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  1. I like to tinker also,,, I ordered some for my Tanfos, although I shoot open class now. My fun gun is still the LimPro I have for CO and that is what I will work on. Pictures to follow and results,,,
  2. Cheely E2 for the win,,,
  3. I will take one for a LimPro and one with threading on the end for a Tanfo open gun made out of a stock three.
  4. She is gone to another board member, hope he's running her well,,,
  5. It's too early for me to math,,, here is the Venom footprint,,, pardon me and delete as needed if this is out of line. I like Nikon products and this looks like a viable option for a CO pistol. venom hole spacing.pdf
  6. I have two open guns with a grip, frame, and slide as seperate pieces. I have seen that there is a 2011 size frame and grip combo(caspian or remington?) all in one and was wondering why we dont build guns that way any more? I am thinking of building another gun and was thinking why not try a frame like that? I run heavy and long open guns so I dont think heavy would be a problem, plus was thinking of making it short barreled(4.5") and a ti comp,,, what's the negatives or downfalls,,,
  7. I use range brass from pick ups after my practices and when I shoot CO indoors for my practice sessions. I use processed brass from east coast reloading for matches. It's even cheaper than the others.
  8. I run 510's on my open guns. Just right for me, although I was happy with a STS2,,, I looked at limcat's site, but didnt see the mount?
  9. I start with a 170 and reload to two 140s on the belt. i just recently bought a 155 that Im working into the rotation. I bought another mag holder and put it on the belt in front kinda as a cross draw. Practice will hopefully make it better,,,,I have a magnet in front of the two holders on the left for empty/unload mags. That's ended up being a best purchase for me, so handy.
  10. The frame in the pic from SHOT show looks like a hunter or a gold medal match frame. These frames are available as a whole gun. Probabley cheaper just to wait and buy a factory made one,,,
  11. This was my attempt at using a domina comp, seemed like it worked okay. It started life as a gold custom and the stock comps are not good with too many holes in them. I cut the cone off a V12 comp and mated it to the domina comp and worked it over in the mill and pinned it together. I switched to running 2011's in open and it just hangs out in the safe now. The bronze framed gun is a 40 caliber gun built with a turned down and threaded 6 inch barrel on a match frame and limpro slide. It has an enlarged, old style, Tanfo comp on it I purchased off a site known for having old gun parts.
  12. Inleadwetrust .net,,, they changed due to net problems,,,
  13. Walker has an inear and an over the ear bluetooth hearing protectors. I use the inear to listen to music while I practice.
  14. I ran (and still do cause of the customer service) a Vortex Venom 6moa on my milled LimPro. It broke at 12K-13K rounds, but was perfect till it broke. Last two stages in a match I was shooting a lot of charlie/deltas and thought I ran out of gas and lost my concentration. When I was putting the gun up afterwards noticed it was broke. It took them a week to get it back to me. That was okay,,,
  15. I dont seem to need it. My gun originally had a doublesided mount with a DPP on it. I changed to a STS2 and a singlesided mount. I did not notice a difference in accuracy. There is negligable weight difference. YMMV
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