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  1. I think they screwed the pooch by making this on the G19 frame. Slide is 1", frame is 1.26" The G48 frame would have been perfect for this. Especially since they're only doing 10 round mags. Oh, and the extra purchase of a threaded barrel plus the adapter to be able to run it suppressed is just B.S. in my opinion. Very disappointed by Glock once again.
  2. Could you elaborate? I have one in my PCC, and although not quite as good as the Timney in my 3g rifle, it's a damn fine trigger I have no desire to ditch.
  3. Cut the spur off the back of the hammer to make a "speed hammer" then polish the contact points for trigger/hammer engagement.
  4. Back in my day, when someone said they had a tranny go down, it just meant they had car troubles.
  5. Never had a problem with any of my powders in cold or hot temp storage.
  6. Mine is similar aside from the optic cut and the front rail block, and it cost me $1,100 with 6 mags that have taran +5 basepads.
  7. I use a CMMG conversion kit for my .22 steel challenge AR and use 3 types of mags, all Black dog. Plastic, metal, and I'm guessing lead or pewter feed lips? I'm not sure, but they all run like a champ. I even got some Palmetto branded Black dog mags on the cheap and they're just as good.
  8. Timney is my go to trigger. AR gold was too sensitive for my taste.
  9. If you have ideas, bring them up and help make it happen. The match directors, like everyone else, have a life outside of USPSA so sometimes they're put together in a rush. There's also not much help with setup, so why would the MD want to set up elaborate stages by himself?
  10. Are there a lot of gun fights in the north pole?
  11. That compact model is a sexy beast.
  12. I'm with ya. Love my Romeo 3 on PCC
  13. If you think I'm trying to say a Glock is the same thing as a Wilson, you don't get it. and that's okay. Carry on.
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