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  1. The IPSC rule is: 10.5.11 Having a loaded and holstered handgun, in any of the following conditions: A single action self-loading pistol with the chamber loaded and the safety not applied. ......... The rules have no explicit definition for "holstered" but there are points like: ......... If the gun proves to be clear, the competitor must holster his handgun. Once the competitor's hands are clear of the holstered handgun, the course of fire is deemed to have ended. and 12.5 Glossary Loading............................... (...) ends when the firearm is securely holstered (or placed elsewhere in accordance with the written stage briefing), and the competitor's hands are clear of the firearm. ......... So, the firearm can be considered "holstered" even when the hand is still on it. DQ
  2. What do USPSA rules say about it? IPSC has: 8.6.3 Any person verbally or otherwise interfering with a competitor during his attempt at a course of fire may be subject to Section 10.6. If the Range Officer believes that the interference significantly affected the competitor, he must report the incident to the Range Master, who may, at his discretion, offer the affected competitor a reshoot.
  3. Pick Limited or Production, depending on what you are used to. - Limited if you usually start cocked and locked - Production if you usually start hammer down
  4. What was it about the balance? I'm very comfortable with the balance of a 4" (full barrel) GP100.
  5. I like the rubber washer idea, also just to reduce the noise. Acoustics in my home are cool for playing the guitar but the echo of the hammer strike annoys me. There's not much noise from dry firing a Glock, but a 1911 or a revolver can be pretty loud in the home environment.
  6. Yep. N320 is towards the faster end of the Vihtavuori spectrum. If you want a Vihtavuori powder for a comped Open gun, you go for N350, 3N37 or 3N38.
  7. Does IPSC Canada require passing a safety course before letting you participate? How come the numbers in Production were so overwhelming? Is that a Canadian thing, or something specific to that Match? Here in Finland, Production has been big too, but Standard isn't that far behind (and then there's some Open shooters and us crazy people who enjoy 1911s and revolvers ). We'll see how Production Optics continues to take off.
  8. That does it for me. The apartment has VERY solid walls, so a bullet ricocheting back into the room would be the likely result of a Negligent Discharge.
  9. Last summer, I encountered a couple stages where I needed to retreat, move sideways, and move downrange, before shooting again. I chose to move towards my weak hand side: turn leaving the gun pointing downrange, eject old magazine and go for the new magazine, sprint, and insert the magazine only when I was moving downrange again.
  10. I think you are on the right track. However, I'd try to stay away from the idea of shooting fast or slow. Instead, I'd focus on seeing just enough. See fast: find the target, see enough to put your bullets on that target, or on the A/C zones. What exactly you need to see depends on the target: how far it is, awkward position, possibly also any hard cover or N/S targets. Last season, I got my best percentages at stages that had tight shots, and it was obvious to me that I had to take my time to get the hits. Longer distance and/or N/S targets. My worst were when I just thought I could hit those targets when I saw them, but rushed so that I didn't see my sights on those targets. I did just OK on targets where seeing the shape of my gun on the target was enough. Not wasting time when not shooting is an obvious place for improvement. I can scoot when there is some distance to cover - but I take a long time to get the first shot when I arrive.
  11. For reloads while moving, I guess you should usually have the magazine dropping, and hand on the next magazine, before you have a foot down for the first step. When you insert the magazine, might depend on where you are going: ASAP, or just before shooting. Like, I don't really want to be inserting a magazine while retreating straight back.
  12. "Get your hits" is pretty important for getting a good score.
  13. The snow seems to be a different color in those parts.
  14. King Competition Products is run and used by a couple of top IPSC Shotgun shooters (as in World Champions). I'm sure they've got something right.
  15. The Atlas has advantages. Are they worth some specific amount of money, is a personal call. There are more expensive options out there too, with advantages that the Atlas does not have....
  16. Oh you have one of those newfangled sights on it.... ----- - - - The other day, I met one of our older guys at the range, and he mentioned a Match we went to in late summer. He had serious trouble hitting a popper there. He had had a cataract operation some time before, and it turns out he'd had a pretty common "post operation condition" that required a bit of clean up with a laser. He had no trouble dropping poppers and mini poppers now.
  17. Maybe using a scope AND a red dot would work
  18. Messages for one Match that I volunteered to RO last summer was done through https://shootnscoreit.com/dashboard/ Not quite sure how it goes in practice from the management side - but it seemed to work well enough. Early on, there was a questionnaire for the crew on Google Docs, for availability, preferred tasks, RO credentials (if any), needs for transportation or roof over the head, etc. etc.
  19. Club policy is to not leave brass on the ground. A few cases buried in the sand or among weeds is inevitable, but the principle stands.
  20. perttime

    Bul Armory?

    Is that good or bad?
  21. Also new IPSC Rules: http://www.ipsc.org/rules/
  22. The other day, we had just a net hung on some target sticks, with a couple of 2x2s holding it on the ground. At least we weren't losing all the brass in the snow....
  23. perttime

    Bul Armory?

    On a local forum, somebody expressed a concern about BUL, in a 1911 discussion. He had handled some BULs at a European show and found that the 1911 barrel was resting on the link, instead of the lower lug. That did not happen with the 2011 models that were at hand. Any comments? Yigal?
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