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  1. Maybe running carbine length buffer and spring in a rifle tube will allow the bolt to go too far back and beat up the buffer pin? My pin is out in my carbine tube, but it just makes it easier to get apart and modify. My top end is all Taccom with a QC10 side charger upper. Is the orange spring for a carbine or rifle?
  2. I took aandabooks hangers, which are well made in my opinion(I have a mill and a lathe and it's cheaper to buy his because they are good quality) and combined them with Ghost holsters to come up with a very secure holster that doesn't allow my open guns to sag and never come lose.
  3. What Trubl said (polished chambers)is what I discovered and what lead me to originally think the inside of the barrel had been nitrided. The next time I have the barrel out I will polish out the chamber. The round nose bullets I was trying (100gr and 165gr and 124gr) didn't have any trouble getting out to 1.130OAL, but the P.D. 124gr hollow points I was trying to use had to be short,,, but not any more. As an aside, I found that a .001 brass shim wrapped 90% around barrel where it fits into the upper made everything a perfect tapped in fit. I have a Taccom barrel and a Quarter Circle 10 side charger upper and don't believe either is out of spec, just within manufacturing tolerances,,,
  4. Good news,,, After I shot the AR9 today inaugurally, I brought it home and took it apart to inspect and clean. I decided to go ahead and try to throat ream the barrel after all the discussions I read on this board about it. The Taccom 13/16 barrel was throat-ed pretty easy and there was no damage to my Manson .35 pistol throat reamer. I was able to plunk and spin my open ammo with P.D. 124gr H.P. at 1.165. The ammo I made yesterday and shot today was only able to be loaded to 1.080 with the same bullet. I still have some ammo work to do, cause I was having some ejection problems(empty case getting jammed in port with a fresh round), but I wont be hampered by COL. I think it might be ammo with too low of a power factor, maybe,,,
  5. I think 38supers work with 2 or 3 3/16" popples provided you supply them with enough gas. With Tanfos you need to watch the timing of the action otherwise they chew themselves up.
  6. Actually - Nitriding is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface. One can get throating reamers from clymer or mason. I got mine from manson. I bought a high speed steel one and should have gotten a carbide one. I have used mine on a couple of Tanfoglio barrels and an STI barrel.
  7. Cant make out whether a Taccom barrel is nitride coated inside and out or just outside? Or not at all? I have a high speed steel reamer, but not a carbide reamer. I can load the berrys 100gr hollow base out to 1.135 okay, but the P.D. 124gr have to be at 1.070 due to profile. Im trying to stay with the P.D. 124's for all my loads - open, CO, & PCC - if I can?
  8. Another point to consider is which one you can get? At this time I mean.
  9. Nice job and I like your stipple job too
  10. I have a much modified Tanfo that started life as a LimPro 9mm. It came with a slide marked "Limited". I think they just used what they had in stock to make guns with a while ago.
  11. Received my red dot on Sat, the 9th. 15 days after ordering. The window on it is not bigger than a romeo3 xl or max, which I have on my open guns. So, I put it on my X5 legion and removed a Nikko Stetling that originally came on my Bul open gun. It is the same size as it is, but more user friendly with better buttons and bigger and brighter dot. Will see how well it does on the slide ride configuration. Already ran a 100 thru it and its still working,,,
  12. I ordered one on the 24th and too was surprised it ships from Canada. Probably wouldn't have changed my mind, but would have been nice to know ahead of time. Hopefully it knocks my socks off and all will be well.
  13. You either have it or you don't. I play with Tanfos as much as most and can prove it. The problem I have with Tanfos is their thumb safety. Thats the only reason I switched to 2011's.
  14. I got a chance to shoot the new trigger today. I shot my Bul first which has a short trigger in it. It shot well and most were A's unless I tried to push the splits too fast. Then I switched to the Gans with the trigger I made, which has a trigger length a 1/4" longer. I was getting good double taps, but they were to the left side of the target unless I consciously tried center them up and over reach the trigger. The trigger performed no different for me and I couldn't tell while shooting that the trigger had a roller on it. Oh well, on to the next iteration of trigger perfection! hahaha
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