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  1. I check at the start of the loading session by dropping 10 and doing the average of all 10. Then double check my oal and then load all the rounds and don't check it again until next load session.
  2. Brazos has a good article on the springs on his web sight.
  3. That is what the gun builder recommended so that is what I used and never saw and reason to switch.
  4. Variable is all I use in open and limited. Never had any problems with them.
  5. Thanks I think I will leave it on.
  6. I have tried several different styles of thumb rests, none worked for me. I shoot better and faster without the rest.
  7. I switched over from the slide ride to the Romeo3 Max and was told to leave the sight turned on the entire match. Other have said to turn it off after each stage? What do all you guys do? Do you leave the sight on all day or turn it off after each stage.
  8. 3n38 is what they use around here. I am the odd ball I use N105
  9. Use lube and run through all the dies including the sizing die.
  10. I run with 4 mag holders and a magnet on one of the mag holders. Its nice to have the extra mag holder if you have trouble. Also where there is the mandatory reload stages or when their is the 2 stages on the same bay and you go hot from one stage to the next, its nice to have the extra mag holder.
  11. I would say barrel looks good but in need of a major cleaning. Clean it and send another picture. Do you reload, if not get some ammo that you know what it is.
  12. Have you priced offshore fishing boats lately? If you can afford what ever sport/hobby you like then it doesn't matter. I have 2 custom open guns and don't regret the cost one bit. Only regret is I don't shoot as much as I would like.
  13. I am using the Brazos offset mount and it is not a problem. I zero at 25 yards and at 5 yards the impact point is lower right corner of a paster.
  14. Are you referring to the new CR Speed compact, I saw that also but I don't think anybody has it yet because of covid. They are not shipping anything. I want to try one also when they become available
  15. Hard to tell without seeing it but I would look at the guide rod and recoil spring assembly. Try removing the guide rod and see if it still locks up. If it doesn't then take a hard look at the recoil assembly
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