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  1. I thought I read on the Sig board that the grip weights were the same, but I also have seen where they were different colors also. I hate to remove the weights, but I will check on the colors,,,
  2. You could get a right side piece of a tanfolio double sided safety and "stick" it on till you come up with a better solution. If you have the tools, you could probably drill and tap the take down lever on the right side and screw the tanfo on,,, I can see if I got one extra,,, or make one out of aluminum angle
  3. Okay, numbers,,,, GoGuns lever - 0.6 oz Stock lever - 0.4 oz stock 21 round mag - 3.7 oz 21 round mag with Sringer 140mm base pad and Grams spring and follower - 3.7 oz stock 21 round mag base - 0.4 oz Springer 140mm base pad - 0.5 oz The math looks off, but the stock follower is bigger than the Grams,,,
  4. I'm pretty sure the GoGuns is heavier - there is more metal. I will weigh them after supper. I dont have TTI base pads to compare to. I will weigh mine and post. My Viper is screwed directly to the slide without an adapter, so can't answer that part.
  5. Well, got the Springer tungsten guiderod and mag bases in and installed. Cant get much heavier than it is and expect to make all weigh ins,,,, feels good, have a Tanfo LimPro at just the same weight almost, but I like the Sig grip better. Have room for grip tape or carbide grip, so that's in the future,,,
  6. Finally received my grip today. Put the X5 slide with a SS guide rod I made and a Vortex Viper 6moa on it onto the new Legion grip. It weighed 42.4 oz's with a stock 21 round mag in it. I'm thinking I shouldn't have ordered the Springer tungsten guide rod. With the Springer mag extensions for the 21 round mags I will most likely be overweight. Really dont want to pull the grip weight out, it feels pretty balanced the way it sits now,,, will see how it ends up,,,,
  7. Got a chance to hold side by side a reg x5 and a legion x5. The Legion was noticeably heavier and felt balanced heavier, not barrel or grip heavier. Really looking forward to getting my grip in,,, any day now,,, (fedex says tuesday)
  8. Rocket, what does your setup consist of? I saw another gun in another thread that weighed almost 45 oz.,,,
  9. When I ordered the grip, they offered free shipping or paid shipping, which was $20 something I believe. Not much of a choice to ship a grip,,, I like my Sigs', but they always make it a tough-love relationship,,,,,,,,,, I received a custom made shaving brush from Austria this week that only took 10 total days to get to my house in Houston,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. I received shipping notice today. (Tuesday) FedEx slow boat delivery, shows to be delivered Aug. 1st???? Jeez, they using a horse and cart???? Pony express???? Paddle boat????
  11. I have not received the shipping notice yet, either.
  12. The tungsten grip modules for the full size P320 X5 went on sale. I ordered one today and it said it was in stock. Will see what it's like next week when it arrives. I like my P320 X5, but wish it was heavier. I've been shooting a LimPro in CO at 42ish ounces and hope I can get the X5 to there abouts,,,
  13. Check out Top Gun Supply, they have lots of Sig parts and modules, I've ordered two trips from them and it was good transactions,,,
  14. Try Hunter's Gold, mine are progressive and he made them the way I wanted. A great guy to deal with too. He supports the shooting sports also.
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