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  1. Makes the Techwell I had to order for my Spike's Colt mag lower seem like a bargain @ $90.00.
  2. Of course that's from the Contra Costa County (San Franshitshow Bay Area of California) library...
  3. I read somewhere of people using Lee type shellholders instead of the jaws that come with the kinetic pullers. Said the shell holder allows the round movement, and can get the primer against the shellholder, and cause it to ignite. Makes sense I guess. Never had a primer go off in a round except a detonation outside the gun when I was clearing a jam. Went off essentially in my palm, blew up my pinky tip, and left a lightning bolt shaped cut in my palm. Also scared the sh!t out of me and the ROs. I no longer clear jams with my hand over the top of the slide, or flip them in the air to catch.
  4. Charging handle is on the wrong side of the gun.
  5. Are they the "best option"? Only you can say. They are an option. They work well, the mags with TTI extensions will hold 23 + 1 with no mag "tuning", the last round slide lock works with 23 + 1. As good an option as any other plastic gun.
  6. They work, they look like any other TTI extension, they hold 23 + 1 with no "tuning". If you can find the Brownell's versions (still labeled TTI, but they have the Brownell's logo etched on the bottom), they're usually a few bucks cheaper. I had Arredondo extensions for a minute, their Glock extensions work great. The M&P extensions from them only hold 22 + 1, and the extension retention floor plate thingy got jammed in the spring on two separate occasions. I ditched them for the TTI, and one Taylor Freelance brass extension I had earlier. Taylor Freelance also works well, 23 +
  7. Just saw this, if I had a Limited gun and wanted a Single Stack .40, this might be a decent option. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/blog/2020/09/29/cwa-single-stack-2011-grip/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sharpspring&sslid=M7M0NzexNDUwBQA&sseid=MzIEAjNzE0tDAA&jobid=53f2f75b-6d91-431f-b205-838dab85f518
  8. Hard to beat the Talon grips. The older generation that didn't have the little tail and top part on the backstrap split were the best. I've had them on Glocks for years with no issues. For back straps/grip inserts, I like silicon carbide. They're cheap enough to replace if you do sell the gun. More than a few people don't want to buy a gun that has been permanently modified.
  9. Got an old Les Baer that feeds from any magazine I put in it, from $7.00 Chip McCormick Shooting Star mags bought at the Del Mar Gun Show in 2002 to Wilson, Ed Brown, or Checkmate. Got a boatload of various manufacturer mags, when shooting Single Stack, I just put eight in the mag sleeves, and go shooting.
  10. Plus for Arredondo: they're inexpensive. Minus: only hold 22 rounds, and I had three of them jam up when the retainer bound up the follower in the spring. TTI & Taylor Freelance both hold 23 reloadable, and dont jam up
  11. Can't see why they'd make a product that didn't work with another product they make.
  12. Dude's got a point. For the close to the same price as a +5 or +10 of the TF or TTI, you get +25. I have one of the original aluminum versions and it works great. Don't need +25, simply download. Same reason we carry guns; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  13. I"m a cart whore, but I build mine. I like the Zuca format, vertical/stand-up type carts with telescopic handles and easily removable wheels. The tops on mine have magnets embedded to keep magazines from falling off, and hinge at the front to access the bucket, and there's hooks on front to hold a lunch box. The Zucas seem well built and thought out. Some things I would do differently, make wheels removable the way baby stroller wheels come off (quick and easy vs a knob to unscrew/lose), but that's nit-picking. They are not cheap, but what is in this game? And they're
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