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  1. I would keep the CZ as a backup gun. It may not be the same platform, but it'll get you through the rest of the match without having to buy another gun.
  2. I've used BCM Gunfighter for many years and never felt the need to take a second look at a Raptor. I finally tried a Raptor about 2 months ago and immediately thought; hmmm... I can see all the hype. this thing is smooth, good size, ambidextrous and just plain nice. Now you guys have me looking at the NLA
  3. Very interesting pistol. I've had two 92fs pistols in the past and regret selling them. This may temp me to get another Beretta.
  4. The Arredondo unit has been awesome in mine.
  5. I used my SBR until I built an actual competition rifle.
  6. Matt1911


    That's a man who has it all figured out.
  7. I have both and prefer with the support. I've never had an issue without the support, but I'm always worried that someday I might reach down to draw and not close my fingers around the grip properly then have the gun fall on the deck. So because of that my draws are always slower because my mind messes with me and I become extra cautious.
  8. Getting a used Edge from the classifieds is a good way to go. You can get a great deal on it with the bugs already worked out and it'll give you a good feel for the platform so you can decide if you wanna go full custom later on.
  9. My PCC is pointed at the ground approximately 3 inches in front of the front tire with chamber flag in and straps applied. You'd have to walk directly up to the front of my cart and put your foot next to the tire for anything to be swept.
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