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  1. Check if the front grip bushing in the grip is rubbing on the holster for the sticking. Take the little barrel and screws out of the front of the grip and try it then. If it does not stick you need to shorten the barrel with a file, just a couple passes is all that is needed.
  2. Is there a problem with the pins coming out? Should I get some spare pins to keep on hand.
  3. Check with Brazos custom, they are making there own frames and are selling frame and slides already fit, he may also fit a barrel.
  4. If you are looking for a drop in kit the Brazos Kit is very good, I have used several.
  5. What size dot are you using? are they all the same size, and do you like the small or larger dot.
  6. A couple of other shooters use VV 3n38 they like it a lot. You can get that in 4# or maybe 8# jugs. One guy with the popple holes had a hard time making major power factor. He was using something like 11.2 of N105 and just making major. With 3N38 I think he is around 9.2 ish and making major. When I load to major I shoot for around 172 to 175 pf. It all depends how the gun is set up.
  7. I shoot 38 super comp and load with VV N105 and 125 jhp it shoots great, but to be fair that is all have used. It works for me so no need to chase different loads and powders.
  8. Yes I also run 12# wolff variable recoil with a 17# main spring.
  9. I like the short dust cover, the long is to heavy but if you want heavy then long is good. A long dust cover with a metal grip can get heavy.
  10. Depends where it is hitting, but if you need a good round file a chain saw file at the local hardware store works great
  11. Brazos has a good article on this on his web sight.
  12. Find a local skate shop near you and buy some of the skate tape. I use a hair dryer to heat up the tape before you put it on, it helps with making the tape easier to install. For about $5 you can get enough to make about 10 to 15 grips.
  13. For open given the 2 choices, go with 9 major
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