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  1. Jeff O

    Arex Rex Alpha

    Strange, mine came off easily w a hair dryer.
  2. Jeff O

    Arex Rex Alpha

    Per Maks on FB Messenger - the anodizer lost the triggers! ? Firing pins are supposed to go into production the end of the month. Maks hasn't been keeping up because he has a new job and is really busy.
  3. If all 169 guys shooting the Excalibur bought the trigger Apex still wouldn't recover their development cost. ?
  4. Jeff O

    Langdon Elite LTT

    I've owned the WC. Elite is a step up.
  5. Jeff O

    Langdon Elite LTT

    Yes. DA 7, SA 3 Incredibly smooth. Well worth the money.
  6. Memphis, what guide rod are you running/ Couldn't find the info looking back.......
  7. Does anyone know if it will fit in the CCP box for IDPA?
  8. No problem I really want to buy a Grand Power but I've never even seen one in person.
  9. Really does nothing to answer my question. This guy has no idea how to use a trigger guage.
  10. Does anybody have both guns? If so could you comment on the differences in the trigger? Trying to decide if I need to buy an X-Trim and an X-Calibur and swap the slides for IDPA while using the X-Calibur for Steel Challenge and USPSA or if the X-Trim could do it all.
  11. Jeff O

    Any CZ gunsmiths near Swansea, MA?

    I heard they all moved to the actual United States. ?
  12. Jeff O

    Arex Rex Alpha

    I will say that the gun balances perfectly in my hand and the recoil is almost imperceptible. Maybe the flattest shooting gun I've ever fired. As far as accuracy my 1st 10 shots from 15 yds were in one post-it note.
  13. FedEx delivered my new PX4 from Langdon Tactical today. Initial trigger gauge readings - 6 lb 9 oz DA, 2 lb 14 oz SA. Took it to the range for a little shakedown. Amazingly smooth, accurate and off the chart flat shooting. The only thing I don't like is the stealth decockers. Langdon Tactical has a new lever called "The Fugly", which is between the stock giant bat wings and the stealth levers. Langdon was out of them when I ordered the gun but they were supposed to be in today. For competition I may actually go to the full size slide release as well. Going to run it in IDPA SSP. Initial impression is that this gun is fantastic and don't know why it is so underappreciated. Kudos to Langdon Tactical Technologies! Aimee is a pleasure to work with.