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  1. Super GP100 is an 8-shot hybrid between GP100 and Redhawk. https://www.ruger.com/products/superGP100/models.html trying to keep the weight down, polished trigger surfaces, etc.
  2. Great warranty and customer service. A part in the powder system of my ancient SDB broke. I sent and email with photo - and a spare was in the mail the next working day. No charge.
  3. APPENDIX D4a: Production Optics Division ... 18.2 Aftermarket open and optical/electronic sights (see Rules and and mounting plates are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight. So, that means you can mill the slide to install the sight. Otherwise: 17. Original parts and components offered by the OFM as standard equipment, or as an option, for a specific model handgun on the IPSC approved handgun list are permitted, subject to the following: 17.1 Modifications to them, other than minor detailing (the removal of burrs and/or adjustments unavoidably required in order to fit replacement OFM parts or components), are prohibited.... (which is the same as Production)
  4. I've always got quick response from them. The rest is up to whatever shipping company is used.
  5. N320 is pretty much the sweet spot for Minor 9mm. Troublefree to work up a load, pretty small amount of powder to get good pressures - unless you like the recoil impulse of N330 better. N340 is definitely too slow, and you need more than is good for you. N310 is a bit scary. No room for error at 9mm minor PF levels.
  6. For example this one: https://www.sportshooter.de/en/equipment/holsters/for_revolver/hoeppner_und_schumann_speedsec_4_lowrider_2_0.htm A lowride version. They have a black one for 6 inch S&W K, L and N frame available for right hand side, in stock now. Adjustable angle and draw tension. Adjustable for up to 55mm belts. ------------------------------------ or https://www.sportshooter.de/en/equipment/holsters/for_revolver/hoeppner_und_schumann_speedsec_4_doh_iii.htm This one is better translated on the site: I have not tried these but I bet they would work.
  7. Quote from the rule: Exceptions are releasing an external safety (without scooping), reloading or correcting a malfunction. ULSC, etc, isn't "engaging targets".
  8. At least some of the kydex holsters at this German shop are in stock: https://www.sportshooter.de/en/equipment/holsters/for_revolver/ I've bought a few holsters from them, and some Höppner und Schuman plastic speedloader holders. Good stuff. They ship to USA, and many other places. https://www.sportshooter.de/en/lieferbeschraenkungen.php
  9. The holsters for my 4" GP100 are actually L-Frame holsters - but I've been using leather which might be a little more forgiving (?)
  10. You don't have a pistol now? You are overthinking it. Get a pistol that you like - and go shoot it.
  11. Has the machine been used with different calibers or primer sizes? Anyway, check the adjustment instructions in the manual: https://dilloncdn.com/manuals/dillon-squareb-manual-english.pdf (Page 12) "If a primer fails to appear, adjust the primer feed adjustment screw(#13961a), located at the lower tip of the flat spring(#13979) on the front of the housing (#20900) as follows: If changing from a large primer to a small primer turn the primer feed adjustment screw (#13961a) in 1/8 turn increments clockwise. If changing from small to large, turn in 1/8 turn increments counterclockwise. "
  12. Should have done that at a match 2 years ago. I would probably have noticed the 3 targets that had no holes in them yet.
  13. USPSA rule: Exception – a detonation, which occurs while unloading a firearm, is not considered a shot or discharge subject to a match disqualification, however, Rule 5.1.6 may apply. (5.1.6 Firearms must be serviceable and safe.) IPSC has a similar wording for those ejector-strikes-primer situations. ------------ My Unload and Show Clear: remove magazine and put it away, pull the slide back "slowly" and let the round drop, hold the slide back until RO gives next command. (Some ROs want to catch my round. I don't think that is any of their business.)
  14. In IPSC Classic Division, Major might have a slight edge because rules stipulate lots of "Short" stages (12 rounds, most often). USPSA has lots of long stages, Right? That would favor the slightly higher mag capacity of Minor.
  15. One thing that I've had snags with in WHO is "which eye picks up the sights". Needs more practice, I think. Especially, I remember a short stage where I had to grab a rope and lean around the edge of a wall to see targets.
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