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  1. I bet these might might fit the Foxtrot Mike lowers as well, since they’re virtually identical to the PWS...?
  2. Cool, hope it goes well! Btw, when I said I run it “wet” I mean like almost dripping lol! Thus far I’ve been lucky with my MPX as so far it’s been more reliable than other blowback guns I’ve had, and it’s just a joy to shoot because it’s so soft and flat shooting even at a higher pf, hope yours works too!
  3. I would try running the bolt really wet (if you aren’t already), and letting your mags sit loaded for a few days to break in the springs, and then try some more factory ammo...? I haven’t cleaned mine at all through 2000+ rounds and 2 matches now, and it has been flawless, but I’ve only shot factory stuff (cheap 115gr Tula and/or Syntech 130gr PCC-specific stuff), both well above 140pf and it still kicks like a toy nerf gun compared to a blowback gun. BUT I’ve oiled the bolt very wet (I mean lube all over the bolt) before every shooting session or match... so might be worth a try?
  4. Chip - I read your comments on this MPX thread:  https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/277787-mpx-fte-issues/


    I'm thinking of buying an MPX.  How is your gen 3 running?  Have you had any problems?  







    1. ck1


      Hey Jeff, mine has been running perfect through over 2000rds thus far... I haven’t had any problems at all to speak of. From talking to my local match director, it seems that most of the issues is usually people running ammo that’s too soft, but I had a 1st gen mpx that was a jamomatic too, so.... seems like the newest one is gtg with normal pf ammo.

  5. Well, I stand corrected, looking at the times on stages I totally thought the laser helped, me being slower looking for the laser dot killed me in time versus guys I was shooting with just winging it fast Plus for me on certain targets I have to admit I was pausing a bit to decide to go optic or laser; too much to worry about for me at my level...
  6. Whatever, that’s like an opinion man
  7. Well, how do you shoot around impossible to get behind the optic barricades..?
  8. You haven’t seen it yet then. Experience is what you get right after you needed it lol.
  9. Idk, I guess if you wanted to, do it. Just think as rules stand laser>2nd dot IMHO
  10. I think I’m firmly in the laser as my second optic camp... exploited it today on 3 out of 5 stages... One stage the match director set up had 2 targets behind and literally at a 90 degree angle back behind a barrier on the left and right, an offset dot was useless; I just held the gun out there at arms length and got 2 Alpha 2 Alpha, shot 1 righty (my normal) then transitioned and held the other one out there the same way lefty
  11. I don’t reload (more due to time than anything else), that said, the MPX system is so soft shooting I doubt you’d see any benefit going below like a 140pf power factor... I’ve been running a bunch of rounds through mine alternating between Federal’s Syntech 130gr PCC-specific stuff and crap 115gr Tula and the difference isn’t a whole lot... the Syntech 130gr is way cleaner and is Nerf-gun-soft rated at a supposed 147pf, but the Tula is soft as hell too... I think the MPX is just a different thing from a blow-back AR-9, and the load doesn’t matter as much until you go too soft and it doesn’t like it. IMHO: MPX @ 145pf more or less = BB AR-9 @ 130pf YMMV.
  12. That’s awesome man, thanks for sharing that experience.
  13. Searched and found plenty on guys switching out the stock bulky Keymod OEM handguards on Gen 2 MPX’s for the Isler CF with all thumbs up... Can anyone offer an opinion on the newer 15.5 PCC OEM handguard vs. the Isler..? Any lighter? Pros/Cons? Worth it? I like the 15.5 OEM just fine, but one of the main reasons I’m looking at the Isler is he offers a lower-height piece of pic rail to keep your laser out of the way of the optic when mounted at 12 o’clock... currently on the OEM 15.5 I’ve got my laser at 6 o’clock to keep it out of the way of the optic, and while it works, it’s a little wonky and I know I’m going to bash the laser into something sooner or later (also, at 6 o’clock it snags on anything). Thanks.
  14. It’s just a roll pin, whack it out with a punch in like 2 minutes; if you don’t dig it, putting it back in is just as easy.
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