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  1. So HOW do you get them to sign up and shoot? Help me help you
  2. As a match director, NO. Numbers will never be there. Focus on getting Revolver to have more than 3 shooters across the already unfilled 2 divisions at a 300+ entry Area match. A4 Scores This coming from a MD that already put Revo Trophies for both Wheel gun divisions and enough prizes for every shooter that shot the less attended divisions (ISR, OSR, PROD, LTD, SS) to receive a significant prize. Believe me, I WANT people shooting as many divisions as possible. It increases competition and makes everyone better. @MWP I'd like to know how you'd grow Revo at Area and Section matches. It would help me justify adding the trophies next year.
  3. The CCI Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship is a WRAP! Thank you so much for coming to shoot with us this weekend. We hope everyone enjoyed shooting the match as much as we enjoyed hosting it! If you would like to see anything bigger or better for next year be sure to drop us a note either below or message me privately. We want this match to be the BEST POSSIBLE EVENT we can make it! Congratulations to our Winners! Open, PCCO, RFPO, RFRI, RFRO Grant "Super Human" Kunkel CO - Cameron Templin SS - Anthony Veith PCCI - Bridget Cunningham RFPI - Trinity Lambiase Production - Jason Tielke LTD - Jason Tielke ISR - Mike Dines OSR - Mike Dines Thank you again to each and every one of our supporters who made this happen!
  4. It's finally match week! We are extremely excited to see everyone come out and enjoy this event! For those that like to wait until the last minute there are a few slots still available https://practiscore.com/cci-area-4-steel-challenge-championship/register
  5. Speaking about I was referring to Area 4, a L3.
  6. Yeah, we actually need to remove that from our match. It's only used by USPSA / SCSA when running classifications. It means not a member, either expired or never a member. Just found that out recently. Live and learn
  7. Great News! Please read this ENTIRE note. CCI and Federal Premium have once again stepped up to help active competitors in our community. CCI and Federal are keenly aware of concerns about ammo availability. They have heard you and you may have seen they are doing everything they can to help the competition shooting sports. Ammunition has been made available to be sold to Area 4 Steel Challenge shooters to support those who are active in the action shooting community. The Brazosland Pistoleros will have a LIMITED supply of Federal 150 Grain Syntech 9mm for sale for shooters registered for the match. We will also have an EXTREMELY LIMITED supply of CCI Clean 22 (Red 40 Grain). Again, this ammo is ONLY meant to be shot at the match. Ammo will be sold Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning from 7:15 to 7:45 am and afternoon from 12:45-1:15 pm. We cannot reserve any ammunition. Once we are sold out, we are sold out. Please bring EXACT change. Each shooter will be limited to 300 rounds per Division Entry. Pricing has been mandated at MSRP.
  8. Neither my Techwell -13 or TF -15 fit.
  9. Mine use standard JP Triggers.
  10. CCI Area 4 Match Announcements: We are just 3 short weeks out from the CCI Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship! Everyone is extremely excited to get to the shooting. We have a few announcements and details to share about the match. Ammo is available online with Free Shipping! Yes we are still working on having ammo available for sale at the match. If you haven't signed up because of ammo concerns, SIGN UP! Match T-Shirt Deadline has been extended to July 4th at 8 pm. If you want a shirt included with your registration, SIGN UP BEFORE July 4th! For those that don't know, this match is being run as a zero profit match Every dollar that comes in goes out. This is how we can take care of the RO's. We still have slots so if you know someone that is on the fence, push them to sign up for a couple of slots! Lunch is INCLUDED in your match fee. Fuego Tacos will be provided at the range during the lunch break from ~Noon to 1 pm. These are the best tacos in town and you won't leave the range hungry.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for that and hopefully see you in CO for some extra division heat I also talked to Mike. Hopefully he can sneak out to shoot and do some video with us. If y'all coordinate and attend same day we can get the whole crew!
  12. Shooting boxes will be in just in front of the shade canopies. This is 1) For those of us tall as you indicated and 2) To keep Open shooters from setting fire to canopies. Really looking forward to this match. If you have friends on the fence you should definitely nudge them to sign up. We have some amazing plans for this match!
  13. I'm working on my RFPO and Open (shooting CO gun) as well. The RFPO times are so fast I've found if I shoot the CO gun first I shoot both better. CO warms up RFPO for the transition speed. I also tend to focus on controlling the recoil better when I shoot the centerfire first. Just goes to show there's so many different ways to play the game!
