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  1. I own several SBRs, and I started USPSA PCC with a 10" AR9 but I never really got to love it. I prefer a 16" with 15" handguard. It feels the same as my 3-Gun rifle and it seems like I can drive the gun harder and with more precision. Something a little shorter might be as good - say 14" - but I doubt I'd want to go too much shorter.
  2. The PCC looks sexy, but why oh why do manufacturer's think it's a good idea to skeletonize the upper receiver? It saves negligible weight, and reduces containment in the event of an OOB discharge (which is much more common with a blowback PCC than a rotating bolt AR15). The last OOB I saw resulted in a big chunk of shrapnel in the shooters arm requiring hospital treatment - my strong suspicion is that, had his upper not been sleletonized, he wouldn't have suffered a scratch.
  3. The number of COVID-19 cases here in AZ has thankfully been lower than in other areas of the Nation. Many of our local matches here in the Phoenix area have still been cancelled, but not all. Some matches, where the MD assesses that group size (social distancing) and number of hands on the timer/tablet (hygiene) can be effectively managed, appear to be going ahead for the moment - for example, my home club ran a USPSA match today accommodating up to 80 shooters (8 squads of 10 persons), with appropriate admonitions relating to conduct. I shot a rifle match this morning at another area range; they also limited squad size to 10, and minimized the number of hands touching the timer and tablet (which were also sanitized between uses). We were asked not to come if we have any symptoms or had had contact with anyone else who is sick. In general, I think competitive shooters are pretty educated and responsible folks that are smart enough to figure out how to minimize the risks. As the facts on the ground change, or as government mandates evolve, I am confident they will do the right thing. To be honest, I felt safer at the match today than I did when I went to the grocery store yesterday.
  4. To amplify, we only pre-loaded the on-deck shooter, so the in-the-hole shooter could still walk the stage. We ran our local matches this way for a couple of months in the run-up to SMM3G. It saves a BUNCH of time, and we have had zero safety issues. As a competitor I like it because I have more time to make ready and be confident I didn't forget anything (chambering a round, turning on my dot etc.) before I walk to the start position. Honestly, I don't know why we didn't think of it years ago.
  5. Do you have a solid scope mount? If not, it could mean a wandering zero and endless frustration. Assuming your optic is solid and properly zeroed, and your rifle is capable of 4MOA or better (military-grade accuracy), you probably aren't getting stable enough. There are lots of tricks to getting more stable, but they depend on the prop you are shooting off. You need to shoot with someone experienced who will mentor you - a lot of folks get into trouble by using the "monkey see, monkey do" method of position building. I run the monthly multigun match up at Rio Salado (second Saturday morning each month, in Mesa, AZ). If you are able to come up and participate in our match, send me an IM and I will watch you shoot and offer some tips/tricks. I guarantee it will be worth the drive, and will save you a lot of $$$ on gear you don't need.
  6. I think most, including me, agree that the rules do not punish this type of unintended discharge. The problem is that the rules do not punish this type of unintended discharge. I suspect those who think this is OK are experiencing normalcy bias - if it is all you have known, you think it's normal. I've been shooting this sport long enough to remember when an unintended discharge was prima facie evidence of incompetent or careless gun handling, and it was not tolerated. The fact that it is now OK is one of the reasons I shoot less USPSA now than I used to.
  7. Because it is clear the our sport is willing to tolerate incompetent gun handling like this. When incompetents are running around with loaded weapons, the chance of someone getting hurt goes up.
  8. Without reading all 5 pages of back and forth, this basically reflects the "make the match more competitor friendly/benefit goes to the shooter/bums on seats" mentality at USPSA and IPSC over the last decade. Everyone knows this was a negligent discharge, but the rules tie the officials' hands. Until someone ends up in a body bag because of it, shooters will continue to push the envelope and USPSA will continue to say No Harm, No Foul.
  9. Depends on the rules set. Under USPSA and IMA-SMM3G rules, it would be two FTE.
  10. I avoid budget-priced plated bullets in 16" PCCs after a friend's barrel leaded up (due to plate stripping) and got bulged. Thick-plated bullets (Berry's) have worked OK for me, but are more $$$ if you are on a tight budget. I mostly run Blue Bullets in my PCCs and they shoot OK - not tack driving (3" at 50 yards), but adequate for USPSA. A lot of friends run Precision Delta FMJ and say they are very accurate with the right load. For longer distances (past 50 yards) I run factory FMJ - better bullet, and hotter=flatter shooting which matters past 100 yards.
  11. The 2020 Arizona State Pistol Caliber Carbine Championship will be hosted by Rio Salado Sportsman's Club during the last weekend of September. The main match will be on Saturday/Sunday, plus there will be limited options to shoot the whole match in one day with the staff on Friday (if you prefer this option, please sign up even if no Friday squad slots are shown - we will consider releasing more slots as demand dictates). We are grateful to Quarter Circle 10 for stepping up as the Title Sponsor again this year. This year you can look forward to the same successful formula we have brought you in previous years... your PCC skills will be tested to the max. There will be 10 challenging run-n-gun PCC-only stages, with targets ranging from 1 yard to over 100 yards. Ammo count is expected to be around 400 rounds. The generous prize table will be distributed by random draw during the match as each squad rotates through the prize/vendor demo area (must be present to win), and trophies will be awarded according to division participation. The match will be run under IMA-PCC rules (Time-Plus with Points). Equipment divisions will be as follows: • Open Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine. No other restrictions. • Limited Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with non-magnified sights only (red dots, irons and lasers OK). No bipods. • Iron Sight Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with iron sights only (no optics or lasers). No bipods. All magazines are limited to 30 rounds loaded. Firearms must be fitted with a shoulder stock or pistol brace. Ammunition must be 9mm or larger, and muzzle velocity may not exceed 1600fps. Registration is via PractiScore: REGISTRATION LINK. The match fee is $225 and includes a free match shirt (entries received after September 1st may not receive their choice of shirt size). Payment will be taken online during registration, A full refund (minus a $10 third-party processing fee) will be issued for withdrawal requested received via Practiscore prior to 11pm on August 15th. After this deadline, no refunds will be issued. Once the match is filled, additional entrants will be placed on a wait list.
  12. I don't want to derail Kelly and Kurt's trip down memory lane, buuuut... be advised that the 3" long x 1" diameter rule assumes a simple cylindrical muzzle device. If you have a funky asymmetric muzzle device that you think meets the criteria, you might want to check with the RM first to avoid disappointment. When we were faced with an unusual brake design at SMM3G, we clarified that the device must fit inside a right cylinder of 3" length and 1" internal diameter. The RM found a convenient gage (probably a choke tube package or something) to quickly make the assessment.
  13. Pretty much the same issues as UML (barely coherent rules structure, coach-and-horses gaps, an even more silly paper target etc.), plus penalty times so small I could stay in bed, eat the penalties and still place in the top half.
  14. Can we have a separate thread about 3GN rules? My list of peeves would be WAAAAY longer. Hopefully they are gone for good.
  15. OK, sounds reasonable... how often do you hear that here
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