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  1. StealthyBlagga

    M&P 2.0 FDE - what front sight height?

    When I measured mine it was 0.168" tall.
  2. StealthyBlagga

    Low recoil buffer for non adjustable gas

    If the critical application will be self defense, stick with full-mass BCG and a CAR or H-Buffer. The fancier stuff might give you a marginal edge in competition but it can fail at the worst moment. You are not going to lose the Chevy truck for lack of a fancy buffer. If it were me, instead of buying a high-ticket gun like that, I would buy a plain vanilla 16" midlength free-floated AR15 from a name brand (e.g. S&W) and keep it stock for self-defense. I would then use the money saved to buy a competition-optimized upper (full competition brake, low mass BCG, adjustable gas system etc.), and just switch uppers according to the application. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. StealthyBlagga

    Adjustable Rear sights for M&P M2.0 5"

    Google is great for questions like this. First hit: Novak , LPA , probably others.
  4. StealthyBlagga

    AZ State PCC Championship 2018

    Just 40 minutes left before registration closes... procrastinators please take note
  5. StealthyBlagga

    Slick Buttplate Anyone try Flex Seal?

    I just posted the same issue in another forum. Someone recommended this: GT5000. I have ordered a pack and will see how it works out.
  6. Fortunately, you can usually tell pretty easily if the bullet is sticking vs. the case.
  7. StealthyBlagga

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    I own 10 M&P handguns of various vintages and configurations. It is my "go to" platform - I got off the 2011 bandwagon a long time ago. My primary uses are 3-Gun and personal defense... these days, USPSA matches are just practice for 3-Gun. When suitably modified, the M&P is exceptionally well suited to 3-Gun, being quick handling and "drop-n-run" safe. It is also hands down the most functionally reliable handgun platform I have ever used in my 35+ years of competitive handgun shooting - it just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Ergonomics are first-rate too. With the above said, the M&P needs work. The triggers are atrocious out of the box, even the M2.0, so an Apex trigger kit is mandatory (the FSS is really sweet). Also, accuracy of the 1.0 9mm guns was never very good, so you need to budget for an Apex barrel. When permitted by rules, adding weight to the frame helps too (tungsten guide rod, magwell etc.). Even when optimized for competition, the M&P is definitely not the best choice for USPSA, but as I said that is no longer my primary application.
  8. We prohibit bimetal for TWO reasons: 1) I run my matches in AZ, often shooting into Sonoran Desert natural terrain. Steel projectiles spark when they hit rocks, which has caused fires. Obviously this is a problem in a desert; we have to hurriedly shut down the range and run out there to douse the flames before things get out of control. Last time it happened (at someone else's match who allows bimetal ammo) it was a close-run thing. 2) We prohibit green tip and similar penetrator ammo due to target damage. The only practical way to detect violations of this rule is to test projectiles with a magnet. If we allow bimetal ammo, this makes policing the rule a lot more difficult.
  9. StealthyBlagga

    Open Rifle red dot

    Jeremy - You are dead to JJ
  10. StealthyBlagga

    AZ State PCC Championship 2018

    LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER - the match closes on Friday
  11. StealthyBlagga

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    Oh, and the 5" M2.0 is $100-200 cheaper than the Pro... especially if you had taken advantage of the rebate last month like I did
  12. StealthyBlagga

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    I don't shoot Production any more... when the Production winner is in the high 90% range versus the Limited winner, why would I want to keep bending over to pick up dropped magazines . I shoot Limited minor as good practice for 3-Gun. My 5" Pros have the following modifications: - Apex FSS trigger kit - Apex match barrel (semi-fit in my case) <<< mandatory with the 1.0 - Extended magazine release (LF Arms, though these are no longer available) - SSS magwell (not Product legal of course... yet) - Glue-on grit to increase grip... not needed with the M2.0 due to the aggressive molded surface. I always got on OK with the factory sights, but you could also budget for new ones if you like spending money.
  13. StealthyBlagga

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    I only got it last week, and it is not going to be my primary match gun (I have 7 M&P 1.0s of various vintages already set up for match use). If I were setting up for USPSA Production, I would get a 5" M2.0 (any color you like as long as it is brown ), install a fiber optic front sight (you can just black out the rear dots on the factory sight with a Sharpie), and install an Apex FSS trigger kit. If you have small Donald Trump hands you can add a Springer Precision extended magazine release. Otherwise, buy magazines and belt kit and start shooting.
  14. StealthyBlagga

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    Yes, the M2.0 frame has a much more substantial metal insert. My 5" 9mm M2.0 is much more accurate than my stock 5" 9mm Pros... indeed, the stock M2.0 barrel is close to the accuracy of my Apex barrels. That, plus the Pro internals are basically crap and will need to be replaced anyway. I would not recommend a Pro.
  15. StealthyBlagga

    Pinning retaining strap

    For 3-Gun I use the ELS system to mount everything, including the holster (yeah, I know Safariland don't recommend that - whatever). I can switch out holsters as needed - I have several of both the retention and non-retention type. I can even remove it entirely if handgun is not needed on the stage - it's a great spot for an extra shotshell caddy.