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  1. Got a photo of your setup? I can have Safariland 3 speedloaders pretty close in front of the holster, and they do not disturb anything.
  2. Some seem to have S&W and Ruger revolvers. No fumbling with the different cylinder releases?
  3. He is in Finland, Europe. I believe he is now working at www.trueaim.fi/ ... might not be quite ideal for you ...
  4. IPSC World Shoot goes by IPSC rules. Not USPSA.
  5. Bump. There is an error in at least one of Brian's posts.
  6. IPSC Rules say: 5.1.10 The firearm must be fitted with a stock ... Whether a brace is a stock is debatable. Will US Government authorities look at what it is, or what your paperwork says? If I were going, I'd want official confirmation on what I can bring. Forum discussion is just forum discussion.
  7. I got a couple of responses in the facebook letstalkipsc group. Looks like the barrel length thing is only about local legislation at the World Shoot. Unless there's something local going on in your Region.
  8. Looks like the upcoming PCC World Shoot in USA will have a limit. US legislation is cumbersome if you want less than 16"
  9. "fixed barrel, low mass slide and gas delayed blowback system" isn't a new idea. It just hasn't seen much use in recent decades.
  10. People in my corner of Europe have just got enthusiastic about cutting barrels down to 12". Revised legislation.... Barrel length limit would also eliminate the conversions like the Roni, that people like to use for trying the Division, and for reducing the number of Firearms Permits they need.
  11. Alien with iron sights is on the IPSC Production list. From IPSC Rules, APPENDIX D4a: Production Optics Division: 14. Only handguns listed as approved in the Production Division List on the IPSC website and fitted with an optical/electronic sight may be used in Production Optics or Production Optics Light Divisions. ..... 18.2 Aftermarket open and optical/electronic sights (see Rules and and mounting plates are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight. ------> Approved for Production Optics, when the dot is mounted on the slide. The slide is interpreted as the moving part, so installation is a little awkward.
  12. We do what we "always" do. Like the only time in recent years when we had a stage where you started with magazine inserted but chamber empty.
  13. Oh... Looks like I stumbled upon another difference between IPSC and USPSA. IPSC Rules: 8.7.1 Competitors are prohibited from taking a sight picture and/or dry firing prior to the Start Signal. Violation will result in a warning for the first occurrence and one procedural penalty for each subsequent occurrence in the same match. Competitors may, while pointing their firearm directly at the ground in front of them, adjust electronic sights.
  14. Where did you hear that? It takes a bit to change rules. Needs a majority of Regions at a General Assembly.
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