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  1. Don at Venom awesome to deal with. I know he isn’t taking in new work at the moment to get caught up but definitely reach out to him.
  2. Uhhhh. I would suggest using brass suppliers that aren’t into slamming other businesses because of an already vested interest. The M7 is a solid press and has a learning curve just as the 1050 has. If you’re really into commercial reloading at a massive rate, you may want to look into an actual commercial machine.
  3. Weird, I wonder what changed.
  4. I’ve had 6 PT grips, 3 Classics and 3 Evos. I’ve never had to modify a magwell or grip when I used Dawsons.
  5. This is really reminding me of the time guys thought Limited and SS minor were a thing because of capacity, but then didn’t work because of major scoring and HF....
  6. Don’t you tell me what my wife says I can do!!
  7. As much as I actually shoot and never practice, they’ll be pristine forever!!
  8. Yup, stainless Evos.
  9. Yeah, they really went the extra mile on mine. Don at Venom is squaring some parts away then I’ll be abusing them a bit. The guns they’re going on are older builds that Don is freshening up but they’ll definitely brighten up the range!! Yours turned out pretty damn nice as well!!
  10. It was all done by PT.
  11. So. What do the Akai, DAA, and RHT do differently?
  12. A pair of these gorgeous polished Evos are currently in the capable hands of Don at Venom Customs.
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