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  1. To bad you are so far away or I'd sell you some 3N38. On two occasions I bought 12 lbs. at the height of the last shortage because I knew I'd be building an Open gun and it was so hard to get. After I built the gun and started loading for it I discovered If I dropped enough to make major a lot spilled onto the shell plate when it turned. The IF I could get the bullet seated to the OAL I wanted, it would 'grow' as the powder uncompressed. So now I use it up for minor Open loads for Steel Challenge. 124s with WAC are just fine, just snappy.
  2. You may find you cannot fit enough 3N38 in the case to make major. I did. IMO, AA7/SWMP is the way to go. HS-6 makes the dot go wobbly. CFE, WAC and Silhouette work and are safe, but they won't make enough gas to work poppels and a comp. Major loads using those powders hit the had way harder than AA7.
  3. Having to condition MBX mag springs is a very good thing. They are extra strong when shipped. So you compress them so they reach their 'normal' length and then they last seemingly forever. I still have the replacement springs I bough six years ago. In 40 and 9mm I've never replaced a follower or spring. The suggestion MBX pre-condition their springs is silly. How much ammo do you think it would take to condition a couple hundred mags at a time? If you want everything handed to you on a silver platter, buy elsewhere. For those of you who thing STI Gen2s are great, but suffer rounds that slip under the follower or go full saltshaker, fine. I have three STI Gens 2s that I use for classifiers or when I have to drop a mag in dust or mud. I replaced the guts with TTI and I have none of those problems.
  4. Contact the buyer, Millennium if I remember correctly and see what they say
  5. Followers are 3d printed. Don't know why some are perfect, and some not. Guess I'm just lucky.
  6. My two cents. I spent a long time chasing the brightest red dot. I found bright dots, especially if they bloom, cause problems. I find I am looking at the dot instead of the target. I went to a 22 moa dot on click 5 for steel and it works fine. Battery life is increased and I look at the target and see the dot superimposed. Same with the 5 moa dot so for uspsa. Med is best, except I do turn it up one for steel. I shoot many more As on medium.
  7. Wac is very slightly faster. when I was using both I needed .001 to .002 more Silk to make the same PF.
  8. I couldn't get mine to run no matter what I tried. I eventually sent it back and bought a Marvel Precision. It runs 100%.
  9. Not necessary. Once conditioned I ran my 40 mags for 2.5 seasons without changing anything. Same with my 9mm mags. I still have the original springs and followers I bought as spares. I seriously doubt I'll ever use them.
  10. Condition the springs by leaving them fully loaded for at least a week. You can use them in the mean time but DO NOT go to empty until the are properly conditioned. Too strong a spring can cause the problem you mention, but not the most likely. Smooth the rough, if any, edges of the followers an bend them on the springs to the correct orientation. When conditioned and aligned they should drop all the way into the mag with no resistance. It is possible your mags were squeezed, or someone tried to condition them all a Atlas. In one video he recommends squashing the mags. Totally unnecessary. Also in the video he shows how to correct an over squashed mag. If one and don"t cure the problem, try three.
  11. In 9 major is is very unlikely you can fully work any efficient comp. So poppels are what you resort to if you want flatter, and you are willing to accept the harder hit to the hand. To answer your question, the result would have been softer and flatter than prior to the tuning, but not as flat as when you add poppels.
  12. Did you condition the mag springs per instructions?
  13. Sounds like the followers are binding. Check to see that you have the correct gen followers for you mags. I've had zero problems with my MBX 40 and 9mm mags. I've never changed springs or followers. I did have to adjust the angle of the followers on two of the gen 2 9mm 155 mags.
  14. If you find the gun too muzzle heavy, try a shorter comp. With four large poppels there is no way on earth you can generate enough gas to work a 5-chamber, 7-port comp. You would have to go to 38sc or 40sw for that.
  15. 2.6gr e3 under a 124. Super soft and quiet. Sub 100 PF.
  16. I collapse the springs to .125" per instructions and use both springs. Old Aftecs always ran 100% and seemed to last forever. I still have extra springs that were not needed. If you are still having trouble with your Aftec, it may be one of the newer ones. They are not made as well as the originals. The last one I ordered was made by the new company and the dims were off. I sent it back. I have been using EGW 9/38/40 HD extractors. If you know how to set them up correctly they run 100% seemingly forever. Since I no longer have any 1911 or 2011 40sw guns, I've lately been ordering the EGW 9/38 HDs from Atlas. He has EGW custom make some for him that are .008" shorter. They fit better and are for 9mm and 38SC only.
