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  1. I have the new Xi and they are working great. adjustment holds and the ball joint bolts to the mag solid.
  2. I am using a 15# main spring and 9# recoil spring with a angled firing pin stop in 38s/c. My load is 173pf. Over the years I have played with different combos trying to by a score. What I do now is just pick a setup you like and shoot the crap out of it, stop chasing every little thing, work on the fundamentals.
  3. That is all I use in open and limited and have never had any trouble.
  4. Check to make sure you don’t have excess play on the muzzle end. It should be set to where the muzzle cup is up tight to the barrel and the lock lever just slides on. Have been using a cr speed for a very long time and never has a gun fall out when locked.
  5. I shoot 38 super comp, if it was me I would convert to all super comp because it would make it easer for reloading and you wont need to bring different ammo for each gun. The mags should be good to go with either ammo. The gun all you need to do is tune the extractor for super comp ammo. It may run both but you are better off tuning it for the correct ammo.
  6. I use a 50/50 mix of simple green and hot tap water.
  7. N105 or 3n38 are good. I use N105
  8. Wow had I known I would have ordered from them. I just place an order with starline.
  9. I use winchester srp in both open and limited and have never had any trouble. That is what my builder said to use and have used them for many many years.
  10. Starline brass free shipping
  11. I have used Brazos for 2 gun builds, they are great because you can order everything there. They also sell some tools if you need them.
  12. After ever time I shoot it.
  13. Brazos has frames and slides already fit for you. Brazos also has short blocks, which is frame slide and barrel already fit.
  14. Brazos has short blocks for sale, that would be a good start for your first build. The frame and slide is fit along with the barrel, all you have to do is finish the build.
  15. Glad you had a great time, it is addictive can't wait to start shooting again.
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