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  1. i think since STI's warranty for their previous sold guns state.. "LIFETIME WARRANTY" .. I feel confident they will honor their commitment ..
  2. I run Hiper Fire triggers in both of my PCC's .. THEY HAVE RUN 100% FROM DAY ONE... never broke a firing pin in over 8,000 rds .. (knock on wood) .. pay once .. cry once..
  3. both my PCC's have Taccom ULW 5.25" barrels & complete uppers... i shoot 124gr plated bullets with a reduced load.. & "special" buffer .... ... YES .. i think less recoil will enable one to shoot faster/more accurately .. simply because you don't experience much recoil.. which in turn keeps your POI on the target..
  4. went to a range .. picked up a bunch of what looks like "once fired" 9mm with a C.F.L. brass head stamp .... anyone have any experience with this brass ? tia
  5. my triggers have been 100% reliable in 1,000's of rounds.. i can't imagine why you would want a rifle with a 1lb trigger .. ??
  6. I have Hyper Fire 24C triggers on both of my PCC's.. 2-1/4lb trigger pull.... both have Taccom ULW 5.25" barrels ,uppers & bolt .. Quarter Circle 10 lowers they run 100% .. never broke a firing pin in over 5,000 rounds.. i shoot light loads.. 130 PF using 115gr & 124gr bullets ...no burst fire ever..
  7. I have no problem knocking down falling steel with my 9mm 124gr plated bullets with a 130 PF ….
  8. 12 yards... at 15 yds no adjustment is required..
  9. I'll second this … both my Taccom bolts have always run 100%..
  10. may I ask what COL you using for the 100 grainer bullets ?
  11. I am using HiperFire 24C tiggers in both of my 9mm PCC's … they have run 100% in thousands of rounds.. ...cannot comment on use in a .223
  12. 5.25" Taccom barrel & pinned shroud .. 3.8gr Sport Pistol.. 124gr bullet Everglades plated bullets .. 5 shot average - 1027fps - 127.3 PF --- dot hardly moves... very accurate..
  13. yes... I experienced feeding problems using Precision Delta JHP 124 gr bullets in both my PCC's... adjusted the AOL from 1.08 up to 1.16 without any success... when I shot some Everglades 124 RN plated bullets both PCC's ran 100%... I have tried 100 gr Berry's hollow base bullets as well as Berry's RN 115 gr plated bullets... they also ran 100% .. when I was having problems with JHP bullets.. I called Tim at Taccom.. he said some PCC''s run with JHP's some won't... so from now on.... I will only use round nose bullets in my PCC's However .. I do run Precision Delta JHP bullets in all my Open major guns... they all run 100% ..
  14. Taccom ULW 5.25" complete upper … QC 10 lower... HiperFire 24C trigger... Blitzkrieg Hyd. buffer standard... Springco red spring.. both PCC's has run 100% … using RN 124 gr plated bullets...
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