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  1. If you are talking about the Lee Loadmaster for 9mm, I have used one successfully for around 60K rounds give or take. I've broken the carrier twice shoving primers in too deep and replaced a couple of other parts due to wear and I take it apart and clean it quarterly or so. It is not a take it out of the box and reload with it machine, but when set up correctly it has loaded 12K a year for the past five years. I load around 3 or 400 at a time per week and that gets me through,,,
  2. The one you are wanting is known as a "throating reamer". I got mine from Manson direct. I've done two Tanfo barrels and it's still sharp.
  3. Kinda looks like an "Double Alpha" mount for CZ's, but the hole is in the wrong place,,,
  4. Hopefully the chamber was reamed to the correct depth and not for 38super? Comp strikes maybe,,,
  5. Are you case gauging and plunk testing or just plunk testing? Two different things. If not case gauging, your reloads are off due to your reloader may need adjusting.
  6. You need to supply more info to help diagnose your problems. What mags, specifically what buffer and weights, which barrel, which spring in use, any spacers in buffer tube,,, the gun shouldnt lock open after three rounds, mag problem or the bolt is cycling too far? Your gun is not even close to a franken gun, so dont fret.
  7. Talked with some people and thought about the"blast". I now believe it may have been a primer that came out after igniting the powder. From others accounts that's what it was. Much relief on my part. I use range brass till it cracks.
  8. My Titan has been rock solid and hasn't been fazed too much by my sloppy reloads!
  9. You will like it. I thought at first it may not be sturdy enough, but it runs fine.
  10. I used PVC pipe and cut my uprights from 1" x 2" x 6' wood strips cut in half at three foot.
  11. Installed a new Taccom CF red hand guard last week and bought and installed today a Venom hollow aluminum grip with CF insert. I painted it red to match the hand guard some what,,, guns weighs 6lbs no ounces as it sits with two red dots,,,
  12. I do not believe it was a case separation. There were no brass particles flying that I saw or felt. It was a "soft" blast, but very eye opening (or rather eye closing!). I have witnessed two or three case separations in other peoples gun's and this was not violent like those. I am figuring a way to get another ounce or two into my set up. I was running 121gr bullets with 4.7gns of W231 and SRP. I was running pretty fast and double tapping a three target, two steel array. Going to try to science it out to find out what causes one out of two-hundred rounds to open too soon,,,
  13. Thanks for the input. I may have encountered the entirely new problem you speak of this weekend in a match. I was ripping along doing very well and I had, I believe, the bolt cycle open before the powder was completely combusted and it was quite a surprise. My new Omni MARRS buffer and bolt weighs 18.6 oz,,, it never happen again that match.
  14. The wiggling of the stock can be cured by adding a layer of electric tape in one or two places and it will tighten up the slack causing the wiggles. I made a "Fang" for my magpul stock that was flat and not like the MBX stock. At first I thought it was somewhat unwieldy, but after one range session I dont even notice it anymore and it allows me to get the gun higher for less red dot riser and less holdovers and much less head bending down to the stock.
  15. I think the recoil springs that are available for the PCC's we shoot in USPSA are much like the different buffers available to us. The way they work in our guns depends very much on what load we are shooting, whether it is a 130pf load with 165gr bullets or a 140pf load with 100gr bullets. I would hazard to guess between the different bolts, buffers, recoil springs, and spacers to short stroke there is 100's of combinations and not what I am willing to test. The same conditions applies to a lesser extent to the open guns I used to run before the PCC's,,,
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