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  1. perttime

    Powder spillage

    Looks as if they might need more space than you have on SDB? If your SDB is running rough, check that your primer assembly is adjusted just right and your cases are not sticking in the dies.
  2. perttime

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    The chain goes better around the corners when the joints are pliable.
  3. perttime

    scale modeling

    I haven't built a model in recent years, but keep watching the What If Modelers forum. Here's the current thread for nominations for the annual Whiffies Awards ceremony: http://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php/topic,44711.45.html
  4. perttime

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    Discussing gun lubes on a gun forum is ALMOST as dangerous as discussing chain lubes on a bicycle forum.... You need to lube a Glock??? OK, I do put a drop of oil in the rails and on the barrel. But you don't need to soak it like some do with 1911s. Currently using some lawnmower motor oil that was on sale. Actually, I use that oil sparingly on a 1911 style pistol and a revolver too.
  5. perttime

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    Of course. Just... as people say, the stock Glock trigger is rarely all that good: requires more care and dry fire practice to keep your hits good. I guess the stock trigger on my ancient Glock is better than most.... People often want to replace the sights too, especially if a fiber optic front sight is wanted.
  6. perttime

    What caliber can you shoot in USPSA/IPSC

    I believe .357 SIG plays well with the gun legislation in same places. I believe that is one reason IPSC just extended its temporary status as a Major caliber in a few Divisions.
  7. perttime

    Round count question

    You just need to get one that actually works
  8. perttime

    End of season 'bath'

    Looks like many have gone for small ultrasonic cleaners. Apparently, they get good cleaning results without using anything too smelly ( ... which could good or bad, depending on preferences and circumstances ... )
  9. Forget to shoot a few targets, and your points are pretty low.
  10. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    Don't think too much. Go and see those shotguns. Try how easily they shoulder, point and swing. Buy the one you like better.
  11. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    That's right. A semi-auto with the same barrel length will have a longer total length than an O/U. Shotgun loads designed for clays are pretty soft. At least compared with heavy hunting loads.
  12. Last time I had a table start, the designer had marked separate areas for handgun and "all magazines to be used".
  13. It was a long time ago (not sure what rules applied then), and I recall it was an outlaw match in some way, in any case.
  14. Done that at least once. It wasn't necessarily the best way, but I figured it was the only way for me not to get confused in the forest of no-shoots.
  15. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    I don't think Beretta makes any bad shotguns. Do you have a specific thing for what you want to do with a shotgun? Beretta calls the A400 Xcel Parallel Target a Trap and Sporting Clays gun. My impression is that people tend to like shorter and faster handling guns for Skeet. For clays, I'd go for an O/U shotgun - but that could be just because it is the usual thing in my part of the world. Anyway, just about any reliable shotgun will do the job, until you are good enough to appreciate the finer details. Some have a great time at clays ranges, using their 3-Gun shotguns....
  16. perttime

    Eat your Wheaties!

    There's more than one way to carry a rifle, holding it by the pistol grip. Clearly, his way wasn't ideal.
  17. perttime

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    I see that USPSA has a more strict definition than IPSC. In IPSC, "downrange" is anywhere where you are allowed to point the gun, and "uprange" is anywhere where you are NOT allowed to point the gun (simplified the phrasing a bit). http://www.ipsc.org/pdf/RulesHandgun.pdf Last summer, one stage had an "uprange start", defined as: "standing anywhere within the shooting area, back towards target number 12" (the target nearest the back stop). Everybody started at the same spot but broke down the rest of the stage in very different ways.
  18. Sure you can. I think it will be low pressure loads, for loading to Major. I used N340 to make some soft 357 Magnum loads and thought it was a little sooty, until I used enough to raise pressures a bit.
  19. perttime

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Accidents can happen - but a course with tests and hands on practice is pretty good at pounding in where you should point your gun and what you should do with your trigger finger.
  20. Nope. Front strap is clearly below belt level. The back strap reaches well above the top of the belt which is all that IPSC requires. The hanger is attached with 3 bolts....
  21. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting should be good. All the important stuff but not too many frills. As long as you feel OK about the barrel length. I'd definitely go for a 12: better availability of ammunition and you can get very light loads if that is what you want.
  22. perttime

    S&W PC 1911 Classic Division Legal

    Yep. All sorts of cuts have been passed as being cosmetic but IPSC has been drawing the line at cuts that go all the way through the slide. ... I would be fine with defining Classic as Standard-with-SS-mags, but that is not the way the powers that be see it....
  23. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    For shooting clays or birds, the rear stock is really your rear sight.
  24. perttime

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    Maybe something else that is Italian and starts with P ... Perazzi? A durable and high quality shotgun would be nice, but the price will go up from cheap Remingtons and such. Italians make good shotguns with all action types. Benelli and Beretta, for example. Thing is, even the plain ones cost more than any cheap shotgun - unless you get a great deal on a second hand one.
  25. perttime

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    ... You can be pretty sure a popper goes down when you hit it with a .45 ...