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  1. I agree... after all .. isn't this suppose to be a fun sport ?..
  2. Yes .. Steel Challenge … .. I shot 4 - 6 shot Bill drills with the prementioned ammo... was able to keep it on a 12"x14" target... but.. the shots were spread out... my previous load with the same PCC I was able to shoot 6 shot Bill drills and cover all the shots with the palm of my hand.. so I think more experimenting will be required..
  3. got my Taccom Delayed Blowback Recoil System Saturday... took the weight out of the bolt.. loaded some 115gr ammo and made a trip to the range... lowest PF I loaded was 115 .. will load some lower PF and test again Tuesday.. found 115 PF a bit on the snappy side...… the saga continues...
  4. + 1 for a HiperFire 24C trigger l have a HiperFire 24C on both my PCC's .. they run 100%
  5. I shoot a Taccom ULW 5.25" ramped barrel..... I load round nose plated bullets 1.155 COL … runs like a paper bag in the wind....
  6. less weight on the front makes for faster movement between targets... best way to control dot bounce is to tune your load to the buffer you are using...
  7. my next door neighbor is gathering parts to build a budget 9mm PCC … he asked me for recommendations for a 9mm BCG .. any recommendations ? tia
  8. Just built a 9mm PCC... components used: Taccom complete upper (there are different lengths of barrels available I used the 5.25" barrel with alum. shroud - lighting fast acquisitioning ) … Quarter Circle Lower... Hiper Fire competition trigger.. Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer & .223 carbine spring & Holosun 510C red dot scope... your choice for buffer tube & butt stock... my PCC has run 100% with over 2000 rounds thus far.. price for the prementioned is much lower than you mentioned you are willing to spend.... work up your pet load for about 130 to 136PF .. very soft shooting .. dot hardly moves.. extremely accurate... .....................need more info.. send message..
  9. Taccom ULW with 5-1/4" barrel complete upper … Quarter Circle Lower... Hiper Fire competition trigger... Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer with .223 carbine spring ... Holosun 520C red dot scope... this combo runs 100%
  10. buy a new one... get the assassinated one repaired … sell it on Ebay to re-coop some money..
  11. I have a RCBS Charge Master 1500... love it... VERY accurate, fast.. I load pistol as well as rifle cartridges..
  12. Mobil 1 oil... clean & re-lube after every time I shoot .
  13. anyone know of a slide racker that will work on a STI DVC vertical mount on the left side ?? tia
  14. .absolutely.. just making a statement about someone's earlier post... which was … Mobil 1 is toxic... ALL oil is toxic..
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