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  1. The serial number of the current regular 1301 Comps is in the same place as the Pro. That was one of the updates the Comp received a few years back when the version 2 came out, along with "welded" lifter ans slightly more welcoming loading port.
  2. Rainydays analysis is spot on. To get used to shooting the diamond fast I stuck my .22 lr upper on a few times and hosed through a few bricks. If there's no long range at the matches you attend there are easier triggers, like the eclipse, Which I also moved to my PCC. With long range mixed in, though, the diamond really shines. Just takes some practice to get used to for bay stages.
  3. The buffer is only one element of the operating system and should be matched to the other components in the system, with reliability being one concern. That is, the buffer that contributes to smooth and reliable operation with an 8oz bolt and adjustable gas block in a rifle you clean between every match is not necessarily what you want with a full weight BCG with wide open gas and 1000 rounds worth of carbon build up. If you have basically milspec components in the system I'd say rifle tube and buffer would be a safe bet. You can always pull weight out of it later if you go lighter. The carbine receiver extension and H buffer should work though.
  4. What are you using the rifle for?
  5. The trick is to get your inner belt fairly tight so that when you ratchet down the outer belt it doesn't cause the inner belt to bunch up too much. You do still need the inner belt if you want maximum stability. Which you do.
  6. I get constant annoying discount code updates from Optics Planet. Once in awhile THEY get ME. I use the the cheap ambidextrous 60 degree safeties that Joe Bob's has for $15 on everything. They work even work with Hiperfire triggers.
  7. I used the Diamond in a match today. I Did have 2 instances of trigger freeze, both when I was shooting on the move. Some more time on it should cure that. There was no long range unfortunately, but overall I was pleased with The trigger.
  8. Pull back bolt to lock. Insert shell in front of bolt. Drop bolt. Load tube. Thats really your only option.
  9. I couldn't resist buying this trigger a few weeks back when optics planet had a 15% off triggers code. It wasn't in stock so I didn't get it until today. The AR Diamond is quite impressive. Easy install, easy adjustment. I am running it as light as possible, of course. My splits with the Hiperfire Eclipse are consistently .15, the AR diamond ran at .14 for me today. I'm sure I can get that lower with more time on it, but honestly the the speed of the Eclipse was fine for me. The Diamond reset is not aggressive like the Eclipse, but gave me no problems. Its for sure more dependant on finger speed. For long range shots or shots that require some precision this thing is gonna be awesome. The trigger is amazingly clean, crisp, and light. I'll be using this trigger at a match this weekend and will report back if I have any issues. If the Diamond proves to have the reliability of Hiperfires, I definitely have a new favorite.
  10. I'm thinking thinking this has got to be a quality control issue since y'all both experienced extreme difficulty loading your mags and mine took 60 rounds by hand no problem.
  11. In case anyone ever searches this topic, I will update. I went with TMMS just because it looked more rigid and was $30. I mounted it between holster and hanger, not hanger and belt. You'd need to drill holes to manage the later, but its not what I was after anyway. It is very rigid but easy enough to remove. It came with an extra female part which I mounted on my cart so I can pull the holstered pistol off my belt and clip it in securely for stages where I don't need it. Tried the rig this weekend at a match and it worked great, its definitely nice to be able to remove holster and pistol without needing to go to safe area or bay, though I understand some games/clubs take a different stance on that.
  12. Wolf Gold. 2.245 Fiocchi 55 grn. 2.15 Lake City m193. 2.245 I don't have any steel case 5.56 to measure.
  13. I noticed that The OAL of the wolf gold just barely fit, if the length of the polyformance was even longer I wonder if that could be the source of the difference in function? Can you Mic the steel case ammo you were using? I can do wolf gold when I get home from work. The Fiocchi, which is my go to now because my 18" Odin likes it and it is cheap, fit great as it has a shorter OAL. Its bullet profile is not the usual m193. To me the greater difficulty loading the thing that you experienced suggests a problem with your unit or else the OAL of the rounds used.
  14. I shot maybe 10 or 12 resting on the mag without problems. Hardly a conclusive sample though haha.
  15. I finally got around to testing this mag myself today. I paid about $60 from Palmetto, and after the above review I was not hopeful. I did not experience much difficulty loading mine to 60 rounds, the last 10 were a bit stiff, but not too bad to accomplish by hand by any means. I had zero failures. I loaded 60 wolf gold and then 60 Fiocchi dynamics, shooting at various tempos, mostly offhand. I think I will want to run a few more before using it in a match, and then try it out in so low pressure matches to be sure. Obviously this magazine is really only useful in a match setting, and in my opinion it needs to be utterly reliable in that role. I'll update as I get more time on it.
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