all over the place. similar components in my 80% lower and WAY better trigger pull. ditto for my canik and even gen 4 glocks.
  18. yep got the ship notice already from prec delta! bluecollar shipped pretty quick on last week's order so surely will do again this week.
  19. i have 115 jhp and 125 jhp Zero backordered from Rose since mid march...
  20. just bought this morning 2k 115g fmj from precision delta. yesterday i bought case of 2900 hornady 124fmj from bluecollarreloading. both showing in stock, not pre-orders.
  21. more is always the right answer! yeah don't hesitate to ask others to fondle their guns after a match, never heard of anyone saying no.
  22. i did it a few months ago and to be honest, not really sure what i did... it wasn't super intuitive, at least to me and i fumbled around but finally got it working. try to find the 'reloading' section. then there's a page where you select the 'in-stock notifications' you want to receive (such as 'powder' 'projectiles' and various primer options). you'll get a popup on your computer when someone posts what you're looking for (eg powder) is in stock and just click on the link to go to the company's website. make sure you're logged in on the various company websites and have accounts set up with shipping address, credit card, etc.
  23. you guys need to get on 'discord.' i've seen plenty of vv powder and have bought 3n38 and n320 multiple times this year. it will send notices to your phone and/or pc when folks post it in stock.
  24. in stock now https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1269537042
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