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  1. Aw he**. Shelved the UZI and bought an AR9. Problem solved.
  2. Wasn't the guy that let a round go off that the safe area before the match started, was it?
  3. I bought mine from Tripp. He did the performance work and hard chroming. Also has the Dawson rail.
  4. Someone trying to catch a dropped gun. Let it hit the ground. Only safe thing to do.
  5. I use a laser. Much easier than trying to find a dot while leaning.
  6. I was having this same issue. Mine was that the magazine wasn't in the highest position. Mag was seated too low.
  7. Unless it was spelled out before the match, As the CRO, he would reset or go home.
  8. If I stop you as an RO...maybe a reshoot. You stop yourself...nope. Sorry Charlie.
  9. If I wanted to shoot a 50 round match, I'd shoot IDPA.
  10. 3.9gr of Clays W/ 230 RN for USPSA. Change to a 200 for other games and don't change the powder charge. 200 gr with 3.9 Clays. Soft shooting. Only change is the bullet.
  11. Expand on the fiddling. Are they holding the PCC in their hands while making adjustments or is the firearm in the rack, on a cart while they turn the dot on/off etc...?
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