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  1. Here’s a TS diagram I have, can’t locate one specific to the TSO but I know the majority of parts are the same.
  2. I’ve got small parts from both CZC and Cajun, just depends on the parts I’m in need of, I try to keep spares of all the extra springs I might need on hand, what specific parts are you looking for?
  3. SP01 Bull Shadow milled with the RDS plate system by CZC with a SRO 5moa. Also have an SP01 set up with an SRO.
  4. mveto

    CZC flat DA/SA trigger

    It’s awesome, have it on both my SP01 and SP01 Bull Shadow. For me I like the more forward position in DA. I’ve got long fingers so it help me get a more consistent finger placement. Not sure I’ll ever go back to a curved trigger on a CZ.
  5. I’ve always wondered about a sight tracker CZ, glad to see someone take on the challenge. Looks really cool sure it shoots super flat and fast.
  6. I tend to clean mine when they start to feel gritty which is usually once a month, about 600-750 rounds.
  7. I blew mine out with compressed air, I have the Teflon ball as well. It was the only solution that came to mind when it happened to me.
  8. mveto

    Shadow 2 slugging

    This is what I’ve done, works really well. I’ve slugged 6 barrels this way.
  9. Make sure you loctite them in place or else you'll have the same issues again, trust me on that. Blue worked well for me
  10. There should be a green bushing in the case feed arm.
  11. You’ve got some good advise on upgrades/parts so I won’t rehash the entire list but I really like Redding dies, they’ve been very consistent for me, but they are more expensive as well. Also I just switched out the MBF powder funnel with the new Shooting Sport Innovations Alpha Powder Drop Funnel and it’s so much better than the MBF funnel, I was able to reduce the belling slightly and eliminate bullet shaving that I would occasionally get with the MBF funnel.
  12. mveto

    Czechmate trigger

    The trigger pin that Cajun sells for the Tac Sport requires red loctite to keep it place since the trigger spring doesn’t keep it in place.
  13. Usually around 1-1.5k I’ll clean my gun or if the slide starts to get sluggish, that usually only happens if I’m shooting or practicing in dusty conditions. What I’ve found really speeds up the cleaning process is to spray the entire gun down with breakthrough clean solvent and scrub areas that are needed and use an air compressor or compressed air to blow out and dry the solvent up. It works really well, than a bore snake and I’m done cleaning just need to lube it up. It’s cut my cleaning time in half.
  14. Carbon Arms SSXL were my favorite when I was shooting 3 gun. I tried all the others and they were the only ones that I could reliably quad load with, I’ve got big hands and the extra height and room made it easier for me to grab the shells. You’ll go through several brands and types before you find what you really like. I’d see if any of the local shooters have different brands for you try before you commit to buying.
  15. When I was using Titegroup and loading 3.0 grains my Dillon powder sensor had no issues measuring that low of a charge. As long as it’s set up correctly the powder sensor will easily be able to verify the charge.
  16. I’ve trimmed the screws for all 4 of my SRO’s to fit the RDS plate system. Basically had to trim them all to about the top of the yellow thread locker. The way I’ve done it is removed the RDS plate from the slide and installed the optic, with the screws sticking out below the RDS plate I use a silver sharpie to mark the screws so I know how much to trim off. I screw on two 6-32 nuts to the mark and use it as a guide to make sure I don’t remove to much, it also helps to clean up the threads after cutting.
  17. After getting my barrel reamed I can now seat the above round in my Bull Shadows, I did however need to adjust my load, with 3.5gr of Sport Pistol velocity was average 986fps, and with 3.4gr average velocity was 968fps.
  18. All 4 of my SRO's have been going strong and no issues with batteries. I have however replaced 2 of the batteries at the beginning of the season just to make sure they were fresh, I will say though that the battery cover is a PITA to remove the first time.
  19. I installed them in my new bull shadow but actually like Cajun springs a bit more, with the sear and trs springs the trigger reset just didn’t feel as crisp to me. Rowdy if you are interested in trying them let me know I might sell the ones I have, I’ve actually got 2 full sets of springs with an 11lb recoil and 8 &10lb main springs, just a thought if your interested in them.
  20. For me the Bull Shadow, there is just something about the bull barrel, it’s a great gun. The shadow 2 would be a close second however, and the SP01 a close third, but not having a firing pin block on the bull and shadow 2 you can really reduce all the extra travel in the trigger over guns that have the lifter.
  21. Since you like the Tanfo better why not wait till Patriot Defense gets their aftermarket slides completed and have it milled for an optic. (Never mind didn’t see the Limited Custom part) I currently have an SP01 milled by CZC with the RDS plate and am currently building out an SP01 Bull Shadow also milled out by CZC with the RDS plate. Really looking forward to getting the Bull Shadow finished up its balanced really well.
  22. mveto

    Barrel Reaming

    If it’s a stainless barrel (not melonited) Patriot Defense also offers a reaming service. https://patriotdefense.com/patriot-defense-9mm-barrel-reaming-service/
  23. 135tc .356 dia Federal small pistol primers 3.5gr Sport Pistol 1.135 This is for my SP01, average velocity is 965 FPS, 130pf. These rounds however would not plunk in my Bull Shadow I’m building, had to load them at 1.095, so having the barrel throated.
  24. Having a spare 33 mag is a good idea, one of my big sticks broke at the seam on the rear of the mag up towards the feed lips and was causing miss feeds during a match. Didn’t have a spare with me so had to shoot the remainder of the match with only 1 big mag and a 17 rounder.
  25. I'm a big fan of the ACE Skeleton stock, I've tried others and always go back to the Ace. It just fits me really well and the foam is comfortable. The weight of the stock also balances my rifle really well.
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