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  1. They're not under the hammer so don'⁸t worry. That said, it'd be prudent to not he looking into the cylinder while knocking the bullet back... Just sayin'
  2. 36-40 is way more coarse than Talon Grips. Try something in the 70-80 range. Not cause I know anything, but I use 36-47 and it's coarse. Way more coarse than Talon grips, which I like. I'm assuming, based on nothing other than the voices in my head that 70-80 is a bit less coarse. I also like Talon grips, I wish they made decals for 1911 smooth wood grips.
  3. I'll add; I don't remove them unless it cannot be detected. Not for some nebulous liability or gamer reason, but because my OCD won't let me leave empty holes on parts where there was once a part sticking through if it can be avoided. On the Kimber I converted to .40S&W, I had no choice as the .40 S&W slide was Series 70 configuration (no provision for FPS). The gun could never be converted back to its original configuration unless I got a ramped barrel in .45ACP. so it has a small hole where the Kimber FPS activator comes up, just in front of the disconnector. I trimmed the nib off the activator, had to keep it in the gun as a spacer. I did end up finding a ramped .45 barrel (wasn't looking, someone had one for sale at a good price so I got it) and bought a replacement FPS activator so if I wanted to I could change the gun back to .45 by changing the ejector and putting the .45 top end on it. Nice to have options, and nice to sooth the OCD with low cost stuff.
  4. 17 round versions don't drop free from my Glocks. Seemed to work well enough other than this fatal flaw Got them for $8.00 each a few years ago, now I use them to make PCC mounts on my cart.
  5. How about an eight shot array after an unloaded start? With three more eight shot arrays?
  6. Had a Kimber with it's version. Never had an issue, though the Schwartz system doesn't affect trigger pull. Converted the gun to .40S&W, using an STI slide so had to disable the FPS. I don't feel less safe with the gun in it's current configuration.
  7. If you're having to move your thumb to hit the slide stop, it's costing something. Not much, but something. I'm not trying to change the way you do your thing, just noting that auto-forward is always going to be better and should be engineered into every gun.
  8. Ummm yeah, but as one who has shot longer than guns with left handed slide stops have been widely available, and considering the fact that not all guns have ambi slide stops, I'm not crazy about creating muscle memory that may not serve me on another gun (1911, Glock). Auto forward requires me to do nothing but insert a mag. It's the ultimate upgrade to any gun, and benefits right handed shooters as much as left handed shooters. Like mag catches. Almost all guns have some option for switching it, but it's easier to continue using my strong hand middle finger than train my thumb and have issues when I use a gun that isn't reversible.
  9. Yeah that's my point. As a left handed shooter, having the slide auto forward is a huge time saver over contorting my trigger finger to try and reach the slide stop, or racking the slide to release it. I wish every gun was designed to do it, and can't understand why every gun isn't designed to do it.
  10. If they work, go with them. I use .40 mags and load to factory length in both SS and LTD (Caspian High Cap frame and mags) with no issues. I have a bunch of other than Tripp single stack mags and they work well. I had to change the guts on a couple of Checkmate mags to Tripp follower and spring to get them reliable. And I had issues with a Wilson Combat mag, had to put a spacer and Tripp guts to make it work. For those reasons, I stick to Tripp for .40 S&W 1911 mags.
  11. Tried Wilson, Checkmate, Tripp, and a few others. Tripp were the only ones that didn't need any work to function.
  12. Been using them for the past year. Work great, batteries are no issue. I'm never going back to over the ear muffs.
  13. Disclosure: I don't own a JP rifle. I do own two other AR 9mm rifles. And like I said, they take work to get running right. Buy once, cry once.
  14. When all is said and done, you're probably going to be into it for as much as a JP costs. And the JP works right out of the box (at least the ones I know of do).
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