  17. Not necessarily. If you change nothing else and simply increase the PF, you increase slide speed and secondary recoil. As you go up in PF you have to change recoil springs and possibly rethink your FPS radius and Mainspring weight. When I switched to 9 Major I had to approach the problem differently. Now I'm case capacity limited so I literally cannot fit enough powder in the case to make the gun shoot soft AND flat at the same time. There is also no way I can overdrive the comp, even if I fill the case to capacity and compress the charge. So I developed the load first, then tuned the guns to it. I shoot a 115 JHP over 10.2gr SWMP (AA7) powder for 169 PF with an SD of 5.9. Both guns are tightly fitted. The main gun wears a three up port comp and two 3/16" poppels in a V2. The backup gun has a Brazos Thundercomp 2 and three 5/32" poppers vertical. The main gun has the least muzzle rise using an 11 lb. recoil spring, 19 lb. mainspring and a 'normal' Open radius FPS from Cheely. The backup gun has a 10 lb. recoil spring, 17 lb. mainspring and Cheely FPS. The idea when tuning your gun to your load is to have the dot return to 'zero' as quickly as possible while having enough dwell time to allow proper feeding. BTW, the TC2 comp has six side holes for 'stabilization'. The dot on both guns track straight up and down, so all they do is increase the noise level. Whenever I shoot the backup gun EVERYONE comments on how loud it is.
  18. When I was shooting 40 Open my 172PF load was 10.1gr SWMP or AA7 under a 155plated or JHP. Really soft and flat. You have the case capacity in 40 so use the slowest powder you can. WAC, Silhouette and HS-6 will all shoot harder and not as flat. I started with WAC and Silhouette and was amazed at how much softer and flatter the SWMP load was. You need gas to work the comp and the other two do not make enough. HS-6 is just dirty and the dot does not track well when using it. I have no idea why, but it happens.
  19. @Hoops, you'll find you have to run hotter ammo to eliminate muzzle rise. CCI SV leaves my 5.25" barrel at approx. 950fps. The muzzle rises a lot. By the time I get up to CCI MiniMags there is no discernable (by me) movement. Any hotter, like Force, and the muzzle dips slightly. This is through a 3-up port comp. YMMV. You have to test.
  20. That may be your problem. That funnel expands larger than the MBF and farther into the case. That is NOT good. You are probably not getting all of that out in the seating and crimping die. The 9mm Lee FCD does not size down that far. You don't need a 'special' funnel/expander for normal coated bullets. I use the MBF with zero bell and have no problems with shaving coated bullets. If you have to use .002 or more oversized bullets, a minute bell will eliminate shaving. I'm happy with my Hornady sizing die. Even if I don't crimp I get no set back.
  21. I use e3 for 45, 40 and 9mm. I love it. It has no temperature sensitivity and exhibits not of the spikeyness of Clays when approaching max loads. It is also very consistent from lot to lot. I've been using it since it was released and I've never had to change settings. It is super easy to get good SDs with e3. As an example, my bullseye load is 3.4gr e3 under a 200 gr for 726 fps with an SD of 4.79. For some reason I don't fully understand, this load is more accurate than faster or slower loads I tried. Just out of curiosity I'll ask why a 230 gr bullet? Lighter bullets may hit the hand harder, but muzzle rise is significantly less. I don't shoot IDPA or iCore, but I'm assuming double taps are part of the equation.
  22. I reload mixed head stamp brass all the time with no problems. All of mine are Hornady dies, except for the Lee FCDs. The first thing you should do is replace the Dillon powder funnel/expander with a Mr. Bulletfeeder one. That expander is two step with the larger diameter upper step being a couple thousandths larger than the bullet. That lets the bullet be inserted vertically and it won't tip over when the shell plate rotates. Adjust the die so there is no 'bell' at the case mouth, or if using coated bullets, a couple of thousandths. Seat asnd crimp separately. I use the Lee FCD for crimping. You can set it for zero crimp, or as much as you like. In 45 and 40 it sizes the case all the way down and removes any Glock bulge the sizing die missed. In 9mm it only sizes the top portion of the case. I'd also suggest you try a different sizing die, and not necessarily the Lee U die. It should size the case enough so that the bullet is retained even if you don't taper crimp.
  23. Glad you like it, but something is very wrong here. With a 200 @ 830 fps your SDs should be single digit, or 12 at worst. If you have to make PF, that's one thing. I'd actually go up a little. If you are shooting bullseye, you have to experiment. Make a ladder of loads ranging from 4.0 to 5.0, then shoot them from a rest while chronoing. You may be very surprised at the results. I was always told that a 200 at around 800 was the most accurate for bullseye. I did what I'm suggesting you do and discovered the most accurate and consistent load for me was SD 4.9 and 724fps with a 200. Spot on accurate. Worse slower or faster. Go figure!
  24. You are already lucky. Count your blessings. Now buy a backup. There is a rule somewhere that states the part that breaks on your gun during a match is precisely the part you did not bring a spare for. Or even worse. You give your spare, fitted extractor to a squad mate because theirs broke. Then yours breaks on the next stage. I've learned the hard way it is better to have a reliable backup gun, even if you carry spare parts.
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