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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the heavy spring in the die. I DO believe improperly sized, brass that isn’t rollsized brass, or just plain old brass that won’t hold tension anymore is to blame. I think the heavy spring contributes to inaccurate oal if your brass isn’t up to snuff.
  2. I’ve run plenty of coated through my Open guns with zero I’ll effects.
  3. I ran BBI’s for years in my Supercomp guns, never had a problem.
  4. I’ve run MBX since they’ve been out and have never touched the feed lips or had to squeeze them. I DO run TTI guts in them as I have had issues with stock guts.
  5. “I do wish more people would grab the scoring pad out of my hand to actually run shooters rather than to see "What was my time?" and "How were my hits?" This is laughable as the shooters being complained about at the not mentioned club do 90% of the work at each match.
  6. What I mean is that they are there to practice, get better, and push each other. If you are there to socialize and gab instead of working and shooting, stay out of their way. They aren’t there because it’s a social hobby.
  7. I guess what comes into play is that if people haven’t heard of you because of your skill but have heard you because of something else Guess what?.... On another note. I shoot at PTPC, it is admittedly a weak club skill wise. A GM or M cruises through but it’s mostly lower level, casual shooters. If you go shoot with Max or Mike at Alpha, there’s gonna be more GM’s than the alphabet guys. They are serious, they are there to get better. Honestly, unless you are looking to improve, stay out of their way.
  8. Absolutely the Everglades with thigh pad, I run 3 Evo gripped guns without issue.
  9. For comp cleaning this is my go to. I put a longer 1/8” nail or whatever in there and file to a chisel point. I’ve tried every soaking method out there and this beats all of em, it’s a tiny jackhammer.
  10. I had this happen and it was a smashed primer catching.
  11. I’m not sure $25 a year is a good value vs the cost to run a forum. I belong to a ton of forums that I don’t pay a dime to and social media is a free resource. If it’s become a hassle, just nuke it and let the next generation sort it out.
  12. That’s just the amount of members removed for selling too much stuff without posting “meaningful content” at others discretion.
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