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  1. I would highly recommend getting a major 3 comp barrel with it too. The honcho is so fun it will make you want to shoot it in all the ways in all the sports.
  2. Yep, it's really gonna depend on the flavor of the matches you go to on the holster. You shouldn't need to rearrange your belt much if at all for open division. I move stuff off my front if I'm going prone but that's about it. Hangers for your shotgun mags work great, or put an els clip on the hanger and cut off the wings so it slides out easily.
  3. Thanks for all the help, y'all. I'm glad I asked!
  4. I am trying to get started in uspsa in Open division, I would settle for any in stock 124 jhp to feed my honcho but checking PD, Montana Gold, etc daily has not been fruitful. Any recommendations?
  5. I bet its related to Ken's List being taken off practiscore. Enos classifieds is the only trustworthy game in town now. Hopefully some of these folks will find ways to actually contribute...
  6. Thats very similar to how I did mine, having been educated by Jon Axe. Is that the Hayes shop job? I clean mine every 400 rounds or so, or before any important match. It could go a lot longer, I know people who almost never clean their 1301s, but I'd rather have a lighter cleaning session more often than an all day affair once a year. Nothing real specific about the process, just clean and reoil the moving parts and gold portion of the tueb the recoil assembly rides on. Remove the the gas puck and clean all those parts real well. Do not oil those parts or areas. I use
  7. I agree. It does make figuring out a 3-gun appropriate holster more challenging though. So best to figure out whether matches in your area feature much hot reholstering or physical challenges, or if race holsters are even allowed before committing to frame mount. I got creative with a NERD Urn to make frame mount work.
  8. I tried it for a one port comp Honcho. 5 grains under 124 grain plated was right around 130 pf. Takes 4.2 cleanshot to make 130. Ultimate load was perfectly fine but the clean shot is flatter, softer, and cleaner. But if I only had ultimate I'd use it happily.
  9. 510c is awesome for the KL-12. Giant window and you can run circle only reticle for go fast. Switch to circle dot when slugs are required. You do have Dremel a bit on the 510c base mount to fit perfectly on the dissident rail. Takes about 5 minutes.
  10. Adam makes a lot of good points. In my opinion the biggest advantage switching to Open from Tac ops is that your movement is the same regardless of which gun you are using. You no longer have to move with the shotgun (loading) in a completely different way from the other platforms. So working on your movement fundamentals pays huge dividends. I was pretty good at Tac Ops, but I spent most of my limited time practicing loading shotgun in all the various iterations and that hurt my other proficiencies. 2020 ProAm was my first match in full-on open and my first major match and I got
  11. Yeah, it all makes pretty good sense to me. Sounds like it'll be a fun match, I'm considering it, but I just feel naked without my shotgun.
  12. I think this is the format that's best for the future of 3-Gun. I really wish I was closer!
  13. I went out on a limb and ordered the Nerd Urn which is designed for the STI DVC Open. I swapped in 5/8" spacers, cut out little windows to accommodate the full dust cover of the Honcho, and then shortened it a bit for the hell of it. Probably could have used heat instead of cutting for the dust cover, but cutting was fast and easy. It also came with the Nerd Gallows hanger, which is super nice. I don't have what I need yet to put that on my belt with a release, so i'm still using my BOSS for now. The retention is super strong cranked down and takes a bit of an extra je
  14. Wish I could post videos easier here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIg22cQp4fx/?igshid=1ejpt91hlabqw
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