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  1. Thanks Kevin. There was no call made. It was pointed out in the RO walk through by the MD. It is how he said it is to be called. Here's a little fact I didn't add. The start position was with a unloaded gun and you had to move from Box A to Box B before engaging.
  2. I did above. 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets. I'd tell the MD that the shooter let a round one handed go while running from box A to box B outside of a shooting area. Let the MD settle it or arb it.
  3. I've been a CRO for 15 years. If I see a shooter running between 2 shooting boxes outside of a shooting area let a round go one handed, I'm calling it.
  4. In an area between shooting boxes?
  5. I think the MD is using this as a reason for no DQ: A shooter who fires shots while completely outside (both feet out and touching the ground) after leaving a shooting area is deemed to have gained a significant advantage and will be given one penalty for each shot fired until presence is re-established. I view it as as AD, finger in trigger guard wile running. 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets.
  6. Stage has two shooting boxes 30 feet apart. Shooter engages array from box A moves to box B and engages remaining targets. During movement shooter engages target from outside box A wile moving to box B. Not in any of the shooting boxes but half way between the two. Procedural or DQ?
  7. Thanks. For a CO pistol. Ejection port not an issue.
  8. Do these two share the same footprint? Do the mounting holes match?
  9. I've done that as well as do a reload next to the box before engaging array and have the mag hit the pressure pad for a premature activation.
  10. Not without getting banned.
  11. That happened to a club here in MI. It was one of the better matches.
  12. I don't think so unless they changed their design. All of my LPA's are flat on the top.
  13. All of my 1911's have a magwell, including those that I carry and those for sport.
  14. That's how I do it. You do run a risk of RO interference. It's the part time RO where the problems arise.
  15. It would be nice to have an optic option.
  16. One thing that I can assure you is that when I practice it at home, it's faster than on the range.
  17. I've noticed that with people shooting bullpups but not other platforms.
  18. Quad loading is fine for some but not all. Arthritis in my hands forces me to a box feed Vepr.
  19. Then get an age limit on RO's. If you can't run a 4.4- 40 then you're not qualified.
  20. I've been a CRO for 15 years. Anyone that says it's not a issue is kidding themselves.
  21. You don't know where the last shooter position will be. Changes if the shooter is right or left handed.
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