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  1. When I took my IPSC NROI course, a red RO jersey was included in the course fee. No sponsor logos on those. People seem to wear them while officiating, weather allowing.
  2. If the hammer is rubbing on the frame, are the stock shims enough?
  3. Anybody know of suitable kydex REVOLVER holsters? There seems to be some - but not all that much choice.
  4. If we ever end up having matches this year ... I might just go and do that (in IPSC). Probably end up being last out of 6 or 10 revolver shooters. Not the last overall, though, if it goes like previous times.
  5. In my corner of the world, most have been going for 12", or a little over, in IPSC PCC. That is because 30cm is the shortest we can call "rifle".
  6. IDPA in my area has confirmed from IDPA HQ that the Alien is legal for IDPA SSP, ESP and Carry Optics, depending on spec. ... There might or might not be a debate on what kind of dot mounting is legal in CO.
  7. ... and don't you dare question my pick of lubricants for guns or bicycles.....
  8. Hands on help would be good. When I got started, way back, there was no internet for help. I learned by reading a few reloading manuals (local libraries had some, and I found something in second had bookstores too). Then I read carefully the manual that Dillon sent.
  9. If it is an ancient Glock with a few dozen k through it, you could have a slide that is cracking at the ekection port.
  10. I only have the little Dillon SDB, and I take it down after reloading. I scew it to a THICK piece of plywood, and clamp the plywood to the sturdiest surface available. Now that is an old and heavy table of solid wood. At the previous place, I used the "permanently" installed work areas in the kitchen.... Our current kitchen setup doesn't leave space for clamping anything.
  11. My old (late 80s) GP100 has the white outline. Or had: it is pretty much faded because I haven't been cleaning the sight..... So, - front sight is straight - rear sight is adjusted all the way to one side, and it isn''t enough. ? Is the whole rear sight assembly straight on the frame? ? Is the barrel on straight?
  12. There's lots of sale ads on that site that I wouldn't touch. Companies that don't seem to exist, persons who seem impossible to contact, not to speak about locating. Not going to risk my hard earned money. I recommend nobody else does either. The sale site is located in Finland. FFL and stuff that like isnt relevant here. However, from what people have been able to dig up, the suspect company might or might not be in USA..... All the more reason to suspect things aren't quite right.
  13. Apparently, it is possible to make the Super GP100 trigger pull shorter. A couple of IPSC Revolver shooters were discussing it on facebook a while ago. edit: found my previous comment on that: Henrik F. Nielsen: A lot of the travel is not necessary in the end of the stroke and can be removed by careful fitting the hammer and trigger Olle Lind: I've done that on a few S&W. Makes wonder to the speed This is the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261609303984113/
  14. I've been loading plated 230gr bullets to IPSC Major for .45ACP, with N320. Yesterday, a guy at the range gave me a couple of rounds of his coated 230gr with N310, to try. The N310 rounds felt clearly softer. No chrono was available at the range. Temps were a bit cool: near 0 Celsius.
  15. With the belt over a coat, you get to shoot outdoors. There aren't any indoor ranges in nearby towns, now, where you can shoot a centerfire firearm. Today, it wasn't actually all that cold: about 0 Celsius around mid day. I was OK with a heavy sweater tucked into my pants, for a while. I put a coat on while picking up brass and loading magazines. Some others just had a belt over the coat, for convenience. Their holsters and magazines were close enough to what they'd have in an IPSC competition-legal setup.
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