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  1. Can anyone confirm whether the sight dovetails on CORE 1.0 and 2.0 slides are the same? Thanks. Bob
  2. It'd be nice if $20.00 magazines would work reliably, I'd buy a bunch before the manufacturer realized it and raised the price. The top round not easily stripped by hand doesn't bother me, cause it probably means the top round won't be dragged forward preventing the magazine from dropping free.
  3. Just saw, $20.00 each. That is a sweet price.
  4. I've never had an issue with Metalform 10 round mags other than they can be a bit of a pain to unload. I'm not doing that in the clock, so it's a non-issue for me, and the bug that makes them a pain to unload is probably the feature that prevents rounds from sliding forward (the only issue I've ever read about with Tripp magazines), preventing mags from dropping freely and interfering with mag changes,, which I am doing on the clock,, so again, not an issue. Never had an issue with the spacer either, not sure what the issue would be,, it puts the round closer to the feedramp, which
  5. Now take it to the buffer, and voila!! Good as new.
  6. Comrade 5322, I chuckled. I was half-joking about the JB Weld in the divot, probably not necessary, but probably won't hurt either. The firing pin springs in these guns almost seem like an afterthought. Most of the ones I've handled seem pretty flimsy for what they're doing.
  7. Once the protruding piece is removed, and and firing pin replaced, wouldn't function be returned to normal? Not optimal to have a small divot in the breechface, but probably not a problem either. Bigger question is what caused the damage? The nose of the firing pin breaking off and getting jammed between the next round and the breechface? In any event, JB Well will fix it right up...
  8. Arredondos work. Had them since 2008, used on .40 & 9mm mags, 20+1 in 40 and 23+1 in 9mm. Also got a Dawson and a Taylor Freelance brass extension that work and hold same number of rounds.
  9. I'm just glad it wasn't a 5.56 round. That would have left a mark...
  10. Well, my two 9mm 1911s are a 2017 Colt GCNM and a Springfield Loaded Target, and both were so loosely put together, if the bullet jams onto the feedramp, there's probably enough wiggle room for the barrel to move and chamber the round anyway. The magazines that came with the Springfield were of the design you're talking about, but only held 9 rounds. I had no issue with them other than the limited capacity. Maybe I'll pick up one of the newer 10 round version and try it out. You can never have too many guns or magazines.
  11. This, but I use my middle finger. Trigger finger still comes off the trigger, just less contorting the gun in my hand. And I don't need to modify anything if I'm using an unfamiliar gun.
  12. Did this, makes it much easier to use the left thumb to drop the slide. Had to smooth the contact points on the slide and slide stop, not a big deal. I removed the detent and tiny spring, and reinstalled the housing, looks like nothing has been done. Not sure why this detent was put there, it serves no purpose but to make the gun less functional, especially for left handed shooters. To remove the housing, put a small screwdriver behind it, hold the slide stop up and pry the housing to the rear. It pops out. Remove the spring & detent, reinstall housing and back in
  13. Not a lefty on rifles, but had this happen to my right forearm when shooting around a barricade left handed and had either an out of battery shot, or casehead blowout. Lot of blood, but surprisingly didn't hurt. Extractor pin sheared, extractor is probably what broke the skin, never did find it. Replaced the extractor, and gun was fine. Newer, AR15 style extractor on Taccom bolt.
  14. Got 12 older Metalform mags that haver given me a bit of trouble in two guns (heavily upgraded Springfield Loaded Target 9mm and a Colt GCNM that's had nothing done to it). Calling magazines that work "crap" is a bit extreme, no? Not saying your MecGar mags ain't the bees knees, just pointing out that there are other options out there that seem to work for a lot of people.
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