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  1. I was rooting for some of the core group to just die off already since they caused more harm then good and were annoying to the story line.
  2. Works like a charm on my shadow 1
  3. Yup all direct rmr mounted. They measure your optic to make sure it is within the tolerances of their milling cuts. Optic actually snaps into place so very little stress on the screws.
  4. Primary Machine Have 3 slides done by them all perfect and fast turn around
  5. Holiday weekend didn't help. Hard to compete with opening season for lake of the ozarks.
  6. Following this as well since my reddots are not as crisp as they should be. Tried on my wife's glasses and they did clear up. Going to try the magnified safety glasses route by buying different strengths and see what works. Only ones I found were elvex rx-500c as they have a split lens construction and have full lens magnification. I can mix and match the lenses to find the right combo for my eyes. They only cost about $8.
  7. Yup hot nasty both days. Tough stages for everyone level of skill. Thanks again guys and gals
  8. Doubt a 510 will fit a mounting MOS plate and it is too big for slide mount. Need a 507/407 footprint
  9. So how muddy nasty are the bays going to be? Trying to gauge how many pairs of shoes I need to bring
  10. I have got really good sd's with 244 in the 4-4.1 range with 124 bullets. Very consistent with jacketed and lead coated. Doesn't matter where I am at in the powder range, always single digit sd's.
  11. Yeah IL sucks since Chicago runs the whole state. Was suposed to shoot the Spartan 300 with some buddies from work and now that the state is still on lockdown, they moved the match to october. That conflicted with their schedule and had to drop out.
  12. Just got an email saying they are caught up on the 124 FP matches and the HP are close. 147 RN is still running strong trying to get orders out.
  13. 4.5 of HP38 is my load wich is the same as 231. 1100 fps out of my fullsize CZs. Same OAL.
  14. Didn't help that the craze/election drove people to raid ammo stores making most places out of stock. Got my RMR bullets a month after ordering and plenty of time to load a stash for this match. Also people may not be getting paid durring their forced time off making budget tight.
  15. Can't go wrong with Primary Machine. Fast turnaround, tight milled pocket, flawless cerakote. Have 2 P-series CZs done by them and just sent off a glock slide.
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