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  1. Oooops. I must have clicked a wrong link when I went to check what the standard length is in inches. My calipers don't read inches.
  2. Yep. For Open: 8. Maximum magazine length 170 mm (see Appendix E1)
  3. I like the IPSC target. Here, in gun-controlled Finland, IDPA is using IDPA targets - and the military reservists' sorta-3-gun is using USPSA style targets with no issues.
  4. Many possibilities. - Your OAL is longer than standard. I'm sure Glocks are made to run on standard size cartridges. - Any trouble with seating the bullets straight? - There may be more possibilities. Have you loaeded those bullets before?
  5. The A zone of the IPSC target is about the same size as that used in USPSA. The shape is bit different. No biggie there. IPSC has a recommendation for distances: The recommended balance for an IPSC Rifle match with regards to target distance is: 30% of all targets to be less than 60 meters, 50% to be between 60 and 150 meters and 20% to be between 150 and 300 meters.
  6. The awards of the latest Match I went to took quite long enough - without class trophies. 7 divisions, Senior category for most, Super-Senior, Junior, and Lady categories for some. Also Team awards in many categories. I got a medal for a Senior category that didnt have all-that-many participants.
  7. In some countries people have, with IPSC. Just to keep the powers that be from banning the running around with loaded guns. Generally, they call it something like Dynamic Shooting.
  8. What is the purpose of the system, anyway: 1) an indication of what you can do, or 2) a badge of honor for what you did once?
  9. The guy who wins, wins. The guy who is halfway down the list is halfway down the list. No reason to have a second list where the guy halfway down the list is at the top. Just checked my standing in national IPSC ranking. No, I'm not a Master or Grand Master. More like the guy halfway down the list.
  10. What did you do to earn them?
  11. Do you realize that the topic is still relevant - and you added nothing useful to it?
  12. Almost everybody here picks up their dropped rounds immediately, so there aren't many on the ground. More likely, no other rounds. Rounds found later on go into the "rounds for disposal" bin. I mainly shoot .45ACP and know well how distressed my brass looks....
  13. Strangely enough, I didn''t find a USPSA rule for what to do with revolvers when WSB has magazine inserted but empty chamber. IPSC has: Double/Selective Action: hammer fully down and cylinder closed. If self-loading pistols prepare "magazine well and chamber empty", revolvers prepare with an empty cylinder, otherwise revolvers prepare with a fully loaded cylinder. But I meant: Where do you put the revolver? It doesn't have an ejection port.
  14. 9mm Minor is pretty much the sweet spot for N320 - and .40 Major.
  15. OK.... So where do the Revolver shooters put the gun?
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