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  1. A Bul SAS2 Bullesteros and custom open gun made by Gans. Not sure which ones the backup?
  2. Here is a pic of the trigger installed. It's different feeling, if I push too hard the trigger wants to spin. Maybe a good thing?
  3. That Proxon looks like it would be a great, small lathe. And made in Germany, so it is most likely well made.
  4. It is a small bench lathe from harbor freight, originally made in china. It is not heavy enough to do much steel work, but cuts aluminum very well. It needs sharp tools to cut well and the ways need adjusted every so often. I have had it about 15 years and its still going,,,
  5. Yes it rolls. That is where I got the idea from. I'm hoping it helps when I lose my trigger discipline and push the trigger sideways when going fast instead of pulling straight back.
  6. I am stuck at home, so I decided to make a new trigger for my open gun. Not sure if it will work or be better, but I'm bored so here it is. I will install tomorrow and see if I can sneak over to the range to try out. Otherwise, dry fire it is,,,
  7. Hi Texas,


    Thanks so much for the pictures. That is exactly what I was looking for.



    1. texasdawg


      No problem, I was a little scared to mill into my gun, but my backup gun had popples and it shot flatter. I took some drills and endmills and put holes in mine. Dont forget to make sure there is no burr inside the barrel at all or your gun will shoot not so good,,,

  8. I bet you could put two in here in your gun like I pictured it. It is hard to tell sizes through the pics, but it should work. There is no reason beside looks to do a slot that I know of.
  9. I put two popple holes in my gun after the fact. I tried to get them as close to the comp as I could and maintain what I thought was structural integrity.
  10. See this thread a page back: Mine are still going strong and hold up my equipment perfect,,,
  11. I took a Unica comp and enlarged it some internally(kinda' squared off the internal shape for more volume). I milled off the V12 comp which left the cone and I attached it to the Unica comp and screwed both to the V12 barrel and then pinned it together for security. It seemed to work okay. The problem, for me, was that the magazines limit cartridge OAL to what fits in the mag and its hard( but not impossible ) to get a bullet and powder combo to work like I can get to work in a 2011. It was a fun project,,, still have the gun, just never shoot it much. The other gun in the pic is a .40 caliber open gun on a Match frame. Another story,,,
  12. I read it on the internet, it must be true,,,, .055 is 149% larger than .037 and .037 is 67% of .055,,,
  13. Have found the answer to my question. My Bul Bullesteros will fit and function in my Ghost the one holster for my open gun with a Cheely steel grip. The MBX mags for my STI framed Gans custom gun with the Cheely grip will NOT function and lock in in the Bul gun. The top is shaped different and will not go in right. The good news is the Bullesteros ships with three 170mm mags.
  14. Will a Bul open gun fit correctly in a ghost master "the one" for a Cheely grip/ sti grip? I know they offer a holster for a Bul, but I already have one for my gun with a Cheely E2,,, does any one have one yet?
  15. Bmans, what I have done to my DAA belt rig is buy the ratchet and strap kit from M2, cut the outer belt with a hacksaw to fit the ratchet and strap with room for adjustment from loose to tight with a gap to spare, and cut the inner down to have just a couple of inches ( enough to hold up pants on the way to match) of overlap. I use the inner like normal on the way and when I get ready to attach my outer belt, I slip the inner velcro part inside the sticky part so they don't stick together and when I tighten up the ratchet, the inner slides across itself and doesn't bunch up.
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