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  1. Makes sense. I don't shoot many major matches, so not something I would have thought of.
  2. No issues since 2009, in a G35 or when I moved the extensions to my G17 mags.
  3. The black LPA rear is pretty nice, close to the Dawson, and since Dawson is no longer an option, the LPA is about the only game in town if you want the black rear sight.
  4. I use MkIII magazines in two Ruger Standard Pistols (pre-MkI). a MkI, and even in a .22/45 (with the basepad changed). Never had an issue. The only caveat is that when pulling them out, you need to push slightly to the rear on the base so the MkIII mag catch notch/protrusion doesn't hang up on the lower edge of the grip frame. In the Standard Automatic Pistols with the earlier frames, you have to move the follower button to the opposite side of the magazine tube, but it seems to work fine. You probably can't use MkI, MkII magazines in a MkIII pistol due to the MkIII mag catch notch/protrusion not being on the MkI & MkII magazines. They'd probably work, but won't lock into the gun. Best way to be sure is try it yourself. Buy or borrow one MkIII magazine and see if it works with your MkII.
  5. Some of us balk at the price of JP's GMR15, then quickly realize we're not far off that price after putting together our Frankenguns. At least on the first go-around. Once you figure out what works, you spend less on subsequent builds. And I'm still shaking my head that they (JP) didn't just do away with the traditional AR charging handle and make it a dedicated, non-reciprocating side charger. And figure a way to eliminate the receiver extension/buffer tube so it could be a folding gun for the tactical crowd, and those that like folding guns.
  6. I have both. The PC CORE 2.0 comes with an extended/enlarged slide stop, which doesn't look like much, but the larger slide stop feels better (to me). According to S&W, they will not sell this part to you. See pics below. Also the PC CORE comes with a reshaped firing pin block plunger that makes the trigger a bit less stagey, and also an over travel screw. Both come with the stupid slide stop lever detent that prevents the slide from auto-forwarding, a huge negative if you ask me. I removed the spring and detent from both of my guns, but they still don't auto-forward, which is why I like the enhanced/extended slide stop on the PC CORE gun. All of that said, the PC CORE gun is going for $740.00 in my area (AZ), and the non-PC CORE gun goes for $530.00. Are the PC upgrades worth $210.00? Not to me. Some judicious spring tuning and recontouring of the firing pin block plunger gives the non-PC CORE gun a very nice trigger comparable to the PC gun's trigger. With a slightly reduced striker spring and a reduced firing pin block spring, a nice 2 lb trigger is not a problem. And there's always Apex if you want to dump more money into the gun, and if you're going this route, I'm assuming you'd do it no matter which gun you bought. Oh, and my PC CORE gun is black, the non-PC CORE gun is FDE. If I was asked, I'd prefer it was black, but I don't really care much about the color, so it wasn't a big deal for me. Some people may feel differently.
  7. Especially the Open shooters.
  8. Yeah, but then you don't get to shoot a rifle in a pistol match...
  9. Without dreams we're no better than dogs... Nevermind, even with dreams we're probably no better than dogs.
  10. You Sir, are a masochist. And I mean that in a good way.
  11. Racking the slide isn't my problem, it's trying to have my thumb on the slide stop lever while inserting the magazine so that the act of seating the mag also drops the slide. Pretty easy on the PC CORE gun, not so much on the FDE gun. An e mail to S&W tomorrow may or may not find me an "extended" slide stop. We'll see...
  12. Yeah, being a left handed pistol shooter, the slide stop on the 2.0 guns isn't optimal from the wrong side of the gun since they "corrected" the auto-forward "issue". Deleting the slide stop detent thingy helps, and the lever I n the PC CORE also helps. Since I'm using the guns in ISPSA, the slide racker isn't an option.
  13. Can you elaborate, what was better, was there any downside, is it that much better than a well tuned blowback gun, and finally, how does it compare to a Sig (assuming you've shot a Sig...) Thanks. Bob
  14. Had both. Novak is adjustable for elevation only. LPA is OK, but nowhere near as nice as Dawson adjustable sights
  15. This is so true it's funny. So many tiny parts, tiny springs, "secret" levers (the detent to get the thumb safety all the way in), it makes you wonder about the mind of the cat who designed the gun.
  16. Not arguing with you, but my Beretta 92X Performance, with a firing pin block has a trigger reset that rivals 1911 trigger reset. It also has a better SA trigger than my Shadow 2 with bunch of CGW parts (short reset trigger, adjustable sear, nice springs, etc.). The Shadow2 has a better DA trigger. If Beretta, LOK, Hogue, VZ, or any of the other grip makers ever got off their collective hind-ends and came out with a nice G10 classic profile (hump back) grip adapter, I'd give the Beretta the nod over the CZ, but with the garbage plastic grip conversion Beretta provides, the CZ is the more ergonomic gun. Still waiting on the grip conversion from someone, just not holding my breath anymore. And why would CZ go through the trouble of making a rear sight adjustable for elevation only, FFS it's a competition gun, give me the ability to adjust my rear sight for both elevation and windage.
  17. I just wish Dawson Precision still made the adjustable rear sight for these guns...
  18. I have a 2.0 M&P9 CORE 5" Performance Center gun for USPSA Carry Optics, no complaints. I recently purchased a FDE 2.0 M&P9 5", and trying to set it up for Production, the same as the Carry Optics gun. What I've notices is that the slide stop on the PC CORE gun is more prominent than the slide stop on the FDE gun. Does anyone know where to get a slide stop that is more prominent (sticks out more), like the one on the PC CORE gun? I've disabled the slide stop stay up mechanism on both guns, for the life of me, I can't figure why S&W put that on them. Here's some pics. Thanks. Bob
  19. Try the Arredondo extensions. I easily get 23 reloadable, with no cycling issues. Not as Gucci as the TTI ro Taylor Freelance units, but let's be real, it's a Glock. No amount of bling will change that.
  20. Looking at Europe today, no country there has any testosterone anymore. More likely it's the Russians we save the from next time.
  21. And they still haven't come out with a decent, classic profile grip for the 92X Performance, so I'm ready to give up on them.
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