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  1. I run the 'Reflex' which was formerly the 24E, I think. Completely reliable with both sets of springs, but I also attribute that to my BCG which has been reliable with a bunch of different triggers and uppers. I do however keep an eye on my firing pins and keep some replacements handy.
  2. I use my middle finger on strong hand, it's right in front.
  3. It's in a good place and is very intuitive as long as you get 'used' to it. Maybe some substantial dry practice doing mag changes. But it works great.
  4. No mods needed. Uppers have ranged from mil spec to billet. The BCG's I have work fine with a variety of triggers and uppers.
  5. I run the mag well adapter and it has been very reliable, and last round bolt hold open always works. You'd do have two clean and lube it every now and then otherwise the soot buildup could make the mag catch get sticky.
  6. I have two from Pickett's Mill Armory.....their Hybrid model...and they have worked with every different trigger (Milspec, POF, RISE, Hyperfire, Geissele) and barrel/upper that I've run with them. Some BCG's I've found to have a breech/ejector that's rather tight and can contribute to failure's to feed. The PMA one has a breech that the rim slips pretty easily into. Again, very reliable with a lot of different combinations.
  7. Woah.....interesting development on this...... https://www.cmmginc.com/9-arc/
  8. Here's thread with some interesting possiblities.....
  9. Mobil 1 on the bolt, Slip 2000 EWL30 on internal action, thin coat of CLP on bore after cleaning.
  10. Was six weeks for me on two different slides.
  11. I occasionally shoot PCC in local USPSA/IDPA or even steel matches where I know most of the shooters and see them often...so even though I get a small number of sneers and snide comments, it's mostly fun ribbing and pretty understood that it's once in a while and switching things up. If I'm going to matches that I haven't attended before, I usually start with SSP or Production to just sort of 'feel it out'. There are a few matches I shoot often where I know a PCC just wouldn't be 'welcomed', even though I like all the folks I shoot with, so I don't shoot it there and I'm not really looking to be some bringer of change or what have you. Some places may even sneer a bit at carry optics, but again more like busting chops amongst friends. So again, I shoot enough local matches with enough familiarity to mix the PCC in here and there, and there are even PCC-themed plate shoots and matches sprinkled in. I still mainly want to get as good as I can with Irons, with optics and PCC being a nice bonus every now and then.
  12. An SP01 can fit in some Shadow 2 holsters, but it will be a bit sloppy. The reverse, no since the Shadow 2's frame is wider up top.
  13. Agreed, that's why I've also set up a 10.5"-barreled (12" with pinned/welded linear comp) 'other' format-PCC as a house/closet gun, because I also have a 12" barrel 5.56 that would be brain-scramblingliny loud indoors without a suppressor, and still pretty long and unwieldy with one. Since a 9mm through a barrel over 8" or so burns up all its powder, as far as un-suppressed guns go in defense calibers, it may be the least-deafening way to go. Not necessarily hearing-safe, but considerably less than a 5.56, 12 ga., or even a 9mm pistol. The linear comp aids even more in throwing the blast forward compared to a normal/vertical comp or muzzle brake.
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