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  1. Bmans, what I have done to my DAA belt rig is buy the ratchet and strap kit from M2, cut the outer belt with a hacksaw to fit the ratchet and strap with room for adjustment from loose to tight with a gap to spare, and cut the inner down to have just a couple of inches ( enough to hold up pants on the way to match) of overlap. I use the inner like normal on the way and when I get ready to attach my outer belt, I slip the inner velcro part inside the sticky part so they don't stick together and when I tighten up the ratchet, the inner slides across itself and doesn't bunch up.
  2. Yes, I have videos and it does show it shooting flatter with the two 3/16" popple holes in it. It hits harder in the hand now. I am using 9.9gn of Shooters World Major Pistol powder. Im getting a 171pf with that load. I tried 3n38( hard to get enough in a 9mm case and not have splillage) which is nice but messy, and WAC, which is nice, until I tried 3n38 and Major Pistol. I think Major Pistol is a good compromise. Unfortunately I seem to be incapable of getting the editing done to make large videos into snippets for posting. Im still working on it, but frustrated,,,
  3. The barrel is the hard part. I ordered a 6" barrel from EAA and cut it down and threaded it to fit the comp I choose to use. Not easy, but Im not a gunsmith. The gun with the black comp is 9mm and the other is a .40 cal,,,
  4. Sean_stw, yes mine is a Gans and yes I believe it is the twin to yours. Mine is a solid shooter and have judiciously made changes to it. If it wasn't for the backup CK Arms gun shooting flatter I would not have even considered it,,, I will shoot it tomorrow and video to see the difference. Not sure how to get videos on here, but I may put them on utube and post links. It may be a few days what with Christmas and all,,,
  5. Mine is a 9mm. i had read that three 3/16" holes was good for 38 supers, but a little much for 9mms. With three holes in 9mm it seems to me that one has case filling problems, or at least powder choices become more limited and more important. I used two 3/16" holes, the same in area as 3 1/8" approximately. I'm shooting Major Pistol from Shooters World and I like it better than other powders I have tried,,, 9.7 grs does it for me and leaves room to put a bullet on top of it in the case,,,
  6. Bolted together without the spacers. With the width of the attachment piece on the Ghost, I didn't need to put them in and stiil had the same amount of room. That's also why I had to use both pieces of aluminum hanger, for the width,,,
  7. I have been shooting my backup gun which has popple holes and my main gun, which is taking the holidays off, doesn't. I have found thru video that my #2 gun is flatter shooting by a noticeable amount. With the same load and still makes power factor, albeit 4 Pf lower 168 vs. 172. So i did some research and found out that 2 x 3/16" holes is approximate the total area as the 3 x 1/8" holes in my #2 gun, so I decided to try popple holes in my main gun. I ordered some carbide end mills in 1/4" and 3/16" round end and flat end. And milled away,,, the end results: I choose two individual holes verses a slot and holes cause it's less work - the only reason. I think the job could have been done in a drill press with a good vise. Will find out tomorrow if it works,,, there are a couple of variables that could make a difference but I have been looking for a reason to build a mid-length gun,,,
  8. I liked my Ghost holster for my open gun due to the way I felt like I liked the way it drew and holstered vs. a DAA alpha x. I didn't like the flexible nature of the Ghost. So I decided to try to combine a aluminum hanger and a Ghost pistol holster. The results--- So far so good dry firing,,, and much less flex in the rig,,,
  9. Sometimes I will leave the powder measure with powder in it if Im coming back to reload in a few days. If I change my mind and go to reloading minor rounds and pour the powder out I have seen the clumping/ caking you speak of. I have also seen it when my 8# jug has sat for a while. I just shake it up first and I stir the loading machine powder charger with a stick. No problems,,, haven't seen other powders do this,,,
  10. I didnt notice the glass tint, but I am colorblind. I second your feelings about the buttons. I have my SRO on my Sig X5 and dont really notice the thick bezel at all,,, I will keep mine,,,,
  11. It is the mount for the Holosun 510C, it is a Tevo mount. I just redrilled and tapped it for the Sig romeo3Xl. Im going to keep it on the gun I have decided and will mill the mount to look better and not have overhanging ends.
  12. I am leaving the SRO on my CO gun and leaving the SigR3XL on my open gun. I like the SigR3XL on the open gun and could do without the SRO. The operating system on the SRO is not very user friendly to me and I had a Vortex Viper on the Sig CO gun before the SRO and I shot it just as well. The best change on the CO gun was the tungsten grip module from the legion gun. That I would pay for again. As an aside, I ran another 250ish rounds thru my open gun today in a match and starting to really like the way the gun handles with the smaller weighted SigR3XL red dot,,,
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