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  1. I have both and prefer with the support. I've never had an issue without the support, but I'm always worried that someday I might reach down to draw and not close my fingers around the grip properly then have the gun fall on the deck. So because of that my draws are always slower because my mind messes with me and I become extra cautious.
  2. Matt1911

    What scratched .223 brass is reuseable?

    Load em up.
  3. Matt1911

    What is the best cart/stroller to use ?

    Got mine at a yard sale for $10
  4. Matt1911

    Lower Cost 2011 for Limited

    Getting a used Edge from the classifieds is a good way to go. You can get a great deal on it with the bugs already worked out and it'll give you a good feel for the platform so you can decide if you wanna go full custom later on.
  5. Matt1911

    The "John Wick" STI Has Landed

    Looks like Zev got ahold of it.
  6. Matt1911

    Best open gun for under $4k?

    I would imagine aluminum.
  7. Matt1911

    But seriously though....

    My PCC is pointed at the ground approximately 3 inches in front of the front tire with chamber flag in and straps applied. You'd have to walk directly up to the front of my cart and put your foot next to the tire for anything to be swept.
  8. Matt1911

    But seriously though....

    I started shooting PCC because I had an SBR that I built way before PCC ever became a division and thought it would be fun to try in a match. After seeing a bunch of butthurt from open shooters complaining about PCC, I went ahead and built a competition specific rifle and even roll it around the range in my 3 gun stroller so all the open guys can look in disgust. United States Practical Shooting Association.......I don't see anything there that specifies pistol only.
  9. Matt1911

    Anyone else prefer the stock M&P trigger?

    An Apex kit is as good as it gets, but a good polish on the contact points with a reduced power striker spring works wonders if you prefer the stock trigger.
  10. Matt1911

    Reporting PCC results separately

    This whole thread is hilarious to me. Uspsa is a shooting SPORT.... SPORT. It's supposed to be something fun, which is why I shoot it. Once the fun goes away and it becomes whining over whoever beat me with whatever gun, I'm done. If you're not into PCC, then don't shoot it. Let others have fun in the division they choose.
  11. Matt1911

    Help me choose a trigger

    Don't forget Timney. I used to have a CMC, but switched to Timney and never looked back.
  12. Matt1911

    John Wick 3

    Some really good fight scenes in those movies. I really liked the first one the best, I hope the 3rd is as good.
  13. Signed up today. Just gotta tell the boss man to leave me alone that weekend.
  14. Matt1911

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    SJC Titan is the best brake I've ever used. That with a LW BCG and lightweight JP buffer got my rifle shooting flat as paper using 18" rifle gas without an adjustable gas block.
  15. There's a reason every shotgun maker is trying to beat Benelli. I'd go with the proven real deal instead of those who try to keep up.