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  1. robertg5322

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    For 10 round 9mm mags I've had excellent luck with Metalform. Inexpensive, they work and they last. Brownells also sells 10 round 9mm mags that get good reviews, and it's been said that they're Metalform mags with a black coating. I ha e no way of verifying this. Just what I e read on the interwebz mb
  2. robertg5322

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    Flat wire spring is what the WC site says. I've never had enough issues with cheap .45 magazines to make me want to spend premium money on them. Is magazine rigidity, or dirt getting into them an issue with you? That would be the only reason I could see to spend the extra coin. Funny how cutting a process out of the manufacturing increases the price.
  3. robertg5322

    Wilson combat ETM mags

    If it runs with your buddies same mags, take the refund and buy them again. Easier than chasing problems. Or see if your mags work in your buddies gun. If yes, trade with him. If no, see first recommendation
  4. robertg5322

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    My point on the Sig Max is That the internals are quality parts. They may need a bit of polish/tuning/touch-up, but you don't have to buy them. Plus you get a quality coating, Ice magwell and front strap checkering. Even having to tune trigger, that's a pretty good deal. I don't own a Sig, I just like the features you get on them, especially the Max.
  5. robertg5322

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    But if you can buy a Sig Max, which comes with a Dawson Ice magwell and quality internals for $1,200.00, or Dan Wesson for similar money, spending more seems unnecessary.
  6. robertg5322

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    $55.00 each!! They must be proud of them.
  7. robertg5322

    Dan Wesson PM7 Or Trophy Match?

    I don't normally recommend Springfield Armory 1911s, but I like the Trophy Match and it's a ton cheaper.
  8. robertg5322

    Big stick feeding

    The Taccom ramp fixed my ATI (NFA clone) gun. Rounds, particularly HP bullets would slam into the breech and stop. With the ramp, rounds of all type are funneled straight to the chamber. This is with the Taccom huge mag extension (57 rounds) and any other mags I've tried.
  9. robertg5322

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    If I was starting over, I'd go with the Sig Max in 9mm & .40 S&W (back when they made them in .40 S&W).
  10. robertg5322

    Safariland holster 1911

  11. robertg5322

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    Sig Max comes already set up with quality parts, including Dawson Ice magwell. Hard to beat that deal, as long as the funky slide contours don't bother you. Bonus, you get front strap checkering. Same for Dan Wesson. These will cost more but you wont need to spend any more on the gun itself.
  12. robertg5322

    Mecgar and Metalform 9mm magazines

    I've read (but have no way of confirming) that Brownell's branded mags are also Metalforms with a black coating. Their price is pretty good too. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazines/1911-9mm-magazines-prod84195.aspx?avs|Make_3=1911&avs|Cartridge_1=APP_9%2bmm%2bLuger
  13. robertg5322

    Single stack weight

    Why I said weigh it with the heaviest mag. That way any mag you give them at weigh-in will be at or below what you know its max is. And sticking at 42.9 on your scale s like asking to shoot 8 round Open. A little too much grease, dirt or the wrong magazine and your day just got destroyed. Makes a great story afterward though (as long as you make weight). That said, I once choro''d at exactly 125 power factor (shooting Production). Shooting for no score, that would have been a blast. Not.
  14. robertg5322

    Single stack weight

    I would think your heaviest mag making weight on multiple scales all but guarantees you're not shooting open with 8 round mags at a major match.
  15. robertg5322

    very nice & cheap 1911 mag pouches

    Were they Scorpion, or something similar? Black plastic, retention adjustment screws similar to old Double Alpha model? They were sold on Amazon, along with a decent holster until recently. Seen them at the range, they were surprisingly good quality for the price. Looked, couldn't find them anymore.