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Barrel length for PCC?

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To me it's probably more about weight than actual barrel length, with whatever attachments et al to make the 16" OAL.  Like I don't mind using a 16" rifled barrel if it isn't a full/govt/soccom profile and heavy.  On the other hand I'm not so much into the 4-5" barrels with shrouds to make 16", I want any least some barrel length over a pistol.  I have an MBX ultralight barrel with comp which is I believe a 14" barrel and a permanently attached comp to make 16" OAL.  That upper swings quite fast and brings the rifle's center of mass back since it's such a light profile. But I guess I guess Ideal for me would be 10.5" barrel and whatever lightweight extension to make the 16, so that's a nice combination of both.  Or a carbon-fiber wrapped one.   I'm currently waiting to put a lightweight extension on an 8" barrel in a CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback upper, and that may be my main 'gaming' PCC.


If I could do an SBR then I probably would go with something built around an 8-10.5" barrel for more run n' gun matches.  I don't mind a bit more barrel weight/length for plates and steel knockdown, because I'm generally static and just getting into a 'groove' while blasting away.

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1 hour ago, Jeff O said:

So, if I use a 10.5" barrel w a permanent extension (pinned, welded) to make it 16", I could use a rifle lower?

Yep. ...and makes it much easier if you wanna cross state-lines for matches 👍

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I have both a super light weight 16" barrel with comp and a Wiland USA LLW barrel.  The Wiland is a 5.5" rifled barrel with a steel shroud to bring it to 16.1".  I prefer the Wiland for several reasons.  First, it swings much faster for SCSA transitions.  Second, it reduces recoil because you don't get the +200fps you get in the 16" barrel with the same load.  Third, it lets me use factory ammo in the 135-144 PF range when I don't want to reload.  That power range gives the most controlled dot movement for me.  

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my preference is a short barrel with shroud ... my current PCC has a 5.25" Taccom ULW upper... extremely accurate .... lightning fast target acquisitions and impulses ... i am currently building a Taccom 10/16 barreled PCC .. i shoot 124gr bullets using a 130 PF .. dot stays put.. 

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2 hours ago, 71Commander said:

That's the kicker. I use an IMI SBR UZI. Filing federal paperwork to go from state to state is a PITA.

It's very easy to file ATF form 5320.20 by email.   I file it every time I shoot my SBRs in out of state matches and it has taken exactly 1 week for the ATF to respond with approval via email.

If you shoot more than one match in the same out of state location,  just enter the entire year in the From & To date range boxes.

ATF link



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My wife's PCC with Wiland barrel weighs 5 lbs. without optics.  My 8" SBR (CMMG) weighs a bit more, but is much easier to swing than a full 16" barrel with real handguard.  The Wiland is a sweet configuration for steel challenge.  I'll use the ADM lower on the CMMG for both SC and home defense.

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I own several SBRs, and I started USPSA PCC with a 10" AR9 but I never really got to love it. I prefer a 16" with 15" handguard. It feels the same as my 3-Gun rifle and it seems like I can drive the gun harder and with more precision. Something a little shorter might be as good - say 14" - but I doubt I'd want to go too much shorter.

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Got a 16" barrel that had a few squibs, ruined the last three inches of barrel, but the first 13" was fine.


I cut it just after the gas block location (10"), then got some .75" ID lightweight tubing pinned and welded on the end.


Effective 10" barrel, but the gun feels so much more controllable. 


No loss in velocity, so I didn't have to change the load either. 

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Decided to go with an FM products 10.5 side charger. My only concern was that the folding charger looks awfully close to the muzzle. If so I will add a short barrel extension. Went with their lower too, the LRBHO is, by all reports, the best in the business. I know what you're thinking,  don't need LRBHO. In a classifier with a mandatory reload from empty, means the difference between master and expert.

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On 3/29/2020 at 7:15 PM, Joedirt199 said:

I am running the 8" cmmg with taccom extension and it is pretty accurate with my rmr matchmaker reloads. Didn't matter what powder I was testing it with they were all an 1" at 25 yards with a holosun 510 green. Nice a light setup.

Been waiting for the Taccom extensions to get back in stock, I got an extra 8" barrel for my CMMG as well.  I can also have someone I know make one, but I like the Taccom unit.


On 3/29/2020 at 7:19 PM, Jeff O said:

Of course Taccom is out of stock on the extension. I got on their waiting list, when I did that for one of their bolts I got email notifications for 2 years after I had already bought one. 🤔



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38 minutes ago, MoRivera said:

Been waiting for the Taccom extensions to get back in stock, I got an extra 8" barrel for not CMMG as well.  I can also have someone I know make one, but I like the Taccom unit.




Exact same situation. 

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That's my only sort of niggle with Taccom, even though I like Tim and really like his products.  Some things just seem to disappear or get switched up pretty fast, and when you build a system around them and want an extra...or in my case bend a carbon-wrapped barrel and want to get another...they either may not be in stock or discontinued.  And if say you use a Stern magwell adapter  with various uppers, and all the Taccom barrels have the feed ramp, then I'd have to mod the Stern adapter, but that won't go with etc other uppers/barrels I use.  It's cool that they come out with stuff so quick, but then some things seem to drop off quick too, and you can be left behind.


Anyway, this shouldn't be an anti-Taccom thing.  Like I said I like Tim and his stuff.  Just got to stay on top of it.

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