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  1. I would think the P09 and P10F would be very similar. Here are my best results with my P09. .356 diameter Penn 120 lead flat point & SNS 125 TC coated WSF 4.0-4.2 grains .355 RMR 125 matchburner 244 4.0-4.1 WSF 4.7 CFE Pistol 4.8 Sport Pistol 4.3
  2. Joedirt199

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    Yeah just need to eliminate the firing pin block on the non-shadow slide.
  3. Joedirt199

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    Yeah I grabbed a TS hammer for mine as it is the wider version for the shadows and the straight trigger with no hook at the bottom. Super short reset and nice break.
  4. Joedirt199

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    It's not that hard. I converted my sp01 shadow to sao for a short while. Realised it limited my options for divisions in uspsa so I switched it back. Already have a couple 9mm 1911s to use as single action options. Disassembly is the hardest part. Just a trigger swap and disconnector removal.
  5. Damn that is deep Que the "that's what she said" Looks good.
  6. Joedirt199

    Sp01 shadow SAO ?

    Sent you a message. Ask and ye shall recieve. Even has upgraded guts. Act fast pretty good price
  7. Looking to order some biothane webbing and ratchet buckles to make my own shooting belts. Found some buckles that claim to be more of a flusher fit and not so thick so will see how those look.
  8. My thoughts as well since people are using .356 from other manufactures with cleaner results.
  9. Yup plate with the sight attached. They use ameriglo glock rear sights GL507 on the p07/p09/p10 builds and those angle away from the reddot.
  10. Nobody said holoson 507 since it has the same foot print as the rmr. I have both and like the holoson a little better. The circle dot helps those that have trouble finding just a dot even though you can select just a dot, circle, or circle and dot reticle. Base is already sealed so no need for a sealing plate like on the rmr. The holoson doesn't seem as bloomy to me with a sharper dot and less edge distortion. Half the price of a trijicon so you may want to keep that as an option.
  11. Joedirt199

    SP-01 locking up

    Might be a worn out recoil spring.
  12. Looked at the everglades and it does have the impression in the bottom. Guessing it is when it is sized and the jacket is smashed on and pressed out or in the mold.
  13. You won't be able affect throat without affecting chamber case depth as well so watch the end of you brass to make sure you don't ream too deep to achieve the leade you want. What teamer are you using? I reamed a few barrels without using go/no go guages. Load a few dummy rounds as close to what you want to use with the types of brass you plan to use. Use lots of oil for smoother cuts and clean often. Sammi specs are pretty generous and will give you a lot of wiggle room for your round to move front to back. Don't use much pressure and spin it freely with your fingers to get a nice smooth finish cut on your progress. Spin as you remove it to prevent gouges.
  14. Doesn't zero have a new hap style bullet? Haven't seen the base of the zero bullets so can't say for sure.
  15. I have the second ones that vtec linked too. They work well on my sp01 phantom. If the tactical has sights like the shadow then the shadow 2 rear sight is decent and can be found relatively cheap.
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