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  1. With a SAO trigger, yes that TRS can be more of a pain when reinstalling. Probably because the SAO trigger's 'rest' point is like the DA trigger being pulled way back to SA position. Did it enough times that it got easier in terms of positioning, but still a chore.
  2. Good to hear. Did it cure the friction on the slide?
  3. Romeo 1 has a pretty good sized window too. I like reflex sights on PCC's I use for competition because I feel less tunnel-vision. But for my all-around/defensive long guns, they're tube-type red dots for durability et al. Yeah when I shoot in bright sun with a red dot like the Venom on my pistol, I'm always surprised just how much I have to crank the dot.
  4. Wow that's surprising because I know mine gets plenty bright for sunny days. Maybe mine's a later manufacture for something. My C-More's by comparison are just visible enough fully cranked. For me though, nothing beats an etched black reticle on sunny days like on the 1X Primary Arms Cyclops that I have on my 5.56. Focused to my eye which is nice (have to wear corrective lenses for distance when using red dot), but granted it still feels more like a scope than red dot.
  5. Are you seating the rear of the sear cage in correctly? It can be a bit ambiguous at first until you get a feel for it, it usually needs to be pressed down as you're getting the safety lever back in. As GMP pointed out, nothing should require being forced in.
  6. I'm also left-eye dominant and right-handed when shooting pistols, but I've done so much long gun stuff since youth that I just squint my left eye and use my right with a rifle/carbine. Sometimes both eyes and just superimposing the red dot, depending on what I'm doing. But also makes me quite comfortable switching to opposite shoulder since my left/dominant eye feels right at home. Another red dot candidate that I'll put forward and don't see much here about is the Sig Romeo3. For those who like a more 'uncluttered'/less tunnel-vision peripheral view with non-tube reflex sights like an RMR or a C-More, the Romeo3 has a slightly larger and more round window like the C-More, but isn't as bulky so it's a bit lighter and more flexible with positioning. The included riser mount puts it right at that lower-1/3 height that many of us like so much. The dot is 3 MOA but seems closer to 4-5 MOA, and there's more brightness range than with a C-More. The quick release clamp holds and releases great. And again, that round window just feels very natural as you're picking things up quickly. The two-tone color scheme may turn some off aesthetically, but it really does make a very good carbine red dot that's fast and keeps your overall gun profile sleek. They're coming out with a 'Max" (Michel) version that is black and has a larger-window version too, but substantially more $$.
  7. It sounds like some sort of misalignment of the sear cage when installing the safety. Like the ejector or something rubbing the slide. Maybe the spring for the detent lever is jamming up the cage. Or.....when you install the safety lever shaft, are you remembering to lift the leg off the sear pin to clear the shaft, and then snap back into its detent on the shaft? Or (2)...it kind of sounds like it's the wrong safety lever for like a regular CZ75/SP01 which has a narrower frame.
  8. And if you have a Foxtrot Mike or similar lower, make sure the ejector isn't wobbling around. The set screw that holds it in may need some Loctite. Otherwise it can cause all sorts of ejection and feeding problems. Ask me how I know.
  9. Not an AR-9 pistol, an 'Other'.....something that's neither a pistol nor a rifle.....a la, it comes with a pistol brace not a stock, but the barrel is longer than 12" (overall length over 26") and it has a vertical fore grip from the 'factory'. It's screwy.
  10. Yes, I do on my dedicated PCC which is based off a PreBan lower ( I use the Stern Defense). For just personal use you can get a new 'other' configured AR-9 type that uses a pistol brace and a 12"+ barrel, and many local competitions or steel/plates allow shooter to use that as PCC. But actual USPSA requires an actual 'rifle' with a shoulder stock. Some have older AR's with magwell converters for Colt mags and such. What's even worse is that for USPSA matches in NY state where I want to shoot PCC, when I had the regular Ruger PC9, I couldn't legally shoot it in that state because it had a threaded barrel....a la just one 'evil' feature.
  11. What stinks is that as a CT resident, because of those 'evil' features you can't purchase a 9mm AR-platform unless you start with a pre-ban lower ($$$) or gear something configured as an 'other'. So one can't even get a Ruger in this new configuration anyway.
  12. MoRivera

    SAO vs DA SA

    I have that trigger as well, but I don't quite like the shape/contour of it like the Original 85C. If they made a SAO trigger like the 'target' model with a normal curve, but with that shorter reach I'd be all over it. Of course, one could mod a DA/SA trigger not to reset in DA with an internal screw, but didn't want to bother.
  13. It looks like it should be on a tripod....and belt-fed.
  14. MoRivera

    shadow 2 trigger

    In both DA and SA? I think maybe the the 'thick' trigger that normally comes stock on the CZ 97. One of the reasons why I like the Original 85C trigger is that it moves the trigger reach a bit forward in SA, and isn't as curved as the stock or recurved triggers. Also prefer the thicker triggers on my DA/SA Sigs, same reason. I don't like having the SA break way far back against the rear wall of the trigger guard. Also nice having an adjustment screw that limits overtravel.
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