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  1. Because I was doing what I "always" do, instead of what the written stage briefing specified: inserted magazine, racked the slide, engaged safety, and holstered; instead of just inserting the magazine and holstering. A brain fade. Fortunately, the RO paid attention and didn't allow me to start in an incorrect Ready Condition: round in chamber, instead of empty chamber.
  2. I racked the slide and engaged safety before holstering: cocked and locked in the holster. WSB required magazine inserted but empty chamber.
  3. Heavy is easier shoot for the PRS sport. Also more weight to carry, if that is an issue at some point.
  4. IDPA rule on how much the pouch must cover of the magazine seem clear enough. (Rule for how mouch of a revolver speedloader or moonclip pouch must cover takes some reading)
  5. No personal experience ... but I've read a few threads on them on snipershide. - I have seen no negative comments on quality. - They come in different weights. None is actually "light" - Dimensions differ in forearm width, and distance from grip to trigger - I like the look of the dark distressed finish.... So... what kind of dimensions would fit your needs and preferences (got any stocks/rifles in similar style, for comparison?)? Do you want heavy or just substantial? Which finish looks best to you?
  6. N320 for .40 Major and 9mm Minor. Adjust load to suit your gun. N310 is about right for .45 Major. N320 will work but is mostly a little too slow for .45.
  7. IDPA is OK with bull barrels on short guns.... Maybe a Rogue Tactical shorty with one of their really big barrels?
  8. I'm sure I saw a recent discussion somewhere about a similar thing. Did you do anything about guide rod or reverse plug? Is the new spring longer than the original? Same diameter?
  9. I haven't done Mini Rifle myself but quite a few people at my club in Northern Europe do. IPSC has a separate set of rules for Mini Rifle: https://www.ipsc.org/pdf/RulesMini-Rifle.pdf It seems to be pretty much a scaled down version of IPSC Rifle: People mainly practice in the Pistol IPSC bays of the range (one of them is pretty large) and on the 100m rifle range - and they mostly use the scaled down IPSC Mini and Micro targets and plates. For many it is a low cost, easy access, low noise option for doing Practical Rifle. Last time I was at the range, there was a Steel Challenge stage set up there. A father and son came there when I was leaving and they thought the steel set up was just right for them practicing target transitions.
  10. Try 0.2gr more powder. That might get the bullet out of the barrel quicker, so they impact lower.
  11. What was wrong with your accuracy - or what was wrong with your point of impact? (not the same thing necessarily) Your velocity is pretty much in the ballpark for what I would expect following Vihtavuori data for the Rainier 124gr RN lead bullet: https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=89 Many feel that N340 is a bit on the slow burning side for 9mm Minor loads.
  12. Stainless steels can rust too - just not as easily as non-stainless. Different alloys rust differently. Apply WD-40, or some oil that you might have handy. Let it sit. Try scrubbing again.
  13. Vihtavuori has some data that might be relevant. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=89 There's a lead bullet and a plated one in their data. Looks like 3.7gr of N330 would make Minor. Their Rainier RN bullet was loaded to 29,0 mm / 1.142 inch and X-Treme Bullets RN Heavy Plate to 29,4 mm / 1.157 inch.
  14. Before you all get carried away: 7 Maximum size Handgun and all magazines Yes , handgun with empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within a box with internal dimensions of 8 15/16” x 6” x 1 5/8” (tolerance +1/16”, - 0”) (8.938” x 6” x 1.625”) (227.01mm x 152.40mm x 41.28mm)
  15. Maybe he is taking the weekend off? The Rogue Tactical website has an email address listed. That makes me think it would be a good way to start.
  16. This is all over official IPSC FB pages: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Message from the IPSC President, Mr. Vitaly Kryuchin: Dear Regional Directors, Athletes, Instructors, Trainers and Range Officers, Dear Partners, Sponsors, Patrons and all the IPSC Officials, I would like to inform you about the decision of the IPSC Executive Council to make a change in the IPSC Calendar for 2020-2022 years. These changes were approved at today’s meeting according to the majority vote of the IPSC Regional Directors with the request and consent of the host Regions. 1. Handgun World Shoot XIX and General Assembly 2020, Pattaya, Thailand postponed to November/December 2021. 2. Shotgun World Shoot IV 2021, Pattaya, Thailand postponed to November/December 2022. 3. Action Air World Shoot II 2021 is postponed to 2022. The date will be announced later. 4. PCC World Shoot 2021 is postponed to 2022. The date will be announced later. IPSC is monitoring the situation and we are following the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization, the GAISF, and other leading health and sports authorities around the world. We are also fully aware of the recommendations on travel and restrictions imposed by airline companies and Governments. Stay Safe! DVC Vitaly Kryuchin IPSC President -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. ^ For 9mm (so far) there might be an exception. I was reading a 5000 shot review of Laugo Alien. The writer thought that the Alien was easier to shoot fast with slower powders and lighter bullets, unlike what is usually preferred for other 9mm pistols. The very different mechanism with gas retarded blowback action was the probable cause.
  18. Oh dear.... Posting that on a local site got people worried. Here, the mere possession of hollow point pistol bullets requires a specific permit. One member concluded that he will need to apply for a permit for his Lego Imperial Star Destroyer set.
  19. The matter of pointers is pretty wide. People need something a little more specific, so they can start the advice somewhere. Being safe is the first thing, and the rules cover that. Fail something there, and the best case scenario is that your match is over and all you can do is help reset stages. Hit the targets. You might take 4 times the time that the hot shots do - but hit the targets ... We all miss sometimes. But it is not good. Many of us have also forgotten to shoot at a target. I remember a stage where I forgot about 3 targets, in one more doorway. Oh. Let people at the Match know you are new. Listen to what they say. Look at what they do. Just... don't force yourself to go at their pace. Enjoy.
  20. Do you have a gun? Can you hit a target with it? Have you read USPSA rules?
  21. The Ernie Hill holster and pouches set that I bought some time ago was pretty complete. It was missing 2 short screws from the backside of the pouches and the tubing for the long screw of the holster. Hardware stores only have metric screws here - but a shoe repair shop had some Ice Hockey gear stuff. I got two screws that are the right length and thread. A hardware store had rolls of tubing, so I bought a small piece. It was supposed to be 4mm internal diameter but was slightly tight anyway. Not so tight that I couldn't use it.
  22. perttime

    Sights for old eyes

    I will elaborate. Before you need the front sight, you need to detect the threat. To detect the threat, being able to see somewhat clearly is an advantage. I would not willingly surrender the ability to see somewhat clearly without a very good reason. For practice, perhaps. For life, not if I can help it. "Know your target and what is behind it" Shooting without my prescription glasses would be a learning experience. Or at least an experience. I'd just need somebody I can trust keeping watch, ensuring that the target is not replaced with an innocent bystander.
  23. perttime

    Sights for old eyes

    How does that deal with identifying what/who is a threat or not?
  24. perttime

    Sights for old eyes

    What do you suggest as a solution? (cannot afford laser surgery at the moment).
  25. perttime

    Sights for old eyes

    Sounds like wearing glasses would help you detect and identify any threats that might be there. ... says a guy who would be pretty helpless if forced to go outside without glasses.
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