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  1. I just discovered this thread. It is awesome. You might want to try 3 gun out, it has 3 times more guns to do ridiculous things with!
  2. They were the new 940 jm pro, yes. If you want a gas gun get a beretta. If you want an inertia gun get a benelli. If you want the coolest possible shotgun get Dissident Kl-12.
  3. The 2 I've seen at matches did not work well, but I don't know what shells they were trying to run either...
  4. Thanks y'all, I just wasn't sure how fragile the emitter was. Compressed air alone didn't do anything, so I cleaned it with an alcohol cutip than blew that off with air and that returned it to normal.
  5. Used my Sig Romeo 3 XL at a match for the first time today and now the dot has specks around it. I have cleaned the glass with lens cleaner. I'm attaching a picture of what is happening. While the camera does pick it up, it is more pronounced in real life. Any ideas?
  6. I have the Pro lifter in a regular 2nd gen Comp. I found this to be an issue as well but the fix was very easy. I just hit the contact surfaces of the little lifter release button and the knob on the lifter with a coarse file to give it more engagement friction. I also relieved the forward edge of the little button so the shells didn't hit it on their way into the port. Still works fine when intentionally depressed and I have not had any accidental ghost loads since that first day through dozens of matches and practices and 1000s of rounds.
  7. I run a 3 Gun match and help with a PCC and Pistol 2 Gun match. Registration has been a bit slower for both and at the 2 Gun last weekend there were a lot of ammo woes discussed. i put a 200 round match on the ground which at current prices may have been too much I reckon. At the same time, I'm not wasting my time and energy to build a 50 round match, nor would I attend one. It seems to me that the people who started shooting in the last 4 years during the Golden Days of Ammo did not prepare for this either in stockpiling or setting up reloading operations. At least some portion o
  8. I have watched quite a few Honchos run in matches, all have been in open configuration. They have all been perfect except one that didn't like an 170mm STI mag. My personal observations of their reliability in matches played a large part in my decision to order one.
  9. TAC is my powder of choice and I did some loads with the 75 grain Hornady BTHP to see if I wanted to switch to it from 77 SMK as it is half the price in bulk. I loaded all the way up to the published max 25.8, which seemed too high but didn't seem to show signs of pressure. Accuracy was terrible above 24 grains of TAC, 2-3 MOA groups plus fliers too. Between 23 and 24 grains it was fine and at some charge weights actually more accurate than my 77 SMK load out of a 18" Odin barrel. And almost as fast. I decided to switch to it and buy 1000 bul
  10. Welcome! 3-Gun is the greatest sport in human history, which is why one gunners are always super jealous of us. Northern Alabama has some great matches, I'm not sure about LA.
  11. I think C More really missed a chance here. This scope is not commonly used in 3 gun but actually fills a nice void in the market between the viper and the razor. They could have used this opportunity to get their product out in the hands of people who would likely influence others to purchase it, potentially making a big move long term. The scope is worth $800 and definately worth $600. What holds me back is their lack of full warranty, which is more or less standard now for scope companies, thanks to Vortex. I wanted this C More to upgrade my wife's 3 Gun scope. But for $600 I w
  12. Yeah, i'm assuming 5-6 months. If its longer than so be it. 3 Gunners aren't whiners, or we'd never ever stop whining. Because our sport is ridiculous haha (for real though, no haha). Other custom guns I have ordered also went well past stated lead times. My whiskey stills were a year late and that was a $300k contract. My time on a custom banjo wait list went a year past the original date AND then the build time went well over too. And none of those were during a pandemic freakout and economic dumpster fire!
  13. $500 off discount code? Can you hook it up, Tony?
  14. I can get a pic of the back when I get home from work. I found ELS was not enough to stabilize it and keep it super tight for my preference. Its fairly bulky and heavy. A+ retention and release though. I ended up using the Large Bladetech TMMS turned sideways.
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