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  1. I've found that M-Pro 7 works reasonably well if I give it a few minutes after application. Guess I'm not patient enough. Of course our practice round counts are down thanks to the cursed primer shortage. I have also concluded that the Lucas spray cleaner is best reserved for blowing out lowers that can't be detailed strip, at least by me. (e.g., Ruger Mark IV).
  2. It's interesting that the only Federal 22lr ammo Advantage Arms recommends is Auto Match (which doesn't run well in my wife's Rugers. I've brought my conversion out of storage to lower the cost of one of our two weekly practices. Reloading 9mm is $$$.
  3. I've used a lot of this in the past for soft 9mm steel challenge loads in my 1911, but I had forgotten how tough it is to clean up. The last several months I've been using WSF and although sooty most anything works to get the soot off. My soft 115gr SP load leaves a hard residue. MPro7 won't tough it. The Lucas spray cleaner works with some serious brushing. No joy with Hornady combo cleaner/lube. I have some Hoppes spray cleaner but the stuff is so vile that I don't even want to use it. My US cleaner would probably work but I'm cleaning this gun twice a week. Any suggestions?
  4. I finally got around to getting serious about using my AMG timer and tablet for practice. I've written a program (in Matlab) to take the tablet data and plot every string time for each practice session. After each stage I use tags to record shooter/division/stage which appear in the tablet data file. The green zone represents the shooter's current classification. I've attached my wife's output since I've sucked so badly over these last 2-3 years. I'll be changing the vertical scale limits to something more relevant to rimfire of course. Could be used for any drill or a succession of repetitive drills in a given practice. If I don't have any consulting to do over the winter I might look at converting to a language that will produce and executable. Or if there is someone on this forum who wants to create and executable version I'd be happy to assist. Sample Output.pdf
  5. Just received shipment notice on an order for 4000 115gr I order in April. Since then i've been buying Brass Monkey, Black Bullets and Missouri Bullets without an issue. Bullets are a non-issue; not so for primers.
  6. Saw this at a recent steel challenge match, a competitor running an open gun in a race holster where the barrel prior to the draw was definitely canted inward toward the competitor's thigh. I wouldn't personally run a gun OWB in that condition, but I suppose since some forms of carry holsters are legal in USPSA (?), where these often have barrel axes that at least intersect the shooter's butt, then the aforementioned configuration is legal. What do the rules say?
  7. I'm hanging in there with SPP, but it's hand-to-mouth. Has any tried the subject primers from Zinc Point?
  8. I now shoot irons with the same fixed distance focus prescription as I use for my PCC. As long as I have the right percentage of white space in the rear sight notch I don't find my accuracy affected one bit.
  9. My wife has identical Kidd 10-22 with Wiland Barrels. These rifles see practices 2x/week and 2 4-stage matches per week (winter excluded). I'm experience in cleaning magazines, cleaning the rifles, .... , but we're at our wits end keeping these things running with the assortment of ammo we're being forced to use; much more of a problem than with her two Ruger 22/45 Lite competition guns. What's out there that can be made to weight in at 3-1/2 lbs. or so that does not use these nefarious rotary mags? I have a CMMG ar22 upper that runs 100% with the S&W mags and with a LW barrel and polymer lower I suppose the weight might get close, but anything else?
  10. My wife has this stock on both her 10/22 builds. I'm looking for a grip, really a hand stop, that will attach to the stock and have had no luck online. Purpose is to provide consistent pressure to her shoulder using the same hand position. If all else fails I'll fab something, but I swear I've seen something mentioned on line.
  11. I have had cataract surgery on my dominant (right) eye. For Single Stack I use monovision prescriptions, distance for left eye, front sight for right eye. The sights are crystal clear. I don't have binocular vision so while my left eye provides situational awareness I really don't track to the next target (steel challenge) with my left eye and I obviously don't have the ability in real time to transition from target to sight focus. The sharp sight focus really decreases target contrast under certain lighting conditions and I'm wondering if anyone in a similar situation has compromised sight crispness to provide a bit more contrast at target distance. My current shooting prescription is distance plus 1.5 diopter which is dead on the front sight.
  12. Thinking back I believe you're right. I've had instances where I was a bit casual on the first shot and didn't pick it up, but was able to get in position for the stop plate, some stages being more awkward than others:)
  13. I don't even have to try to pick up my wife's 10/22 with a Wiland barrel. PCCs are obviously no problem. The AMG timer is pretty amazing. Even so, if I'm timing a gun/competitor new to me I'll reach under/over and turn the display so I can see the shots being recorded. (Steel Challenge obviously)
  14. At least a "C" fits in SS. I've got one on order an am looking forward to the occasional use in SC and USPSA.
  15. Perhaps the rule should read "range conditions permit angle all plates toward the shooting box (SD and OL excepted)". I've shot in bays ("pits" in Idaho: go figure) where the side berms barely extend up range of the shooting box. Plates 2 and 3 on S&H can cause problems, Plate 1 on accelerator and definitely the 5TG stop plate.
  16. Zack, Should there be an update to the rules? Parallel makes sense for OL and SD where the rule doesn't cover these stages, but does cover the other six. I don't have a dog in this hunt in any event other than when I set up OL and SD for practice (wife and I) I do angle the outer targets (slightly) toward the same-side box. All other stages I angle toward the box per the current rule.
  17. All other stages angle targets toward the center box. My practice is to angle the outer target pairs (OL and Showdown) toward their respective boxes, but is there a "standard"/customary practice?
  18. I run CMMG uppers with AR lowers using Mean Arms Pmags. Not sure the CMMG bolt is compatible with a blowback lower's ejector since CMMG uses an AR style ejector.
  19. Thanks for the responses and, yes, S&H. Won't help my wife much RFRO, but I'll encourage her to bring her left hand in closer to the trigger guard which should enable her to get 3 and 4 without so much weight shift.
  20. Is this legal? Background: My wife has a really bad right hip. Steel Challenge is the only stage that presents a real problem because of the total angle. Shooting RFPO I've suggest she try indexing between 2 and S, Use two hands in the ready position, but go after 3 and 4 with the right hand only picking up the support hand on the way to 1. I don't see anything in the rules prohibiting this, but how would and RO see this? OTOH, AIWB is now legal in USPSA?
  21. The local smith opened up the chamber based on 4 sample rounds I provided. Interesting that a second barrel that had been installed by a differed smith back east already had the chamber reamed I suspect based on his experience with Barsto barrels. All my test rounds plunked in that barrel as installed. Anyway, problem solved.
  22. That's in the ballpark if you've already replaced the ILS Mainspring housing. The mainspring selection is also influenced by the radius on the firing pin stop.
  23. Very kind of you. Through my favorite LGS I've found someone in the area whom I'm going to call. If that falls through I'll take you up on the offer. Between now and my March 24 class the old style Bayou 124RN will work fine; those can be loaded to 1.12+, but after the class I'll be able to send the barrel back and forth.
  24. I have a Kimber HD Pro Carry with a Barsto barrel. Started to handload for this gun and the leade is very short. Irv at Barsto recommended .355. This is not an emergency as I discoved that the last batch of Bayou 124gr are the old style; if I load to 1.125" the driving bands are essentially inside the case to the round will chamber easily. Long term I'd like to source the correct diameter. I've changed the crimp, tried an FCD, .... If there is more than the smallest bit of full diameter cross section outside the case the bullet is in the lands. Barsto can lightly ream the barrel, but I would just as soon leave unchanged since factory ammo is fine.
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