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  1. I added a ramp and I get zero upside down in my Evo.
  2. I’ve run the EE kits for years and have had zero issues.
  3. I use Tripps and Wilsons. No problems with either in my Trojan.
  4. A shaped up 6D or #11 will work. Your best bet is to find literally any .125” diameter chunk of steel to use, mine is a little over 2” long. An old drill bit would be perfect. No method of soaking or spraying can even compare to this for the time it saves.
  5. I use a tub of odorless mineral spirits and a paintbrush. Wipe dry with a towel and finished with compressed air.
  6. Dremel engraving tool with a long/sharp chisel shaped tip. Works like a tiny jackhammer. Best way I’ve ever found.
  7. Don at Venom awesome to deal with. I know he isn’t taking in new work at the moment to get caught up but definitely reach out to him.
  8. Uhhhh. I would suggest using brass suppliers that aren’t into slamming other businesses because of an already vested interest. The M7 is a solid press and has a learning curve just as the 1050 has. If you’re really into commercial reloading at a massive rate, you may want to look into an actual commercial machine.
  9. Weird, I wonder what changed.
  10. I’ve had 6 PT grips, 3 Classics and 3 Evos. I’ve never had to modify a magwell or grip when I used Dawsons.
  11. This is really reminding me of the time guys thought Limited and SS minor were a thing because of capacity, but then didn’t work because of major scoring and HF....
  12. Don’t you tell me what my wife says I can do!!
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