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  1. Sounds like these bullets run a little on the soft side since people are jumping up in the diameter to prevent leading and improve accuracy. Wonder how close they really are to 13 brinell hardness.
  2. Joedirt199

    shadow 2 rear sight

    Alright it is a metric #2 allen wrench. Heat it up with a solder iron in case it has some loctite on it.
  3. I just go to lowes and buy the small tool bags. Strong enough to hold all my stuff with enough pockets running the sides, in and out to hold mags, pens, tools, timer etc. Usually under $20.
  4. Joedirt199

    shadow 2 rear sight

    I think it is metric #4 or something like that. I have a bunch of loose wrenches on my bench and just keep trying ones till it fits. I am terribly unorganized.
  5. Joedirt199


    I had some tumbling with Penn 115 SWCs but I think I was pushing them too fast. My Penn 120 FP are some of the most accurate in my CZs. I use 4.0-4.2 WSF with those.
  6. Saw a guy place his chrony behind a plate rack to test loads. Makes it real hard to shoot it. He had the info sent to his phone.
  7. Good on them for something that wasn't their fault. As the quality workforce gets smaller and is replaced by lazy people, I fear this will happen more often. Those heavy boxes full of bullets will get miss handled and abused as payback for making them work so hard.
  8. #2 - I will check the length on mine. Got a used Shadow SP01 and not sure what firing pin it has but I did change the hammer spring to 11# and recoil spring to 13#. No problems with setting off rounds or funny looking primer strikes.
  9. Helps to seat and crimp at separate stations. Doing it at the same time can crimp before the seating is done. Some harder brass will be tougher to seat and can cause those rings. If you have a wad cutter style seating stem you can use that for hollow points. It has a flat front instead of concave.
  10. Joedirt199

    shadow 2 rear sight

    Make sure to raise the set screws a good amount. There is a recess under the sight they fit into and you could still be hitting one of the edges.
  11. I see more variation with mixed brass. Some feel harder than others and I can tell when sizing and bullet seating those. Fed, rem, win, g.f.l., no real problems. Geco, cbc, s&b all feel harder to seat and size resulting in different OALs.
  12. I have the newer session hero 5 and don't use the image stabilization. Makes the image look wierd and not move smoothly. Work on getting a steadier mount for your camera. If you have it on a hat that is not nice and tight then it will vibrate with recoil. I used the headband style over a full cotton ballcap and it stays pretty steady. I have moved to the clip mount on my active hearing protection band. Trick is getting it angled right and not pointing at the ground when I shoot.
  13. http://www.czech-holsters.com/Duty-Holsters-c1_35_2.htm Here are some duty style holsters. KT-mech can make you a hooded level 2 if you need light mounted. They are fast an offer many options for a good price. You can also get suede lined.
  14. Did it to all my p09, p07, mecgars and cz mags. Cheapest +3 rounds when you add the plastic +2 extension from cz with LEO discount. Makes $30-40 for +5/6 hard to stomach.
  15. If the video shows a round mount on the drop down it could be g-code holsters set up with their RTI mounting brackets. Fits several different style holsters and allows you to swith holsters on same belt by clicking the locking plate back and forth then pulling up on the holster to free it from the mounting plate.
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