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  1. Try the Arredondo extensions. I easily get 23 reloadable, with no cycling issues. Not as Gucci as the TTI ro Taylor Freelance units, but let's be real, it's a Glock. No amount of bling will change that.
  2. Looking at Europe today, no country there has any testosterone anymore. More likely it's the Russians we save the from next time.
  3. And they still haven't come out with a decent, classic profile grip for the 92X Performance, so I'm ready to give up on them.
  4. A bit different here, you see JP GMR rifles, Sig MPX, and a bunch of others ranging from home-built units to Foxtrot Mike and other complete guns. And for a while there was the Brekke barrel craze, not sure if that died down JP is a bit pricey, but you get their reputation for reliability. Same with Sig. but they give you the reputation for being soft shooting. JP is heavy, Sig is finicky. Ultimately it's the shooter, not the arrow that wins the match, almost always with a reliable gun. That said, who among us doesn't want cool, new gear?
  5. Wondering how it's going to stack up next to a Sig MPX.
  6. If this is true, what's the big deal about the JP5, or RDB in general? Which brings up the next question; Anybody shot the JP5 alongside the MPX? Impressions...
  7. Waiting to see if anyone has any info on these.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Different than your JP in what way, less dot movement, less felt recoil, different recoil impulse? Not being a dick, just wanting to know if these things are going to make blowback guns obsolete, and how they compare to the MPX. Again, thanks for the feedback. Bob
  9. Good point about replacing a $20.00 tube not being a big deal.
  10. Wondering what the wear is going to look like on the buffer tube holes where the RDB buffer rollers interact with them.
  11. Not sure why anybody is surprised these things are going for what they are. GMR15s going for $2,500.00 +, the fact that this thing is not going for $5,000.00 or more is what's surprising to me...
  12. Ordered an 1100 9mm without dies. Had it in a week. Getting my basement remodeled, so was counting on a longish (2 months would have been ok) wait, go figure.
  13. There's nothing proprietary about them, so anywhere you buy 1911 springs should be fine.
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