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  1. Always. Extra security if nothing else.
  2. Cool, I may give it a shot. Might just pick up a Sylvan as it's a bit simpler and don't have to worry as much about mag changes.
  3. So was it simply inserting the Stern and go, or did you have to fiddle with the adjustment screws at all?
  4. Interesting. I have a Stern adapter (which I used in my main PCC before getting a CMMG RDB system), and yeah I can see that you have a little adjustment with how high it sits in the receiver's magwell. I already have the Mag inserts for the RDB system and they work great....only thing I'd really be gaining with Glock mags is greater capacity than 30 rds when shooting steel or such. Really like the curved true double-stacks CZ Scorpion mags though, especially the 35-rd ones made by PSA.
  5. Probably where the sear hammer notch. So it's just enough to hold when it's cocked manually, but unfortunately once it fires it won't stop until mag is empty.
  6. Yeah that can happen on a lot of AR-based bolt carriers. I eventually just got a feel for it and use the punch to help guide it.
  7. Man....if they were able to make an AR-V lower that would work with a CMMG RDB upper.......I'd be in heaven. Albeit, that's a bit redundant since the PMAG-inserts specifically for the RDG work great. But if you want more than 30-rds/mag....it'd be kind of the best of both worlds.
  8. I did the same. The 35 was a quicker and more natural position to snap to. I was 'searching' and having to center the dot more at 45. My LPVO has 'higher and lower' end caps for the windage/elevation because one houses an extra battery. I put the higher cap up top on elevation, and the other on the side and it just stays out of the red dot window, even though it's relatively wide (Swampfox Justice), as I have it mounted ahead of the scope instead of behind. I also have the Primary Arms LPVO. As I mentioned above, if you have one cap that is 'higher' because it houses the extra battery and it's on the side/Windage, switch it with the elevation one which is shorter. They should be the same threading. But then also as I mentioned, I have my offset red dot ahead of the scope not behind it, so that may have an obstruction either way if you have it behind/closer to your eye.
  9. Right now I'm using a Magpul ACS-L w/ extended buttpad because I adjust length between two uppers depending on which multigun rifle shoot...mainly due to the ranges of the particular match. For my 14.5" (with pinned/welded brake) upper for shorter-range matches that are out to around 100yds max, I use a 1X Prism scope and put the stock at 13.5"" pull length. That's my natural pull length for a red dot or the prism mainly upright. For my 16" upper with a 1-6x LPVO when ranges are farther, I pull the stock out one notch to a 14.25" pull length to match my cheek weld to the LPVO's eye box when I'm shooting supported or prone, and just keep my cheek weld and push forward into eye box when upright. I have a pretty wide jaw so the widely-sloped stocks tend to push my head out too much when I push my cheek weld in. But the ACS-L's is still narrow enough that it doesn't, and I still get a stable and repeatable cheek weld that's just right for the LPVO. I never used to think I'd want that much length of pull (3/4" longer than a standard A2!), but that's what I found most comfortable while hunched or prone, and so I don't have to push my scope length/mount too far forward (and onto rail). It took a little while to find it, and I had higher scope mounts and it was closer with the shorter LOP, which made me have to arch my neck back when prone or supported/kneeling. That sucked. Found it much easier to just lean forward into the scope more when upright, then when prone/supported it's right on. Also, the ACS-L is a nice, wobble-free snug fit.
  10. I use a Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex on both a PCC and a 5.56. They come with two sets of springs for a trigger that's light and one that's extra light. Clean single-stage trigger.
  11. No angled fore grip now? Is that recent?
  12. https://cesar-shop.com/firearm-parts-en/pistol-en/trigger-sistem-en/cz-shadow-2-shadow-sp-01-petelin/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hot_this_week&utm_term=2021-03-12 If you have tried it out, how does it compare in shape to the 'old style 85C' trigger? The latter I have on two SP01 Shadows and like a lot.
