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  1. If it fits his hands... I haven't handled that Beretta model but the Berettas that I have handled had pretty bulky grips. Bulky enough that I didn't like them with my not-all-that-large adult hands. The smallest grip that I can remember was on the CZ 75.
  2. Vince Pinto. He used to have important positions in IPSC, for example Handgun Rules Director.
  3. It was a good place to discuss IPSC rules - until you disagreed with somebody with 40 years of experience, and was deemed to be wrong because of the 40 years of eperience (instead of something written in the rules).
  4. Patching targets that have bags on them is not my idea of a nice day at the range....
  5. I've never had trouble with accuracy, loading Vihtavuori powders with a Dillon measure.
  6. Yep. Pick one Division to start with. KISS. Get familiar with the rules, especially with anything to do with safety. Talk to people at the range. You'll learn from that. Be safe. Have fun.
  7. A small "roof" might work if there isn't much wind. It is just more work than targets that work even when wet.
  8. On my side of the world, people have been using targets from https://www.facebook.com/NordicTarget-As-901650819958337/ for Matches when wet weather is expected. Not sure how COVID has hit him. We only put them up when rain is really coming. Normal tape or patches dont stick to them well, so we get his special tape too. This looks similar: https://www.doublealpha.biz/ca/ced-daa-uspsa-ipsc-waterproof-targets-500-pack
  9. N320 should be very good for making Major with 200 grain and under.
  10. I've been using N320 with plated 230 grain bullets, and they work fine. N310 might be even better for 230 grain because you use less of it. You just have to be sure you are getting accurate charges from your powder measure.
  11. It is on the IPSC Production list, but not USPSA.
  12. It is on the IPSC Production list, but not USPSA.
  13. IPSC has one set of rules. If you don't comply, it ain't IPSC. From The Rules (APPENDIX D5: Revolver Division): 1. Minimum power factor for Major 170 (see below) 2. Minimum power factor for Minor 125 3. Minimum bullet weight No 4. Minimum bullet caliber / cartridge case length 9 mm (0.354") / 19 mm (0.748") 5. Minimum bullet caliber for Major No ... 14. No limit on cylinder capacity. Revolvers with a capacity of 7 rounds or more do not qualify for Major, even if rounds achieve Major power factor during testing by chronograph.
  14. Missed the Super in your posts, if it was there. The Super is quite a hybrid. If you want to try with parts that fit, better check what actually fits. I think the frame is Redhawk (not Super), with GP100 features. I have no idea if a Super Redhawk hammer is the right part.
  15. perttime

    which cz

    If you can only shoot things that feel like a 1911. You should only shoot 1911s. If you are willing to adapt, try a few different CZ pistols.
  16. If you are going to leave the hammer spur on, I'd consider shortening it just a little. Insted, you can make it rounded and tapered. Also, take out some of the checkering. At least on mine, the edges were sharp enough to draw blood.
  17. At least from European shops, I quite like the Höppner und Schumann speedloader holder for K / L Frame. Individual ones go well on a leather belt. I havent tried the double attachment that they now have for them. https://www.sportshooter.de/en/hoeppner_und_schumann_double_speedloaderholder_for_k_l_frame-61061.html
  18. ^ this. I've seen new shooters having trouble with a Glock not functioning right, with factory loads. Apparently, the lightweight frame requires a somewhat proper grip. The shooter needs to provide some inertia to allow adequate cycling of the slide. So... I'd pay attention to a good high grip and holding the pistol firmly. You don't need a big and strong person for that. Just gripping the pistol right.
  19. IPSC Rule for PCC: 5.2.1 Carry and Storage – Except when within the boundaries of a Safety Area, or when under the supervision and direct command of a Range Officer, long guns must be unloaded and held, shouldered or slung (or placed in a rack), with the muzzle pointed skywards. Long guns placed in a slip or case are not required to be pointed skywards.... The action may be open or closed, but a chamber safety flag must be fitted at all times when the firearm is not in use. Detachable magazines must be removed.
  20. To be specific, you can remove your rig with holstered firearm in a Safety Area, or as instructed by a RO. IPSC Rule: 5.2.2 Handling – Except when within the boundaries of a Safety Area, or when under the supervision and direct command of a Range Officer, competitors must not handle their firearms. The word "handle" includes holstering or unholstering a firearm, even if it is concealed by a protective cover, and/or adding or removing it to/from the competitor's person while it is wholly or partially holstered. Violations are subject to Rule 10.5.1.
  21. Any sport is challenging, one way or another. It is a matter of finding something that you enjoy doing. If it becomes a chore, you are not likely to keep doing it.
  22. It is not necassary to have so many categories that everybody "wins" something. Shooting IPSC, I sometimes balance between amusement and embarrasment when I "win" a cheap medal for placing in Division/Category that doesn't have all that many competitors.
  23. Mountain biking can be highly social too if you find a group that you like to ride with.
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