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  1. Reading this thread has kind of just reminded me that the paradigm shift with STI really already occurred circa 2015-2016... before then, they were putting out mostly great quality guns for not too much money. I was even able to do a search and find their old 2015 catalog, and they used to have a really great line. It wasn’t that long ago when you could honestly put a $1200-1500 STI 1911 up against a $3K+ Wilson/Nighthawk/Baer/Brown and chances are, if you were really honestly going to shoot it a lot, the STI’s were sometimes (more often than not) the better guns... and of course those were the first models to get dropped. I don’t know the timeline of when the company went from 100% employee-owned to private, but there were definitely a few years there where one was getting a gun that punched above it’s weight for what they cost at the time. This name change and makeover to “Gucci pseudo tactical” probably shouldn’t be that surprising really, the company kind of lost its way a while ago and hasn’t really been putting out the same stuff that made them for years now while they’ve been playing around with their identity. In fact, the name change probably has a lot to do with getting away from the rep that used to be great but was sullied over the last 4-5 years on the first try at changing it up with the Costa Ludis/DVC era stuff. Not butthurt about it at all, but it is a shame to see such a small but still hugely influential shop like STI disappear. From what I’ve read they’re making a big push as far as getting their quality back and getting back on the ball and making good guns, they just had a really good thing going on that they could’ve just tried to reclaim, rather than reinvent. JMHO.
  2. IMHO If you want the most laughs and smiles get the MPX, there's nothing out there that is as soft and nerf-gun like. What makes the MPX cool is how it operates, it's drastically different than a blowback gun. And I'd only really recommend the newer/newest MPX PCC model, as it has been 100% reliable for me with a minor/lazy cleaning regime and shooting lots of rounds. That said, I had a Gen 1 MPX and it was a finicky PIA and I hated it, and there are plenty of guys that have had lots of headaches with the Gen 2 models... Sig doesn't call the newer models a "Gen 3", but they changed a lot of different little things from the earlier models and really ought to. IMO they were, in sad typical Sig-fashion these days, using their consumers as beta testers for a few years to get the latest MPX there... Really you just need to decide if you want to go MPX or blowback? not necessarily GMR-15. There isn't really anything special about the JP's (besides their build quality and price tag), they're still simple blowback guns that use Glock mags. The Silent Captured Spring System they use which allows being able to play with weights and springs is really their only special feature, but you can buy that feature separately and drop it into pretty much any blowback AR-based PCC you want... and their system isn't the only game in town, there are top level shooters using a few different variations of buffer components to get the guns to behave how they want. To me, the GMR-15 is overpriced. While nice, it's still just a blowback AR9. But if owning the best build quality and "name" out there is worth it to you, then they're worth it. But, design-wise it still is a compromise because it's using less than ideal mags for the platform and there's nothing elegant or bleeding edge at all about the operating system. I still lose to them frequently with my slick modern MPX lol hahahaha...
  3. Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I’m an STI fan and own several... I just don’t think they should be burying their competition roots and trying to turn all “Tactical” is all... I don’t think it’s going to work for them, but if they’re selling guns, they’re selling guns...
  4. Yeah, the competition market is probably pretty small... But, they can spend all they can afford and more, do all the “hero” marketing they want, hire every ex-mil trainer with a beard they can get their hands on, and still, the list of real-world LE agencies who’ll allow the adoption of a single-action 2011 for duty use is still probably smaller... There is no real LE/Tactical market for a 2011 gun, it’s a fantasy. STI/Staccato need to put all that fast-roping and door-kicking movie BS out of their minds... Most larger agencies have SOP’s that don’t even trust their officers to clear their weapons/chambers before locking up their guns in lock boxes before entering secure facilities in order to avoid ND’s, and then some of these morons show up to qual and catch days off because they’ve been riding with an empty chamber for 6 months... It’s sad, but giving the average officer a firearm is more of a liability nightmare for an agency more than anything else...this is with stone simple DAO striker-guns, a 1911-based gun with a nice trigger that needs maintenance would be like trading in all the Ford Taurus units that get crashed for Porsche 911’s... Giving 15% off to LEO’s/First Responders might sell them a few guns here and there. But, whom ever in their company that convinced them that there are big agency contracts out there, besides a few little ones like the Texas Rangers and a tiny handful of specialty units like that who can both clear the red tape and have the budget to even consider them, is dreaming.
  5. So dumb. STI used to be synonymous with meaning a shooters’ gun, an aficionados gun... sad to see them scrap all that in order to try and get on the Timmy bandwagon. Besides, it’s not going to work, Timmy’s like $500 guns that go bang with little to no maintenance, not $2000 guns that take $100 mags and need to be dialed in to be reliable (especially in 9mm, which most LEA’s are moving back to). For LEO’s, with half the guys in an agency barely able to qualify every six months, a finicky double stack wouldn’t even make the back of the page on my list for a working real world LEA...
