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  1. Here's a video that may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogqizm2vWh8
  2. What happened with your friend's gun malfunction problem?
  3. Did you e-file on the ATF website?
  4. Not current but for reference, he did one for me 18 months ago and I had it back in 3 days.
  5. I bought a Techwell and used it with my existing grips. I just used a Dremel to cut grooves into my grip panels as shown in this Hogue picture. It wasn't difficult, it just took time to do it carefully.
  6. It's not too bad. You fill out ATF form 5320.20, and fax or email it to NFAFax@atf.gov Every time I've submitted one to the ATF via email for out of state matches, it's taken 1 week to receive the response.
  7. Since you have one of each, other than firing pins, how would you compare reliability?
  8. You may want to shop for a P320 holster that fits the gun with a light. Like these examples: https://rrtholsters.com/product/duty-light-bearing-holster/ https://www.trex-arms.com/store/light-compatible-ragnarok/
  9. Where did you buy the putty? How long does it take to cure?
  10. Here's a decent article on the design process for Foxtrot Mike Product's FM 9 PPC. I don't own any FM products but it was interesting to read a gun developer's view of the problems and design issues inherent to building a reliable 9mm PPC. https://www.arbuildjunkie.com/fm-products-fm-9-ppc-overview-with-paul-noonan/
  11. True, the top rail is handy for testing or using a red dot. I didn't find the sight line to be too high above the bore. Shown with the Raptor Engineering mount.
  12. What's up with that warped base plate?
  13. I owned that exact RIA 9mm 1911 and never had any issues with it. It wasn't a tack driver but I didn't expect it to be for that price. I think I used Wilson mags with it.
  14. Make sure you read the FAQ for QC10 serial numbers or your form 1 will be rejected by the ATF. https://www.quartercircle10.com/faq
  15. Get the free cards from the ATF by calling this phone number: This card can be order from the ATF Distribution Center online or by calling (703) 870-7526 or (703) 870-7528. They come with the Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) section info already filled in. Call the number and tell them how many cards you want. I called last week and 3-4 days later the cards arrived. Here's a good guide to navigate the process: https://www.nationalguntrusts.com/blogs/nfa-gun-trust-atf-information-database-blog/atf-compliant-fd-258-fingerprint-cards-walk-through-guide
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