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  1. I have Volquortsen Bolt in my Ruger MKIV 22/45 lite that runs 99.9% (always leave a little room for bad ammo). Run the same ammo as you including Geco. I swapped all my mag springs out when I started having feeding issues for the green TK mag springs & have stopped all issues. No tuning or messing with the mags other than they are all Genuine Ruger mags. Part Number:TK05N0299GRN1 gerritm
  2. Nice Buckmark for sale in classifieds. gerritm
  3. Depends on how serious you are going into the sport. You are looking for total reliability. That is the key. I have one set up almost exactly like this with genuine Ruger mags with green TK springs in the mags and it is 99.9% reliable. Shoots excellent with CCI minimags. If you are truly going to shoot hardcore SC get a Volquartsen. All of the stock .22 pistol will need to be upgraded to be competitive and reliable. Get a platform you like and be prepared to start the fun with tinkering & upgrades. gerritm
  4. Just a recent observation in the Houston metro area USPSA matches. The weekend matches still have a pretty good attendance, but the weekday practice type matches are slowing down. We have completely quit shooting them for now. Picking & choosing our favorite weekend matches. gerritm
  5. Just an observation. I do not shoot the VR80, but in our 3-gun/UML & shotgun matches locally there are about 4 or 5 guys who have the colored model with longer handguards. They are not modified and once they found the right ammo that the gun likes and mags that work seem to be pretty reliable. Most have been shooting the 1250fps Win AA that have a hard smooth case. Seems to feed the best. gerritm
  6. Same here with what he uses. Except I put a couple of drops of Mobil 1 on the Slide Glide on the rails of my open guns, 2011, & CZ. Lucas Gun Oil in the triggers and small moving parts. Only Mobil 1 on the AR's, PCC's, & 10/22's. gerritm
  7. Been following this as I shoot a customized CZ. Lightened SA trigger, but stock FP. After all this speculation has anyone actually seen the report as to what really happened? So many scenarios as to what could have happened vs what did. Maybe I missed that. gerritm
  8. We shoot SC RFRO with a Ruger Target Lite & a MR Switchbolt. Done a few upgrades & polished & smoothed everything. Love them both. Both are 99.5% reliable with 10 round & 15 round stock Ruger mags using CCI Mini mag ammo. Always give a little on reliability cause they are 22's. Due to the ammo shortage & skyrocketing costs. We are shooting more & more matches substituting .22 for rifle in stages with more than 10 or 15 rounds. I know that it would make sense to get a couple of S&W MP22 with 25 round mags cause the Rugers are not easy to reload, but love
  9. Have actually seen this happen. New shooter comes up and before RO can say MR he loads it up. gerritm
  10. Here is a build I put together for my granddaughter who shoots UML 3-gun 2x4 & open in regular 3-gun. It is minor only. It has a Tyrant Designs Uni-comp. It is a 2-piece comp. Says it doesn't need loctite, but did loosen slightly so I re-installed it with red loctite. Tested it this weekend in a 3-gun match and it ran perfect. Comp seems to work & help dot stays flat on target. Gun runs super smooth with my 115gr & 124gr minor load right at PF. Doubles were super fast. Very accurate. Zeroed @ 12 yards and offhand they were about the size of a quarter. It is kind of fug
  11. Here are some pictures of the frankenbuild. Kinda fugly, but works. Will be only for 3-gun minor. My granddaughter will be shooting this mostly when she comes home from college. She loves this pistol.



