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  1. So thinking of building a new PCC and was thinking about if there is a better/best mag style for PCC and Steel Challenge?
  2. So my wife is a reading enrichment teacher - I get it see how many do?
  3. Do you all have a preference for dot color in steel challenge?
  4. Thanks for the help. So when I looked at the USPSA web sight there were no classifications listed. I then went to the SCSA then my profile shows B classification in PCCO and RFRO. I assumed one sight would show both - my error. The other two events do not show my number in the results so I assume that is why they did not show up on the classification. Thanks again
  5. It is very unclear on how or where to get qualified in my area - I have shot at least 6-7 6 stage matches and still have no classifications records in my profile. So I do not think I can do it by July?
  6. So the rules do not even show U for a classification - think I will not take a chance to loose $75 if I register and can not shoot - will sit this out till I get a classification.
  7. I have a split, two that match QC-10 & FTM-9 both side chargers the other three have a mix match all work.
  8. Like it so far! Just ordered the KP trigger for my TX-22 Comp. The stock trigger is ok, just lots of travel. Not much to dislike and less expensive than my tricked out Ruger 22-45 and S&W Victory
  9. So I have both Glock and Colt PCCs. I do not see much difference in the feed dependability between the two. Most have the TACCOM Super Feed barrels. Except the FM side charger which has a Wiland barrel, which also functions great. I want to try the PSA AR-V which runs Scorpion but the cost is prohibitive to me right now and I really don't need a seventh PCC - I build more than I shoot - LOL The real difference I see in the Glock/Colt mags is weight. The Colt mags weigh so much more than the Glocks. May have to bite the AR-V bullet? I wish CZ would produce a competition Scorpion!
  10. Tim - does your ULW guard weigh less than the standard G10 hand guard? My two TACCOM accessorized 22lr's weigh close to each other at 3lb- 10 oz. One is a AR-22 style and the other is a 10/22.
  11. There seems to be this discussions that Scorpion mags are better than Glock mags for PCC. How can a double feed mag with two feed ramps be better than a single?
  12. So why Scorpion mags over Glock - how can a double feed magazine be better that a single point feed?
  13. So how much would the JP be? He is looking to spend $800.00, can you get JP for $800.00???????
  14. Build one - just need to find the parts - LOL - FM products would be in that price range to get started
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