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  1. Matt1911

    Chevy Engineers

    I've never had a GM product I didn't have problems with. Ford F150 for me please.
  2. Matt1911

    ASC colt style mags loose bullet?

    Yep it's normal. And as mentioned above, check Palmetto for their $12 deals. I have a few those as well as a few brownells and trust all of them when the timer beeps.
  3. Matt1911

    Versamax rebuild or retire?

    I'd definitely go for the Accurate Iron M2. That's what I've been using for the past 5 years and I honestly don't know how to clear a malfunction in it because it's never happened. Mike isn't building them anymore so if you have a lead on one, get it. Remington isn't what they used to be. I'll never get another Remington after going through three 870's that were pure junk.
  4. Matt1911

    Low Mass BCG

    Been using Voodoo with integral gas key for a few years now with excellent results.
  5. Matt1911

    M2 Chokes

    Briley LM is all I ever use. Haven't ever felt undergunned with it.
  6. Matt1911

    2 stages in the same bay

    Make ready...... Are you ready? NO! That's all you gotta say.
  7. Simple method; electrical tape
  8. Matt1911

    T/C R22 Rifle

    How much do extra mags cost? How much for a compensator? Optic? Chasis? Match fees? Ammo? Gas? $36 is pretty reasonable for something you only have to buy once.
  9. Matt1911

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I stand because sitting is lazy.
  10. Is that not the same with the MKIV? I'm asking honestly as I don't own a MKIV
  11. Get the majestic arms easy disassemble kit and the MKIII ain't so bad. Not as easy as the MKIV, granted, but still easier than the weird sequence you have to go through normally. I wouldn't hesitate buying another MKIII if the price was significantly less than a similar MKIV.
  12. Matt1911

    Charging smell issue

    That smell will grow hairs on your chest.
  13. If it fits tight, then yes.
  14. Matt1911

    Extended mag release for forgedPSA 9

    I used the XMR, had it sitting in my parts bin collecting dust. They make cooler looking ones now with cutouts the XMR 2 & 3
  15. Matt1911

    Extended mag release for forgedPSA 9

    That's the one he tried originally and it didn't work. He has the gen 1 model, that release works with the gen 3