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  1. Sounds like a pretty crappy squad if nobody is willing to even help out as an R.O. I'm guessing that squad doesn't help set up or tear down either. This sport needs a lot of volunteers to keep it going.
  2. I've used HP-38 for at least 10 years and don't have any issues with it so I'll continue to use it. Thanks for the reminder on powder, I'm down to about 3lbs now so it's time to stock up again.
  3. Swap to a heavier handguard and buttstock and see how that feels. if you need more after that you could look to a heavier optic like an Eotech
  4. 3/4" steel tubing and plastic orange construction fence is what my local club uses. Easy to haul with only 1 person.
  5. Run it till you can upgrade. I used a Glock 19 for a while so I could save up for a 5" limited gun.
  6. Magpul D-60 may cost more, but it won't let you down. PSA has deals for a D-60 and a BCG for $120ish on occasion. Heck of a deal.
  7. Saw a guy go through 2 mags worth of dummy rounds at a bowling pin shoot a couple years back. Hecklers were there the rest of the day.
  8. I use my progressive for 9 and 40, which I shoot the most of. I keep a Lee turret press for 45acp and .223 because I don't shoot much 45acp, and the .223 I run as a single stage until I get to the powder, bullet seat and crimp portion.
  9. I've made my Ruger Security 9 my bedside gun with a Streamlight TLR mounted. It just got to be a bit heavy for EDC, so I switched to a Glock 48
  10. I'm pretty sure that's a 5" gun. I know it says Staccato P on the patch, but that's not a short flashlight.
  11. What's it really matter? I know I have un practical guns in my safe that I bring out for the "cool" factor. Beretta 21a for instance. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with it, but it's still fun to take out. I'm willing to bet he came here to ask about the Taran 2011 pistol because, well, 2011s are very prevalent in the sport we play and Taran is a well known pro in the sport we play. So maybe he's not the only one who has an order out from the guy and he's looking for answers to his questions.
  12. Getting rid of the dropped offset hanger solved the problem for me. Theres too much flex when it sits that low.
  13. I always take a variety of mags, but my D60 gets the most use.
  14. If the OP hasn't figured it out in the last 15 years, I think it's a lost cause.
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