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  1. Jeff O

    Patriot Defense CZ Grips

    I'm within .03 oz of getting my Shadow 2 to make weight for IDPA. Anybody have an idea what the Patriot Defense grips weigh?
  2. I personally do not like the grips on the polymer gun.The SF"s groups are very nice.
  3. Jeff O

    Patriot Defense CZ Grips

    Any of you guys know how much a set of these weigh ?
  4. If they've made this gun so you're stuck with the factory guide rod that is really poor planning.
  5. Jeff O

    Cz p01 for ccp

    That's funny...their "EDC" dooesn't fit.
  6. Jeff O

    Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

    Eagle could tell you if the new guns come with the ext mag release. The pic in the catalog would seem to indicate so. The new grips are flatter, thinner and don't have the raised "swoop", I like them better. The trigger reach to DA is a good bit longer than a Glock, but the reach to SA and the reset are MUCH shorter. I'm OK with the trade off to have second strike capability in DA. Uh, Beretta and CZ pouches are identical. No functional problems match or otherwise. Won the overall in my last local IDPA match with it, but to be fair, I won the last one I shot with my XDm 5.25 too. I like to experiment too.
  7. Jeff O

    Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

    I have two of these. I'll attach pictures of the two-tone gun with the extended mag release and the new style grips both available from Eagle Imports customer service, who are very helpful, and can be called to order at 732-493-0333. Both items were in stock yesterday. Also has grip tape from Talon Grips. The gun pictured has maybe 2,000 rds thru it and I attached pics of the DA and SA trigger pulls in a previous post. but the pic below shows DA has improved with break-in (avg of 10 pulls). Besides the weight numbers being superb, it is butter smooth with an Incredibly short reset. It has been 100% reliable (I load Winchester primers). As I said in an earlier post, this gun is the best kept secret in SSP/Production. It can be purchased for less than $625 and comes with a hand-fitted match grade barrel and 5 mags that cost $50 each to buy seperately. The Ben Stoeger Pro Sop carries SSP/Production legal Shockbottle mag base plates. It's competition proven as Rodrigo Suarez won SSP Expert with one at the last IDPA World Championship. Add this to the fact that you can buy 2 of them and holster (Red Hill Tactical makes a great one for it, or a Blade-Tech or Comp Tac for an XDm 5.25 works perfectly if you have one) and mag pouches (CZ, Beretta size) and still have a couple of hundred dollars left over as compared to a custom CZ or Tanfo. Hell, you can buy one for the price of a Glock 34 !!!!!!!
  8. Veil Solutions has one, but they tell me they're shipping them all to Walther as fast as they can make them.
  9. Jeff O

    Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

    Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has Shockbottles.
  10. Jeff O

    Arex Rex Alpha

    OK, anyone have any info on upgrades? Maks has evidently vamoosed.
  11. Yes, it fits the IDPA box.
  12. Jeff O

    M&P full size in IDPA CCP?

    2.0 Compact fits with base pads.
  13. Jeff O

    Arex Rex Alpha

    Where can I get the extended FP?