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  1. Nope, .200 period and no oversized button, I'm also an SO and have dealt with this before. Rex Alpha same deal (have one). Checked with HQ.
  2. There is no cut in the top of the slide and I just shot IDPA SSP Master at the Louisiana State IDPA championship. I'm not tellin' 'em Stuart. I could shoot either, but prefer SSP.
  3. OK, you.re gonna think I'm nuts, but here goes. A buddy stacked two 1 1/2" long pieces of electrical tape on the left, back side of the mag at the very top. Slop reduced to acceptable, mags still drop free. A fix until Walther catches up and enlarges the plastic spacer(s) - probably left side only.
  4. Went up to the range and shot the gun again. Only used the mags that came with the gun. No issues. Extra Walther PPQ mags no bueno. ??????
  5. Jeff,

    Where was the Shadow 2 work done for IDPA SSP?  Instead of buying another gun (Walther SF), I'd like to lighten my S2 to play across the games.


    Bob Curry


  6. Shot it today w Mini Mags and Aguila - no issues. 10 out of 10 shots in the head circle of an IDPA target. Plate rack piece of cake. Better than the shotgun groups I was getting with the "crap".
  7. What are you using for GR/Spring? BT guide rodrod?????
  8. OK, having failures to eject with 130 PF match ammo. Ejection pattern indicates too strong a recoil spring. Anybody delt w this?
  9. Can I get a ta duh? Actually weighed 42.55 at the Louisiana State IDPA match. SO's kept telling me "That won't make weight at equipment check", I kept saying "Wanna bet?"
  10. Don't think I would trade my LTT for it. Prefer the G model for Production/SSP. If it is in fact weighs over 47 ounces as indicated above, it will never make Carry Optics and is too heavy for anything in IDPA.
  11. Ordered some CCI Mini Mags and some Federal Auto Match.
  12. At the forcing cone. A .22 boresnake wouldn't go through. Got this out w a wire brush.
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