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  1. So if a gun fires and all the contact points are in aliened with the bore, would the gun have flip? I would assume the flip of a gun comes from the offset of the bore to the contact points of the shoulder and grip. The same reason some pistols have more flip is the grip to bore axis distance. I would assume the same reasoning with a rifle. The closer the bore is aliened to the the shoulder contact point the less flip you would have. So if you have a large bore to shoulder contact point variance the more flip you would have and hence the need for compensator to counteract the leverage created by the difference?
  2. So where did you get the side charger upper from? - looks great
  3. need to check if you can use 380 in comp? I have used 380 in 9mm before - works. OK I need to clarify this comment, 380 100 grain bullets in 9mm cases ! Not 380 bullets in 9mm gun!
  4. If you are going to PSC Sunday? - would like to get your comments on system. Hope the rain stops. Need the practice for the area 4 match! Thanks
  5. How does the pull compare to other roller delayed systems? Do they all require more force to charge? I do not understand why this would be different?
  6. They do them custom - you send your barrel to them - they modify it to 5 inch and add a shroud. Drops half the weight, real cool! I started with a plain PC carbine and modified it - the only thing that is stock is the main receive frame, barrel connection system and bolt. Every thing else is updated/changed. It is a real nice gun, just still to heavy. If I were to do it again, I would buy a PC charger, have Wiland shroud the barrel to 16 inches and add a rifle stock and TACCOM shroud or just add a foam grip to the Wiland shrouded barrel. The one thing that is different about the Wiland modified barrel is he can not get rid of the sight mount on the rifle barrel so you still have that flat spot. I think it is ugly but total functional. If you use the charger setup, there is no sight mount on that barrel so it should be much cleaner! I have the Tandemkross Upriser stock the does move the mag release to a much more usable spot. I do not remember who made a different mag release for the standard chassis that moved it back? If it would work on the charger chassis then that would solve the issues with standard mag release for me.
  7. AR-v has LRBHO - works differently than the Glock
  8. Great balance - great accuracy - lighter weight. I have a full upper I swap out with the ULW upper - but am building a new gun with a Tennessee Arms lower - love TA's lowers - work great and light weight - no LRBHO is only issue!
  9. yes - only weight - so I have four ULW barrel wanted to try XLW vs ULW vs 10/16 Taccom barrels. Accuracy wise I see no difference in SC - speed wise the LW barrels are faster by a smidge. Between the LW barrels close, but I have a sub 5 lb. AR-9!
  10. I have the setup AR-V kit with TACCOM XLW barrel, hand guard and adjustable buffer system running in a A5 tube with Timney trigger. First time out finished 8th out of 25 using a crappy sight, not one hiccup! Sight already gone -LOL Went to lead gun in stable.
  11. So I have higher end hearing loss and need to increase the sound a 22LR makes against steel challenge targets, are there any headphone that have a forward facing pickups to increase the ping?
  12. Any one using the MBX buffer system ? Does it work? any issues?
  13. So I have PC Carbine all tricked out Wiland lite barrel, TACCOM guard. Tandemkross Upriser - still heavy for SC - have several AR-9s and AR-V with TACCOM setups and all run faster. I have no issues with any of the Glock, Colt and Scorpion mag feeding. I do have a CMMG RDB gun with 2000 rounds and have no failure with FTE that some claim. Guess I am just lucky
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