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  1. Looks to me like the extractor must be popping off the case rim, then "catching" the empty case when closing, instead of pulling it back with the slide and chucking it... I'd take a look at what's going on with the extractor as far as just examining it, maybe cleaning gunk out of the channel and/or making sure the spring is sitting correctly? You might even just need a new one if it's just not grabbing/holding cases like it should be..? I've never had it happen in a CZ but have had a chipped extractor mess up an otherwise perfectly good Glock...
  2. Kind of... a frame-mounted optic that stays still vs a slide-mounted one is a pretty big advantage IMHO...
  3. Seems weird to just be "any pistol w/ an optic" for Open, and "any pistol w/o optic" for Limited, but OK if that's it?
  4. This is kind of a bummer. Carry Optics guns shouldn't have to go against Open guns if I understand the divisions correctly..? THE PCC IS ALREADY THE OPEN GUN (IMHO). "Cheap Open" is a joke guys Limited might be cool though, less of an arms-race (odd to say with PCC's involved that can have as many gadgets bolted on one desires lol).
  5. I can 2nd the Foxtrot Mike stuff, that got me started and you can still probably get one together for $800 (if you can round up all the parts in these crazy times). You could've put one together for ~$600 this time last year pre-Covid If you're diligent, and a little lucky these days, you can probably score their lower from one of the online places that carry them, and their 16" uppers should be out there too because the mall-ninjas only want the shorty pistol ones... I run a fairly pricey PCC now and dig it, but all BS aside: a Hiperfire in an FM rig is nothing to s
  6. Damn, I didn't think about the ammo shortage aspect of it... is kind of bad timing if that's what you mean..? Now you've got me dying to know what's wonky about the rules lol..? And FWIW I'm not even asking/talking about this from a competition point of view... I just think it'd be super fun if it's done right, I've shot pistol/PCC in a couple UML matches and shooting the pistol/pcc combo was a blast. I've got the ammo thing covered, but between a tornado and Covid back-to-back, 2020 did all it could to nearly kill off my business, so I've had to deal with
  7. I saw the email from USPSA HQ the other day... 2-Gun PCC/Pistol Nationals? WTF? Due to the pandemic I've pretty much been sidelined from matches for the most part... when did this become a thing lol? Sounds fun...
  8. I've been shooting a bunch of Blue's 135gr .356 TC's at 1.115" OAL and they've run perfect and have been lasers for me. In my experience the Blue RN 147gr was a bitch with my S2 and it didn't like them at all, they have a fat ogive (even though they run fine in a STI 9mm 1911 and Glock G17). Before I started rolling my own, I ran a bunch of the 150gr Syntech Action Pistol and that stuff was fine, and that's fairly close to Blue's truncated cone shape (the TC's are more rounded so they actually are probably more forgiving feeding-wise). Previously I'd only
  9. Damn. Sorry if they don't work out for you. Sounds like you can return them if they're a no-go, so that's good at least. I haven't used anything other than the Mec-Gars since I got them and haven't had a single issue at all through ~3000rds (probably more) with them, have never cleaned them. Best 9mm 1911 mags by a long shot for me... compared to ETM's/Metalform's/Dawson's/Tripp's, it's not even close... IDK about them working with that long 1.161 OAL you mentioned (I've only really ran them with my 1.115 "CZ friendly" loads, FMJ factory stuff, and Syntech "Action Pisto
  10. Which one's, are they the ones with the basepad that has 8 circles on the bottom for marking them (those are the ones I've been talking about)..? I ask because Mec-Gar has older ones the suck that share the same SKU for some reason...
  11. Holy s**t! Placed a backorder at Graf's for 10,000 Federal Match SPP's on 7/20/20... Got an email, called them, and they're on the way (normal pricing too, no up-charge)! ....Soon to be on the auction site for $1,000,000 + one's first born !
  12. Yeah, that's a lot of cheddar for what I'd consider just an okish trigger, one can get better than that with almost any decent stock parts just by tuning the sear spring and maybe swapping to a 17lb mainspring... Just need some time to take the gun apart a few times and do the right checks, nothing to buy really. A ~2lb trigger is pretty easy by tuning the sear spring with any quality tool steel fire control, no sanding/stoning needed if the hammer-hooks and sear nose fit ok. Atlas and a few others have some good videos out there that go over 1911 safety checks that can
  13. Yeah, in a lot of ways the XL750 is probably the "goldilocks" machine. Adding an MBF, one doesn't give up much at all for making pistol ammo even against the others, and is just fine until one has a reason and/or the money to move up to an Evo. I agree that the 1100 is in a weird spot, it just doesn't have enough real stations for what it costs IMO, and swaging is only really a big deal with certain calibers. As an 750 owner making 9mm, I just try to avoid picking up mil-crimped brass if I can, or just quickly go through my brass (it's not that bad) if I'm going to get ready to pump out a bunc
  14. IMHO I think it's an expensive gimmick for guys who've heard tall tales or read too much forum-nonsense about bad 1911 trigger jobs lol. Most any drop-in kit will do if your 1911 came with not so great fire control parts stock. None of the operation is that tricky and most people should become familiar with the 1911's parts anyways if they're really going to run one. Installing a good hammer, sear, disconnector, and playing with the sear spring is usually all it takes, with the hardest part being tearing down/reassembling the gun a bunch of times while "tuning" the sear spring bein
  15. I think it's probably a really strange time for guys to get into reloading with all the component shortages and stuff, backorder on all kinds of things including presses, etc. I'm lucky that I kind of got into it right before everything got too difficult... If I could do everything over again, for pistol rounds and for maybe investing in different toolhead/caliber conversions, I would have just started with a manual Mark7 Evo with Mr. Bullet Feeder (MBF), buy once cry once. For progressive presses it's about as good as is available on the planet right now, and it doesn't cost much
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