  13. Yeah, sounds like what was happening with mine. The spring for the disconnector was incredibly stiff out of the box, as if it wouldn't compress at all. So consequently firing/cycling would feel like a jackhammer slapping back on your finger, you could feel the hammer just struggling to put the disconnector back just to hook it. You just couldn't move that 'hook' back at all. But after about 200-300 rounds it began to soften and then you could barely feel or hear the 'click' as it engaged the disconnector upon dry cycling. And that's when I got a six-round burst at the range then recreated it on the next shot. So I think it just bound down and flattened this spring, or it was like the spring was already completely compressed before and this just crushed it.
  14. I had similar things happen with an RA140 trigger. Turned out that the disconnector spring had compressed and was basically ineffective, so the disconnector wasn't catching the hammer after cycling. I replaced it with one from a mil spec trigger group, having to put the tapered end down to fit in the bottom hole but it functioned fine and has been normal since.
  15. Maybe easier to load and less chance of hang-up. Also may depend on how much of a 'leap' there is feeding into chamber in particular designs. The Scorpion mag is curved to follow the natural stacking characteristics of the slightly-tapered 9mm rounds like with an MP5, so maybe less chance of hangups within mag as gasses/carbon gets blown back. Just speculating. I just like how the Scorpion mags look better!
  16. MoRivera


    I have a TS slide in .40 fit to an SP01 Shadow frame (essentially making it a long-slide Shadow CTS) in which I also run a 9mm barrel. With the SP01, .40 and 9 share the same magazines as well, so it really can just switch calibers easily. So that's nice when I want to shoot major in Limited. Also have another of the same slide with an optic, so it makes a cool gun for steel/plates and knockdown in 9mm. Agreed, as this new 'standard' TS2 was going for the same as you'd get a current TSO, and the TS2 doesn't have the thumb rest/optic riser feature. But the TS2 did feel a bit better in my hands.
  17. MoRivera


    Just handled one in a LGS, and gotta say.....REALLY like it. I never liked the thin aluminum grips on a regular Shadow or Shadow 2 because of frame width, but on a TS Blue that I had before I did, and on this they also felt great. Sharper checkering like on S2 and TS Orange are a huge improvement over the waffle-checkering from before. Trigger break was light but not disturbingly light like on some earlier TS. It also pointed much more naturally for me than either an S2 or the TS Blue I had before. Also for some reason I didn't feel as bunched up by the CZUB magwell on this as on the older-style TS. Everything seemed to fit nice right out of the box. I want one. But if there was ever a time when it made LESS sense to get it, in 9mm along with spending another $250 or so on magazines, it's now. I had to call the store guys dirty names to get them to throw me out before I pulled out my wallet.
  18. Oh I've had mine for years and it's worked like a champ with my regular blowback uppers. Maybe I will give it a shot with my CMMG RDB upper. But the only time I would even need that is when shooting falling steel where I'd get 33+ rounds from a Glock mag as opposed to just 30 using a P-Mag with the CMMG Endomag inserts.....and since it looks like I'll be laying low from shooting for a while with this ammo crisis, there's no rush. So you just inserted and set like you would if using with a regular blowback upper? Or did you specifically set it higher or lower in the mag well before tightening the set screws?
  19. Interesting...there does seem to be some leeway as to how high the Stern adapter sits in the mag well, ands it has those adjustment set screws. Tempted to try it out but want to leave my Stern for other receivers I have.
  20. I was looping at that before yeah. I just want to keep the Stern the way it is as I still use it with my other blowback uppers. Or at least I did when ammo wasn't so costly and I used to shoot regularly!
  21. I'll keep an eye on mine too. Man that thing really takes a beating, right?
  22. Don't tell anyone this either, but there are still 1911's out there in common use and availability that don't have one.
  23. Wow.....so based on this, whether the gun starts with hammer fully down, at half cock or cocked n' locked, it's just as likely to fire from a drop like in that tragic USPSA mishap. Changes the outlook on using them in Shadows if true. My only question...and not insinuating anything....is whether this was determined through testing by those who make them like CGW.
  24. Hi Randy... So you're saying that if a Shadow/Shadow 2 is dropped, an extended firing pin can ignite a chambered round from inertia alone, regardless of whether the hammer is lowered or cocked?
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