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  1. I just finished building a PCC using Taccom's 5.25" ULW barrel assembly... shot it at a local range last weekend... this range would not let me shoot a rifle on the pistol bays.. so I had to use the 100 yd bay... shot 5 shots from a rest & checked the target... l could cover all 5 holes with the palm of my hand... Taccom's 5.25" ULW barrel is VERY ACCURATE
  2. how did you manage to shave the blitz ss ? I have the 5007 blitz … .223 carbine spring & .308 spring... interested in the 5015 blitz as well...
  3. I plan to chrono this weekend our local range has law enforcement training sessions all this week...no civilians are allowed to use the range... will post my findings on the Blitzkrieg & Taccom recoil systems with reduced powder loads as soon as I can gain access to the range...
  4. yes.. I did use the Taccom 3 stage buffer system...I only shot it about 140 rounds thus far using 4.2gr TiteGroup with 124gr bullet... I found it a bit snappy but the dot barely moved .. I plan to take my chrono to the range later this week with different loads to see if I can fine tune buffer system, cartridge load & bullet to the gun.... I also have a Blitzkrieg buffer & .308 spring I want to try.. the quest continues..
  5. it was recommended by Tim at Taccom.. I surmise its a break in procedure & checking for any problems before hand ...
  6. I just finished building a PCC using a 5.25" Taccom ULW coupled to a Quarter Circle lower & running the Taccom 3 stage buffer system.. would you mind sharing which power & load &, bullet weight you used to get that 132 PF ? thanks,
  7. I do not …... … i use a good quality gun oil and never noticed my gun going dry during a match ...I ALWAYS clean my guns after shooting it... that way its ready for the next shoot...
  8. Just finished my new Taccom upper/Quarter Circle lower PCC … took it to the range today.. shot it 100 rds . .. cleaned it every 10 rounds as recommended by Tim at Taccom… IT RAN 100% picture below...
  9. will a standard AR firing pin work in the Taccom carrier ??
  10. Well.. I lost one when installing the pivot pins on my AR 9mm build... anyone know if these are available locally & where to look for them ? thanks
  11. anyone else experienced the problem B.Willis commented on --- """" Qc10- I had issues with their floating ejector""""" I just received a Qc10 lower which I noticed has the floating ejector.. I have not started my PCC build . .. wonder if I have made a mistake ordering a Qc10 lower...
  12. My Faxton 16" barrel accepts 1.60 COL from the factory...
  13. Eric … have you experienced any problem with the sun shinning on the lens since removing the cover ?
  14. anyone have a discount code for a HiperFire 24C (now Hiperfire says its their competition trigger )
  15. thanks … I ordered a Quarter Circle 10 lower instead of the CMMG … saw Titan Rocket makes mag funnels for Quarter Circle
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