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  1. Thanks Kevin. There was no call made. It was pointed out in the RO walk through by the MD. It is how he said it is to be called. Here's a little fact I didn't add. The start position was with a unloaded gun and you had to move from Box A to Box B before engaging.
  2. I did above. 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets. I'd tell the MD that the shooter let a round one handed go while running from box A to box B outside of a shooting area. Let the MD settle it or arb it.
  3. I've been a CRO for 15 years. If I see a shooter running between 2 shooting boxes outside of a shooting area let a round go one handed, I'm calling it.
  4. In an area between shooting boxes?
  5. I think the MD is using this as a reason for no DQ: A shooter who fires shots while completely outside (both feet out and touching the ground) after leaving a shooting area is deemed to have gained a significant advantage and will be given one penalty for each shot fired until presence is re-established. I view it as as AD, finger in trigger guard wile running. 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets.
  6. Stage has two shooting boxes 30 feet apart. Shooter engages array from box A moves to box B and engages remaining targets. During movement shooter engages target from outside box A wile moving to box B. Not in any of the shooting boxes but half way between the two. Procedural or DQ?
  7. Thanks. For a CO pistol. Ejection port not an issue.
  8. Do these two share the same footprint? Do the mounting holes match?
  9. I've done that as well as do a reload next to the box before engaging array and have the mag hit the pressure pad for a premature activation.
  10. Not without getting banned.
  11. That happened to a club here in MI. It was one of the better matches.
  12. I don't think so unless they changed their design. All of my LPA's are flat on the top.
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