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  1. The sight block barrel fit in the Nemesis was quite a bit tighter than the Honcho. I felt that everything on the Nemesis was fitted better and tighter than the Honcho.
  2. I have had a chance to shoot both the Titan, Nemesis and PT Honcho. I will give my opinion. I own the Titan and borrowed the Nemesis and Honcho to compare. If money was no option I would choose the Nemesis. I felt the sight block helped get the front sight back down and returned to zero a little quicker. This in turn helped speed up my times. With that being said I have my Titian running well for me and have found the load that works in my gun. I was also fortunate to shoot a honcho side by side with the other two. With the new race shop being open and PT putting out their Honcho with the sightblock its a great deal at 3k. Even though this had the sightblock I was faster with my Titan. I don’t think the PT slide to frame fit is as good as the Atlas’s either. I also felt as though the barrel in both Atlas’s were better fit to the gun than the PT’s. The PT’s barrel and sight block felt a little sloppy. So if I was going into this test blind and had never shot any of these pistols I would’ve chosen the Nemesis. Since money is a variable and I can’t afford it that would’ve left the option of the Honcho and Titan. Of these two I would stick with what I have as I feel the Titan is a better pistol.
  3. Can someone give me the weight of the Dawson Precision Ice magwell for a 2011. Thank you in advance
  4. I’m loving mine. Mine fit the Titan right out of the box not sure how it will fit the edge. Looks great!
  5. I fitted mine this morning and it was pretty easy. My only advice is to keep your finger on the torsion spring or it will pop off, thankfully i was able to find mine. Mine is working as described with no hiccups.
  6. yes you can preload your shotgun and it will not load a round onto the lifter. It only autoloads when the bolt is locked open.
  7. Try sending them a Facebook message. I did and they responded right away.
  8. I received mine in the mail today. It shipped last Monday.
  9. I got the same email saying my order was complete and through a Facebook message they confirmed it shipped today.
  10. I reached out to Nerd’s sales department last week and was told they are expecting a shipment of URN’s in anytime.
  11. looking to see what you guys are running for open shotguns. Im interested in open division but i love my m2 and not sure i want to buy a box fed shotgun. Anyone running a tube fed? Are you just running a longer extension on it? Are you loading it with the Arrendondo accessories, quad loading off a belt or some other method? are you competitive by not using a box fed shotgun? Is there any other advice you might have? Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. I just built a new upper and lapped the receiver, used 620 and tightened everything up. There was a little play in the upper and lower so I just used aluminum foil to make a shim and it’s tight now. Shot it yesterday with my Fenix 55 grain hoser and it shot a .64” group at 100 Yrds for a 5 shot group. I don’t know if it all made much of a difference due to not shooting it before lapping or using the 620 but I’d like to think it helped some. This was with a Stretch barrel, Vltor upper receiver and Slr handguard.
  13. Omni so your friends can shoot it too!
  14. Although its not on an open gun, I went with Lone star innovations Outlaw. Grip feels great and there was very little fitting. Glen is putting out some great grips. Sorry for the large picture I cant seem to get it to resize.
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