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  1. I start with a 170 and reload to two 140s on the belt. i just recently bought a 155 that Im working into the rotation. I bought another mag holder and put it on the belt in front kinda as a cross draw. Practice will hopefully make it better,,,,I have a magnet in front of the two holders on the left for empty/unload mags. That's ended up being a best purchase for me, so handy.
  2. The frame in the pic from SHOT show looks like a hunter or a gold medal match frame. These frames are available as a whole gun. Probabley cheaper just to wait and buy a factory made one,,,
  3. This was my attempt at using a domina comp, seemed like it worked okay. It started life as a gold custom and the stock comps are not good with too many holes in them. I cut the cone off a V12 comp and mated it to the domina comp and worked it over in the mill and pinned it together. I switched to running 2011's in open and it just hangs out in the safe now. The bronze framed gun is a 40 caliber gun built with a turned down and threaded 6 inch barrel on a match frame and limpro slide. It has an enlarged, old style, Tanfo comp on it I purchased off a site known for having old gun parts.
  4. Inleadwetrust .net,,, they changed due to net problems,,,
  5. Walker has an inear and an over the ear bluetooth hearing protectors. I use the inear to listen to music while I practice.
  6. I ran (and still do cause of the customer service) a Vortex Venom 6moa on my milled LimPro. It broke at 12K-13K rounds, but was perfect till it broke. Last two stages in a match I was shooting a lot of charlie/deltas and thought I ran out of gas and lost my concentration. When I was putting the gun up afterwards noticed it was broke. It took them a week to get it back to me. That was okay,,,
  7. I dont seem to need it. My gun originally had a doublesided mount with a DPP on it. I changed to a STS2 and a singlesided mount. I did not notice a difference in accuracy. There is negligable weight difference. YMMV
  8. I have the Holosun 510, and use the Tevo mount. The 510 bolts to the Tevo mount different than most red dots, so you almost have to use the Tevo mount. Unless you have a mill,,, The mount bolts to the frame with the normal cmore spacing,,,
  9. Finished for now(are they ever?). Isler handguard, Timney 2 stage, Holosun 510C, Sig folder adjustable,,, breaking it in now with 115gr factory stuff and then will switch to 124s probaley,,,
  10. Love mine, totally made the gun balance better,,,
  11. I have used xtreme 124's plated with okay results, but I found I could get Precission Deltas 2K at a time for the same or less,,,
  12. I second, or third , or what ever, the Holosun 510 on an open gun. I have about a thousand rounds so far thru mine and really like it a lot. It doesn't seem as big when you take the cover off and it didn't change the way the gun feels,,,
  13. Cant find the pic now, but I did break a Venom after around 10-12k rounds on a milled Tanfo slide(about 1 years worth). It was where the arch over the glass at the body connection was. Vortex had a new one back in my hands in 14 days total time from me to them and back,,, cant beat that warranty. Im running a Cmore STS2 on my open gun and it seems to be doing okay,,, I had a random extractor problem until I went to a 9mm extractor on the 40 slide just saying
  14. I ran a 9mm barrel in a 40 slide for almost a year/ 10k rounds with a 9mm extractor. It never missed a beat. Was a LimPro slide but pretty much the same. Just an idea,,,
  15. Wow, that is a very divided group of answers. Having just started shooting open with a 9mm gun with a aluminum buff I am very interested in these answers. I wonder to what does it matter as to the way a gun is built or just personnel preference. Does a gun need to be built a certain way to not need or need a buff. Does a stroked gun only need one? Curious as to why, it seems, some swear by them and some swear at them,,,
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