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  1. Are you feeling otherwise OK? Been speaking or singing more than usual? Make sure you are not dehydrated.
  2. perttime

    Ideal .300 Blackout Barrel Length

    Slightly Off Topic There's been people loading a .300BLK variant to IPSC Major. There best results have been reached using longer barrels with slower twist: too slow for subsonic, I think.
  3. perttime

    Shooting Range In Use Flag Ideas

    I'm just used to having a flag. People see it from some distance without trying to see what it says. The place I usually go to uses actual flagpoles. The place is divided into several areas, so the Practical area has a flag, the Clays area has several flags, each rifle range has one etc. The flag is never disconnected from the line. Another place has flags on pieces of broom handle, and you put it into a bracket next to the door to the covered shooting places.
  4. perttime

    Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    In this context, I think Failures to Engage, the Misses, and not getting the points for 3 IPSC paper targets is a good score.
  5. perttime

    Slower or faster powder

    From Vihtavuori, 3N38 looks about right. With 3N37 and N350, pressures may get a little high for Major. N105 is probably on the slow side: low pressure.
  6. perttime

    .40 or .45 Single stack?

    The weight and balance of the particular pistol can also change things. When I tried an IPSC Standard .40 that had some weight forward, I first thought it must be a 9mm, instead.... Much less movement than my .45.
  7. perttime

    Quicker transitions

    Call the shot as it breaks. ... then SEE the next target.
  8. Discreet? Visit a guitar shop and pick up a gig bag by Fender, or whatever brand they are selling.
  9. perttime

    Fault Lines and being exposed to targets

    In some cases, you could make the fault lines so "tight" that you can only get one target in a comfortable position, and need to lean around a corner to get the rest.
  10. perttime

    Tell me a cool revolver to buy

    Where do you get holsters for it?
  11. Looks like North America is colder than usual - while it is warmer than usual here in northern Europe.
  12. perttime

    What would happen if

    More importantly: will the longer rounds chamber and fit in your magazines?
  13. perttime

    Tell me a cool revolver to buy

    You can shoot a 6-shot .357 as Major, no problem. To be competitive, you'd have to get it modified for moon clips - but still be at a disadvantage against the huge holes you dunk the .45 reloads into. And there's the bigger disadvantage against Minor 8-shooters.
  14. perttime

    Powder question

    N350 seems very similar with 3N37 - which I like for .357 Mag "lite" (making Major). Haven't tried N350 yet. 3N37 measures about the same as N320 and burns clean, at least as long as you are at reasonably high pressures.
  15. perttime

    Powder question

    Why slower?