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  1. or porting on barrels are prohibited. Does this make my 870 breecher prohibited?
  2. I have a couple thousand SC brass. My only issue is someone stepping on them
  3. Thanks. Looking for a short colt and clays load. I have 24 lbs of the stuff when I was shooting a 45 ACP.
  4. In what? 38 spl case or short Colt?
  5. But 9mm brass is cheaper.
  6. I'm just a lowly 'A' shooter but it's not my gun holding me back.
  7. I don't like the position of the slide stop on the Sig. I kept hitting it and locking the slide while shooting.
  8. That's the kicker. I use an IMI SBR UZI. Filing federal paperwork to go from state to state is a PITA.
  9. 'C' Chances are that he wouldn't be competitive anyway.
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