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  1. I heard about a guy who got DQ'd later than that. After shooting the last stage, he proceeded to pick some brass from the ground. Then he went to the Safety Area, and put a handful of brass on the table.
  2. I went to the Finnish Air Force Museum last week. They opened recently. https://airforcemuseum.fi/ They mostly display what it says in their name but there's also hundreds of scale models of military aircraft from all over the world, and some dioramas. Here's one diorama: a Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 and some crew bathing and washing their clothes. The little café/shop also had a scale model: A Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 in Finnish war-time colors. I didn't measure it. Must be 1/5 or 1/4 scale.
  3. My - old - stock GP100 is just OK after quite a bit of live and dry firing. I've tried one that was polished and converted to moon clips by a competent 'smith. I suspect it also had shims and lighter springs. Nice.
  4. To ensure they don't do what they "always" do? That is: actually put the other hand on the pistol too.
  5. Few of us are good enough weak hand, to do it by choice. I remember one stage where everybody that I saw switched to weak hand because of stage design: you had to hang onto a rope to be able to lean far enough.
  6. If it were me, a USPSA Limited / IPSC Standard gun would make sense. BUT It is you. You miss shooting Open.
  7. Because I was doing what I "always" do, instead of what the written stage briefing specified: inserted magazine, racked the slide, engaged safety, and holstered; instead of just inserting the magazine and holstering. A brain fade. Fortunately, the RO paid attention and didn't allow me to start in an incorrect Ready Condition: round in chamber, instead of empty chamber.
  8. I racked the slide and engaged safety before holstering: cocked and locked in the holster. WSB required magazine inserted but empty chamber.
  9. Heavy is easier shoot for the PRS sport. Also more weight to carry, if that is an issue at some point.
  10. IDPA rule on how much the pouch must cover of the magazine seem clear enough. (Rule for how mouch of a revolver speedloader or moonclip pouch must cover takes some reading)
  11. No personal experience ... but I've read a few threads on them on snipershide. - I have seen no negative comments on quality. - They come in different weights. None is actually "light" - Dimensions differ in forearm width, and distance from grip to trigger - I like the look of the dark distressed finish.... So... what kind of dimensions would fit your needs and preferences (got any stocks/rifles in similar style, for comparison?)? Do you want heavy or just substantial? Which finish looks best to you?
  12. N320 for .40 Major and 9mm Minor. Adjust load to suit your gun. N310 is about right for .45 Major. N320 will work but is mostly a little too slow for .45.
  13. IDPA is OK with bull barrels on short guns.... Maybe a Rogue Tactical shorty with one of their really big barrels?
  14. I'm sure I saw a recent discussion somewhere about a similar thing. Did you do anything about guide rod or reverse plug? Is the new spring longer than the original? Same diameter?
  15. I haven't done Mini Rifle myself but quite a few people at my club in Northern Europe do. IPSC has a separate set of rules for Mini Rifle: https://www.ipsc.org/pdf/RulesMini-Rifle.pdf It seems to be pretty much a scaled down version of IPSC Rifle: People mainly practice in the Pistol IPSC bays of the range (one of them is pretty large) and on the 100m rifle range - and they mostly use the scaled down IPSC Mini and Micro targets and plates. For many it is a low cost, easy access, low noise option for doing Practical Rifle. Last time I was at the range, there w
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