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  1. I've tried it before and didn't find it to be comfortable, so I keep all my digits below the guard.
  2. Want to hear a joke about construction? I'm still working on it.
  3. You must be real popular at all the matches with that attitude. No need to be a smartass, bud. Since a website you are looking for is not in working order, the next common sense thing to do would be to call the company and ask to order the parts you want. I guess technology of 2020 has made the phone call obsolete though.
  4. Have you tried calling?
  5. If you stop yourself, you're done. Score it and move on. I've had a squib before and I immediately paused because I not only heard it, but felt it too so my response was quicker than the RO. Luckily the RO, after a second of "WTF just happened" rolling around in his head finally yelled STOP once he caught on. The rules on it kinda suck just because the RO has to be the one to say stop when you know what happened because you could feel it, but like said above, people would abuse it if it were left to the competitors.
  6. CMMG kit pencil barrel with gas hole plugged Timney trigger Taccom CF handguard Taccom CF pencil stock Just like every other .22 I've owned, once I find the ammo that runs best in that gun, I stick to it. Federal automatch runs in mine.
  7. The Smurf fingers are the only thing I don't like about Blue Bullets. Even with their "new" coating, it still leaves my fingers blue.
  8. The way my local club does it, is they don't squad for shooters, they squad for guns. So if you have 6 stages and 60 guns signed up, that's 10 guns per squad. It works out really well and usually all squads are done at the same time. Each squad tears down the stage they ended on.
  9. I do own a 1911 in 45AARP, but I much prefer the CZ 75.
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