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  1. I made a really lightweight AR .22 so to keep it light, simple and with a great field of view, I use a Burris FF2
  2. Taccom is probably the best bang for buck out there. I use them on my PCC and my .22 steel challenge rifle. No complaints whatsoever.
  3. Very nice. I've been tempted to try the same thing, just haven't worked up the guts yet.
  4. I have a lot of buddies that all have a good amount of smack talking at matches amongst our group, but nothing is ever taken seriously and we all go out for burgers and beer afterwards. If something crosses the line, then it's time to let the person know that enough is enough.
  5. Water. Lots of water. I'll be shooting Friday and probably stay for Saturday cause it's 1.5 hours away from my house and I can BS with a lot of the locals, and maybe help out if I'm feeling froggy.
  6. Getting rid of the magazine disconnect and smoothing out the plunger on top of the trigger will do wonders for the pull weight without having to drop a bunch of cash.
  7. I've always used a pistol sleeve. Simple and cheap.
  8. Got my hands on a Staccato P today at my LGS. I walked away without it only because I don't really have a need for it, but damn I sure do want it.
  9. I have a Titan Rocket and couldn't be happier.
  10. I run 124 gr blue bullets just cause they're accurate. Once that buzzer goes off, I don't feel recoil at all.
  11. Never had one make it past the deprime.
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