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  1. Pcew73

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    i think some guys do, but i dont. I can ratchet it down and it doesnt move while running, crawling or jumping over things.
  2. Pcew73

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    I got mine from carbon arms. The link is below. I dont have the belt with me right now but if you want to i can send you pictures of it tonight. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Gear/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
  3. Pcew73

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    I also cut mine down and added a ratchet to it. That was over a year ago and its stayed together pretty well. The portion I cut has not frayed or began to come apart.
  4. Pcew73

    Who makes a good Iwb holster

    ive used alien gear and trex arms. The majority of guys here at my department use trex side car and they have held up really well.
  5. Pcew73

    Skeletonized upper/lower receiver

    They are pretty cool looking but I don’t think the cool factor and slightly less weight is worth the extra time if something random happens or it gets dirty and won’t function properly during a stage.
  6. Pcew73

    CK Arms Solution or SPS Vista

    i dont have have an open gun but i have been shooting the ck solution limited all summer and its ran flawlessly. I would find it hard to believe that customer service would be anywhere close to what ck would be either.
  7. Pcew73

    Skeletonized upper/lower receiver

    Thank you guys. I’m impartial to either way, I just like the look and wanted something a little different. I only know of 1 guy around here that has one that he uses at all of the series matches and the majors he has been in and to my knowledge he hasn’t had any problems. He’s using a lead star. I would be getting one from a local dealer who does his own. They are great quality. I have one of his guns that I not only shoot 3-gun with but also carry one everyday at work. Not worried about weight but rather want it for looks.
  8. I’m looking at doing a new 3 gun build and was wondering if anyone has had any problems with dirt or debris getting in a skeletonized upper and lower receiver and causing function problems. I’m thinking of something along the lines of the lead star arms Lsa-15. Also looking for suggestions for manufactures.
  9. How do these compare to the imvictus shell caddies which is what I’m running now. I have a buddy who just told me about the Kings a few days ago and have been really intrigued by them. Seems the shells are rock solid in place but come out of the holder relatively easy.
  10. Pcew73

    Glock --> 2011

    not picky with ammo at all. Im using federal 115 gr ball with new MBX 140's. Ive shot Peak Performance 124gr, Armscor 124gr, and haven't had a misfeed, malfunction, jam or anything in 2500+ rounds.
  11. Pcew73

    Glock --> 2011

    i got the Limited with full dust cover in 5". Here is the link to the exact pistol I got. You can go in an upgrade anything in the drop down boxes. Id give Bobby a call and talk it over with him. He is super helpful and will let you know right away what he has. https://freedomgunworks.com/store/limited-guns/ck-arms-9mm-limited-handgun-cka-1066.html
  12. Pcew73

    Glock --> 2011

    Yes that’s what I upgraded to. I couldn’t be happier right now. It pulls just over 2 lbs with hardly any creep and nil on reset.
  13. Pcew73

    Glock --> 2011

    I was walking down the same road and ended up getting the Ck Arms. I couldn't afford an atlas or other full custom gun. I bought the "solution" and had them upgrade the trigger. The action is smooth and after buying a few MBX mags this gun has not malfunctioned once. An added perk is you can send it back to Bobby and have the upgrades done as you want. Bobby's customer service is also top notch. You have alot of options though in your price range.
  14. Pcew73

    RCI M2

    I wouldn’t discount rose action sports. Steve does some fantastic work, lead time are reasonable and he’s arguably one of the nicest guys you’ll talk to. Customer service is top notch, super knowledgeable and a regular contributor on the sight.
  15. Pcew73

    In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

    Has anyone used the walkers game ear silencers?