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  1. he (or anyone) cannot buy (and take delivery of) a handgun out of state.
  2. buy once cry once with jp. my ctr-02 and gmr-13 (glock mags) have a handful of years' each worth of various competitions without a single failure. ok the first time out with my gmr i had trigger freeze, presumably some crap perhaps even a zip tie piece under the trigger. blew it out and zero problems after that.
  3. that's a great idea! she can use usps small box, $7.20 iirc.
  4. at the penna great outdoor show, the geissele rep said their alg act was their best option for pcc. with their other ones not holding up well in a pcc.
  5. i remember one guy saying he was telling the lady seller what he was using the cart for and she had an absolute hissy fit...
  6. i have a handful of sti 2011 double stack 9mm's that have no issues. but i just couldn't get a 3" single stack 9mm to work, despite using a couple of different brand mags. too many ftf's and i just didn't feel like dealing with it.
  7. not sure if i've replied earlier and if so what i picked... but, 'act of valor' i think is my favorite. there wasn't a bad or boring scene in the whole movie. rescuing the cia lady was absolutely incredible. as well as seeing those guys jump out of a plane and then board a sub in the middle of the ocean. maybe in my next life...
  8. i go back and forth between optics and dots a lot. 'beware the man with one gun' def doesn't apply to me! the lower the dot, the easier it is for me to pick up. thus i prefer milled slides vs mounting plates, and on my open guns i have the optics turned 90 degrees to get the dot as low as possible. but if you're going to run one gun in all the games and their divisions, that prob isn't as important because you won't be going back and forth.
  9. davsco

    ZEV OZ9

    saw/handled my first zev oz9 at a gun show today. felt pretty good. was pretty disappointed in the trigger. had a fair amount of take up and not a light break. esp given that zev sells all kinds of connectors and springs etc to improve glock triggers.
  10. see if tulster makes something. i have their aiwb for the glock 43x. it has a clip so goes on and off super easy but secure. the combo btw is the best carry combo i've tried yet by far. 10+1 rounds.
  11. davsco

    ZEV OZ9

    good on them for getting this out back to you relatively quickly, and for giving you a little something for your troubles! let's hope it runs perfectly now!
  12. i'm not seeing a 24c on hiperfire's website. do they have a name or model number for it? is it their hptc model?
  13. yeah i was at the great outdoor show in penna and the geissele guy there said the ACT was their best trigger for pcc.
  14. i haven't done a ton, but all have used the prs rule below, for semi's it has to be on safe vs having to lock the bolt back. 1.3.3 All transitions and movements during a course of fire must be done with open bolts and an empty chamber. An exception will be made for Semi-Automatic Rifles but only at the discretion and approval of the Match Director. If the MD does permit transitions and movements with a hot rifle, the weapon must be on safe and the shooter must give an audible “Safe” before moving; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  15. $20-30 jogging stroller on craigslist. throw on a pair or two of atv gun holders (for long guns). the larger the tires (ie, rim diameter), the easier to go over bigger rock, gullies, etc.
  16. oh crap, dawson still has some Edges? that's the route i'd go for sure (i have two of these and then a handful of their other models)! and if you want a little better trigger, get the brazos pro bcg kit. or see if dawson will do their 'supertune' for you (reliability and trigger work, not just bolt-on stuff).
  17. you'll have to read up on the uspsa and idpa equipment rules. i don't think the dvc limited (or an older Edge) will be idpa legal with the longer bull barrel and long dust cover. the dvc 3 gun should be legal in and perfect for idpa (bushing barrel) (and 3 gun) but in 9mm you'll be handicapped a little in scoring, shooting that in Limited in USPSA instead of .40. i ended up getting two (well, then a few more): eagle bushing barrel 9mm for idpa (and 3 gun and anything steel), and an Edge in .40 for uspsa limited. as mentioned, look in the classifieds.
  18. i know i have to take mine off but forgot why, guess it's to get it in the box...
  19. wow, learned something new, thanks! i've done and seen some 'monster' matches but assumed they were outlaw.
  20. well uspsa has a max of 32 rounds per stage, of course you can miss, and then you have to plan for a malfunction. i'll generally start with a glock 31 mag with a tf +10 extension for 41. then a 33 or another 41 in my pouch (in the unfortunate event you malf right off the bat).
  21. well then i'm not seeing where it isn't legal, again ask whomever said 'no' to show you where. my 5" sti eagle bushing barrel is legal in esp (and thus co if i had a dot) if i remove the add on magwell.
  22. no prohibition on threaded barrels. 2011's are def allowed in ESP and thus CO. maybe you're running afoul of this rule: Heavy or cone style barrels allowed on firearms with barrel lengths of 4.25” or less. if someone tells you 'no,' ask them for the rule section.
  23. shouldn't rules change (or at least be reviewed) to reflect the times. i get that uspsa (and us members) didn't want joebob in his garage making the cheatingnest gun that wouldn't be available to anyone else. but years ago there was no such thing as buying a frame from one company and a slide from another. now there is.
  24. what about the 80 & 100% frames?
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