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  1. I received mine earlier this year and shoot exclusively 3 gun. I’m always switching back and forth between the 9mm limited and single port open depending on the match I’m shooting. For the price you pay you can’t beat the set up and versatility you get.
  2. FWIW I have been researching new barrels for 3 gun the last few weeks and it seems that nearly every search, JP was mentioned and recommended. Not just in this forum but several others that are dedicated rifle forums. I don’t think I read any negative posts about fit, finish, or accuracy. I ended up with the JP 18” light contour rifle length gas.
  3. I liked my xlr but experimented with a Luth mba-1 and won’t switch back now. I liked the luth a lot.
  4. Check out dissident arms. I’m not sure if they ship outside of the US though. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/da-enhanced-shell-release/
  5. Ccorrect me if i'm wrong but i thought the spring should be 12-14" past the end of the tube with 12 being on the very short end.
  6. Man it looks nice! I’m seriously considering changing my color to the grey pvd which I believe is a shade darker than yours but I haven’t seen it in a gun yet. Congratulations on the new blaster.
  7. i have never used an inner belt with my ratchet set up. I had the same problem as you and that it bunched up and i couldn't stand it. My belt has never moved once i cinch it down and it stays in place while running.
  8. The prices shown already reflect the discounts. No discount codes needed. It’s already plugged into the build sheet. You select the 2 extra barrels you want and there is no extra charge. If your getting one of the packages the price shown is what they are. 4 and 5k respectively. If you had seen them earlier this week they were 5 and 6k respectively.
  9. Funny that you posted this as I’d like to hear the answers. I just sent my M2 to dissident to have this and few other things done to it.
  10. The sight block barrel fit in the Nemesis was quite a bit tighter than the Honcho. I felt that everything on the Nemesis was fitted better and tighter than the Honcho.
  11. I have had a chance to shoot both the Titan, Nemesis and PT Honcho. I will give my opinion. I own the Titan and borrowed the Nemesis and Honcho to compare. If money was no option I would choose the Nemesis. I felt the sight block helped get the front sight back down and returned to zero a little quicker. This in turn helped speed up my times. With that being said I have my Titian running well for me and have found the load that works in my gun. I was also fortunate to shoot a honcho side by side with the other two. With the new race shop being open and PT puttin
  12. Can someone give me the weight of the Dawson Precision Ice magwell for a 2011. Thank you in advance
  13. I’m loving mine. Mine fit the Titan right out of the box not sure how it will fit the edge. Looks great!
  14. I fitted mine this morning and it was pretty easy. My only advice is to keep your finger on the torsion spring or it will pop off, thankfully i was able to find mine. Mine is working as described with no hiccups.
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