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  1. I like the ALUMINUM curved FSS trigger. It positions my finger consistently and I can feel that I am pulling straight back.
  2. It is generally good stage construction practice to avoid "marginal" targets that are right on the 180, and still more so in the case of targets visible beyond the 180. However, that is different from making it a hard prohibition in the rules. This is an example where "should" makes more sense than "must". These kinds of absolutist "as and when visible" requirements are why I run my multigun matches under outlaw rules.
  3. Police trade-ins for $15 each (LINK). Free shipping too. I just grabbed 4... not that I really need them. This sport is a sickness.
  4. I was thinking of the start position being "one round chambered, magazine removed". I'm not aware of a USPSA rule prohibiting this, but I am not infallible.
  5. It can be done legally as a Comstock stage. The shooter starts in the shooting area with ONE round loaded in the gun, all other ammo and mags start staged on a table 100 yards .downrange. On the beep, engage the target from the shooting area.
  6. Sounds like a great stage idea. One Popper. One shot only. As much time as you want to make the shot. Easy to set up (yes, I know its not legal)
  7. To be honest I rarely shoot this particular pistol - it has slide mounted optics whereas I normally shoot irons - so I actually dusted it off and shot it in a steel match last night. I made a conscious effort to index the reload magazine towards the back of the mag funnel and it worked fine. However, this was with 140mm magazines... with stock magazines (the original question) it is much slower than without any funnel because the magazine has to be pushed into a recessed hole (an added bumper/pad really is a requirement with stock magazines, at which point you might as well add an extension instead and enjoy the extra rounds).
  8. I mean the flat area cut out at the front of the magazine funnel as shown in the photo below. This is on an M&P9 1.0, but the 2.0 version has to be the same if it is to accommodate a stock magazine baseplate. The back of the funnel does still serve to guide the magazine into the mag well (see the light wear marks - I don't use this gun much), but the flat "step" at the front is less forgiving than with a traditional tapered design. If you want to use stock magazines, it is what it is.
  9. Here are the practical long-gun events we have scheduled this month at Rio Salado (Mesa, AZ): Black Rifle Match: Saturday May 4th @ 7am This is an action rifle match with targets from 1 yard to 400 yards. Any semi-auto military-type rifle should work well - most of us run an AR15 of some type. You do not need to bring a handgun or shotgun. Registration and squadding on the preceding Monday at 6pm via PractiScore (sorry, no walk-up entries on the day). Multigun (2-Gun/3-Gun) Match: Saturday May 11th @ 7:00am This month we will be offfering 2-Gun divisions only - you can leave your shotgun at home. There will be four action shooting stages, each requiring rifle and pistol, with targets anywhere from 1 yard to 550 yards. Bring 200 rounds of rifle ammo and 100 rounds of pistol ammo. Registration and squadding on the preceding Monday at 6pm via PractiScore (sorry, no walk-up entries on the day). After registering, the competitor will be able select from squads in one of two time slots: 7am-10:30am or 10:30am-2pm. New shooters should sign up for a 10:30am squad and come in time to attend the new shooter orientation at 10am before they shoot. Tactical .22 Rifle Match: Tuesday May 14th and 28th @ 4pm Registration opens at 4pm, with first shots shortly thereafter. Location is the Smallbore Range. The rules are simple: Targets are reactive steel - shoot them per the stage briefing, fastest combined time (+penalties for misses) wins. Pretty much any .22 rimfire rifle is OK - the most popular guns are AR15-clones and Ruger10/22s. We have two divisions: iron sight and optical sight. Now that .22 ammo is more available, this is a match you won't want to miss. Scoring is done on paper so pre-registration is NOT required. Tactical Shotgun and Pistol Caliber Carbine Match: Thursday May 16th @ 3pm Registration opens at 3pm, with a new shooter orientation shortly thereafter. The match format is four practical scenario-based stages similar to what you would encounter at a 3-Gun match, except that you only need to bring one gun - you choose either shotgun or pistol caliber carbine. There will be separate divisions for shotgun (Open, Stealth, Limited and Pump) and pistol caliber carbine (Optic and Iron). Any tactical shotgun will work well in this match, or you can shoot a pistol caliber carbine (minimum caliber = 9mm, maximum velocity = 1600fps). You can register via PractiScore, but - being unsquadded - we also accept walk-up entries for this match. Red Mountain Action Rifle Match: Sunday May 19th @ 10am This is a rifle-only match comprising four run-n-gun stages. All targets are at CQB distances, maximum 60 yards. There are several equipment divisions meaning almost any kind of semi-auto rifle setup can find home. Bring 150 rounds of ammo. Pre-registration and squadding opens at 6pm on the preceding Monday via PractiScore.
  10. I have one of the Carver mag wells. It is OK, but is hampered by the "step" cut into it where the stock magazine baseplate is supposed to sit. Mine does not actually accept stock magazines when mounted to my particular gun (YMMV), but for my needs (use with short Taylor Freelance extensions) it is workable. Frankly, the main benefit is to secure your hand on the gun rather than to facilitate noticeably smoother reloads. If you want to use stock magazines, I'd recommend skipping a mag well entirely.
  11. Probably "Monkey See - Monkey Do"... it happens all the time. The proper solution is to reshoot the squad (if feasible) or throw out the stage (if reshoots not feasible). I suppose if the MD knew for sure all shooters had started loaded, he could change the WSB to allow the rest of the shooters to do the same (and reshoot anyone who shot it the "right" way) if it made more logistical sense and avoided having to throw the stage out.
  12. The applicable USPSA rules are: 5.2.1 Carry and Storage – Except when within the boundaries of a safety area, or when under the supervision and direct command of a Range Officer, competitors must carry their handguns unloaded in a gun case, gun bag or in a holster securely attached to a belt on their person (see Rule 10.5.1). To be considered bagged, the handgun must be in a case or bag that completely covers the firearm, and prevents access to the trigger, including having the zipper or fastener completely closed. A competitor who, while not at a safety area or under RO supervision, removes their holster or their equipment belt with their handgun still in the holster, shall be considered to be in violation of Rule 5.2.1 and subject to disqualification from the match. and 10.5.1 Handling a firearm at any time except when in a designated safety area or when under the supervision of, and in response to a direct command issued by, a Range Officer. Rule often bites neophytes (especially those from the 3-gun world) and has always struck me as anomalous. It was introduced when the first 2-piece belt systems hit the market because the USPSA powers-that-be were uncomfortable with the resultant practice of removing your entire rig - gun and all - between stages. However, the long-held USPSA position that a holstered handgun is inert would appear to be inconsistent with If I were king-for-a-day, I'd eliminate this rule (and Virginia Count, but that's another thread), but unfortunately nobody is listening to me.
  13. It sounds like you are transitioning from IDPA to USPSA. If so, you don't NEED anything except enough magazines to carry at least 32 rounds (more is better). Come to the match of your choice and shoot with what you already own. If you are bewildered by the division rules, just sign up for Open... you ain't winning the Chevy Truck in your first match. Spend money cautiously as you determine the direction you want to go.
  14. Legal, but bear in mind that the rule does not refer to "during the stage". Folks have been busted into Open for putting their magazine temporarily on the magnet when unloading after the stage. If it were me I'd just remove it.
  15. 1) Because the DQd shooter’s stage scores left in the match would impact other peoples scores, at least under the most common scoring systems (Hit Factor, Time-Plus w/Points). 2) Because it has always been thus since the inception of action shooting - probably because the originators of the sport realized how dangerous it could become and wanted a really serious sanction.
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