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  1. A holster makers nightmare,,,
  2. There once was a video by Mr. Miculek where he was testing different buffers. One of them was a magnetic buffer made by a company and it was known then as a MARRS buffer. The video is gone as far as I can find. He liked the magnetic buffet in the video. I have tried many different buffers and setups and I am presently using a roller-locked buffer system. The setup and load one uses in combination is what I think matters most. Trubl said it probably the best. Pick a load and buffer set up and run it.
  3. I had trouble with extractions and worn extractor spring that I thought were double feeds. Replaced spring and all is well. Glad you got your problem solved. Long time no see,,,
  4. Reloading components are getting less scarce, but I think it would be tuff to start now. Saving brass can never hurt cause worst case you can sell it for scrap metal prices,,,
  5. Im running 2 heavy and 1 light spring right now. Working on loads for uspsa pcc class. I take the upper off the lower and hold the lower between my hands with the buttstock in my chest. I press the rollers in with my fingers and let the spring push the buffer out. Works for me,,,
  6. Choate makes one I believe,,,
  7. Berrys has a 100gn 9mm bullet and a 100gn 380 bullet. Different profiles, but both shoot fine in pcc
  8. Sometimes you have to check the various gun parts suppliers to find what you need. Lots of people shoot grams and they are hard to find sometimes. Sometimes one has to mix and match for custom combinations,,,
  9. Put grams springs and followers in, clean and spray with silicone every 2 or 3k, and the mbx's should cadillac,,, mine do.
  10. I shoot 100gn out of my PCC for USPSA and have loaded 165gn plated and shot a lot of them thru a CZ scorpion. All 9mm and all ran well.
  11. Had a chance to shoot an outdoor 7 stage match, about 180 rounds. My setup in the buffer for this match was two heavy springs in space 1 and 2 and one light spring in space 3. Used a spacer at the bottom of the recoil spring to make it short-stroked and not catch the LRBH. Shot around 100 rounds of 100gn and 80ish rounds of 124gn. On the clock the recoil seemed the same, but 124s seemed to be less affected by recoil and easier to shoot fast. Cycling the action to load and unload is harder to do but not impossible with a side charging upper. I will try a heavy spring in space 3 next and continue testing loads. I feel my gun runs better than it did before.
  12. So, no outdoor match this past weekend. I did get to shoot last night at an indoor match, but it was only about 80 rounds worth. I shot half the match with 100gn bullets and half the match with 124gn bullets from my CO gun. Didnt seem that much different, maybe a little softer recoil and a little more accurate with the 124s. Gun functioned 100% with no malfunctions. No problems charging the gun or unloading for ULSC. Double taps were as quick as with other buffer system. I will start testing different spring combos in the buffer and bullet weights to try to make the recoil better. Hoping for a flatter shooting gun than I had before. Tonight was about the same as before so there is promise.
  13. StripedLizard, if I ease the bolt back it will stop short of closing most times. If I rack the bolt like normal when loading it closes on the bolt every time. I have a side charging QC10 upper. You can see in the picture I loaded that the spring is lighter and shorter than the spring I had in it before. Way different. The system is different enough that I'm starting over on the logic behind the best parameters for operation. I had a pretty good working system down pat and now everything is different.
  14. Couldnt resist, installed the buffer system into my pcc. The install was easy and I set the springs up like the instructions said. It is definitely a different set up than what I had. The setup allows the bolt to go past the bolt catch. Not what I want, so I installed a 25# wave spring as a spacer/bumper behind the supplied bumper. Still goes to the bolt catch and catches, but just barely. Will do for now. Going to break it in with 100gn bullets at a 135pf in a steel challenge match tomorrow. More testing to follow,,, Buffer system before was a kynshot 5007 with the weight and a 25# wave spring and a tubbs flatwire carbine spring with the weight in the bolt. I took the weight out for this test with the new buffer.
  15. I signed up for PSC, but will see about the rain. I may change buffers, but hate to shoot a match with untested equipment.
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