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  1. I clean my PCC after every match... after a thorough cleaning .. i noticed the firing pin would stick in the forward position.. it protruded out of the bolt.. I could manually push it back in... after careful examination i found the firing pin was "peened" a little which caused it to stick out the front of the bolt... (by the way my upper is a complete Taccom upper) ... i changed the firing pin spring which did not correct the problem. so installed a new Taccom firing pin... which solved the problem.. i surmise the old firing pin has about 5 to 6 thousand hits on a primer... just curious --- what kind of service is everyone getting on their firing pins in their PCC's ?
  2. I have shot thousands of them in my STI open guns and PCC's as well...... every one of them went ... BANG...
  3. may i ask what cleaner you use in your ultra sonic cleaner ?
  4. anyone recommend a sonic cleaner that won't break the bank ? tia
  5. if I polish my mag tubes... i surely would want to drop them on the ground..
  6. My latest PCC is a Taccom ULW upper with a 5.25" barrel ... Taccom bolt & carbon fiber handguard... Spikes 9mm lower.. Hiper Fire competition trigger.. Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer.. MFT Battle Link stock.. Techwell magwell ... Holosun 510C optic ..
  7. i guess that is why there is LH and RH .. rifles...
  8. I use to buy Berry's bullets.... but... won't buy from them ever again.. they have completely ignored sport shooters... so when this run on bullets ends... i hope every sport shooter remembers Berry's Bullets ignored sport shooters and buy from other sources...
  9. I noticed some bullet makers have jacked up the prices because of shortages... think they will regret it when this present run plays out..
  10. I have at least 20K rounds on a Taccom firing pin in my Taccom ULW 5.25" barreled PCC .. using a Hyper Fire trigger competition trigger ... i do have spares in my range bag..
  11. thought i would comment on barrel length... i built a PCC using a Taccom 5.25" ULW upper... upon completion... first time out shooting it at the range .. first 5 shots registered a 4" group at 100yds ... just saying...
  12. i use 3.8 Sport Pistol for Everglades 124gr plated bullets.. ...was going to order some more Everglades... but noticed they went up to 11 cents per bullet.. so will shop elsewhere ..
  13. shoot until slide lock... then go fishing/catching...
  14. I run 3 pouches... most times 2 are enough.. EXCEPT... when you drop one and have to waste time stopping and picking it up... if you drop a mag.. you can believe it will fall NOSE DOWN...
  15. Blitzkrieg is made by Kynshot ... I run a 5007 in both my PCC's ... runs 100 %
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