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  1. you've listed about the only positives in my mind, most of the new stocks and chassis have fantastic lockups so the stability is good to go but usually it adds weight to the system.
  2. Chaser_2332

    Bergara B14

    i have several friends that brings their HMRs out to shoot with us and I've been nothing but impressed with them, i think the smartest think bergara did with the rifle was keep the barrel somewhat small to reduce weight making it a manageable hunting gun if someone wants to use it for such.
  3. Chaser_2332

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    I agree, they are nasty
  4. Chaser_2332

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    I have switched all my rifles over to APA micro bastards for small frames and little bastard larger calibers
  5. But the erector is built front the bottom of the flat part of the scope, plumbing the reticle doesn’t always mean it will track square with the adjustments. Squaring the bottom of the base is the best way to ensure proper elevation adjustments.
  6. I mount all my scopes with feeler gauges on the bottom flat of the scope
  7. Chaser_2332

    Help me choose a trigger

    ar gold
  8. Chaser_2332


    Tab, armageddon, or TIS.... all great options
  9. Chaser_2332

    Ball Heads

    I have a RRS head on my current setup however there are so many cheaper options that are hitting the market thats working well that i would keep an open mind.
  10. Chaser_2332

    How Far Do You Zero Your AR in 3 Gun?

    i run a 100yd zero, mainly just used to it from precision rifle. I run a straight mil reticle with no BDC so it just works well for what I'm used too
  11. invictus have worked well for me
  12. Chaser_2332

    Need a new sand bag

    anything armageddon gear and tab that shoots your shooting style will suit you well
  13. Chaser_2332

    New PRS Rifle

    It's hard to beat an AI
  14. Chaser_2332

    Best Conversion Barrel

    You'll dig the kkm, mine has been a hammer
  15. Chaser_2332

    Ballistic phone app

    Shooter and geo ballistics