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  1. Through the efforts and goodwill of a fellow 3-gunner, I was able to obtain the new comp pro lifter that beretta based on the mods of some innovative Brits. I also installed the new style bolt release/shell latch than I ran the shotgun through quite a bit of loading and some live fire drills to check function. I am very pleased with both parts, which were easy to install and tweak to my preferences. The new bolt release is much lower profile, which means it is well out of the way of my 2nd stack of shells in a strong hand quad. It still functions to unload the mag tube, though a bit differently than the original part. The lifter surpassed my expectations. I thought it would be cool but not improve loading that much. Turns out, for me at least, that not having to hold pressure down on the lifter greatly smooths quad loading. I think I finally have my loading port exactly how I want it. I have the match I run this saturday to try it out before a big falling steel match next weekend that I am shotgunning. Supposedly the new lifters will start being available in the US in the new year. Definately worth $70 or so.
  2. I've been using my Schmeisser a good bit for my home practice stages/drills and it has yet to have an issue. I needed a 60 rnd mag at a match last month and decided to actually vet this thing before I might need it again. I think I feel alright taking it to local matches at this point.
  3. The new latch still allows you to release the shells from the tube. You just pull up on the front of it instead of pushing down on the back. I have never had the "fatal flaw" double feed actually happen during regular use either, though I have practiced the fairly straightforward maneuver of clearing it quickly, just in case.
  4. Already installed it and contoured the latch for ease of shell insertion. It works great in 1301 comp. I don't have the lever cover yet, but I'd run it without the cover indefinitely anyway, it's that much better than the original part. Still waiting on a few more parts, but plan to put some pics and comments up here when it's all done.
  5. According to beretta European site the new pro trigger group fits previous 1301 models. http://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/3-0-inches-trigger-group-competition-pro-for-1301-a400-12-ga/ There seems to be some confusion on chamber size on some of these parts. Beretta site says somethings will "fit the Comp with 3.5" chamber", but the Comp has 3" chamber. Reckon I'll find out.
  6. Turns out you can get the new style bolt release/cartridge catch at Midwest Gun Works if you look under A400 parts. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/c8d464
  7. I just got a new phone so this was the best shot I had. I'm about to try a new caddy model that has a larger footprint than these delrin taccoms, so not sure 3 will be doable still.
  8. This morning I tried to get someone at beretta to tell me when the new lifter and bolt release would be available stateside but they had zero knowledge. My shell catch is worn out and letting shells by in the middle of my quad loads once in awhile, so i was ordering that anyway. Any euro gunner want to straw buy the new lifter and release and mail them to me?
  9. I run one caddy on my front right side for loading strong side with shotgun on my shoulder, and 2 caddies on my left side for loading quads weak hand. I think weak is generally faster and smoother, but sometimes its pretty handy to load strong side, shooting from a port for instance or moving from right to left with respect to 180.
  10. For the moment anyway...
  11. I reload the 77 grain smk over 24.8 grains TAC for long range 3 gun use, though that's not much here in Georgia. I do not bother reloading for inside of 300 yards as I don't have a progressive press for rifle and I'm already hard pressed to load enough 9mm for the whole family.
  12. I also use 55 grain bulk (fiocchi .223a since my rifle likes it and the primers aren't crimped) inside of 300 and a hand loaded 77 smk for 300+. I Zero the 55 grain for 100 yards and the 77 grain at 200, which let's the JM-1 reticle BDC marks line up for both rounds at 300, 400, 500.
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