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  1. Sometimes it's better to be different. And the Van's. The VANS MAN!!!
  2. I bet if you contacted Assailant Arms and told them you wanted the gun, but only if it came with the Vans, they'd throw in a pair of Vans with your order...
  3. Here you go, these guys are rocking the High Point.
  4. And if an Infinity gun could deliver that, my no-practicing, semi-blind, old, fat, C Class ass would gladly lay down the coin.
  5. Got a flat dark earth VR80 that so far runs well with Herter's 1050 fps target loads, slugs, and buckshot. It's the one with the longer handguard. Only thing I've changed is the stock/grip to standard AR parts, and installed a mil spec buffer tube (requires an adapter plate from M3tacticaltech https://m3tacticaltech.com/products/vr80-mil-spec-adapter).
  6. GSSF Glock 17s are $425.00 when you can find them. You're not beating that price, no matter what you do.
  7. Everything I've seen makes the pistol seem easier than an AR 80% lower. Seen a few in action, once the bugs are worked out they seem to work. I did a Polymer80 AR lower for an AR.22 rimfire build, couldn't be happier with it. I had access to a mill so it made it much easier, but cats who've done aluminum lowers with routers say it's super simple. I'd say depending on your aptitude and confidence, decide if you want a ghost gun and go forth. You aren't saving any money on the AR versions, and sometimes Glock lovers are in the marketplace for around $200.00ish
  8. Not arguing with the logic of giving back to companies that support the site, but 11.8% isn't negligible.
  9. See the pics, a Brigadier is there for perspective. The lever on the left side of the gun only has to be ground to be below the slide stop, that's your limiting factor on that side. The right side lever is done after you get the left side lever at the level of the slide stop. Unless you don't care about making them flat (I didn't care, so I just ground them off as much as I could where they were still useable if I wanted to use them). If you wanted to keep the safety lever on the right side of the gun more prominent, you could also grind down the slide stop,
  10. Finally got a chance to shoot my flat dark earth VR80, with the long handguard. Measured the gas ports beforehand, they were .086", which from what I've read is a bit on the small side. They were all the same size though, so there's that. I was a bit worried I'd have issues cycling anything but slugs or buckshot. It cycled everything from Herter's low recoil target loads (1,050 fps) to slugs and buckshot with no issues at all. Gonna need a brake, it kicks harder than my Remington 11-87 or FN SLP. Way cool gun, just wish it was the black one with the shorter
  11. Too bad really, the APX is a pretty nice gun at a reasonable price. And if you get one of the 92X Performance guns without issues (mine has no issues so far, though only a couple thousand rounds through it to this point), they're super nice, though a better quality classic grip adapter would be a welcome improvement for those of us not enamored with the Vertec grip. I'll never understand why the don't market their stuff better.
  12. I doubt it. The grip on the Performance is inset into the gripframe and there's a band of steela round the bottom that isn't covered by the grip panel, the A3 grip goes all the way to the bottom. Additionally the Performance grip frame is flat while the standard Beretta frames have a step at the rear part of the grip frame. There's also the thumb safety cutouts to deal with, and I'm not even sure if the grip screws will line up. df My descriptions leave a lot to be desired, these videos show the grip frames and the differences I'm talking about. Go to 2:51
  13. Not looking for an argument, so that's a good thing. Now if we could get a movement started to get better options for a classic grip module, that'd be great...
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