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  1. I beg to differ... I can press one of my loaded cartridges that has NOT been crimped on its nose and can shorten the AOL.. once crimped.. it does not ..
  2. I shoot 124 gr plated bullets in my PCC... I have pulled quiet a few with good success... I do not crimp a bunch... just enough for the nose down press without any change in OAL..
  3. I went to the 90 degree mount with Cmore as you did.. then tried the RTS2... because it was unreliable (kept cutting on/off) sent it back to Cmore… when it came back.. it did the same thing.... got rid of it & went back to the 90 degree mount & Cmore set up ..
  4. I bought a STI DVC Open 9mm Pistol 3 years ago... did have a jam problem at first... changed the scope mount to a horizontal scope mount... cured the problem.. now it runs 100% .. my go to load is 6.6gr Auto Comp using 124gr Precision Delta bullets... STI DVC are priced competitively .. and their 100% lifetime warranty is valid..
  5. NO COMP NEEDED ON PCC … here is my latest build using a Taccom ULW 5.25" barrel complete upper with a carbon fiber handguard.... timer picks shot report every time.. NO MUZZLE RISE & VERY soft shooting.... pic below
  6. Anyone have a tip on EverGlades bullets promo code ? … I need to order some 124gr plated 9mm bullets .. tia
  7. My STI DVC has breech erosion.. I use Winchester SPP … round count is approx. 30,000 ..
  8. does the custom pistol come with a steel grip ? I have a STI O … if you shop around there are deals on them... ..
  9. Have you tried RN bullets instead of hollow points ??
  10. I use a wooden handscrew clamp .. lay the handscrew on a piece of plywood with a hole drilled in the plywood to allow the roll pin to drop into.. … you can buy the clamp at Home Depot or Lowes..... wooden jaws on the clamp won't hurt the finish on the bolt....
  11. affordable is relative .. there is a lot of disparity in the price of guns... you should decide what you are willing to spend … then decide if you want "bragging rights" or a pistol that will compete in the division you want to shoot … a 2011 platform will surely enable you to compete in open.. STI 2011 pistols are very visible at all the matches I attend.. check around with different vendors... prices vary considerably … a couple of recommendations I may offer... when spending the price of these pistols.. shoot one to see if it fits your shooting style & its prudent to buy from a vendor that will service it.. open guns are definitely finicky …
  12. Eric.... what do you use for a mag spring with a Taccom set up ?
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