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  1. As I mentioned earlier, we offer 2-Gun as a more accessible equipment division. Yes, I know it's not 3-Gun, but it means folks can try the sport with about half the gear and expense, and they are less likely to struggle with malfunctions if they are just running a stock Glock and AR15. Our local monthly multigun match accommodates 100 shooters and fills in less than a minute, so we must be doing something right. One change we have recently implemented to address new shooters' frustration with slow progress is a Mentor Program. We have a cadre of experienced shooters who we give a f
  2. Just a point of clarification. It would be REF under USPSA Handgun rules but not necessarily under USPSA Multigun rules.
  3. What did you do to your hammer spring? It looks like it has collapsed - if that is how you bent it, you went in the wrong direction. You know its supposed to sit on top of the trigger pin, right?
  4. As this is a Hit Factor scoring match, will you be recognizing Major vs. Minor power factor?
  5. Your rules are confusing and will be hard to enforce. For example, what defines a "muzzle brake" or a "light BCG"? Is a stock AK74 not legal in Practical? What minimum weight applies to the BCG... full auto carrier OK but semi-auto carrier a no-go? You reference the "Timmies", but many will have Roland Specials with compensators (banned under your rules). Folks are not going to semi-permanently change their gear just to shoot one match, and what are you gaining anyway? As a general comment, you would be better off sticking with existing equipment division rules that everyone is fam
  6. I've tried TMJ plated (Berry's double thick) and Blue Bullet reloads using WSF (which I have a lot of). I also tried various factory open-base FMJ loads (Winchester, Remington and Fiocchi).
  7. I need to reduce the amount of smoke my .223/5.56mm 16" AR15 emits so it works better in night matches with a weapon mounted light. I tried a suppressor but it only delayed the ultimate smoke release. Any suggested loads?
  8. I need to reduce the amount of smoke my handgun emits so it works better in night matches with a weapon mounted light. Any suggested loads?
  9. Steel Challenge has a .22 carbine division. My club runs monthly outlaw action rifle matches by recycling a USPSA match in the afternoon after everyone has finished shooting pistol - no poppers, just paper and ringing steel at distance (max 60 yards). They have a .22 carbine division... it's fun.
  10. I've raised two boys to shoot. I started both of them out with .22 pistols around the age of 7 (we have a .22 steel match monthly here that is great for new shooters), then they graduated to centerfire action shooting competitions - one shot outlaw multigun, one shot USPSA pistol. . They enjoyed it until they got to college and found other pursuits. I am comforted knowing they can handle firearms competently, and expect they will come back to it when they are ready. You don't say how old your son is, nor whether he has any shooting experience. Is his interest driven only by watchin
  11. For action shooting, bore cleanliness is grossly overrated. Ain't nobody got time fo' that. I clean my match handguns only a couple of times a year, and even then I only use a BoreSnake. I rarely bother with a rod for match handguns anymore. I am a bit more meticulous with safe queens and carry guns, which still get the rod. The same goes for my match rifles (AR15s) except that I run a short rod with chamber brush into the chamber before pulling the BoreSnake through. I only do a more thorough decoppering clean when I see the accuracy fall off. I have a Bore
  12. I am sure that will be true for some, but I'm equally sure that others will already be compliant, or able to become compliant with little/no investment in new gear. The purpose of the Rosetta Stone is to make this as painless and accessible as possible.
  13. Indeed - several of us agreed that the ammo drought makes this a good time to try this initiative. Quality>Quantity.
  14. Thanks for that... you brightened my day immeasurably
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