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  1. Plus 3 times the price of an Xcal?
  2. Jeff O

    CZC flat DA/SA trigger

    OK, have 2 Shadow 2's. Put the flat trigger and CZC disco in my black gun, wouldn't drop the hammer at all. Took flat trigger, trigger bow, hammer and disco out and put everything in my hardchrome gun and everything works perfectly. I'm thinkin' the frame may be out of spec on the black gun. The drop end of the disco hits the frame before the wings contact the trigger bar. Could it be as complex as not enough tension on the trigger bar spring? Having said all that the hard chrome gun works PERFECTLY! Pre-travel, over-travel and reset are as good as I've ever felt.
  3. Jeff O

    CZC flat DA/SA trigger

    Anybody tried one? Have 2 triggers, disco coming today.
  4. So, Glock adjustable rear, what height M&P front?
  5. Have the standard Xcal, not interested in CO but it should be a good one. Straight barrel version will be IDPA legal.
  6. There are a dozen guns that would be better choices for less money. The FNS 9L is one.
  7. Believe it or not, not my Shadow 2's, P10F. Made Master with it.
  8. I actually have his extreme bolt in my rear charger.
  9. Talked to Tim the other night, he's not making the Extreme anymore, just the Short Stroke Extreme.
  10. Decided to go with an FM products 10.5 side charger. My only concern was that the folding charger looks awfully close to the muzzle. If so I will add a short barrel extension. Went with their lower too, the LRBHO is, by all reports, the best in the business. I know what you're thinking, don't need LRBHO. In a classifier with a mandatory reload from empty, means the difference between master and expert.
  11. Decided to go 16" for the same reasons.
  12. OK guys what bolt have you had the best luck with?
  13. Of course Taccom is out of stock on the extension. I got on their waiting list, when I did that for one of their bolts I got email notifications for 2 years after I had already bought one.
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