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  1. Oh I've had mine for years and it's worked like a champ with my regular blowback uppers. Maybe I will give it a shot with my CMMG RDB upper. But the only time I would even need that is when shooting falling steel where I'd get 33+ rounds from a Glock mag as opposed to just 30 using a P-Mag with the CMMG Endomag inserts.....and since it looks like I'll be laying low from shooting for a while with this ammo crisis, there's no rush. So you just inserted and set like you would if using with a regular blowback upper? Or did you specifically set it higher or lower in the mag well bef
  2. Interesting...there does seem to be some leeway as to how high the Stern adapter sits in the mag well, ands it has those adjustment set screws. Tempted to try it out but want to leave my Stern for other receivers I have.
  3. I was looping at that before yeah. I just want to keep the Stern the way it is as I still use it with my other blowback uppers. Or at least I did when ammo wasn't so costly and I used to shoot regularly!
  4. I'll keep an eye on mine too. Man that thing really takes a beating, right?
  5. Don't tell anyone this either, but there are still 1911's out there in common use and availability that don't have one.
  6. Wow.....so based on this, whether the gun starts with hammer fully down, at half cock or cocked n' locked, it's just as likely to fire from a drop like in that tragic USPSA mishap. Changes the outlook on using them in Shadows if true. My only question...and not insinuating anything....is whether this was determined through testing by those who make them like CGW.
  7. Hi Randy... So you're saying that if a Shadow/Shadow 2 is dropped, an extended firing pin can ignite a chambered round from inertia alone, regardless of whether the hammer is lowered or cocked?
  8. Yeah, that's kinda' why I wish Stern made an adapter that works specifically with a CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback upper, just to have some more options with Glock-based mags, especially configurations over 30-rds...without having to buy a 'dedicated' CMMG lower. I know you can modify the mag catches on some lowers like a Foxtrot Mike to work, but I haven't really read about much great success or reliability with that.
  9. I already use those (CMMG ones for their RDB system), and they are great, super-reliable. I'd just like to also use Glock mag options that have even more capacity for certain matches, whereas I'm 'limited' to 30 in the Emdomags. The 'regular' Endomags I'm still iffy about, with that plastic ejector and bolt hold-open. I know they had some issues at first, wonder if they've improved.
  10. But that's because they come from the factory that way, and they don't say that the manual-safety models should be manually decocked to the half-cock notch, so my guess is that's what the competition rules go by..even though mechanically they contradict each other. If it was somehow 'official' how CZ says the manual-safety models should be carried, then they'd probably follow suit and allow it. But as has been pointed out, nowhere in any documentation/manual does it say it should. It shouldn't have to be a question since like we said, it's mechanically evident, but I would guess that's what
  11. I guess you'd have to get it cleared with the manufacturer first, then officially documented as manual of arms, etc. before incorporating it into the rules. Otherwise I assume some may see it as a competitive advantage making the double-action pull shorter....even though again, it's already the standard way to carry for the decock-equipped CZ's. In fact that's why I first went with an SP01 Tactical because of they shorter first DA shot, but then I liked that I could get a nicer trigger with less extra movement and makeup with a Shadow so switched to that (I know, some CGW action jobs can rea
  12. Exactly what I asked as well. Mechanically, they're the same in that state....so why okay for one and not the other?
  13. Sorry to resurrect, but I can confirm that on my SP01 Shadow, with a CGW extended firing pin and the hammer fully down, the firing pin is in contact with the primer of a loaded round (using dummy round) and the hammer face with the hammer elevated a tiny bit above the rear slide face. Meaning that if there was an impact on the hammer, I can see it being directly transmitted to the primer. I have since changed the firing pin in both my iron-sighted and optic slide to the stock firing pin but kept the reduced-power firing pin springs, since this gun starts hammer-down. With the sto
  14. One of my PCC's has a Hiperfire 24E with the higher-powered green springs, so it has a good deal of oomph behind it and thus one of my concerns with firing pin life. I don't know if AR9-specific trigger groups have a softer hammer strike than 'regular' AR15 ones, I always thought that it was more about reliable functioning/cycling...plus that bolt/carrier is generally coming back and hitting it harder than in AR15's, I assume.
  15. I have the exact same combination in one gun. Good to hear.
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