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  1. If you think I'm trying to say a Glock is the same thing as a Wilson, you don't get it. and that's okay. Carry on.
  2. A wide brimmed hat would work out quite well, I just don't own any and never think to buy one. Yes the hoodie gets in the way of holster and mags. I'll wear it when I'm not shooting, but it goes away when I'm up to bat.
  3. A ball cap because it helps from sunburns on my bald head and the glare from the sun. A knife because I've had one in my pocket for the past 22 years and I feel naked without it. Occasionally a shooting jersey because it is moisture wicking and helps with the sweat on a hot day. Cold days I'll wear a long sleeve under armor type shirt under a tshirt because shooting in a hoodie isn't really ideal.
  4. Ok, this is getting off track. I just said you guys that are carrying that kind of hardware are ballsey. If that's what you choose to do, go for it. It's just ballsey.
  5. I'm just saying a Glock will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost, but if you've got the money, go for it.
  6. You guys are ballsey using a $3k gun as a concealed carry piece. If you ever have to use it, it will go into evidence and who knows how long they'll have it, or if it will ever be returned to you.
  7. I'll add Aguila super extra for another round that has been absolutely reliable for me in a MKIII 22/45
  8. The main problem with the M&P vs the Glock, is the M&P has had barrels that weren't accurate so to remedy that, you had spend more money to get an Apex barrel. Glocks are accurate enough from the factory that you don't need a new barrel. Triggers are a different deal. The stock M&P triggers suck, but they can be easily worked over or go with the Apex kit for full on awesome. Glock triggers also suck, and can be worked over as well, but I've never felt a Glock trigger (stock, worked over, or aftermarket) that could compare to the Apex kit for the M&P Most people just go with the Glock because they're everywhere, and so are the parts.
  9. An M&P can be very competitive. It's more about the shooter, not the equipment.
  10. I use the factory Glock 33 round big stick for my starting mag, but using a 21 round pmag is perfect for reloads if needed. Shot a classifier yesterday that required 2 reloads and grabbing those 140 length mags felt like I was reloading my limited gun, at 1/4 the price of a factory mag with basepad.
  11. Taran tactical for the base pads. For the magwell, I always liked the Spped Shooter Specialties ESP magwell. The Limited magwell is too big in my opinion.
  12. Matt1911

    40 Open

    From what I've read here, SVI and MBX both make .40 big sticks.
  13. I'd probably say something just loud enough to a friend about his mags missing.
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