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  1. I looked through one this past weekend and it was nice. Although I love the glass on my 510C better.
  2. So isnt the "factory crimp die" making your bullet a factory standard measurement or within certain specs for 9mm or whatever caliber you have it for? Ive never had a problem with using it. Maybe switch to using the U die in the beginning and the Dillon taper crimp at the end?
  3. When youre using the Lee die, youre only using a slight taper youre hardly hitting it at all, youre just kissing it. Now if you crimp heavey I would say its a no no
  4. So the power drop flaring die is where you set it to where the bullet can set in the brass and then when you seat it, you should not scrape any coating off of the bullet. Next step is taper crimp and final step. So after I seat my bullet to my OAL, overall length, the next station is a LEE factory taper crimp die. I would run your ram all the way up until the die is just touching your shell plate, or a couple thousandths away. For the taper crimp there is a adjustment knob you turn in and out for how much taper crimp you will set. back it out a couple tuns. Seat a bullet and run it up into the crimp die. Leave it there while your ram is all the way up. Turn the adjustment downward until you feel it touching the bullet, you should feel it hit. Drop the ram down slightly and turn the crimp adjustment in one half turn, then run the bullet back up into the die and you will feel light pressure and you should see a difference. It's something that you have to play with to find the right amount of taper. But with a blue bullet you do not want a heavy taper on the bullet. And I'm sure there are videos that are very very helpful on you tube
  5. How much difference do you see in FPS when its really hot out? I dont know how much of a difference it would make for steel.
  6. I think with CFE pistol was 7.0g under a 125g Blue Bullet
  7. I would NOT do a generous flare at all. You just need enough flare for your bullet to slide in w/o having any peeling or shaving going on. Also use the LEE factory taper crimp and just put a slight taper crimp on your bullets. For setting the taper I would back your adjustment out, run a bullet up into the die, then turn the adjustment until you feel it touching the bullet. Drop the bullet from the die slightly and turn the adjustment about a half a turn downward then run the bullet back into the die and see what it looks like. Start from there., but that should probably be good enough, maybe a slight bit more. Remember to put a mark/setting on the adjustment knob so you know where it is set at. Also you may want to change your powder to tite group, clays or clean shot, something faster burning.
  8. bigboy69

    Frame Choices

    Warwick makes good slides and frames
  9. bigboy69

    Frame Choices

    Brazzos is supposedly amazing from what I hear from Akai. The Cheely is also good.
  10. I've been using CFE pistol, and liking it. I can shoot steel with it and make major. So thats one benefit to the CFE. The clean shot sounded interesting and I'd figure I'd give it a try.
  11. Maybe I'll just use this lb up that I bought and be done with it.
  12. So since it is reverse sensitive, In the summer when it's hot, do you load more powder to adjust??
  13. Anyone here use this powder in 9mm?? Goods, bads, uglys about the powder. Does it feel soft or is it snappy etc
  14. Anyone here use this powder in 9mm?? Goods, bads, uglys about the powder. Does it feel soft or is it snappy etc
  15. How about some brighter pics so we can see what it looks like. HeHe
  16. I believe any lense that has a pink base to it brings out the dot.
  17. What wont cmore make one just like the slide ride but much shorter??
  18. I really loved by 90 setup. I was faster on target with it. I just switched all my guns to Holosun 510's
  19. EGW has the tightest tolerances in their gauges compared to others.
  20. Oakley TR45, Developed for military and 3 gun shooting. Also the Oakley Prizm trail works well for shooting. Prizm road is also decent for shooting.
  21. Ive been running the 135g Blue Bullet with 4.8 grains of CFE Pistol for steel loads. I forget what I loaded for major.
  22. I did try that before because I seen that gap and it is tight. I think it nay be because its and older Tripp research frame??
  23. This is my game plan tonight. But I just received my aluminum aggressive Cheely grip and I'll probably will just install the new grip.
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