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  1. I have one and really like it. Easy to set up, tune and keeps my rifle flat. It is a little on the pricey side but its the most effective break ive tested and it will be the one i'm using this year. some of the guys i shoot with also liked it so much they bought their own.
  2. Do you think it comes back far enough that guys will pinch their fingers like a stock lifter or is longer than that?
  3. It’s been a few months since the lightning lifter came out and I’m looking for reviews. Has anyone experienced any problems with theirs and had to send it back, had to tweak it, or has it been 100%? I know it’s a personal choice but for you was it a worth while upgrade?
  4. Another vote for the answer. They are very effective! They are an the pricier side but well worth the money in my opinion. No need for a crush washer and my gun hardly moves.
  5. Ok thanks guys. Is the brass top steel magwell the same as what you guys are talking about? Another question, without spending the money for a steel grip do you guys think adding a heavy magwell is a big benefit to a Sti grip?
  6. do you guys know if the magwell will fit on a sti grip? and also does it come stainless or black?
  7. I am a big fan of the Invictus. I have both the chest rig and the 2.8's. They are quick and secure. I use them for most of the bay style matches around here. I also have some King Competition Gen6, 8 Rounders, and they are super nice. The shells are held in with magnets on the top and you really have to hit the shells to get them to fall out accidentally. I can run pretty hard with them in and they wont fall out until i'm ready to pull them off. When pulling them off they come off pretty easy. The only draw back to the Kings is the price. http://hayescustomguns.com/shotgun-parts-accessories/king-competition/
  8. I just bought some 9mm 147 gr competition Ammo from Fenix ammunition in Michigan. I’m planning on a range session with it Friday and will let you know how it runs. I’ve also heard good things about peak performance Ammo.
  9. J Kenny said they won’t be out until sometime after the new year. Wouldn’t give a date or price. Looking forward to seeing it.
  10. i think some guys do, but i dont. I can ratchet it down and it doesnt move while running, crawling or jumping over things.
  11. I got mine from carbon arms. The link is below. I dont have the belt with me right now but if you want to i can send you pictures of it tonight. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Gear/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
  12. I also cut mine down and added a ratchet to it. That was over a year ago and its stayed together pretty well. The portion I cut has not frayed or began to come apart.
  13. ive used alien gear and trex arms. The majority of guys here at my department use trex side car and they have held up really well.
  14. They are pretty cool looking but I don’t think the cool factor and slightly less weight is worth the extra time if something random happens or it gets dirty and won’t function properly during a stage.
  15. i dont have have an open gun but i have been shooting the ck solution limited all summer and its ran flawlessly. I would find it hard to believe that customer service would be anywhere close to what ck would be either.
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