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  1. My NFA clone lower, side charging upper, Holosun 510c dot and huge Brian Miller magwell works fine. I strap it down when in the scabbard, cause I don't want it falling out, but I'd close my gun bag if I went the standard bag route, so I don't see that as a negative. 45 degree mount might make it difficult cause it's on the opposite side of the side charger.
  2. Thats great for the guy who gets the gun he blew up through negligence fixed for free, but that's why Springfield Armory sells $600.00 guns for $1,000.00. Great that they have the CS reputation, but sad that their QC makes it necessary so often.
  3. Interesting article on springs, specifically gun springs. http://www.thinklikeacop.org/springfatigue.html
  4. I like the Dawson IPSC magwell for one reason, you don't have to buy basepads. And it's aluminum, so it's light. GI guide rod. Just looks better. My Springfield Loaded 9mm needed a bunch of other stuff (all internals, barrel, bushing, controls, etc), it was a joke how much it cost and how much was needed to make it right. But it's nice now. I like Kimber ambi safety, low profile, but not so low my thumb slips off it. I like how the off side lever (I'm left handed) is retained by the hammer pin, similar to EGW, but not as robust or costly. Have them on all of my 1911s for years and have yet to have one fail. I think the only Springfield parts left are the frame, slide, rear sight, firing pin and FP spring, extractor, pins, plunger tube, and BTGS. While it was a rattly, loose, and over-priced gun, it was never unreliable. Now it's not rattly or loose anymore. Metalform mags have been great, and affordable. If I was doing it again, I'd get a Sig Max. Comes with all the good parts, just needs tuning.
  5. Since you already have the magwell, it's probably cheaper for you to buy some Dawson basepads and keep the Ice magwell. Starting from scratch, the IPSC is the way to go, saves you the cost of basepads (about $13.00 each). Gets scratched up with use, but so what? And remember to factor the weight of those basepads into your gun. They're aluminum, so heavier than the plastic that most mags come with.
  6. I like Sig at that price point for one reason; they give you a checkered frontstrap. Nobody else does that on a gun they sell for less than a grand. Funky slide, blah, blah, blah. Buy a holster, even factoring in that $60.00 you're still ahead of the game.
  7. CA has an odd mix, mostly due to the Roster of Approved Handguns which limits what we can buy. No .40 S&W guns, only two 9mm (Kimber and SA) and a bunch of .45s.and a few 10mms. Sad state of affairs here.
  8. My point was that Springfield Armory guns seem to need attention from the manufacturer at a rate well above most other manufacturers. Good that they fix them, bad that they have to do it so often. And that .220" BTGS radius. We higher volume shooters probably wouldn't be sending our guns back for some of the crap novices do (extractor adjustment, sight adjustment, minor blemish, or any of the litany of minor issues I've read of), which only serves to increase costs to SA, which are passed along to buyers in the form of higher prices.
  9. The problem with that logic is how the excellent customer service reputation was earned. Usually (Springfield Armory comes to mind here) it's the product of a lousy QC reputation. Good on them for fixing their mistakes, bad on them for making enough mistakes that they earned a great CS rep. And nothing is free. That shipping and free repair is why their guns are so expensive. And did I mention I hate the odd-ball .220 BTGS radius?
  10. Taccom feed ramp fixed this issue on my ATI (NFA clone) AR9. Only works on Glock mag guns though.
  11. Until someone figures out a way to get a Holosun 510c on a slide, Leupold Delta Point Pro wins simply for the biggest window and brightest dot. Got a DPP on a M&P C.O.R.E. and another on a milled G17 slide. Both work great, and the big window is a huge deal.
  12. Metalform work for me. And the top round does not slide forward under recoil, so they drop free with no, or any number of rounds left. Best part is the price. I've read that Brownell's brand mags work well, and they are supposedly Metalforms with a black coating, and Dawson are Metalform with Dawson basepad.
  13. .45 is a less desirable alternative to .40 for SS Major. Obsolete is a bit extreme, it still works as well as .40, just less brass laying around. The price difference on bullets is there, but I doubt it's why anyone switches to .40 for SS. The overriding reason is probably not having to load .45 ammo, with the primer size switch on their reloading machines.
  14. Yeah, I'll be in Arizona in a year and hopefully I can forget how f'd up California laws are.
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