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  1. I'm not sure which divisions in uspsa the bull shadow is legal in? You might check that first if that's where you want to shoot. I loved shooting CO, but it was a gateway drug to Open for me,,,
  2. Red, the green cost more. I have them on two guns,,,
  3. I think its the factory extreme for double action guns. Not 100%sure? I polished the sides and blued the rest of it for the bling! Its been in there for a long time. All the trigger pull is in the sear and disconnector and polishing,,,
  4. Nice gun, cool to see something different. Whats the difference in weight of the brass verses regular ssi grips?
  5. I think you don't see much about it due to most people have to send their slides away to get it done and it is not very inexpensive verses just getting a plate which makes it harder to get to weight with stock 2's and 3's. I milled my own about a year or so ago for a red dot and just recently milled the slide for lighter reciprocating weight to spend slide up alittle using 124's instead of the 147's I was using. Mines weighs 42 & 1/2 oz. now,,,
  6. It is a limpro, Ive had it for 3 yrs or so. I think back then they used what ever they had in stock to make a gun,,, and sometimes sharp tools, the factory milling looks like stuff I did when I first bought a mill,,,
  7. It was around 43.5oz before milling, so lost around an oz. The slots I put in are .25 dia and .556 long. It has a metal guiderod, Patriot grips, barrel, springs and parts, and a good polish job. Runs well,,,
  8. Finally got around to milling my slide, didnt turn out bad. Had already milled it for the reddot a while ago. If you can afford the time and money, milling the slide for the dot is way better than a plate,,,
  9. I've put in 13 coil and followers in my Gen2 170 and 155mm mags. The 170 cadillacs, but the 155 isn't reliable. Not sure why, mags lips are good. Probaley need to cut one coil off. Going to do the 140s at first sign of spring tiredness. I have Grams in my Tanfo mags used for CO and never have problems,,,
  10. Finally got caught up enough to work on the LimPro and shims. I put in a .005 shim on both sides of the hammer and trigger. Had about .004 total gap space on hammer and .005 gap space on the trigger. There is still some wobble, but the trigger seems to break more cleanly and crisp. A thing you notice more after shooting a 2011 open gun with a light trigger. It didn't change the weight of the pulls in double or single action. I am going to shim the sear cage next. I wiped the trigger and hammer down with cleaner and superglued the shims on first and install was just as easy as stock pieces,,, No pics, my gun looks just like Johnbu's inside,,,,,, but cleaner,,,, hahaha
  11. I like to tinker also,,, I ordered some for my Tanfos, although I shoot open class now. My fun gun is still the LimPro I have for CO and that is what I will work on. Pictures to follow and results,,,
  12. Cheely E2 for the win,,,
  13. I will take one for a LimPro and one with threading on the end for a Tanfo open gun made out of a stock three.
  14. She is gone to another board member, hope he's running her well,,,
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