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  1. Yup, just installed and that was it. I’ve yet to touch up an MBX tube.
  2. All I run are TTI springs and followers in my MBX mags, zero failures. I DO run Grams guts in my STI Limited mags though.
  3. Handled an Atlas with a 510c on it today, dot seemed nice and wasn’t as unsightly huge as it seemed in some of the pictures.
  4. I just picked one up and will be sending it off to CGW to have the slide milled for optic plates.
  5. Sounds like you need to wipe your emitter glass off. I’d hit it with a qtip and touch of vinegar. I had this a while back and freaked out before I figured it out. The DPP is one of the most intense dots I’ve ever seen.
  6. I only tossed it on there while measuring frame rail dimensions. Not gonna lie, I dig it. I recently purchased an F model and the slide to frame fit is pretty sloppy, even for a polymer frame pistol. It seems as it’s the frame rails and the slide is just fine on my C frame. It won’t matter that much but was wondering if the frame rails were removable on the gun or if they’re molded in. Overall, I really like the gun and plan on making it a CO piece.
  7. Basically having my old beaters freshened up. Basically keeping the slides, frames, and barrels and replacing everything else. Upgrading to polished Evos and 1 is getting a Binary comp. My Limited gun is getting an Evo and all new small parts. Not having him do anything fancy but going for more of a reliable rebuild.
  8. You are absolutely correct, that’s what I have and I missed it. Thanks.
  9. 2nd vote for Venom Customs. He has 3 of my guns as we speak.
  10. 9 - Wilson ETMs .40 - Tripp 10 rounders (they seat sweet) .45 - Wilson 47D’s with 5/8” basepads IMO
  11. False. There was never a good reason to build an Open Glock.
  12. Might as well play in CO at that point.
  13. Way to make me second guess.... Lol, I’ll let you know what I do. The F will be the primary and the C will be the backup/carry gun until I score another F.
  14. My P10c trigger was OK when I first got it but has cleaned up nicely with a little dryfire. I have an P10f that will arrive Friday, really looking forward to it. CGW is doing my slide cuts so I’ll probably just see what the recommend for making the trigger a little nicer. I have no intention of going down the path of pushing limits.
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