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  1. went from howard leights to pro ears 300, no complaints, comfy, good sound reduction, can hear conversations and your steel hits pretty good.
  2. the only thing i've really done with my sti's is install the brazos tuned trigger groups to get a lighter, crisper trigger. extended/widened mag release also.
  3. the prob i have, is where the heck did i miss - low, high, ahead, behind? not like rifle or pistol where you can see the splash/dust. sure the best guess is low and/or behind, but how do you know for sure?
  4. as a customer, i like to pay at the match, and if folks register and don't show up a time or two, don't let them register anymore. stuff happens and i hate getting stuck with match fees on the rare occasion i don't attend (though i always let the MD know as soon as i know i won't make it).
  5. davsco

    downside to MOS?

    yeah just shooting with iron sights. seems their gen 5 g 34 is MOS-only.
  6. davsco

    downside to MOS?

    other than price, any downsides to the glock MOS handguns vs non-MOS relating to USPSA shooting? maybe higher sights? anything else? and since i'm asking, any backwards compatibility issues with a gen 5 regarding using gen 4 magazines, sights/sight cuts, etc? thanks! edit - this gun would not have a dot on it, just production using iron sights
  7. bringing the mags with you to a match is good, but let's just say that having them in your mag pouches and not back in your range bag, is also good, when you dump your handgun (3 gun match) and it's time to rock with your AR...
  8. glock sounds like the ticket for you, maybe a 35 or your 22. local kid with a glock, albeit with a carry optics/slide-mounted dot, spanks most if not all the open (ie 2011 with frame-mounted dots), pcc (also with a dot), carry optics and limited shooters.
  9. davsco

    where is the rule?

    https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/IDPA-Rulebook-2017.pdf if you mistakenly don't shoot an array within a fault line, a 10 second FP would apply. if it's clear you purposely faulted a fault line, a 20 second FTDR would apply. 5.2 Flagrant Penalty (FP) A Flagrant Penalty (FP) adds ten (10) seconds and is assessed, instead of a PE Penalty, in cases where an infraction results in a competitive advantage, such as failure to follow the instructions in a CoF and gaining a competitive advantage that cannot be addressed by a PE (i.e. score works out in competitors favor with a PE added). 5.2.1 Flagrant Penalties are assessed when: A. A shooter fails to follow the shooting procedures set forth in the written stage description and/or uses inappropriate equipment with the obvious intent of gaining a competitive scoring advantage. B. A shooter breaks a rule of the game. C. A conduct violation described in the Shooter’s code of conduct as determined by the MD. 5.2.2 Examples of an FP (non-inclusive list): A. SHO/WHO strings / stages shot Freestyle 2017 IDPA Rulebook 21 rev 2017.3 B. Not going prone when required C. Not fully engaging all targets as required D. Not following stage requirement that takes longer than 3 seconds to perform E. Shooting an entire array while faulting the line F. Staging an ammunition feeding device incorrectly G. Extra rounds in magazines All FPs must be approved by the MD. 5.3 Failure To Do Right (FTDR) 5.3.1 A 20 second Failure To Do Right penalty is assessed for gross unsportsmanlike conduct. Non-inclusive examples of this conduct are: Cussing out an SO, throwing a piece of their equipment on the ground, throwing a tantrum for any reason or violating the shooter’s code of conduct. 5.3.2 The FTDR is intended to be used solely as a penalty for acts on the part of the shooter to circumvent or violate the rules and by doing so gain a competitive advantage. A FTDR may be issued for violations of the Course of Fire, but not in cases of shooter errors where it is obvious that the shooter gained no competitive advantage by their actions. It should not be assessed for inadvertent shooter errors. In these cases, the shooter should be assessed a PE or FP, rather than an FTDR.
  10. davsco

    where is the rule?

    know there's been some rules changes, but if you intentionally break rules there are some onerous penalties. so if you shoot from behind cover/fault lines, then just step out and blast them again, it won't be just a 3 second penalty.
  11. maybe just write "uspsa nats." def wouldn't have any gun reference on the box.
  12. i used that 205g syntech for the first time last weekend out of my 5" sti edge barrel at a uspsa match and didn't notice any keyholing. i do need to play around with it a little for groups/accuracy/poi as i didn't do that before the match and i've been using atlanta arms 180g reloads to date.
  13. well in the heat of the moment, i forgot my stage plan and earned two of those... it was actually a real good stage with lots of options as to when/where to engage the various targets.
  14. i shot a couple of boxes of the .40 federal syntech 205g at yesterday's uspsa match for first time. worked perfectly in my .40 edge with brazos tuned mags and my new mbx mag. i have been shooting atlanta arms 180g reloads (regular, not long) with same 100% reliability.
  15. that's ridiculous (especially talk of a dq earlier above). moved to open because you became less competitive than your division provided? i know optics are required, but coming off mid-stage would be a malfunction and the rules provide for some leniency with malfunctions (such as strong or weak hand only stages).
  16. looks badass indeed! and from what i've read, a badass (ie hefty) price tag to go along with it! needs a stamp? mag cost and availability? 9mm version coming?
  17. didn't really look at that holster, was just responding to the serpa reference.
  18. prob one of the most prevalent holsters out there. statistically the incidence of being an idiot with a serpa prob isn't much different than any other holster.
  19. think multiple bay stages, or "L" shaped courses of fire. no one is getting guns pointed at or anywhere near them.
  20. never had that happen, interested to hear the input. at the outlaw 3g matches i've done, depending on stage design, we do have shooters clear competitor's guns. clearly not everyone is familiar with every gun although keeping fingers outside of trigger guards should preclude pretty much any AD/NDs.
  21. pretty much anything can be used in Open, but without a comp and dot, you won't be the most competitive. but if just having fun, go for it.
  22. more than a few folks primarily shoot 3 gun, then use their 9mm limited guns in uspsa for fun/practice. would also be fine/fun in 2 gun, falling steel, steel challenge, etc.
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