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  1. Omni so your friends can shoot it too!
  2. Although its not on an open gun, I went with Lone star innovations Outlaw. Grip feels great and there was very little fitting. Glen is putting out some great grips. Sorry for the large picture I cant seem to get it to resize.
  3. Just sent him an email, thank you.
  4. I am looking for a gunsmith in the chicago area to fit a Cheely grip on my 2011 and Nitride it to match the rest of my gun. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thank you,
  5. I have compared it to the Coda Evolution, Rolling Thunder, and UM Tactical Rage. After I played with the settings I settled on having all of the screws in on the left side and all of them out on the right. The comp has made recoil minimal and my dot does not move much at all. I am not sure you can completely eliminate muzzle movement after a shot but this does a great job of minimizing it. I also like that its easy to take off and put on. When I first got it, I took it off and put it on multiple guns due to shooters wanting to try it on theirs. No need for crush washers or lock washers. It is on the pricey side compared to others, but I have been really happy with mine. Its all personal preference though. Erik
  6. I still have mine on and it’s not coming off. I’m really liking it. Several guys I shoot with have also purchased them and they are sticking with it.
  7. i had the odin 2.0 and switched to the Cole due to wanting a cheek weld. I have it set and it has not come loose.
  8. I also looked into the answer and it is among the best ones I’ve tried. I will def be using this one in 2019. Gun just stays flat.
  9. I have one and really like it. Easy to set up, tune and keeps my rifle flat. It is a little on the pricey side but its the most effective break ive tested and it will be the one i'm using this year. some of the guys i shoot with also liked it so much they bought their own.
  10. Do you think it comes back far enough that guys will pinch their fingers like a stock lifter or is longer than that?
  11. It’s been a few months since the lightning lifter came out and I’m looking for reviews. Has anyone experienced any problems with theirs and had to send it back, had to tweak it, or has it been 100%? I know it’s a personal choice but for you was it a worth while upgrade?
  12. Another vote for the answer. They are very effective! They are an the pricier side but well worth the money in my opinion. No need for a crush washer and my gun hardly moves.
  13. Ok thanks guys. Is the brass top steel magwell the same as what you guys are talking about? Another question, without spending the money for a steel grip do you guys think adding a heavy magwell is a big benefit to a Sti grip?
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