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  1. Here are the practical long-gun events we have scheduled this month at Rio Salado (Mesa, AZ): Tactical .22 Rifle Match: Tuesday November 13th & 27th @ 4pm Registration opens at 4pm, with first shots shortly thereafter. Location is the Smallbore Range right behind the Activity Center. The rules are simple: Targets are reactive steel - shoot them per the stage briefing, fastest combined time (+penalties for misses) wins. Pretty much any .22 rimfire rifle is OK - the most popular guns are AR15-clones and Ruger10/22s. We have two divisions: iron sight and optical sight. Now that .22 ammo is more available, this is a match you won't want to miss. Scoring is done on paper, so pre-registration is NOT required. Tactical Shotgun and Pistol Caliber Carbine Match: Thursday November 15th @ 4pm Registration opens at 4pm, with a new shooter orientation shortly thereafter. The match format is four practical scenario-based stages similar to what you would encounter at a 3-Gun match, except that you only need to bring one gun - you choose either shotgun or pistol caliber carbine. There will be separate divisions for shotgun (Open, Limited and Pump) and pistol caliber carbine (Optic and Iron). Any tactical shotgun will work well in this match, or you can shoot a pistol caliber carbine (minimum caliber = 9mm, maximum velocity = 1600fps). Scoring is done on paper, so pre-registration is NOT required. Red Mountain Action Rifle Match: Sunday November 18th @ 10am This is a rifle-only match comprising four run-n-gun stages. All targets are at CQB distances, maximum 60 yards. The equipment divisions accommodate iron and optical sights, rimfire rifle, centerfire rifle and pistol caliber carbine. Bring 150 rounds of ammo. Pre-registration and squadding opens at 6pm on the preceding Monday on PractiScore. Unfortunately, Rio Black Rifle and Multigun (2-Gun/3-Gun) are cancelled this month due to the USPSA Area 2/Desert Classic match. Regular service will resume in December.
  2. StealthyBlagga

    PCC laser on target at start

    Prison Guard Ready
  3. StealthyBlagga

    M&P Pro 9mm

    Get an M&P 2.0 Compact w/ 4" barrel. The grip is still plenty long enough, and you are only putting 10 rounds in the mags anyway. Mine is my carry gun, but I also run it in IDPA on the rare occasion I shoot that discipline. BONUS: Available in black
  4. StealthyBlagga

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    Like Kurt, I ran 55gr Ballistic Tips for many years (Limited Division, but with a red dot - I am younger than him). However, in the last 2 years I have switched to Sierra 77gr TMK. It took some work to find a load that shoots with acceptable accuracy out of my lightweight 18" barrel while maintaining maximum velocity. BC is excellent; these bullets shoot flat and resist the wind very well. What I really like about the heavier bullets for our game is how they hit harder; there is nothing more frustrating than when you can see your hit on steel through your scope but the RO does not call the hit because they can't see the target indicating sufficiently... targets move with authority when hit with 77 grains of hate
  5. StealthyBlagga

    Help make my M&P 2.0 5in go fast!

    I run springs as light as 11lb on some (compensated) M&Ps. The guns still run 100% reliably, but check that yours closes fully and fires after a slide-lock reload.
  6. StealthyBlagga

    Help make my M&P 2.0 5in go fast!

    If your primary game is 3-Gun (as is mine), optimize for that. I have the following modifications: - Apex FSS trigger kit. This is a must-have upgrade IMHO. - Fiber optic front sight . If on a budget, you can just black out the dots on the factory rear sight. - Magazine extensions. Most rules allow 140mm. I like the TTI brand. - Magazine well. I use SSS, but the newer versions have to be hogged out and refinished to work with TTI mag extensions. - Extended mag release, if you have average-to-smaller hands - ISMI CS 15lb recoil spring. You can unscrew the retaining cap from your factory recoil rod and change the spring. I tried the SSS 5" tungsten guide rod, but didn't like the extra weight... with a 9mm it is not really worthwhile IMHO. However, others may feel differently. Note that the magazine well is not legal for Production. Again, if your primary use is 3-Gun, skip USPSA Production and just shoot USPSA Limited Minor for the practice. I have another M&P 5" in .40S&W for the few occasions when I want to shoot Limited seriously with Major PF.
  7. StealthyBlagga

    Versamax Competition Mag Tube Extension

    Easier to just remove the existing Nordic tube section and buy a new "+8" Nordic tube section, which should get you a total of 12+1 rounds capacity. You can re-use the nut and cap.
  8. StealthyBlagga

    Should Rule be Updated?

    With all the blurring of the lines around holster retention features, I'd prefer they delete this rule entirely. Maybe nobody at HQ can figure out how to renumber all the other rules when they delete one
  9. StealthyBlagga

    M&P Agency Arms FSS Fix for light strikes

    You can also try one of the other M&P trigger bar variants - they are distinguished by the alphabetic letter stamped on them (e.g. "H"). I can't tell you why there are different variants, nor how they are different, but I have noted a different profile where it engages the striker block. These are cheap parts and might be worth a look.
  10. StealthyBlagga

    M&P Agency Arms FSS Fix for light strikes

    You can also try bending the trigger bar loop down just a tad so the trigger bar moves back just a little further before releasing the sear. It would let you keep the USB if that is important to you.
  11. StealthyBlagga

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    It depends on the bullet profile. I just kept shortening until it passed the "plunk" test in the barrel, then I adjusted powder charge for desired PF and tested for accuracy and reliability. The great thing about the M&P is that it feeds just about anything
  12. StealthyBlagga

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    The problem is with all bullet weights - I even have to load my 115gr Blue Bullets short to get them to fit in the chamber. It has not been a problem since changing length.
  13. StealthyBlagga

    Chameleon vest in Prague?

    You can find stores selling cool little lead-cast gun replicas - I bought an AK and a Thompson that were beautifully detailed and inexpensive. At least they were when I was last there about 15 years ago
  14. StealthyBlagga

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    I don't disagree, but I just prefer the M&P platform and the Apex barrel converts it from a mediocre shooter to a tack driver that outshoots most other guns at almost any price. The others have their own problems too; for example, Glocks don't like lead bullets (unless you upgrade to the Gen5). S&W fixed the accuracy issue with the M2.0 and that is what I would have recommended, but the OP already has Pro.
  15. StealthyBlagga

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    If it's a 9mm gun, an Apex semi-fit or gunsmith-fit barrel is also a huge upgrade IF your OEM barrel does not shoot well (none of mine did). The poor "accuracy" is due to slop between barrel, slide and frame, and is tough to fix on the existing barrel... maybe peening or welding in the right areas if you really know what you are doing. Again, for less than $200 that is not a hard upgrade to justify.