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  1. Winchester are my "last resort" primers... they hang up constantly in my RF100 primer feeder... its obvious Winchester primers are not top notch ... why do you think they are one of the most available primers... ?
  2. decided to try a Rise Armament 140 trigger... price was right.. $85.00
  3. Anyone have any experience with the above trigger ? thinking about getting one for my .223 AR 15... tia
  4. b buffer spring... replaced it with a brand new Springco spring .. now my latest build "runs like a paper bag in the wind" ...
  5. found the problem with my 100gr bullets in my PCC... shot a match last night .. PCC & 100gr bullets ran 100% ... VERY ACCURATE... dot just wiggles ... I LIKE THESE BULLETS/LOADS...
  6. i have shot over 2K of 100gr .380 bullets in my PCC .. have not stuck a bullet in the barrel yet.. great load for steel challenge..
  7. I built 2 PCC's using Taccom uppers ..the 5.25" barrel I used Quarter 10 Circle lower, the 10 - 16 upper I used a Spikes lower.. .. and the 3rd i used a Stag lower with a 16" light weight Faxton barrel.. no problems mixing these different uppers to lowers as far as fitment..... after some experimenting with springs, bullet weights & powder loads .. they all run 100% .. and all three PCC's are Colt style mags... one recommendation i may add... shoot factory ammo for the first 50 or so rounds..... then change to your reloads...
  8. Yep... plunk test is the first thing i did before loading enough for a match.. this barrel accepts 1.165" ... so COL is not the problem..
  9. I loaded some 100gr Berry's HB bullets with 3.9gr SP powder to a COL of 1.125" for a SC match last weekend...my new PCC with a Taccom 10 - 16 barrel .. spent brass ejected but the next round would not make it into chamber for 5 strings....so my first stage was null .. I changed to my older PCC with the Taccom ULW with the 5.25" barrel it ran 100% for the remaining stages. right at 165 rounds.......both guns have the very exact components except the barrel..... now I have to figure why/what/where .. anyone have advise ?
  10. LRBHO ... are prone to breaking ... my PCC's do not lock back..
  11. i used a cheap buffer tube on one of my builds... then i changed to a better quality buffer tube .. which helped a lot..
  12. maybe a relocation is in order ?
  13. Gosh... i shot a USPSA match sunday & a match yesterday... thought we were late in re-opening.. there is another USPSA match this sunday in our area..
  14. I shoot a Taccom 5.25" barrel with the pinned shroud... in over 7500 rounds .. carbon build up is a - MUTE POINT.. i do clean all my guns after each shooting.. takes all of 5 minutes..
  15. If i shoot a gun.... i clean/lube it...
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