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  1. This COULD mean that the rest of the world will have easier access to US firearms and parts. There's a lot of good stuff that don't have local distributors. Elsewhere there was some concern that Commerce hasn't been as prompt in processing things, as ITAR. Things take a long time, emails go unanswered, etc.
  2. I sometimes use revolver for competition just BECAUSE. I do shoot my .45 better in IPSC Classic (sorta Singlestack) division. I don't expect to win anything, but shooting revolver doesn't necessarily mean I'm always last in "combined results" either.
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    Do people remember details of what happened, when the Zone happened? Does it matter? Sometimes, after a good "performance", you hear people say they don't remember what exactly went on. They were like on auto pilot doing what they had trained to do.
  4. There's some printable targets posted at https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/264427-here’s-a-few-printable-dryfire-targets/?tab=comments#comment-2937004
  5. Is this one stainless or "chromoly"? I believe you do both for frames. What about slides?
  6. This might do it: https://www.lsholster.com/antero-pistol-holster-options/ It should be flatter than a regular Bladetech or their more competition oriented Huron model.
  7. That first one is gone already... For the second one, you'll need the dies too.
  8. How is holster selection for the Rhino now?
  9. Their facebook just had some "coming soon" teaser. Looked like some sort of a signature model.
  10. With any CZ you get a better single action trigger. Shooting Production, you do have double action first shots, though. Glocks always have the same trigger pull * . Nothing prevents you from shooting a CZ in the Standard Division, as long as it fits in "the box" (which they do). In Standard you can start cocked and locked, instead of hammer lowered. * Having handled some different Glocks, they all had different trigger pulls. Some probably had aftermarket parts. Most had pretty long pulls, some were draggy or mushy. My old Glock is not bad: the pull is short and "crisp for a Glock".
  11. Opps. I forgot to check what a Glock 34 is... For the Production Division, the pistol must be on "The List": https://www.ipsc.org/rules/proddiv.php For Glock, the list says: 17, 17M, 19, 19M, 19X, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 30S, 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 45. Also approved: variants with original Glock barrels which are longer than standard (e.g. 17A, 17DK), as well as variants with "Tactical", "Mariner" or similar OFM engravings on the slide, provided the barrel length does not exceed 127mm, and provided all other aspects of these variants fully comply with all other Production Division rules. Also approved: Gen 4 and SF or FS versions of above models. Also approved: Gen 5 versions of above models. Also approved: MOS (Italy: FTO) versions but without optics fitted. Also approved: TB versions of approved models, provided the barrel length does not exceed 127mm. NOT APPROVED: 17TB, 18, 24, 25, 28, 34, 35, 41, 42, Pro, L, C models
  12. There's enough divisions already. I might like a 1911 with a dot, or a 1911 with a comp. That doesn't mean that there should be Divisions created for them. If I wanted to shoot a "carry comp" 1911 with a dot in competition, I'd just go and shoot it in Open.
  13. The "IPSC exam" is a matter of Region/country too. IPSC does not require it. My IPSC Region requires it. Cost varies too. Here, people who run the training and exam donate their time, so the cost is not much.
  14. What do you want to do? My first guess is IPSC. The Glock should work OK for the Production Optics, or PO Light division. Not sure how long PO Light will be around, though. Here in Northern Europe, people gravitate towards CZ pistols. CZ Shadow 2 for example. 9mm is usually more economical than larger calibers, whether you reload or not. For the Production divisions, it is the logical choice. Do you want, or need, a red dot sight? As we "mature", it becomes harder to focus at different distances, so a dot can be easier to hit with - but it has its complications. Durability on a pistol slide is still an issue with recent models. Are you member of some club already, so you can get hands-on help with ... stuff? Not sure how NZ clubs and NZ IPSC Region handle it but in many parts of the world, some formal training is required before you are allowed to practice on your own. edit: This must be from some major NZ Match:
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