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  1. looking for 100PF recipe for a 105 or 115 grain using CFE Pistol, Sport Pistol, Titegroup N320 for steel challenge. Shooting a PCC with Taccam ULW barrel Thanks
  2. What do you mean you could see around plates? So in other words it enhanced and intensified all you were looking at. You must have great focus. The Gold LM 15 lens I have do the same thing. When I am in the indoor range the Gold lens intensifies all the picture. Which is Ok when you are not trying to pick out a specific white target on a range. What if you had glasses' tint to bring out the white target and dull what is around or behind the target. You would find the target faster and your sharp focus would be heightened. You want as much contrast between the white target and it's background and you want a lens color that bring out the white color not the greens or browns of the range berms. The glasses I use for sporting clays actually intensifies the orange so you can see the moving target better against the sky and trees. You can do the same for SC were the white becomes brighter against a dulled background. I do not want everything brighter just the white plates. I am old so I need as much help as I can get - LOL
  3. I have a question - does the Hunter gold create contrast or just highlight everything. I have many different color of lenses from my sporting clays background that bring out the target color and dull the background. I have been having a discussion with Decot on Steel Challenge target white color and brown or green background. He suggested v-lite Rose color to highlight the white and dull the background, creating a contrast between the white and background thus making the target standout more. Going to give it a try.
  4. FTM also will fit a Colt or a Glock style lower - they have both and just a bolt difference. The advantage or disadvantage as you may see it is the forward weight the ULW barrel over the FTM setup. Unless things have changed you could only buy the FTM forward charger system as a complete upper and it comes with a light weight 16" barrel which is heaver than the ULW barrel. I assume you can change out the barrel on the FTM stock barrel for a ULW barrel? Anyone done this?
  5. New topic - so there are also much differences in side charging - so the FTM is more a forward charging handle than a side charging handle. On the FTM the handle is up on the hand guard where QC-10, Giggs, NFA and JP all charge from the side of the receiver. There is some differences in hand movement on the FTM than the QC-10 to work the charge handle. I have one of the 16" FTM setups so I use both. All the girls get to come out to play ever so often. The FTM is great gun for a great price and have never had a problem and it eats everything - mine cost me $700 to build with all FTM components - just have to shop around - great buy. It was my first 9mm and still love it. My QC receiver set was over $500 alone but I consider worth it and my main shooter. I got a complete FTM upper and lower receiver less the lower parts for just less than $500 on sale. There is a lot of info on the FTM on the interweb including this forum. See more choices - that is why I have more than one 9mm - fun to shoot for sure!
  6. Depends on your budget - I have a CMMG Colt lower - If i would choose again I think I would go with Spikes colt lower - more features - you can find for about the same price - If you have the money do QC-10, it is a step up. I have one of QC-10 Glock receiver side cocking sets with Taccom ULW, good shooter. It is the old style ULW before the upper tongue was added. The interesting thing I have been looking at is side cocking uppers. There seems to be a big weight difference between rear with charge handle included and side cocking receivers. I like the side cocker but did not compare the weight originally. Don't know if it makes that much difference? I want to try one of the MP-5 lowers as I have Colt and Glock and CMMG AR-15 9mm mag setups. All function great! One other comment the quality adapters are as much as buying a Spikes or CMMG or NFA dedicated lower and you still need mags. Choices - to may stinking choices - LOL
  7. xpierrat - are you running the bolt weight and what spring are you running? One that comes with kit?
  8. well did some shooting tonight with the upriser - pros - shoots well - comes up on target - cheek to stock to sight makes easy acquisition of dot on target - now the cons - stock adapter came loose after 75 rounds - installed per their video - cleaned bolt and Loctited again - plan on another trip soon. current rating 90% will go up or down depending the rear bolt issue. yes it looks funny but it works!
  9. Due to 19 I didn't make to range yet! Tomorrow I hope. The assembly is easy. In mounting and movement drills - feels great - looks different. allows to use a very low sight mount. The way Tandemkross tell you to mount magwell funnel seem backwards - testing will tell.
  10. Doesn't Oden sell the Zulu stock? So there barrel doesn't work with their stock? I never heard the stock causes FTF - I have two Zulus with other barrels work great - love the stock. If you know of issues with the stock causing FTF - please share? Thanks
  11. I think it is an interesting feature - but is it worth $200 additional?
  12. Anyone using Odin's new Barrel - how does it compare to Wiland and Taccom
  13. The last round bolt hold open is better on QC-10. Look at American resistance I have all three and would rate as 1-QC10, 2-American and 3-FM. My LRBHO set screw has come loose on FM. It is a easy fix but did come loose. You have to check it. You really can't go wrong with all three. They will all work. The QC and AR are a little better finish. Like to QC due to side charger upper, bought as set. The QC & AR have a screw to dampen upper to lower play.
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