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  1. Never touched the trigger. Those numbers are bone stock.
  2. I don't let beginners shoot mine, too light.
  3. OK, no more CO talk for me.
  4. I talked to David at CGW and he told me about the P09 guide rod. They found out after testing. He told me at the time that the P10F rod would be ready in a week so I waited
  5. I've put in so many PRP triggers I think I could do it blindfolded. Having said that, the first one was a chore. I don't think there is a better trigger on the market, PERIOD.
  6. The grip tape is better (more consistent) than the factory texturing and since I shoot IDPA as well as USPSA it"s what I can use.
  7. According to CGW the P-09 guide rod is to soft for the P-10 F. Just got my CGW ss guide rods for my two P-10 F's today along with their 15 lb spring. The only other changes I've made are 1) The stock rear sights I took off my Shadow 2's matched to Dawson f/o fronts and 2) Talon grip tape. I shoot SSP/Production and really enjoy beating the cheater dots and high cap mags.
  8. Jeff O

    p-10F issue

    Rowdy is the F guide rod the same as the 09?
  9. Jeff O

    33 oz XDM

    Will the .375 base pads fit the IDPA box?
  10. Where can I get the 4.7 oz rod?
  11. Actually use a .090 Dawson f/o front.
  12. I've installed a dozen or so. Have tried both the oversized and the pre-fit. I like the pre-fit. Main place to polish is where they trigger guard contacts the frame. I have shot every SSP/Production gun I can think of and IMO this is as good as it gets.
  13. Anyone know if the +.300 pads will fit the IDPA box?
  14. They're awaiting US Customs/ATF import approval. I'm on the waiting list.
  15. Bob Vogel uses a stock Glock, but I am NOT him.
  16. Yes, but I always shoot SSP. Production in USPSA.
  17. I'm going down to Arkansas to shoot the state IDPA match this weekend and I am shooting the Pro XT, using my CZ Shadow 2 as a backup gun. The trigger on the Bersa is truly amazing but it's accuracy and sight picture are what brought me to this decision. Also I have the new grip from Eagle imports and I love the feel of the gun in my hand. Don't know about the finger issue but I have big hands but relatively short fingers myself. Yes it is de-cocker only.
  18. Anybody interested ?
  19. Fits the box fine with stock sights and 14 round mag. With the Dawson sights I use the Mec Gar 10 rd mags I use for CCP anyway. The parts shown were all replaced w CGW parts. I am using an 11.5 # CGW hammer spring and when I put it in I expected LPS's, but have yet to have even one. I am just as fast on drills with this gun as I am w my Shadow 2. Shot an IDPA match in SSP w it and finished 2nd OA to a 28 yr old (I'm 64) w one of those cheater CO guns.
  20. No, it's a Vertex frame right?
  21. Went up to the range and shot the gun again. Only used the mags that came with the gun. No issues. Extra Walther PPQ mags no bueno. ??????
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