  14. Yeah, sorry. Been busy getting everything squared away for the match. Schedule is below along with a teaser of our match shirts. 1 on 1, 8 on 8. First squad on 1 for each schedule, last squad on 8 for each schedule. @joseywales do me a solid for helping the gaming, tell your friends how excited you are to shoot this match
  15. 0800 and 1330 We are just 1 month away from the CCI Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship in Navasota, TX! I know everyone is excited to get shooting. I wanted to let folks know a bunch of great stuff is happening behind the scenes. Registration: https://practiscore.com/cci-area-4-steel-challenge-championship/register First, industry support has been PHENOMENAL for this match. I and the match staff have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of folks doing so many things to make this match an EPIC event! Next, the Youth Shooter Clinic Registrations will open Friday June 25th at 7 pm CST to REGISTERED youth (17 and under) shooters. Details on registration have been emailed to registered shooters. We understand ammo is a concern for shooters. We are working with our partners to help get as many folks shooting for the match as possible. What I will say now is if you’re concerned about not being able to shoot because of ammo, contact the match staff at brazoslandpistoleros@gmail.com . Lunch is provided with your match entry. Fuego Tacos will be delivered to the range for range staff and every shooter of the day at noon. There is a lunch break from noon to 1 pm built into the schedule. Trust us, these tacos are amazing and we could (and will ^_^) eat them every day! Match shirts are provided with your match entry as well. If your friends are on the fence about signing up let them know it’s time. The deadline to sign up and receive the match shirt is JULY 2nd. Every bay will have covered areas for shade and coolers filled with ice water. We know it will be warm out but if shooters need anything at all we will be happy to help. There is also an air conditioned facility available on site should anyone get a bit too much sun. Finally one reminder from Steel Challenge: this is a Level 3 match. All shooters must be Steel Challenge members to compete. We will be verifying this at check in along with your division and classification. Please verify your membership is current at SCSA.org before arriving. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the range, having fun smashing steel very soon. Cory, Jason, Josh and the Brazosland Pistoleros Crew
  16. The Shadow 2 has a deeper cut under the beaver tail that shortens the distance to the trigger. S2 also has far better checkering, better machining and is overall an improvement on the 75 series frames. You can get both more or less close with the exception of the things listed above. When the S2 comes optic ready now I don't see much reason to go with the 75 series anymore for CO.
  17. Everyone that's shot a GMR side by side with the JP-5 with any ammo, theirs or mine, has immediately understood. It's lower recoil and substantially less. With the JP-5 you keep that 100% reliability. A bunch of shooters have historically run gas operated PCC's because they like the lighter recoil impulse than blowback systems. The trade off has been significantly increased cleaning times, parts replacements and limited load selection for operation. You don't have to make those trade offs with the roller to have lighter recoil anymore. This might not be everyone's cup of tea. That's totally fine. The GMR is a proven, reliable and solid platform. I ordered a 2nd JP-5
  18. We are doing a flat reimbursement for Area 4 Steel Challenge next month. It simplifies logistics for everyone. No keeping receipts and no mailing stuff out at the end. Philosophically speaking I want to go over the top to take care of RO's. They are at the match all weekend. I want to feed them good food, have them stay where they are happy, have them shoot the match on a relaxed schedule and work with the industry to show some extra love. Good RO's can elevate the match for everyone and they are basically giving up their weekend to do it. The more I can do for RO's the better.
  19. Yep that's been confirmed by JP already.
  20. Sell it and buy another one. Cheaper in the long run than thinking about it, trying to do it or trying to pay someone to do it.
  21. Yeah, I have but you wont believe me until you shoot it. Brian at Hunters HD has one as well if you are going to any of the matches he's at.
  22. I've got 2 pairs of Hunters HD, one the original Gold and one of the Clears. Both use very nice quality glass. Light transmission and contrast is much better than other stuff I have tried. For USPSA and SCSA in normal daytime conditions I absolutely love the Gold. For precision rifle and low light the clears are amazing. You can get pretty much any frame with Hunters glass. Brian has a bunch of pictures of the back of his van display with everything from Oakley to Rudy. I've seen Brian at a bunch of travel matches. Hunters has supported a massive amount of matches. Brian truly believes in growing the sport. When you make good products and you dedicate yourself to something it makes sense so many people support you in return.
  23. No worries broski. If you want to shoot it next week at the match you're more than welcome. I swapped in some of the production parts and played tug of war. Won't go into specifics there but let's just say I won and he wasn't left holding anything
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