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  1. perttime

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I consider my G19 my boring gun - but that is mainly because it looks boring. With some trigger polishing, cosmetics, magwell etc. it could be different. For Limited or IPSC Standard a .40 would make more sense than 9mm.
  2. perttime

    .38 Special... major?

    If you load long, you have a long cartridge to load into the cylinder. I'd want the total cartridge as short as possible. Start from published 38 data and work up.
  3. perttime

    .38 Special... major?

    Sure you can score Major with a Revolver. As long as you reload every 6 shots and actually make PF.
  4. perttime

    QC on loaded ammo

    I don't inspect practice ammo, except when I'm loading the rounds into a magazine or revolver speed loader or clip. Every round of ammo that is going to be used in competition goes into the chamber of my pistol before I box it. Then I check that all primers are fully seated. I look at them and feel them with my finger.
  5. Start whatever is more accessible where you live. Read the rules, especially the parts that deal with safety.
  6. perttime

    .38 Special... major?

    Vihtavuori data gets into that ballpark with slow burning pistol powders: https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=41 Published 38 Special data is for much lower pressures than 357 Magnum. Modern cases can take more. Guns made for 38 Special, maybe not.
  7. The glancing at the timer that I've seen is more like raising the timer so that the RO has both shooter and timer in the field of view simultaneously
  8. perttime

    1911 weaknesses

    I need to keep an eye on the magazines with my .45. Usually it is a case of magazine not dropping free. The same thing might lead to inconsistent feeding if not corrected. My solution: give the offending magazine a squeeze with a C-clamp or similar. Magazines mainly used: 7-round CMC and 8-round Tripp. Stainless steel.
  9. perttime

    1911 vs 2011

    Whichever you are used to and comfortable with. I'm comfortable with 1911 - less so with 2011.
  10. perttime

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    I believe there was a concern about loading 9mm to major, so a minimum bullet weight was introduced as the belt, and the lower PF works as suspenders.
  11. perttime

    Classic division question

    Global Village is no longer an official IPSC forum but, from Classic legality discussions in recent years, the exact shape of the cuts has never been seen as an issue. Any cuts that go through the slide are a no-no. http://ipsc.invisionzone.com/forum/132-classic-division/ (I suspect only members can view the threads)
  12. It also helps if the RO remembers to bring the timer up where he/she can see the numbers for the last shots.
  13. perttime

    Limited Holster requirements

    Can you get a photo of your pistol in your holster? I'm thinking that if the holster does not prevent trigger acces, it might not be the correct model for the pistol.
  14. perttime

    Classic division question

    Do you have any representative picture of what you have in mind?
  15. perttime

    Classic division question

    I could only find pics of Butler cuts, where the frame is pretty long. There's a limit on frame length in IPSC rules.
  16. perttime

    CZ slide lock not working

    The thumb on the lever thing has happened to me with a few different handgun designs.
  17. perttime

    Limited Holster requirements

    I think these are the essential holster rules for Limited: 5.2.7 Competitors must not be permitted to commence a course of fire wearing: A shoulder holster or “tie-down” rig (visible or otherwise), except as specified in Rule 5.2.8. A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, except as specified in Appendix D, or otherwise indicated in Rule 5.2.8. A holster with the muzzle of the handgun pointing further than 3 feet from the competitor’s feet while standing relaxed, A holster which does not completely prevent access to, or activation of, the trigger while holstered. ... ... APPENDIX D2 —Limited Division ... 12 Restriction on position of holster and other equipment No
  18. perttime

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    That is one thing. For me, CZ grips fit my hands better than any 2011 grip that I've had my hand on. The TS that I shot a little was especially good.
  19. perttime

    Limited Holster requirements

    Better browse that rule book anyway, before you go to a Match.
  20. perttime

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    Is the new belt gear for Glock or 2011? Don't rush to the next gun. Shoot your Glock some more. Handle other guns when you have the chance. Shoot some other guns if you can. 2011 is what most go for in Limited - but there are those who actually prefer Tanfoglio and CZ pistols. Something like a CZ TS or TSO would be high on my list for a Limited gun.
  21. perttime

    Picked up my first CZ yesterday

    The CZ slide release seems to go at some point. People usually keep a spare, or use an old one for practice and new one for competition. I don't have a CZ now, and don't recall any numbers on how long people have shot on one release. 10,000?
  22. perttime

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    I haven't forgotten targets this year. There was one that I shot twice. I could see it about half way through, and then at the very end....
  23. At a match a couple of months ago, there was a short retreat on a short stage. One competitor got a DQ for breaking 180 there. At least one got feedback, AFTERWARDS, for being very close to 180. I think that is the way it should be.
  24. perttime

    Picked up my first CZ yesterday

    As with any CZ, get a spare slide release.
  25. perttime

    Looking for lightweight grip alternative

    How do aluminum grips hold up? Recently, a guy who likes to fiddle with his pistol complained that the mag release mechanism on his plastic grip had worn out the plastic that holds it.