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  1. Extractor tension seems light to me. 1.125 is 18 oz I set mine at 28 to 30 oz. weigend recommends setting to 25 to 28 oz
  2. sauza45

    Thumb Rest

    I have tried 1 at 60* 30* and 25* I had the 30 and 25 custom made still did not like them.
  3. sauza45

    Thumb Rest

    I didn't vote but I have tried the thumb rest and it was not for me. It looks like a lot of people like them, just not for me. My grip I have my thumbs straight forward and the thumb rest didn't work, I keep driving the gun because I was trying to get my thumb pointed forward. I have tried 3 different angles for the rests. So I am would have to vote no now.
  4. Use the 11 coil for 140 mags and use the 13 coil for 170 mags. This is all I have used and they have been great no trouble
  5. sauza45

    Thumb Rest

    How many use a thumb rest
  6. I have the e2 and it has plenty of grip, don't think I want any more than that. As for mag button I have been using the Ed Brown. clears the grip and sticks out just far enough so you cane reach it but not to much as to drop the mag unintentionally.
  7. Having loaded on both 650 and 1050 the 1050 is so much better to load on. Yes the caliber conversion is a lot more but in the end you will happier with the 1050 for the amount of ammo you are loading. Your arm will thank you.
  8. 12 pound wolff variable works for me. I change them about every 4,000 to 5,000 rounds
  9. Atlanta arms has major ammo but I think it is only in 147 grain bullets
  10. Also look at the grip barrel bushing. Take the barrel bushing out and try the gun in the holster if it does not stick that is the problem. You will need to shorten the barrel bushing just a tiny bit, a couple passes with a file is all it takes.
  11. The gen 2 mag need a little more clearance in the frame. You can take the slide off and see where the mags hitting the frame. Just need to file a little off the frame and you are go to go.
  12. I have the rts2 v5 on a G34 Have not shot it much so can't say anything about reliability, but like the 8 moa dot.
  13. I shoot 38 super comp and use 125 grain bullets with N105 powder. The 2 most popular powder around here for 38 super comp is N105 or 3N38
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