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  1. I've had a 550 with a case feeder for about 10 years, and Mr. Bulletfeeder for about 8 years now. Works well enough, no major issues. The case feeder has no issues, the bullet feeder sometimes isn't all it could be, I think the biggest issue is it doesn't like being dirty, so after about 300 rounds, you have to clean it. But even accounting for the need to use a seat/crimp combo die, it's still faster than no case feeder or bullet feeder. Three years ago I bought a. RL1100, now that's a major improvement. Since then, the 1100 is set up for 9mm, and the 550 is mostly for whatever else I need.
  2. To be clear,my gun has been problem free,zero issues. Just not liking the way it feels in the hand.
  3. No issue with mine other than the grip is not working for me. Why they didn't duplicate the 93 frame is beyond me.Only got like 4k rounds through it though.
  4. I'm guessing the stain on the stool you were sitting in was more of a worry than the hole in the ceiling. I lit off a single primer once trying to seat it in a case where the old primer got pulled back into the case, woke me right up, I imagine a whole tube is a way more exciting event to witness
  5. You need some weight, to keep the primers obeying the laws of gravity. I like to make my followers out of aluminum, with shrink tube sleeving the rod to eliminate any static electricity issues. For mass I put a .45GAP shell on top with some lead melted in it. I haven lit off a tube of primers yet (knock on wood), though I'm sure if I did, that weight would do some damage to my ceiling.
  6. That's why I kept my 550 (with case feeder and bullet feeder). I figured if I ever wanted to make .45, I'd have a somewhat efficient press set up without the bother if changing to large primers on the 1100. I also have a naked 550 (no case feeder or bullet feeder), for .308, or any other low volume stuff that may be needed. I've come to the conclusion that you can never have too many presses, so I just keep what I have when I upgrade something.
  7. This is the style I like, between the powder drop and bullet seat stations, two total. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-psp-brush
  8. In my experience, the anti spill thingies that look like a nylon brush work smoothest and cause less drag. That said, if your shell plate is adjusted correctly and your indexing mechanism is working as it should, there's little need for these "solutions", especially loading bottle neck rifle rounds, or loading 9 major rounds where the case is full
  9. If you can afford it, the 1100 is great. Swaging station is why I went with it vs. the 750. Got tired of crimped 9mm brass being an issue, and now it's not. Stepped brass is another story, the swaging die won't go past the step, but it's less common here than crimped brass. I also hate reloading, so I just set a week, load a bunch of primer tubes, and go nuts once every few months
  10. There's only one DA pull in any stage, so I'd shoot the gun that fit me best over the one with the better DA trigger, all else being equal
  11. Or run it without a magwell. With 23 + 1, there's no more than one reload in any given stage, doubt you'll be losing time there.
  12. .45 sp brass is as annoying as .380ACP brass in my 9mm brass bucket.
  13. Mine did that too, I removed it and experienced no problems. Then I discovered the Double Alpha plate and wedge, and it made every issue I've ever had with Dillon's case feeders go away.
  14. The warranty is for replacing worn or broken parts, not to get parts you need for an incomplete press you bought at a steep discount. I'll admit that Dillon is very generous with the warranty, but I'd have a hard time expecting them to send me free parts to complete the press I bought in the cheap because it was incomplete. Also consider this, these "warranties" or "guarantees" aren't free, their cost is built into the price of the products. I cringe everytime I read someone writing how they sent their Springfield Armory gun back to get the sights adjusted, or other such a minor "corrections", and exclaiming how great it is that this "free" service exists... I'll admit comparing Dillon Precision's QC to Springfield Armory's QC is unfair to Dillon Precision, and I apologize for that The biggest difference in my story is Dillon has historically put out extremely high quality products, so the warranty is to correct those rare instances where something made it past QC, and Springfield Armory has used the warranty to cover for their historically less than stellar QC (though admittedly, it's much improved in recent years).
  15. I have a V6 muzzle brake that works well, I compared it side by side with my FNH SLP and the difference is really noticable. https://www.v6brake.com/ Kind of ugly, but the whole gun is kind of ugly, so it compliments the looks.
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