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  1. I regret that I didn't add some weight to the back before pinning a Minimalist stock on.
  2. Note: actually at first I thought that the gauge was a tiny bit over, but then I realized that I hadn't cleaned the breech which had a good amount of buildup. Once cleaned it was dead-even.
  3. Checked mine. Crap.......CRAAAPPP!!!!! Just kidding, I'm good.
  4. Just checked my mail....... It comes in an almost junk-mail looking envelope so be careful not to overlook.
  5. MoRivera

    SP01 Shadow Slide

    Yeah, I've bought two by just contacting them...or more specifically a forum member who works there...directly.
  6. Yeah I've ran about 400-500 through mine including some pretty rapid-fire stuff on steel and haven't had a single double or multi-/slam-fire. But best to be sure so I'm eagerly awaiting the gauge.
  7. I've wondered before if that's what a comp is actually doing to the feel of the recoil (especially on a shorter 11-14" barrel).....a la, it's relieving the back pressure so it doesn't hurl the BCG back as hard/fast, and that's perceived as countering muzzle lift?
  8. So I ordered a gauge on 3/11 and have not received...called S&W cust. service and they said the the gauges just started shipping end of last week, so it should arrive within the next week.
  9. Me on an MPX. Jerry on a muzzle loader. Man on man plate rack. Jerry wins.
  10. I know that with my eyes and corrective glasses, I definitely pick up the 6MOA dot better when it's moving as much as it does on a pistol. On my long guns where things are steadier, the smaller dots come in handy.
  11. I was seriously thinking of doing the same for a long slide that I actually bought from you. Like my recent Shadow 1 extra slide, it would be nice to have an extra slide with an optic that I can switch out with an iron-sighted one. But then again, I might just get a Bull Shadow and keep it iron, and get this slide milled for the optic. Nice job on those.
  12. I just recently got an extra Shadow 1 slide milled by CZC for a Vortex Venom (mine being the 6MOA), and I like how low down it gets it....... ....what's nice is that there's also a 3MOA Venom in case I want to go smaller, but so far the larger dot works well for me in this setup.
  13. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=99996.0
  14. Pretty much my approach/concern as well. I actually find that the normal 90˚ down/fire position gives me a more direct leverage for my thumb when putting it on. A long ambition one the right side is even better for my fingers, but it interferes a bit with my grip when down, so I might try a short right-side ambi.
  15. You can enter serial # to see if your rifle is possibly affected, and then go here to order a feeler gauge for free... https://store.smith-wesson.com/m-p-15-22-bolt-inspection-gauge To check if your bolt needs replacement.
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