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  1. It's not too bad. You fill out ATF form 5320.20, and fax or email it to NFAFax@atf.gov Every time I've submitted one to the ATF via email for out of state matches, it's taken 1 week to receive the response.
  2. Since you have one of each, other than firing pins, how would you compare reliability?
  3. You may want to shop for a P320 holster that fits the gun with a light. Like these examples: https://rrtholsters.com/product/duty-light-bearing-holster/ https://www.trex-arms.com/store/light-compatible-ragnarok/
  4. Where did you buy the putty? How long does it take to cure?
  5. Here's a decent article on the design process for Foxtrot Mike Product's FM 9 PPC. I don't own any FM products but it was interesting to read a gun developer's view of the problems and design issues inherent to building a reliable 9mm PPC. https://www.arbuildjunkie.com/fm-products-fm-9-ppc-overview-with-paul-noonan/
  6. True, the top rail is handy for testing or using a red dot. I didn't find the sight line to be too high above the bore. Shown with the Raptor Engineering mount.
  7. What's up with that warped base plate?
  8. I owned that exact RIA 9mm 1911 and never had any issues with it. It wasn't a tack driver but I didn't expect it to be for that price. I think I used Wilson mags with it.
  9. Make sure you read the FAQ for QC10 serial numbers or your form 1 will be rejected by the ATF. https://www.quartercircle10.com/faq
  10. Get the free cards from the ATF by calling this phone number: This card can be order from the ATF Distribution Center online or by calling (703) 870-7526 or (703) 870-7528. They come with the Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) section info already filled in. Call the number and tell them how many cards you want. I called last week and 3-4 days later the cards arrived. Here's a good guide to navigate the process: https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/atf-compliant-fd-258-fingerprint-cards-walk-through-guide
  11. Like this one? https://www.ssdscopecovers.com/product-p/ksd-cms-rts2.htm
  12. Looks like 1, 2.5 or 5 MOA reticle options.
  13. Also: A course of fire must never require a competitor to start with the carbine held on the weak side, and stage briefings may never require the PCC to be fired using only one hand.
  14. I run a Bmiller magwell on a PSA lower and it's a great fit.
  15. Where did you find a lower price? It's $1,999 at: Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo, SportOptics, Midway, Brownells, StageZeroShooting, EuroOptic, Interstateguns, CSTactical, AbleAmmo
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