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  1. Got two, both didn't work well in Spikes Colt pattern lower with a bolt with an aggressive hammer reset ramp (the rail on the bolt that resets the hammer). Had issues with the disconnector and resetting.
  2. Got a NFA side charger on a Glock mag NFA clone lower from ATI gun and a Matrix Arms on a Spikes Colt lower. Both work great, as stated make cycling bolt easier, and not a huge deal, but still cool. When I got them, they were on sale for about $150.00 or so. They're cool, and I like them but I wouldn't spend more than what I did on them. LRBHO on NFA is less than impressive, almost never worked, so I removed it. Matrix Arms is on a Colt mag lower, so uses LRBHO in the lower, better option.
  3. Per the article, "available soon". I'm keeping my eye out, because the price is good, it deals with the mag catch issue, and it improves the looks of the gun. Of course those improvements in looks go out the door when I have to put a fin on the pistol grip to comply with California's stupid laws.
  4. Promag seems like a nice option, and they fixed the mag catch issue too. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/01/28/promag-ruger-pc9-stock-m1a-cz-scorpion-drum-mags/
  5. Yeah, I shot it my results are in the original post.
  6. If adjusting the face of the ejector doesn't work, I may try this, though the bolt goes far enough back to lock open on empty, so I doubt this is the issue. We'll see. Looks like the brass is hitting the top edge of the ejection port, hopefully changing ejector face geometry fixes it.
  7. Forgot to add, mags feed perfectly, no issues there either.
  8. Got a Spike's Tactical Colt pattern lower, with Wilson barrel and a bolt I forget where i got. Basic heavy buffer, spacers to limit bolt travel, and AR spring in a Matrix Arms side charging upper. Having ejection issues. brass won't leave ejection port. I'm trying to start by tweaking angle on face of ejector, anyone else know of anything else I might try on this to get it to work? Feeds perfectly, no issues, smooth, no hiccups. Just won't eject worth a crap. Thanks. Bob
  9. That buttstock angle is hideous. Straighten it out and let me use a riser on my dot, PLEASE. Nice job with the mag catch.
  10. Tripp .40S&W magazines are the best, or at least have been for me. Others work, but with the Tripp you get 9 rounds (no Barney mag necessary).
  11. I use them for function testing, not dry fire, but some like to mimic the weight of a mag with rounds in it, and some are under the impression that guns are delicate like watches, and want to use them, along with expensive, exotic lubes, and $150.00 Pelican cases for transport. To each his own. Your gun, do what you want with it.
  12. They look less real than home-made dummy rounds... I keep them in a drawer in my gun tool chest, and there's no other ammo in my garage unless I'm reloading, so there's little chance of mixing them up. And the 9mm caps have a more pointy profile than actual bullets. You could also use a marker and make the case heads black or whatever color you want.
  13. KP Tactical on EBay sells solid brass, lathe turned snap caps wit rubber inserts in the primer pocket for a reasonable price. Or used to sell, or used to be reasonably priced, I haven't bought any in years. They're sold out right now.
  14. ATI (NFA clone) Glock mag gun, works fine. Got a Spikes Colt pattern lower on another. Works fine. No preference, but the Colt mags seem to drop free better than the Glock mags.
  15. Got a 16" barrel that had a few squibs, ruined the last three inches of barrel, but the first 13" was fine. I cut it just after the gas block location (10"), then got some .75" ID lightweight tubing pinned and welded on the end. Effective 10" barrel, but the gun feels so much more controllable. No loss in velocity, so I didn't have to change the load either.
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