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  1. Yep. Don't try to do everything yourself. What size will your matches be? How many stages, How many competitors? Even for stage design, it is good to get ideas and even complete designs from others. You need someone who is good at building stages. Someone to do the stats. Someone to troubleshoot the stages. Someone to make a swinger that actually works. Etc.
  2. It could be the material on the first page: http://blog.krtraining.com/ There's also a link to COLUMBIA CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL COMBAT PISTOL CONFERENCE May 24—29, 1976 https://www.krtraining.com/IPSC_1976_Columbia_Conference_Minutes.pdf
  3. Hey, I'm still using leather holsters for IPSC Classic (sorta Singlestack) and Revolver. Sometimes I go to the range with a pretty old school Bianchi leather holster. I've been thinking that "Old School Open" would be a good Division: singlestack, comps. Haven't decided if iron sights or tubular dots would be better.
  4. I do have a club jersey, with my first name on the back, club logos, IPSC logo, national flag etc. At the latest Match, I was in a pre-match with the mostly local crew: - Red running shirt, with a dark blue long sleeved undershirt under it (it was getting colder) - Windbreaker, when not actually shooting - Pants with thigh pockets (too cool for the palm tree figured shorts) - Cap (sunshade... Oh please don't let it rain any more on my glasses!) - Light leather ankle boots with grippy enough soles When people saw me shoot they certainly noticed I'm no Grand Master,
  5. I didn't notice Everglades acknowledging that their holster is a copy.
  6. I have not gone through it. But: The brain has an amazing capacity to learn and adapt. It took you a while to get pretty handy with a pistol right handed. It will take some time and a lot of repetitions to get near that point with the other hand. Time and repetitions. (Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Practice to get it right.)
  7. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned going prone quickly in this thread, before. Somebody just added hot guns on a hot day. (I also wear gloves while riding my bicycle. Going prone at 10 to 30 mph can bump your palm harder than going prone with a rifle.)
  8. At least the brand that I'm using now, H&N, is offering a "high speed" version. Not sure how fast they can take. I haven't gone much over 1100fps in .357.
  9. Strange. I've been using plated bullets for years for 357Mag revolver (loading to Major, or so) and 45ACP 1911-style. Never problems and accuracy is good. I've been using European brands, though: H&N and sometimes LOS bullets
  10. "Flash hiders and slings on a PCC are permitted in all divisions." USPSA Rifle, shotgun and Multigun rules Appendix D1 to D5 (Division definitions)
  11. For rifle shooting, having a glove in at least one hand is nice for going prone in a hurry and shooting from "barricades" and windows. I did not find anything in USPSA Rifle, shotgun and Multigun rules, prohibiting slings. There is 8.5.2, though, prohibiting the re-slinging of a rifle during a COF. I believe that prohibition has recently been removed from IPSC Rifle Rules.
  12. Error Login required to view the frontsight magazine online. Please enter your member number and password.
  13. Looks like the Vihtavuori N320 load for 180gr bullets is for a lead bullet. FMJ probably needs a little more. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=44
  14. Any simple conclusions, there? (I'm not an USPSA member)
  15. For indoors, you need a place that can handle the bullet splatter.
  16. We had some barrels at the local Level 2 IPSC Match. The powers that be decided that all of them were Soft Cover. Perhaps they'd seen too many disagreements about shot-through hard cover barrels.
  17. Drawing or holstering a handgun within the confines of a tunnel is also verboten under current IPSC rules. No mention about reloading. I suppose it is also possible to do other DQable offences in a tunnel, especially in a particularly awkward one.
  18. There's "cleaning" and there's "cleaning". I like to get most of the carbon out of my guns after shooting. Trying to get all the copper out, every time, doesn't seem to be beneficial.
  19. Shooting a rifle, I'd quite likely prefer to wear at least one glove for going prone in a hurry. Barricades possibly too. Pistol? Highly unlikely. IPSC Rifle World Shoot 2019 - Shoot-Off: Many, especially those going prone, use a glove on the support hand.
  20. In Precision rifle circles, the consensus seems to be: - There's always irregularities in the inside of a rifle barrel. - You get best accuracy when you have copper filling the irregularities. - At some point, you get too much copper and accuracy starts deteriorating. Then, you remove the copper. Otherwise, you leave the copper alone. Not sure how well this applies to an AR, but my guess is that cleaning to bare steel after a couple of hundred rounds is not helping any.
  21. I suspect the exercise and stretching can help in other facets of life too. Many "more mature" people seem to go for Carry Optics / Production Optics where the optical sight helps with seeing. Others persevere with open sights finding glasses that let them see. My eyes, at 55, are still OK without using lenses specifically meant for shooting.
  22. This. A target at a severe angle becomes a pain for ROs and patchers. At the stage I was ROing at last weekend's IPSC match, we got bullet holes about twice the bullet diameter long. That was because the walls allowed shooting those targets from two diferent directions. That is long enough bullet holes, thank you very much....
  23. I know that I do. I'm working on it.
  24. IPSC does have the 50mm rule. How gear on the belt works out will depend on the shape and composition of your body. My example: belts sink into me a bit, so most gear comes closer to my skin - except Safariland's long revolver speedloaders that stick out in front og me
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