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  1. I used to just wear foamies or just muffs, but the past couple months I've been using both. Standard foamies and Walkers Razor electronic muffs. Still let's me hear talking but really cuts down on the open shooters guns. Eye protection, I've been using Wiley X Guard for probably 6-7 years.
  2. Make a cool secret compartment in your kitchen like The Punisher that you can hit and, voila, last ditch gun slides out to get the bad guy.
  3. I hate sitting starts with the metal folding chairs. Something on my belt always wants to hold on to the chair and bring it with me.
  4. I've used CCI in M&P's with the lightest spring full Apex kit, as well as many other guns including a 2011 with trigger job and never had an issue. I prefer CCI when I can find them because they're smoother than Winchester in the primer tube.
  5. I've never come across anyone who was happy about having to give a DQ.
  6. One thing I found odd was in the original films, the lightsaber fight scenes are really slow and weak (due to movie special effects of the time I'm sure), but then #'s 1-3 came out with really fast intense lightsaber battles that showed you just how badass the Jedi were using them, then #'s 7-9 went back to slow and weak battles.
  7. Basepads on stock Glock mags have been working for numerous shooters for a number of years.
  8. I'd like to see more double swinging stars. I've only got to shoot that once, but it was a blast.
  9. Lee dies have always served me well.
  10. This thread makes me NOT want to buy J-ames bullets.
  11. I just use my normal pistol loads, but I'm also using the Taccom ULW upper that has the 5" barrel. To get my PCC shooting flatter, I use the Taccom 3 piece buffer, i took the weight out of the bolt and i cut 2 port holes in the top of the barrel shroud. I wasnt sure if the port holes would really do anything because of the diameter of the shroud, but it made a noticeable difference in dot bounce.
  12. Do you work for J-ames? Sure sounds like a late night shamwow bit.
  13. Get a few Magpul 21 or 24 round mags. Reliable, inexpensive and easy to clean.
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