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  1. I didnt notice the glass tint, but I am colorblind. I second your feelings about the buttons. I have my SRO on my Sig X5 and dont really notice the thick bezel at all,,, I will keep mine,,,,
  2. It is the mount for the Holosun 510C, it is a Tevo mount. I just redrilled and tapped it for the Sig romeo3Xl. Im going to keep it on the gun I have decided and will mill the mount to look better and not have overhanging ends.
  3. I am leaving the SRO on my CO gun and leaving the SigR3XL on my open gun. I like the SigR3XL on the open gun and could do without the SRO. The operating system on the SRO is not very user friendly to me and I had a Vortex Viper on the Sig CO gun before the SRO and I shot it just as well. The best change on the CO gun was the tungsten grip module from the legion gun. That I would pay for again. As an aside, I ran another 250ish rounds thru my open gun today in a match and starting to really like the way the gun handles with the smaller weighted SigR3XL red dot,,,
  4. I dont have a pic of the SRO on my Sig X5 hybrid, but will endeavor to acquire one this evening,,,,
  5. I have a SRO on my Sig X5/Legion hybrid and it works. I put the Sig R3 XL on my open gun replacing a Holosun510. I like it better and hope it last,,,
  6. Ran the gun a couple hundred in practice, an indoor match, and Saturday a 180ish round outdoor match in the Texas sun. Every thing seems to be doing fine and liking the way the gun runs lighter. Seems more balanced in the hands, still getting used to how it runs under pressure. I seem to be pushing it a little,,, Dot is holding up fine and except for one time when I ran all the way across the bay as fast as I could and pulled the gun back into position and couldn't find the dot for a second, finding the dot has been no problem,,, at two steps down from full up,,,
  7. I have no idea,,, I put the Holosun 510C mount in the mill and drilled and tapped new holes where I wanted them. It is the first Sig red dot I have owned,,,
  8. I had a chance to run the gun with the new Romeo3XL and it went great. I dry fired some sunday to get used to the new configuration and had no trouble picking up the dot on the draw and didn't seem to over run target transitions. The dot didn't seem star bursty in the daylight, but it was in the afternoon if that mattered. Im looking forward to shooting it in a match next week and see how it does in live fire situations.
  9. What about trying a different brand dot mount that moves it forward or try moving the current mount one hole forward? One of the main downsides of running a Tanfo is that hardly no two are alike. It is very hard to tune Tanfos remotely, let alone in hand. Best of luck,,,
  10. Think of the ejector as what pushes the case out of the chamber area and the extractor as the pivot point. Shaping and shortening the ejector paw will cure your problem. Blacken a case and eject it out of the gun and start by seeing where it is hitting to shape the arc. Shorten it some(carefully) to delay the point at which it is ejected to get full slide speed to help you with the speed of ejection. Good luck,,,
  11. Don't know how your slide is milled, but if they didn't put the little columns in to help locate your red dot, and the screws that hold it on are not fitted to the red dot, the dot moves just a tiny bit at the end of each stroke open and closed and it beats the heck out of your dot. You can try to use angle head screws to help center your dot and take that extra beating off your dot. As an aside, I've installed a Venom and a Viper on two different CO guns and they are doing okay after thousands of rounds, although I had a Venom break at the housing after about 14K rounds,,,
  12. Kujo, it is a 6moa dot. The R3XL and 510C screens are close, but the 510C is bigger. The widths are close and thats what I think is good about the R3XL. if you dont mind the weight and the different dot/circle thing, which I liked, stay with the 510C is my recommendation. Nothing like though, that big giant circle on the first stage of the day to make finding the dot a big easy thing. And on steels the circle is the way to go. I just wanted to try something different. It may grow on me and I will have an extra 510C laying around. They are TANKS,,,
  13. The Sig R3XL has the brightest dot I have experienced, counting a DPP, RTS2, Venom,Viper, and 510C. YMMV,,,
  14. The dot seems a little star-bursty turned up all the way while dry firing inside. Two steps down from all the way up is plenty fine inside the house. First time I've ever had a red dot that was too bright, though. Will have to see how it does outside tomorrow. I like the way a lighter gun feels and somewhat confirms I need to build a 5" middy gun someday, both mine now are over 50 oz and 5.4" barrels,,, never ends,,,
  15. Creature of habit maybe,,, I have a 510C on my backup open gun, but I hardly ever shoot it besides at practice,,, I've learned finding the dot comes from dry fire. The R3XL's dot sits lower on the gun than the 510C and that may be a small problem to solve,,, although I shoot a different dot on either of my carry optic guns: a Vortex venom on the Tanfo and a Vortex viper on the Sig X5 legion,,,
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