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  1. I fitted mine this morning and it was pretty easy. My only advice is to keep your finger on the torsion spring or it will pop off, thankfully i was able to find mine. Mine is working as described with no hiccups.
  2. yes you can preload your shotgun and it will not load a round onto the lifter. It only autoloads when the bolt is locked open.
  3. Try sending them a Facebook message. I did and they responded right away.
  4. I received mine in the mail today. It shipped last Monday.
  5. I got the same email saying my order was complete and through a Facebook message they confirmed it shipped today.
  6. I reached out to Nerd’s sales department last week and was told they are expecting a shipment of URN’s in anytime.
  7. looking to see what you guys are running for open shotguns. Im interested in open division but i love my m2 and not sure i want to buy a box fed shotgun. Anyone running a tube fed? Are you just running a longer extension on it? Are you loading it with the Arrendondo accessories, quad loading off a belt or some other method? are you competitive by not using a box fed shotgun? Is there any other advice you might have? Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. I just built a new upper and lapped the receiver, used 620 and tightened everything up. There was a little play in the upper and lower so I just used aluminum foil to make a shim and it’s tight now. Shot it yesterday with my Fenix 55 grain hoser and it shot a .64” group at 100 Yrds for a 5 shot group. I don’t know if it all made much of a difference due to not shooting it before lapping or using the 620 but I’d like to think it helped some. This was with a Stretch barrel, Vltor upper receiver and Slr handguard.
  9. Omni so your friends can shoot it too!
  10. Although its not on an open gun, I went with Lone star innovations Outlaw. Grip feels great and there was very little fitting. Glen is putting out some great grips. Sorry for the large picture I cant seem to get it to resize.
  11. Just sent him an email, thank you.
  12. I am looking for a gunsmith in the chicago area to fit a Cheely grip on my 2011 and Nitride it to match the rest of my gun. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thank you,
  13. I have compared it to the Coda Evolution, Rolling Thunder, and UM Tactical Rage. After I played with the settings I settled on having all of the screws in on the left side and all of them out on the right. The comp has made recoil minimal and my dot does not move much at all. I am not sure you can completely eliminate muzzle movement after a shot but this does a great job of minimizing it. I also like that its easy to take off and put on. When I first got it, I took it off and put it on multiple guns due to shooters wanting to try it on theirs. No need for crush washers or lock washers. It is on the pricey side compared to others, but I have been really happy with mine. Its all personal preference though. Erik
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