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  1. Does the follower move up and down freely in the mag body with no ammo. Try loading the mag and duplicate the condition. Tap on the mag and see if the rounds pop up if so they are sticking inside the mag body. Have you changed tour ammo in any way?
  2. I have never broken a Brazos elector in 40 or 38 super comp. I think how you break ejectors is when you seat a mag and it hits the ejector.
  3. I clean my gun after every match, and change the springs in the gun every 5,000 rounds and mag springs every year. Cleaning the gun after every match is also a good time to inspect it to make sure nothing bad is happing.
  4. Just check to make sure the ejector clears the slide and a loaded mag clears the ejector. But no real extra fitting.
  5. sauza45

    Scope help

    If you are not going to use the serendipity then I would try to make it a slide ride. Yes you may mess it up but you might get it right and save some money and not have to but a new mount
  6. I have used cr speed and also the Alpha X I like the Alpha X because I can switch between my primary gun and backup gun. I also like the cr speed but switching between guns is not as easy
  7. Brazos has an ejector already cut and Dawson a left hand drill bit to cut the notch.
  8. sauza45

    Scope help

    Brazos has an article on how to convert the serendipity to a slide ride on his web sight.
  9. Brazos custom. You can get a bald slide or one already done.
  10. I have heard that when the barrel hood length get around .008 or more it can crack the slide due to beating between the hood and slide
  11. sauza45

    Frame Choices

    I have used a couple of the Brazos frames and slides, they have been great. Brazos cans do a slide and frame fit.
  12. Yes open end toward muzzle. All I use is variable springs in both open and limited.
  13. Sti gen 2 with grams springs and followers and tti pads. tune the feed lips and you are good to go.
  14. There is a difference, they need to be sorted. When loading If I get a super case in the mix it sticks in the 1050 shell plate.
  15. I started with the EVO grip, but I have switched to the Cheely E2.
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