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  1. Unless you want to be the least popular guy at your range, please don't shoot .380ACP at a USPSA match... that damned brass causes all kinds of problems if it gets into folks' 9mm reloading process. The only person hated more is the guy with a 9x21
  2. I've always kept a healthy inventory of shotshells and have been able to keep shooting 3-gun through the late unpleasantness. However, a lot of friends were not so lucky and had to scramble to find shells. Fortunately, it seems we are past the worst of it - I have seen the Federal 100-shell packs at multiple WalMarts and at normal prices recently... I expect the shotgun drought to ease off. Of course, none of this affects the long-term trend of the shotgun falling out of favor amongst the next generation, hence the need to continue offering 2-gun as an option.
  3. I use a light application of blue Loctite + staking. To stake the nut, I use a spring-loaded center punch... easy to do, light enough dimpling to undo as needed.
  4. Question for those who attended this match: Any feedback on the format and match experience? What did you like? Any opportunities for improvement?
  5. During the first weekend in October, Rio Salado's Multigun team will be hosting the 2nd annual "Red Oktober: Cold War" action rifle match. We are thrilled to announce that Lee Armory has stepped up as title sponsor again this year. In 2021, you can look forward to the same successful format as last year, with stages designed specifically for the weapons of the Cold Warrior. There will be 8 challenging run-n-gun rifle-only stages with targets ranging from 1 meter to 300 meters, plus a vendor demo area. Ammo count is expected to be around 250 rounds, and bimetal ammo WILL be allowed. Competitors will shoot the whole match in one day - Saturday or Sunday. There will also be limited slots for competitors wanting to shoot with staff on Friday. Prize bags will be distributed by random draw as each squad rotates through the vendor demo area (must be present to win) and trophies will be awarded according to division participation, plus there will be a "High Cold Warrior" award for the top iron sight shooter. All competitors will want to plan on returning Sunday afternoon for the award ceremony when we will be giving away a number of additional firearms and other cool, high-value items by random draw - again, must be present to win. The match will be run under IMA-ROCW rules (Time-Plus with Points). Equipment divisions will be as follows: ComBloc Irons: Any semi-auto rifle derived from a Cold War-era Warsaw Pact/Eastern Bloc weapon. Iron sights only (no optics of any kind). Magazines limited to 30-rounds loaded. Free World Irons: Any semi-auto rifle derived from a Cold War-era NATO/Western Bloc weapon. Iron sights only (no optics of any kind). Magazines limited to 30-rounds loaded. Battle Rifle Irons: Any semi-auto rifle derived from a Cold War-era battle rifle. Battle rifle calibers only. Iron sights only (no optics of any kind). Magazines limited to 20 rounds loaded. ComBloc Open: Any semi-auto rifle derived from a Warsaw Pact/Eastern Bloc weapon. No other restrictions. If you want to use optics, this is the division for you. Registration is open now on PractiScore. The match fee is $175, payable at time of registration. A full refund (minus a $5 third-party processing fee) will be issued for withdrawal requests received via Practiscore prior to 11pm MST on August 15th. After this deadline, no refunds will be issued. After registering and paying, competitors will be able to squad immediately on a first-come-first-served basis. If your preferred squad slot does not look like it is available, please sign up and email Stephanie (stephanie@riomultigun.com) with your specific squad request - we will do our best to accommodate you.
  6. Well, under the scenario I sm proposing, the equipment requirements were met at the start signal.
  7. I am sure I read a discussion like this before but I can’t find it. Scenario: A Carry Optics competitor’s optic fall off the slide mid-stage. He continues to finish using his backup irons. Appendix D7 says a slide-mounted optic is required. Is there any published or posted statement from DNROI that such equipment breakage should not result in a bump to Open? Must the competitor fix the sight before continuing the match? What if they just tape it back on and it falls off again after the first shot on each stage? Any similar precedent for other gun breakage related, division compliance questions would be equally helpful. I know what natural justice and common sense might say, but this is USPSA so I’m asking here.
  8. The 2021 Arizona State Pistol Caliber Carbine Championship will be hosted by Rio Salado Sportsman's Club during the last weekend of September. The main match will be on Saturday/Sunday, plus there will be limited options to shoot the whole match in one day with the staff on Friday (if you prefer this option, please sign up even if no Friday squad slots are shown - we will consider releasing more slots as demand dictates). We are grateful to Quarter Circle 10 for stepping up as the Title Sponsor again this year. This year you can look forward to the same successful formula we have brought you in previous years... your PCC skills will be tested to the max. There will be 10 challenging run-n-gun PCC-only stages, with targets ranging from 1 yard to over 100 yards. Ammo count is expected to be around 400 rounds. The generous prize table will be distributed by random draw during the match as each squad rotates through the prize/vendor demo area (must be present to win), and trophies will be awarded according to division participation. The match will be run under IMA-PCC rules (Time-Plus with Points). Equipment divisions will be as follows: • Open Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine. No other restrictions. • Limited Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with non-magnified sights only (red dots, irons and lasers OK). No bipods. • Iron Sight Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with iron sights only (no optics or lasers). No bipods. All magazines are limited to 30 rounds loaded. Firearms must be fitted with a shoulder stock or pistol brace. Ammunition must be 9mm or larger, and muzzle velocity may not exceed 1600fps. Registration is via PractiScore: REGISTRATION LINK
  9. As I mentioned earlier, we offer 2-Gun as a more accessible equipment division. Yes, I know it's not 3-Gun, but it means folks can try the sport with about half the gear and expense, and they are less likely to struggle with malfunctions if they are just running a stock Glock and AR15. Our local monthly multigun match accommodates 100 shooters and fills in less than a minute, so we must be doing something right. One change we have recently implemented to address new shooters' frustration with slow progress is a Mentor Program. We have a cadre of experienced shooters who we give a free match entry in an early squad and then have them mentor a later squad. Advice covers stage strategy, shooting fundamentals, gear questions and anything else that the old hands took years to figure out. We get a lot of positive feedback on this program - newer and intermediate shooters greatly appreciate the insights shared, and do seem to improve faster. Best of all, they become repeat customers.
