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  1. That doesn't that the model is legal. There is a minimum number that has to be manufactured to be legal
  2. In my case, likely culprit is the old style sear housing block. Couldn't use the larger OD sear spring. Going to get a new one and reinstall.
  3. Now that sux. I didn't change the sear spring. I changed the RAM spring.
  4. That's not it in this case. I removed the striker block and got less than 50% ignition. It's a bowed trigger bar. Wasn't allowing the sear to disconnect between shots. Trigger bar loop was always under the sear.
  5. Had the Apex competition spring/sear kit, with stock trigger, in my M&P for years. Had it milled out for a RMR a few years back. Everything has worked perfect. With the allowance of the Apex flat faced trigger trigger, I installed the trigger, trigger return spring and sear. When dry firing, the striker resets. There is a distinct click when I pull the trigger. When I load a round, there is a click but no primer strike. Not even a mark showing a light primer strike. I have a heavy duty striker spring. What am I missing?
  6. Shot it again this week-end. Left a popper standing. Still. All in all 3 10 3.65 6.3014 40.0000 100.00 91.32
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