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  1. Think the shadow 2 slide is wider than the sp01 frame
  2. I tried a H buffer and it helped. Ejection was more forward but still fine. Settled the dot down some.
  3. Got 3 of them from cmmg. Only had one lock bolt back with 1 round left in the mag, once. Loaded with flat points, hollow points, round nose, heavy and light bullets mixed in a mag and ate them all up.
  4. Joedirt199

    sp01 shadow grips ?

  5. Oh sure after I paid more for them on amazon. They did come with a nifty "key" for unlocking grocery carts that take quarters. Gonna save so much money now.
  6. Gives more options for recoil spring weights as well
  7. Joedirt199

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    For all those recommending the armanovs, no one has made mention of the best swag ever. They send a key to unlock the shopping carts at places where you have to use a quarter in order unlock them. Think of all the money you will save on "renting" shopping carts without wasting quarters.
  8. I did the same with my p07s and glock 19/23 rods. Just chuck the button in a drill and sand the outside till it clears the hole in the slide.
  9. I like uspsa for concealed carry practice. More freedom in holster placement, more rounds fired and freedom of stage planning. There is a guy who regularly gets squadded with me who shoots AIWB with a cz and mags in pockets.
  10. I just built and ran a cheap cmmg upper with parts I had on hand. Went with the 8.5" barrel and a taccom barrel extension for full 16" length. 30 round endo mags ran perfect and have seen too many people struggle with their homemade builds on dedicated lowers with stick and glock mags that are extended. Now just playing with buffer weight. Currently have standard AR buffer but have one of each weight up to try and see if the recoil is better. Holosun 510 green dot for optic.
  11. Was trying to mill and mount a 1911 for RMR but not wanting to use the trijicon plate with rear night sight. Want to have a stand alone rear sight that is blacked out. I found a picture of what I am wanting done and asked the guys at Primary Machine if they could do it, my main go to guys for this kind of stuff. No go they said. Here is the pic http://imgur.com/a/pn4lpHS
  12. For production I just got a bunch of the metal bottomed 16 rd cz's and replaced the basepad with the rubber cz version. We shoot on big rocks and the rubber takes most of the beating. Also grippy when grabbing them.
  13. Guess one of those grandma extended grabber things hanging off the back of the belt then?
  14. You will be fine. Start low and work your way up. May need to mic a bunch and sort them into batches for .356 and .357. If the .357s dont shoot that well, get the lee bullet sizing die and squeeze them down to .356. What was the price you got them for?
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