  12. Depending on what your gun likes and will run reliably. We generally run Winchester AA in whatever FPS will run in your shotgun. Here in Texas with the heat some of the cheaper rounds will deform. Saw it yesterday in an all shotgun match with almost 200 rounds and it wasn't even that hot. Several of the guys had cheap Winchester rounds and they failed to feed. Looked at them after and the plastic cases were soft and out of round. Fiocchi and Rio are also pretty good. gerritm
  13. It was actually really fun to shoot. It had V-8 porting so not sure what the comp did over the ports. gerritm
  14. Years ago I had a Tanfo Eric Gold in .45 (got a really good deal) and it shot flat running major factory loads. Problem was the capacity of the double stack factory mags. If I remember right it would only hold 12, no 170mm available and they were very un-reliable. Shot it in some pistol pin matches and did quite well. Sold it to a guy in Hawaii with 10 round limits. gerritm
  15. Any feedback on these? This is for a 3-gun minor CZ75 SP01 I am putting together. Will not be shot in USPSA. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/cz-cz75-cz85-9mm-26-round-magazine.html https://gunmagwarehouse.com/cz-cz75-ts-czechmate-9mm-26-round-magazine.html
  16. What big mags will work in this gun? gerritm
  17. I have used the Vortex Viper/Venoms on several Glocks with dove tail mounts. Not direct to the slide and have had to send them back for repair. Seems pretty normal for them to not hold up. Vortex CS has always been great and replaced them. Try taking a thin piece of rubber gasket material between the slide & optic to cushion it. Other than that we have all replaced the optics with more durable ones. I believe there are several others that have the same footprint as the Viper. gerritm
  18. I have broken 2, 1 was the original NFA Bolt FP, the second was a Wilson. Both were within a couple of thousand rounds. Went to Taccom FPs & springs in both our PCC's and have over 10K on both with no breakage. Do keep a couple of spares just in case. I inspect and clean them every so often. gerritm
  19. Stock is the comfort tech and has not been cut. Might have the OEM Pad. Would have to look around. We put these limbsaver pads on both her M2 & my son's M2. I don't think it changes the length of pull, just really softens the recoil. You can email me with any questions:  




    Here is the pad.

    Limbsaver Precision Fit Recoil Pad - AirTech - Benelli SBE

  20. Funny thing is in my Granddaughter's PCC she likes the weight in, says the recoil, dot movement, & cycling is better for her. She has tried it both ways. By the way she is one of the top PCC shooter in the Houston area, and beats my sorry old butt all the time. Might be the difference in weight of the barrel. She has a lighter Taccom 13/16 barrel. We run the dame 3-stage Taccom buffer and carbon fiber hand guards. Hers is about 1 pound lighter. I like it out in my JP 14.5/16 barrel. I like the dot movement & fast cycling. Doesn't seem like the bolt hits the buffer as hard.
  21. Have you talked to Tim @ Taccom? He has been running a .45 reliably. Has a super feed ULW barrel. Not sure what all his setup is, but it I know his stuff works. gerritm
  22. I have shot about 300 rounds of those polymer coated 124gr RN .356 diameter with 7.8grs of HS6 at 1.15OAL thru my open CK Arms Hardcore with 3 popple holes. I have not chronoed these, but my normal power factor is about 174. Saw no decrease in accuracy. Dot felt the same. Saw a very light coat of lead in the comp, but no actual build up. Been checking after each match. I did run 150 rounds of MG JHP 124's at the last match when I ran out. I have loaded up another 300 and will run them and keep checking. These are the same we are running with Titegroup in 2 different PC
  23. 3.8grs of Titegroup. I shoot Everglades all the time. gerritm
  24. I don't think so. When the tech asked me the history of it. I told him an open fixed mount & my .22 on their rail and I bought it used. He said based on what he saw he felt it was on a slide mount before due to the marks on the base of the unit. Said whatever it was on it was loose. I am sure he has seen many different problems and didn't seem to matter to him what it was mounted on. He actually called me a day after I had the tracking, so it was already in the mail back. I fully expected to have to pay something for the repair. gerritm
  25. I have sent back 2 plastic body Railways. 1 was on my 3-gun shotgun other was on an open pistol. Both cracked at the same spot where the set screw goes against the windage adjuster. They would not hold zero. C-more charged me $75 each to replace the bodies. This was several years ago and the railways are still going strong. gerritm
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