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  1. In a recent thread, somebody had light strikes on a different revolver model, depending on which brass and which moon clips were used.
  2. As somebody mentioned, that can cause trouble if there's another stage very near. Like, we just had a match where we used a clay range for some stages. There were three stages between the same berms.
  3. I've recently RO'd a couple of stages where the competitior would move back fast. There's no sense in going so close you risk being run into, or run past. Another thing that has happened is getting a spent case straight into the timer when going close to get the last shot. Couldn't be 100% on which one was the last shot, so the competitor had to reshoot.
  4. perttime

    Sps pantera-mags dropping under recoil

    Is any part of your hand on, or near, the release when you shoot? Some photos make the button on the Pantera look pretty big.
  5. perttime

    Getting back to it

    Welcome! What are you shooting, or going to shoot? I have a Dillon SDB of pretty similar vintage and recently broke a part of the powder system. I'd forgotten that such things fall under Dillon's warranty. Service by email was quick and the new parts were shipped promptly from Dillon.
  6. perttime

    getting started in .357 magnum

    Last time I shot full power loads was an overcast day with a fine drizzle. Not the best thing after a break in shooting.
  7. I'll probably keep an eye on what others do during walkthrough. I usually shoot in a low cap Division, though, so sometimes I need to pick different options to avoid standing reloads. Once I'm on the line, I do what I can, to get the hits.
  8. perttime

    getting started in .357 magnum

    Whatever powder you use, look at published data first. I start from powder manufacturers' tables. I believe H-110 is much like Vihtavuori N110 which is more accessible to me: good for the highest velocities and biggest fireballs at the muzzle and cylinder gap. I believe I've got a flinch a couple of times from shooting full power factory loads. I don't think the recoil was bad but the fireball out of a 4" barrel disturbed me.
  9. perttime

    Gunsmith Praise Question

    Yep. 1911 subforum https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/3-1911-style-pistols/ and post pics.
  10. perttime

    Moon clips for gp100 match champion

    Good to hear. Works well with the correct moonclips.
  11. perttime

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    My .45 doesn't feel like there's all that much tension when the slide is forward. When I remove or install the slide, I can easily control the spring and guide rod with one hand. Maybe it is the double spring, or something else that the New Detonics people did differently? It is a bull barrel government size .45 and there's no hole through the guide rod.
  12. perttime

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Why do guide rod, spring, and reverse plug need to remain as one unit when you disassemble? (the only sorta 1911 I've been disassembling and assembling is a New Detonics. There, the double springs stay with the full length guide rod, but the reverse plug is kept as a separate part.)
  13. perttime

    getting started in .357 magnum

    Have you considered plated bullets? My loads with plated 158 grain bullets are around 1300fps, and they are working well. I suppose 158gr is a traditional allrounder weight. You can get higher velocities with 125 or more knock down power or easier Major PF with bigger bullets.
  14. Elsewhere, we spotted a shop calling itself Ultimate Gun Sales advertising on a local web auction site - in Finland. They state their address is 2303 Yale Dr, Arlington, TX 76015, USA (looks like a house in a residential area on Google Maps) but claim that they have a Russian representative and can sell through shops in Europe. Exporting and importing between Europe and USA tends to be cumbersome, and people are suspicious. Anybody know anything? edit: this is one of their ads in Finland: https://www.nettiaseet.fi/en/myydaan/luvanvaraiset-aseet-pistoolit-9mm/glock-19-gen-4-9mm-helsinki-uusimaa/6872
  15. perttime

    Practice session round count

    Yep. You need to have a goal. You need to be able to stay focused for the duration of the session. Just sending a lot of lead downrange is rarely useful. (I'm just a hobby level shooter. 100 to 200 per almost weekly session seems to get me around the middle of the pack at localish Level 2 IPSC matches in the Classic Division (sorta like USPSA Singlestack.)