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  1. Not adjustable gas, just regular. Okay, good to hear that it's at least a sensible approach. Can always use the tube insert and various carbine buffers that I have as well if for some reason I just can't get the rifle buffer to where I'm happy. Much thanks.
  2. Hey all, I tried posting this in a very old thread that I found here doing research but it didn't seem to bring it up to date, so apologies if this is redundant. I have an AR with a 14.5" barrel and mid-length gas system. I'm taking off the carbine tube and putting on an A2 tube and fixed rifle-length stock. Up until now I settled on running an H1 buffer...more specifically an Armaspec captured recoil system that is an H1-equivalent. Now with the longer tube I have gotten an RRA spacer so I could obviously still use the same one, but I also have a rifle-length buffer
  3. Hey all, Digging up this ancient thread so as not to redundantly start another while I'm doing research. I have an AR with a 14.5" barrel and mid-length gas system. I'm taking off the carbine tube and putting on an A2 tube and rifle stock. Before, I settled on running an H1 buffer...more specifically an Armaspec captured recoil system that is an H1-equivalent. Now with the longer tube I have gotten an RRA spacer, but I also have a rifle-length buffer, and I have a set of internal buffer weights ranging from aluminum to steel to tungsten. I'd actually like to use the
  4. 6MOA on my C-mores as well.
  5. MoRivera

    85 combat trigger

    I use the 'old style'/original 85C in all my SP01 Shadows. I did try one in a Shadow 2 and it fit in fine, but didn't make enough of a difference in trigger reach in single action like it did in SP01's. the break is still very far back even with that trigger. I guess I could also have tried the thick trigger that comes on etc CZ97, but I'd want toads the over travel screw, and I just didn't really bond with Shadow 2 altogether so I sold it.
  6. I have been contemplating a Bull Shadow with RDS for quite a while. Now that USPSA upped the weight limited for production, I might get the SP01 version. For my existing SP01 Shadow, I have two slides...one irons, one milled for optics, and just switch off. Would be considerably more expensive with Bull versions, so I like the idea of the plate/iron sights with the RDS system. Actually, I'd be fine just getting the bull-slide with the RDS, but the pistol's grip frame needs some more room milled out inside the dustcover.
  7. A number of shooters have mentioned this, and I also experience that when I had a TS Blue, which is very similar to the Orange. Thing with the Tactical Sport compared to an SP01 or such, the TS trigger bar is a single bow, so there's also just one spring 'leg' working it....so it's not going to be as hardy of a 'click' as it notches back up on return. Also, I don't know how yours is set up, but I thought I remember someone mentioning they get a little more 'feedback' replacing the stock polymer trigger with an aluminum one. I don' know about stiffer versions of the trigger return spring, ma
  8. On AR's a typical lower-1/3 is a height I'm most comfortable with all around. I'm still getting a solid cheek weld and part of it is because I have rather large head, so absolute cowitness height can be a strain, like I'm actually trying to press lower than where my head/cheek are sitting. also use a C-more Railway, which is kind of in between lower-1/3 and cowitness compared to other red dots. But since the actual window is farther down the rail than other red dots, it's ultimately more in line and feels fine. For example when I had a Holosun 510C I had to get the additional r
  9. For me this is mainly with 115-gr factory stuff. I've tried some 124 and 147 that's softer, but then in comparison it feels like the bolt and buffer are kind of 'lingering' during the cycle and then the gun wants to lift more, and the overall cycle is slower. I'll take sharper and quicker over softer and slower. That last part sounded weird.
  10. I have mine 'semi-stroked', if you will, so that I still get LRBHO, but it still quickens the cycle and although it may have a bit more jolt to the shoulder, it gets the dot back on target quicker. I had a friend fashion a spacer out of nylon after I measured how many quarters. A Blitzkrieg buffer helps cushion the ends/extremes of buffer travel a bit.
  11. There are a lot of options, including basically any sort of aftermarket hand guard for an AKM. What do you have currently, the Magpul? The Billet rail that comes from PSA is larger overall than many aftermarket rails, but if you get your thumb up on top it will probably block your iron sight picture. If you have an optic with a riser less of an issue. They go out of stock quickly, though. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-series-ak-billet-aluminum-handguard6.html
  12. Barometric pressure, maybe.
  13. Faxon have barrels with integrated comps/flash hiders in stock. Just saying, for the cost of the gunsmithing, might as well get a nice light barrel. What's nice about the Faxons are that they are 16" overall and that includes the muzzle devices. https://faxonfirearms.com/faxon-16-tapered-profile-ar15-barrel-9mm-w-integral-slim-flash-hider/ https://faxonfirearms.com/faxon-16-tapered-profile-ar15-barrel-9mm-w-integral-slim-muzzle-brake/ If they had these out when I got an MBX barrel/comp. I probably would have gotten the Faxon instead.
  14. Probably, but why not get a lighter barrel, unless you've already bought it? The cost will probably turn out to be the same or maybe even less.
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