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  1. It'd be nice if DAA sold segments of the rail on their PDR2 holster so people could quickly adapt the mount for several holsters. I can fashion an adapter for the different hole patterns, but the rail has what amounts to a rail type groove on each side, which isn't easily duplicated at home.
  2. I had a case separation in a Glock that blew the extractor into orbit, damaged the mag catch, trigger, and slide stop, and made my hand bleed. After checking the gun over for major damage to the frame, barrel, or slide (there was none), I replaced the damaged parts and finished the match. The best part of Glocks is that you can keep almost every internal part in your bag, and it doesn't cost you a ton of money, and because no tools other than a Glock tool (the punch thingy) are required, repairs can be made fast. I've given parts to cats at matches who've had issues, without concerning myself about getting paid for the parts because they're so cheap. Also because every part in a Glock is commercially available (OEM and "improved", or "performance" versions), restocking your parts kit is easy. Not many other guns can say that.
  3. Well, if it becomes some sort of regular, that would be nice. The one feature of the original M&Ps I truly miss is the auto-forward. I removed the detent and springs from mine, and did some polishing/sanding/recontouring/radiusing of the slide stop edge where it catches the slide just to see if I could get the auto-forward feature back. So far results are mixed. But at the very least, the slide stop levers can be used from either side of the gun to send the slide forward much easier than if the detent was still in place.
  4. Interesting. Did you alter the slide stop detent mechanism, or did it auto-forward despite the presence of the detent?
  5. Nope. But again, I don't shoot major matches, so if my stuff does fail (it doesn't), it's not the end of the world. Plus my logic on changing springs is that the valve springs in my car gets exponentially more cycles in one road trip as any gun spring gets in its life, and under much harsher conditions, so it's not something I worry about. I also don't clean my Glocks, or other plastic guns. That's me, I'm not trying to convince anybody to do things the way I do (truth be told, following my example is probably not the best idea), do what works for you.
  6. They last longer if you don't disassemble them all the time. I can't recall the last time I had a malfunction on a Glock that was caused by a magazine that wasn't cleaned. Shake it, if nothing rattles, load it and shoot. I also can't recall the last time I disassembled a Glock magazine other than to install the Arredondo extension. Most of my Glock magazines are over ten years old.
  7. Had a squib issue that left four bullets and three bulges in the last six inches of a barrel, but did no damage to the first ten inches. Cut the barrel, and installed a .75" ID aluminum tube over the gas block area (it was a perfect fit). Pinned and welded it in place. It shoots great, balances nicely, and saved me the cost of replacing the barrel. All of that said, unless you have a barrel laying around, or one damaged toward the muzzle, it's not worth the money to buy a barrel and shorten it when you see what Taccom charges for their barrels, and the Taccom barrels are ramped, and work well. Taccom makes good stuff, and I have one of their 12/16 barrels on my Glock mag gun. The barrel I did was damaged, so it was cut, shroud, and use, or toss in trash. It has no ramp, so I use it on my Colt lower, and it works great. On Glock mag guns though, I'd suggest something with a ramp.
  8. Nope, Beretta LTT RDO for competition, but just iron sights on my non-competition guns. I just like not introducing unnecessary failure points when it comes to defending myself. How you do you is your business, I have no opinion on it. Which is why I didn't respond to the original post in this thread, and it seems the cat already knew what he wanted. You're entitled to your opinion as long as you don't mind being wrong (about those who prefer iron sights on self defense guns).
  9. Maybe they'll send me one to test... Would probably be much easier for them to modify the specs for the grip and produce them than it was for me to modify the grip.
  10. Would have been much easier if I was still working and had access to a mill, but made due with a coarse file, dremel, and some sandpaper. Hope you're not working too hard Paul...
  11. Not limited to PC guns, but they won't sell it to you without it being on a gun. Which seems a bit weird to me.
  12. Got tired of waiting on Hogue, Beretta, or LOK to come out with a G10 conversion grip for the 92X Performance and finally just made one myself. Took a Hogue M9A3 conversion grip, a Dremel, and a file and made the grip fit the 92X Performance. Came out nice, there's a little gap on the backstrap, but it bothers me less than the "el cheapo" flimsy, plastic wraparound conversion grip that came with the gun. Despite the gap, the grip has a solid feel to it not. Major improvement over the garbage Beretta supplies with the $1,200.00 gun. Now I know that once I put the time in for this, LOK, Hogue, or Beretta will come out with a grip tomorrow, but I got tired of waiting.
  13. Being as I'm left handed with pistols, that slide stop wouldn't do much for me. S&W won't sell the PC extended slide stop, not sure what their deal is. Maybe time to check fleabay for to see if there's a right side extended unit or something.
  14. Yeah, it's a bargain until you have to replace the barrel for it to shoot accurately. And no ambi slide stop, really? If you're going for Glock compatibility, go with the most current generation, or at least the biggest features of the current generation.
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