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Name your Metal Grip!


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Although its not on an open gun, I went with Lone star innovations Outlaw.  Grip feels great and there was very little fitting.  Glen is putting out some great grips.  Sorry for the large picture I cant seem to get it to resize.  

new grip.JPG

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Yeah, they really went the extra mile on mine. Don at Venom is squaring some parts away then I’ll be abusing them a bit.


The guns they’re going on are older builds that Don is freshening up but they’ll definitely brighten up the range!!


Yours turned out pretty damn nice as well!!

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On 4/12/2019 at 9:49 PM, B_Seehawer said:

A pair of these gorgeous polished Evos are currently in the capable hands of Don at Venom Customs.



Im not going to lie, I really like those grips. I’m assuming those are polished stainless?  I do have a tendency to like the bling. 

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