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  1. Did the same thing last weekend. Ran through my last 2k 9mm, so now I'm waiting on my next shipment from Blue bullets.
  2. I think they meant to release this on April 1st.
  3. You've gotta be slamming into that dump barrel pretty hard to damage the shroud.
  4. Are you speaking of PCC guns that use M&P mags? If so, check out Nordic Components.
  5. Absolutely. I always have at least 1 more mag than I think I'll need.
  6. Too much. The plan goes all haywire for me if I have a mess up like that.
  7. Same here. Going for a reload and it falls back out when you get the gun on target cause you didn't get it seated due to being so tight with that extra round makes for a really bad stage.
  8. Chain link spreader, a small hammer and a digital caliper are all you need. The video explains everything pretty well.
  9. Unless you shoot only Alphas, the 9mm will be a disadvantage. .40 is your friend in Limited.
  10. I have a Larue MBT 2 stage sitting doing nothing. Does anyone know how well it works with PCC?
  11. Up until recently, I would have suggested the Rise RA-140, but now that I'm getting closer to the 1k rounds mark, I'm starting to have reset issues. I'll fire half a mag and then get a dead trigger. I can push forward on the trigger and it will reset and fire on. Time to find something better I suppose.
  12. STI, because it's what came with my Edge and I've seen no reason to change.
  13. I forget my own plan when the buzzer goes off, so there's no way I'm gonna try to simulate an alternate.
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