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  1. Yeah, if the extreme 'cup' of the current stock CZ trigger bothers you (as it did for me and probably many shooter out there), then the Original 85C or Shadowline will feel worlds better from the get-go. What I also like about the thicker 85C and 97 triggers is that they offer a little more trigger pull distance in single action, so it's not as far back on the 'rear wall'. The overtravel screw also helps.
  2. I have a pretty inexpensive Glock BCG in one of my PCC's....I think it's made by Pickett's Mill Armory....that has worked fine with everything I've tried. MilSpec, POF, Rise Armament, Geissele 2-stage, Geissele 3-gun, and Hiperfires.
  3. Agreed,. I like the original 85C triggers the best..... I have seen some CZ shooters heat up and bend the triggers back a bit so they're even flatter.
  4. MoRivera

    CO optic

    I think the DPP has a larger field of view, but the Venom's is pretty good. I'd say a bit better than the RMR. I've shot about 1200 rounds so far with no problems. Also, my slide was milled specifically for the Venom by CZ Custom, so instead of the little tabs that fit in the corners it matches up specifically to the front and back of the Venom. Others may have theirs milled for interchangeable plates too fit different models, but I wanted mine mounted down low and I had good experiences with Venoms before. Also kept some costs down, obviously.
  5. From what I can tell, the Shadow 2's trigger seems to be closest to the one labeled 'Shadowline' in the comparison pic below..... I personally like the 'Original 85C' the best on my Shadow 1, as it has both an overtravel screw but also increases trigger reach a bit as well as having less curvature. But yeah, any of them should work on a Shadow 2, I believe.
  6. MoRivera

    CO optic

    I have a Vortex Venom on mine and love it...... I got an extra Shadow slide from CZ Custom milled for the optic, so I switch 'uppers' for when I still shoot Production or SSP in IDPA.
  7. Got one configured as a side-charging 13-inch barreled 'Other', because I wanted to shoot PCC at a match in NY state, and only 'Others' are legal down there and allowed i this particular match....so I use my normal PCC uppers on the FM lower. Works fine, put in the same Hiperfire trigger, just put the buffer system from my pre-ban in and it feels just the same. What's nice is that the FM has a last round bolt hold open, as the match in NY only allows 10 rounds per mag so it does come into play. When not using it for PCC, I match it with a 10.5" (12" with linear comp pinned/welded) for home duty. Sold the side-charging upper and just put together a regular 'slick-slide' shorty upper. Makes a great, light closet gun or a truck gun....if I had a truck, LOL!
  8. I use a Primary Arms 1x Cyclops Prism on one of my 5.56's that I shoot multigun with, and it's great. The perfect combination of medium-range precision and quick close up shots. I use it when shooting irons on pistol without eye correction because the front sight is in focus with my normal vision, but distance falls away pretty quickly. The 1x Prism has a focusable diopter, so I can focus it to my normal, uncorrected vision for distance, and it's a literal tack driver. When I shoot just PCC or a carry-optics pistol, I wear my correctives and go with a normal red dot. The prism scope's illumination doesn't quite get as bright as a red dot, but for most normal daylight conditions the black etched reticle works better anyway. Once you get indoors or light starts to fade the illumination is plenty.
  9. My wallet just leapt out of my pocket and locked itself in the bathroom....!
  10. Did Ben shave right after the opening...?
  11. I'm using a .308 carbine spring. The feeling is somewhat similar to when I shoot 147 grain, slower loads...a little more muzzle rise and just a rounder/slower cycle compared to the snappier 115-grain factory loads. I don't mind the jolt of recoil so much, it's more the longer cycle and muzzle rise.
  12. Shot mine at a steel match this morning. It ran great, but I think I need to try a lighter buffer (in my case the lighter Kynshot RB5000, instead of the heavier 5005 I have in there now), as the cycling felt a bit more sluggish than when I have my 14.5" barrel on. I'm guessing less back pressure or something with the shorter barrel.
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