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  1. That is the old style comp. Sti has a new comp and they will replace it for you, just send it back to them.
  2. Check the front grip screws that is what was sticking on mine. Take the front grip screws and out and see if it works in the holster. If it does you need to shorten the barrel that the screws go in just a little. That is what I did on mine and it works perfect now, just a couple passes with a file is all that is needed.
  3. I like the .100 front and the .130 rear on both my limited and single stack.
  4. I have the old style 170 sti mags with dawson snl pads for uspsa. For IPSC I just swapped the base pads for the factory sti pads, lost 1 round but fit the gauge.
  5. Look at the Brazos high performance edge. http://brazoscustom.com/Home.htm
  6. Sti guide rods have a bevel on the head. Some guide rods don't, look at the head of your guide rod there should be a bevel to it. If it does not you can grind the bevel to the head.
  7. When you practice are you loading the mags the same way as a match as in same number of rounds. Does it happen at a certian number of rounds in a mag? Also have you replace the grip, ie plastic with plastic. If so maybe the new grip is slighty different in the mag release area.
  8. I have seen the modules get dim over time. You can put new batterys in and it is still dim, try a new module
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