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  1. You should also look at Brazos trigger kit. I have used several of them and they are great gives about 2/2.5 pound trigger.
  2. 25 yard zero. But I know where it shoots at 5 yards to 50 yards. With the 25 I never have to think about hold over or under at any distance between 5 - 50 yards
  3. Another thought, plastic grip could be cracked or the screws loose.
  4. You can take the slide off insert a mag and see if the trigger bow is hitting the mag. You said it only happens doing live fire. When you dry fire what do you do differently. The mag could also be hitting the disconnect.
  5. I put the magnet on the pouch just used a little blue Loctite and it has not come loose yet. I don't know but I don't think you can put the magnet on the side of the pouch. That hole is for mounting the pouch to the hanger and I think its to big to tap. Also the mag might hit the screw .
  6. A little more detail would help. What kind of grip, spring, gun. Does it only happen with a mag installed? The trigger bow could be hitting the mag.
  7. I use the Peltor tac 500 with gel cups. they work good but If I need to double pug I use Earasers Musicians Plugs from the guitar center for about 40.00 they have a filter so you don't get that plugged up ear feeling when you double plug.
  8. I have all gen 2 STI mags and they have worked perfect in both open and limited. All I do is set the feed lips and put gram followers and springs in them.
  9. I check at the start of the loading session by dropping 10 and doing the average of all 10. Then double check my oal and then load all the rounds and don't check it again until next load session.
  10. Brazos has a good article on the springs on his web sight.
  11. That is what the gun builder recommended so that is what I used and never saw and reason to switch.
  12. Variable is all I use in open and limited. Never had any problems with them.
  13. Thanks I think I will leave it on.
  14. I have tried several different styles of thumb rests, none worked for me. I shoot better and faster without the rest.
  15. I switched over from the slide ride to the Romeo3 Max and was told to leave the sight turned on the entire match. Other have said to turn it off after each stage? What do all you guys do? Do you leave the sight on all day or turn it off after each stage.
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