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  1. I think C More really missed a chance here. This scope is not commonly used in 3 gun but actually fills a nice void in the market between the viper and the razor. They could have used this opportunity to get their product out in the hands of people who would likely influence others to purchase it, potentially making a big move long term. The scope is worth $800 and definately worth $600. What holds me back is their lack of full warranty, which is more or less standard now for scope companies, thanks to Vortex. I wanted this C More to upgrade my wife's 3 Gun scope. But for $600 I will buy a less good scope that I know will be replaced when she throws a shotgun into it in a dump barrel. That's the game we play. I intend to tell C More my expert opinion on this subject. Maybe they will hire me to be their vice president of marketing. Then I can get an employee discount!
  2. Yeah, i'm assuming 5-6 months. If its longer than so be it. 3 Gunners aren't whiners, or we'd never ever stop whining. Because our sport is ridiculous haha (for real though, no haha). Other custom guns I have ordered also went well past stated lead times. My whiskey stills were a year late and that was a $300k contract. My time on a custom banjo wait list went a year past the original date AND then the build time went well over too. And none of those were during a pandemic freakout and economic dumpster fire!
  3. I can get a pic of the back when I get home from work. I found ELS was not enough to stabilize it and keep it super tight for my preference. Its fairly bulky and heavy. A+ retention and release though. I ended up using the Large Bladetech TMMS turned sideways.
  4. Welcome! We always need more 3 Gunners around here. NC has some awesome matches, what part of the state are you in?
  5. My wife has very small hands. I had her try pretty much every option (couldn't find a Walther SF though) in the hunt for something that would work well for her for 3-Gun and general fun shooting. The SP-01 with thin LOK grips fit her hand the best. I bought Cajun parts and did the SAO conversion, which made the trigger reach manageable and made the pistol ideal for competition. I would have preferred to start with a Shadow 2, but its grip was larger. She went from being pretty awful with a pistol to being pretty decent.
  6. I just started watching these. Thank you for doing this project, it is very generous of you.
  7. The Bredas look the most 3 gun ready from the box for sure, but I keep hearing about reliability issues... A friend I got into 3 Gun found an amazing deal on a Franchi. He cut the port and added a mercury recoil reducer and it runs great and recoil looks really flat. I haven't gotten to shot it yet.
  8. Both are reliable and both need 3gun specific work to be ideal, it really comes down to personal preference. If you want tons of aftermarket support and components, Benelli by far has the upper hand. Advantages to the 1301 are; 1. Because its gas operated you can add weight without effecting function. I have an 8 oz lead rod in the end of my tube and 12 oz in the stock. It barely moves under recoil. That's how I like it. 2. Because it is gas operated it functions reliably in any position. Not only do we often get stuck in less than ideal positions in 3 gun, but sometimes in the heat of a stage you may get a less than ideal mount after movement of weapons transition. No big deal for the 1301. 3. Its Longer foreend allows for a bit more aggressive support hand positioning. I clean mine every 500 rounds or so, same as I would for any shotgun. I replace the mag tube spring once a year at least. I have also replaced the bolt spring once just to get ahead of it. The only malfunction I have had in many 1000s of rounds was once when I forgot to lube it after cleaning. A slight downside to the 1301 that often gets overlooked is that the mag tube sits much closer to the barrel in the reciever. That means there is more aluminum to remove to get a slick loading port, depending on your loading style and preference. I have some fancy guns, Dissident KL-12, Honcho on order. If I thought the 1301 was anything less than ideal for me I wouldn't hesitate to switch, but after shooting some different shotguns, I really do think my self-customized 1301 is tops.
  9. I find the 2 shell holder from safariland to be very handy for sticking in a slug when i need to slug paper in the middle of bird targets, without having to candy cane. Or for makeup slug shots. Best $10 item I have bought for 3-Gun. Also the only $10 item I have bought for 3-Gun... https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Safariland-Shot-Shell-Holder-P5138.aspx
  10. I dont think it will be too hard to switch from the thumb poke to the thumb sweep.
  11. I'm sorry, just trying to understand as that is pretty radically different from every match ever. Did this loading occur at a preload station and the weapons stayed there? Or all weapons were hot all the time, in cases, carts, slung etc? Thanks!
  12. Do you mean that rifle and pistol mags were inserted into weapons before stepping to the line?
  13. I do not use it in my 9mm with 125 pf loads for 3 gun. I swear the impulse feels better without it, might just be in my mind though.
  14. I don't know of anything in South Georgia, but Northern Florida may have some options for him. For 3-Gun in Georgia there is one monthly match, Atlanta 3 Gun, about 30 mins southeast of Atlanta. There are 2 matches that are currently quarterly, Georgia Mountain Shooting Assoc (GMSA) and Riverbend, both in the foothills of the mountains. There is also a monthly match near Gainesville that they call "Tactical Rifle" which is not standard 3-Gun (not much shotgun, vickers limited scoring). Theres also a quarterly match close by in South Carolina in Greenville, and a monthly match close to Georgia at the CMP marksmanship park near Talladega in Alabama. Edited to Add: There were rumors late in 2019 that 3 Gun Nation was changing ownership and they were going to start running matches at Arena down in Blakely, but I'm not sure where that stands or if they just meant major matches. That would be pretty close to Moody AFB.
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