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  1. The Hiperfire hammer hits harder than anything else and it has the fastest lock time. The trigger pull quality is about the same across the very top tier triggers, I don't believe any minute differences between them are noticeable in a match setting, only when pulling them slowly at home. So the added reliability of the Hiperfire does it for me. Elftmann would be my second choice, though. These are my personal opinions based on trial and error and what I see happen at matches, ie light strikes.
  2. Get the best Hiperfire you can afford.
  3. I asked this same question here awhile back as weak hand has been a problem for me. Canting the pistol to bring the sights over to my right eye better was the single best advice I received. With a little dry and live fire practice it's no longer a concern for me, especially considering the rarity of actually being required to so it.
  4. I just received email confirmation the CCI rebate was approved. It was all done online and was very easy.
  5. It shoots dead flat as it is for me. Someone with a different stance and grip might get different results. The Armalite brake did require the tuning plugs to be drilled to achieve a neutral impulse with my stance though.
  6. CCI has the same promotion going. I got two cases for $138 each on Grafs but the rebate is still pending approval...
  7. I got the fairly new PWS Hypertap Brake for a build project I have been accumulating parts for this Spring and figured I'd share my impressions here. The rifle features 16" mid length barrel, adjustable gas, 8 oz BCG/bolt. The Hypertap is the most expensive brake I have ever sprung for. It is by far the easiest to install. It looks great. It is also the most effective brake I have used. Yes, more effective than the SJC Titan. The lack of movement will make you think something went wrong with your gun. With a proper stance it provides insane dot stability. It is also more blasty than the Titan. Noise may be about the same, that's hard to tell. On this 16" barrel with 15" handguard the first 3 or 4 shots was all it took to blow the FDE cerakote off the front edge of the handguard. Chunks of crap hits my support hand as well, more than I have encountered before. Sooo, I moved theHypertap to my main 3-gun rifle with an 18" barrel. It is more reasonable there and is an improvement over the tuned Armalite brake it's had on it. The lesser weight of the Hypertap is nice there as well. I never felt the Armalite brake was getting enough gas way out there to really work. It does seem to work great on the 16" luckily though. Light, expensive, crazy effective, blastrific.
  8. I think the days of preloaded shell tubes are done if you want to be even moderately competitive in Open.
  9. 124 grain plated Everglades over 3.5 grains Sport Pistol. Makes 140 out of 16" PCC and 125 out of 5.4" TSO.
  10. Dirtier than an Alabama preacher, though.
  11. No. If you are really worried about it you can wedge an o-ring in the hammer channel. That's really only needed with a CZ that includes the firing pin block though.
  12. I'm afraid this bodes poorly for your potential 3-gun career.
  13. I am primarily a fan of the books, I have never thought the show even remotely lived up to them. But in my opinion last night's episode was the biggest let down yet. There was nothing creative or interesting or unique. Oh, Arya leaped out of nowhere and stabbed the Night King...wow that's boring. She should have killed Bran and wore his face and then effed up ol' Whitey. Their battle plan was straight up stupid, they all knew their own slain would be reanimated. And the first time they said "let's put the weak folk in the crypts with the corpses it was obvious what would happen. Frankly, At this point I think Cersei deserves to keep the Throne! I just hope if the books ever get finished they will be better. I highly recommend them over the show to anyone who still reads.
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