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  1. My 8" really likes the 124 Rocky Mountain matchburners. Tried it with several powders during testing and all around an 1" at 25 yards with a holosun 510 red dot. Loaded to around 130 pf
  2. CZ Custom shows it will fit
  3. DG Bullets "HM10" works for 10% just tried it.
  4. I just joined a bunch of bullet companies subscription lists and will try to keep this up to date as they come in.
  5. Winchester. Thought there was something wrong with my chronograph like it wasn't picking up shots. Registered all 5 shots when done. They were hand weighed charges for testing purposed so I am sure my mass produces stuff will not be as tight. About 70* out that day.
  6. Just found my new match load. ACME 122 LFP coated Federal range brass Sport Pistol 3.8 gr OAL 1.04 Avg 1052 ES 7 SD 3 This was through my CZ P09 with holosun 507 4 rounds touching, 1 about an inch away 20 yards.
  7. I am running the 8" cmmg with taccom extension and it is pretty accurate with my rmr matchmaker reloads. Didn't matter what powder I was testing it with they were all an 1" at 25 yards with a holosun 510 green. Nice a light setup.
  8. CZ-usa, cajun gun works, cz customs to try a few.
  9. Could be how he keeps price down not having to deal with credit card fees.
  10. Yeah just got an email saying they have not raised prices yet because they are trying to fill orders and that is priority #1. Top notch company with excellent product.
  11. That has too much info. Looking to make a short cut for bullet purchases. I went a few pages back and too much talk about powder sources.
  12. Getting us started DG Bullet "JE10" 10% off RMR "rmrhiro5" may need all caps 5% worked on 3-25-2020 RMR "USPSA2019" 5% off SNS "Mikeg" 5% Blue Bullets "Stoeger" 5% off up to 10k bullets
  13. Unless it was one of those flip and catch tricks where the round fell back into the slide sideways and jammed the bullet in the shell while something pointy hit the primer. You guys know that urban legend?
  14. Can we get a thread pinned for current coupon codes on bullets. Quick reference for those wanting to order bullets in bulk.
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