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  1. according to Lucas Oil website...Lucas oil is Toxic if swallowed. Combustible. Highly toxic by inhalation of mist. Corrosive to eyes and skin. Sensitizer.
  2. I was under the impression that "ALL PETROLEUM" oil/lubricant are somewhat "TOXIC".. not to mention primers which contain compounds which are harmful... plus bullets contain "LEAD" which is known to be detrimental to humans...
  3. I bought into the hype of Frog Lube a couple of years ago on my STI Open 9mm pistol... followed all the directions.. 3/4's thru a USPSA match my pistol quit cycling.. I racked the slide and immediately noticed it was COMPLETLY DRY... so I borrowed a small bottle of oil from another shooter, happened to be Mobil 1 .. proceeded to a safe area.. took off the slide & generously oiled my gun .. it ran 100% after that.... I threw away the remaining Frog lube... it did not work on my open gun... I will NEVER use it again.. like I stated before I believe Frog lube is for frogs...not firearms... . I use full synthetic Mobil 1 on ALL my guns now....& I ALWAYS clean & re-lube all my guns every time I shoot one...
  4. Frog Lube is ok for frogs... but.. not guns... I use Mobil 1 100% synthetic ..
  5. Count me in if that service is offered... on my 9mm ULW 5.25 Taccom Assembly...
  6. just recently sighted in my Taccom 5.25" barreled complete upper w/Quarter Circle lower & Holosun 510C... 4.2gr WSF - 124gr Plated bullets.. … first 5 shots out of the barrel on a pretty windy day I could cover then with the palm of my hand at 100 yds... .. was not trying for a tighter group.. just wanted to run a some rounds thru my new PCC to insure it would run with the prementioned load..
  7. I have successfully run thousands of Precision Delta 124 JHP in my 2011 DVC … 1.15" for Major loads ..
  8. I always dump the first 3 powder drops back into the hopper when starting or re-starting a loading session .. .. then I check the accuracy about ever 50 rounds or so... my Dillon powder measure has always been very consistent ..
  9. change to a "wet stainless pin" cleaning system.... brass comes out bright & shinny .. no residue what so ever...
  10. I beg to differ with you about easier to get that second shot alpha you referred to...... lower picture is of 3 - 6 shot Bill drill with my Taccom 5.25" ULW upper ... at 12 yards.. target rings are 1" apart...….. : ) ...
  11. I just finished building a Taccom 5.25" ULW upper w/Quarter Circle lower... could not be more pleased... the short barrel is a tack driver... my first outing for testing at the local range (they won't let a rifle on the pistol bays) so I had to shoot it on the 100yd range... first 5 shots at 100 yds i could cover all of them with the palm of my hand … I did lots testing with different loads, powders & buffers.. .& found a great combination - extremely soft shooting & dot just sits there .. …. . just shot my first match this past sunday… this gun transitions like pointing your finger … gun ran 100% ….
  12. read this on Alliant website... . "Sport Pistol's low-muzzle-flash formulation is also optimized for polymer-coated bullets, whereas comparable powders can dissolve polymer coatings at the bullet base during ignition'' those brown flakes might be an additive to prevent dissolving the polymer on coated bullets.... ?
  13. my Stag and my ULW 5.25" Taccom w/Quarter Circle lower both run 100% on Colt mags... I prefer ASC mags..
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