  10. Just a point of clarification. It would be REF under USPSA Handgun rules but not necessarily under USPSA Multigun rules.
  11. What did you do to your hammer spring? It looks like it has collapsed - if that is how you bent it, you went in the wrong direction. You know its supposed to sit on top of the trigger pin, right?
  12. As this is a Hit Factor scoring match, will you be recognizing Major vs. Minor power factor?
  13. Your rules are confusing and will be hard to enforce. For example, what defines a "muzzle brake" or a "light BCG"? Is a stock AK74 not legal in Practical? What minimum weight applies to the BCG... full auto carrier OK but semi-auto carrier a no-go? You reference the "Timmies", but many will have Roland Specials with compensators (banned under your rules). Folks are not going to semi-permanently change their gear just to shoot one match, and what are you gaining anyway? As a general comment, you would be better off sticking with existing equipment division rules that everyone is familiar with for this first match. I agree with your approach of limiting the number of divisions, and would suggest choosing two divisions that really differentiate in terms of equipment while preserving the practicality I feel you are looking for. By way of example, referencing USPSA rules: Division #1: USPSA HG Carry Optics division handgun plus USPSA MG Open division rifle Division #2: USPSA HG Limited division handgun plus USPSA MG Tactical division rifle (or Limited rifle... with a maximum target distance of 200 yards, red dots are viable) ... or just put everyone in a single division under Open rules - if you design sensible stages with practical size targets at reasonable distances and reasonable round counts, the Open accoutrements like handgun comps/frame mounted optics and rifle bipods/bags will not offer any significant advantages. If you had a rule that says your rifle has to be configured the same for every stage, that would level the playing field even more (who is going to carry a bag around with them on every stage?) Either way, you need to nail the rules down ASAP. Folks aren't gong to enter a match when they don't even know if they have a gun for it.
  14. I've tried TMJ plated (Berry's double thick) and Blue Bullet reloads using WSF (which I have a lot of). I also tried various factory open-base FMJ loads (Winchester, Remington and Fiocchi).
  15. I need to reduce the amount of smoke my .223/5.56mm 16" AR15 emits so it works better in night matches with a weapon mounted light. I tried a suppressor but it only delayed the ultimate smoke release. Any suggested loads?
  16. I need to reduce the amount of smoke my handgun emits so it works better in night matches with a weapon mounted light. Any suggested loads?
  17. Steel Challenge has a .22 carbine division. My club runs monthly outlaw action rifle matches by recycling a USPSA match in the afternoon after everyone has finished shooting pistol - no poppers, just paper and ringing steel at distance (max 60 yards). They have a .22 carbine division... it's fun.
  18. I've raised two boys to shoot. I started both of them out with .22 pistols around the age of 7 (we have a .22 steel match monthly here that is great for new shooters), then they graduated to centerfire action shooting competitions - one shot outlaw multigun, one shot USPSA pistol. . They enjoyed it until they got to college and found other pursuits. I am comforted knowing they can handle firearms competently, and expect they will come back to it when they are ready. You don't say how old your son is, nor whether he has any shooting experience. Is his interest driven only by watching YouTube videos? Video games? Other? Does he tend to stick with things or is he prone to changing his mind on hobbies? My advice would be to start him out with one-gun instead of three. Action handgun matches (under USPSA or IDPA rules) are far more prolific than 3-gun, and shooting a handgun requires more discipline and care than the long guns... in my experience, it is easy to teach a competent handgunner to be competent with long guns, much less so to go the other way. Getting into handgun first will also let him get used to shooting competition (rules, safety protocols, how to shoot a stage etc.), will present more opportunities to shoot, and will be MUCH easier on your pocketbook. A quality service-size 9mm handgun (Glock 17, M&P9 etc.), a couple of spare magazines, a decent Kydex holster and mag pouches, and a sturdy belt are all he will need to get started, and will work just fine as he transitions into 3-gun. If he decides to quit, all of that gear can be repurposed for personal protection. Starting out right now is particularly challenging because of the current supply crunch on guns and ammo. If you already have guns and ammo, or have a friend you can borrow gear from for the first match, that would be smart. Worst case, post your location here and see if someone local is willing to walk him through his first match. Good luck.
  19. For action shooting, bore cleanliness is grossly overrated. Ain't nobody got time fo' that. I clean my match handguns only a couple of times a year, and even then I only use a BoreSnake. I rarely bother with a rod for match handguns anymore. I am a bit more meticulous with safe queens and carry guns, which still get the rod. The same goes for my match rifles (AR15s) except that I run a short rod with chamber brush into the chamber before pulling the BoreSnake through. I only do a more thorough decoppering clean when I see the accuracy fall off. I have a BoreSnake for my 12ga shotgun too, but I don't really like it - the built up crud really does need a lot of scrubbing with a brush on a rod.
  20. I am sure that will be true for some, but I'm equally sure that others will already be compliant, or able to become compliant with little/no investment in new gear. The purpose of the Rosetta Stone is to make this as painless and accessible as possible.
  21. Indeed - several of us agreed that the ammo drought makes this a good time to try this initiative. Quality>Quantity.
  22. Thanks for that... you brightened my day immeasurably
  23. Mike: Thanks - I already have your excellent Front Sight articles from November 2012 and January 2013. If you have something more to share, I'd love to see it.
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