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  1. No try to save up for the 2011 you will be glad you did. A local shooter had an open glock at a match and I tried it after the match. Not for me at all and I shot open.
  2. The modules can go bad and get dim. Also I have found that when my battery goes below 2.8 volts I toss it out because it will not be as bright. Have you tried to swap modules between sights to see if it is the sight or module?
  3. Let me know where to by this sight. I have been thinking of changing from the slide ride to and smaller sight but the slide ride just keeps on running.
  4. I stated in limited and went to open, I only shoot open now. Haven't shoot anything but open in years. If you want to go to open, then you should go because if you don't that is all you will be thinking about.
  5. Sti gen 2 grams springs and followers TTI pads 29 reloadable
  6. You need to chrono them to know where you are at.
  7. She is a keeper, both gun and wife
  8. I started with a 650 upgraded to a 1050, for me the 1050 is a lot better to load on. Yes you have to tweek it to get it running but well worth it in the end. Either one will do but if you can swing the 1100 I would get that.
  9. SVI does not sell their frames as far as I know.
  10. Put the mag in that sticks, while it is sticking barely release pressure on the mag release and see if the mag falls, if it does you are pinching the mag with the release. you will need to file the mag release a little to clear the mag.
  11. Brazos has an article in the frontsight mag. from uspsa. He uses 620 and primer
  12. The Dillon swage is what I use. I use all Dillion dies
  13. Get rid of the MBF funnel and use the Dillon funnel, I got tired of the sticking and went back to the Dillon funnel. Once you get It adjusted it works great. I have not had a bullet tip over in a long long time
  14. Looks great, is that akai thumb rest?
  15. I was talking about a slide ride, If you have an rst2 you can not change the module.
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