  6. Your best bet is to just wait until they start showing up for sale again, that John Wick one is just dumb IMO and way overpriced. If you can get lucky, try to grab one of the “Noctis” ones that are exclusive to Cabela’s/Bass Pro, it’s cheaper and the only thing it’s missing is the Timney trigger (which isn’t that great anyways)...
  7. Thanks. I put an email into Grams, but haven't heard anything yet... As for locking back vs feeding, yeah, I'd rather it feeds good than lock back when empty too if I have to choose. And I think we all wish we always remembered to reload when we were supposed to or stuck with our stage plan every time lol... but things don't always go to plan lol. That's why on the other side of the coin it would be nice if they could feed reliably AND lock-back on empty, because; cussing and grabbing a fresh mag is faster than: cussing, checking/clearing an imaginary malfunction because you’re actually empty, then cussing some more while reaching for a fresh mag hahaha ....... IDK, I've got 6, and IIRC 2 were a tighter fit than the others, but they all went on without too much fuss for me...
  8. Congrats. Welcome to PCC... it's like an open gun you get to use with your shoulder (and they're cheaper) lol! The Holosun's are great,. The circle-dot is really something you'll need to try for yourself in order to see if it works for you. I found the circle-dot great at first, but it soon became too busy for me to track under recoil and contributed to me getting sloppy with my shots, so I went back to dot-only. That said, it's worth a try, some guys love the circle-dot, and good news is you can try both and switch at the touch of a button. The Holosun's are still good sights even if you end up only running the dot.
  9. So..... great, two responses, two different and opposite answers...? I guess I can try giving Grams a call... but pretty sure like most manufacturers, they're just going to tell me it's fine either way as long as the gun is feeding/working... Hopefully more guys will chime in with their experiences with this setup... because what is "normal" hasn't been established yet hahaha... I know lock-back on empty isn't needed for USPSA, I get it, if we run dry we already messed up, that's not my question. I'm just trying to find out if it should be locking back when empty? Of course I don't plan on running my gun dry before I reload if I can help it... but if it's supposed to lock-back when dry, then I do want it to, because at least that'll cost me less time to deal with than a dead trigger when dry IMHO.
  10. OK cool. It was my first time out today with the Grams' kits and was wondering if not-locking-back on empty was normal... Thanks. FYI/FWIW for anyone who stumbles upon this thread: the nickel mags + TTI extensions would load to 21+1 with the stock springs and followers as advertised, but it wasn't 100% reliable in my S2 (maybe 80%, not match-worthy IMO), that recipe caused malfunctions for me and my guess is the stock mag guts weren't truly up to the task of pushing up all those rounds (even with brand spanking new mags/guts).
  11. Tried to search for an answer, couldn't find it... I'm running the CZ/Mec-Gar Nickel mags (SKU: 11155) + TTI extension base pads (TTI-CZ-FP) + Grams spring & follower kit (FKCMG-11)... gives me 23+1rds and seems to be running great. Question is: the mags no longer lock back when empty (gun doesn't go to slide-lock when dry), is this normal..? I don't really need the gun to lock back when dry, but just wondering if it's supposed to, and if everything is running correctly? Thanks.
  12. I've seen the grapes, comets, blobs, etc with Aimpoints... forget about EOtechs for me, looks like lipstick smeared across the lens lol. The SRO is worth a try, but I'd see if someone will let you look through one in the safe area at a match before you buy if you can, $500 is $500, and if it looks crappy, better to know before you buy... or at least order one from a place that does easy returns/refunds so you can play with one unmounted for a bit before you commit. As an aside, for some reason Holosun's dots look good to my eyes with my astigmatism; I know it's not the hottest thing out, and the glass isn't as big as the SRO/R3Max/R3XL types, but if all the others look wonky the Holosun's are worth at least giving a look...
  13. I went with the 5 moa, and am digging it. I also have a slight astigmatism and most dots don't look so great to my eyes, but for some reason the SRO's 5 moa looks great, the 2.5 was better than most for me, but the 5 won no contest for my eyes. If you're on the fence, the 2.5 moa dot cranked up can be made to look bigger, can't really make the 5 moa smaller, but you really don't need to crank it up as much either. Some guys (usually Timmys, not so much the guys around here) get all deep in the weeds about how a smaller dot is more precise... but remember a 5 moa dot is only 1.25 inches at 25yrds so... Try to check out both before you buy, they're both good, pick the one that "sparks joy" lol.
  14. Hiperfire Hipertouch Series (Eclipse, Competition, Reflex)... pull weight can be 2 - 3.5lbs depending what springs you use, virtually zero take-up, reset is as short as a top shelf 1911.
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