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  1. That horse is still kicking?
  2. Good way to combat cold - use the gun cover, and insert a hand warmer in the grip. The ones my wife uses stay VERY warm for many hours.
  3. Switched to RTS2's on both guns, and am quite happy. s#!t did happen, but it can happen with anything.
  4. The only issue I have seen with 9mm brass used many times over was primers falling out. No big deal when happens in practice, a bit upsetting in a match, but might cost you a second or so, so I no longer use old brass in matches, only once fired, but that "buy new brass" story is a total hogwash.
  5. A person here used to offer this mod, and he did a couple of my magazines with good results. Only one side had to be extended. No more salt shakers. I am not mentioning his name, because I don't know if he still does it, but he is a regular here, and will chime in if willing.
  6. For unloaded start I prefer the magazine that does not take much effort to insert. I had seen enough, and have done it myself, the situations where you insert the magazine, rack the slide and the mag falls out.
  7. I never understood the reason for this competition to jam in as many rounds as possible. Pretty much every stage will have a convenient reload point. I usually load one less round, to get an extra margin of feeding reliability. So my new SVI tubes usually get 28 rounds of 9mm, with some nice give.
  8. Yes,, they do go off. I am not concerned about this, as I mentioned both my SVI's are set that way, and as long as I use something like Win primers, they work 100%. So I don't see any reason to replace the main spring.
  9. #25 is pretty strong, I think I have far less. Mines are just as they came from SVI, I did not replace anything there. Trigger pull is in the 1.75lb range. I don't mind this situation, because as long as I don't use magnum primers, they work 100%. I use WInchester small pistol, and they work perfect. There is also great variation between small rifle primers. Winchesters work fine, but S&B give me REAL problem - more than 50% FTI.
  10. Your worry is not justified. Yes, it does take a few days to get used to them initially, but after that you simply forget about it. However, the grip quality it has stays. I have two of them, and I would not have it any other way.
  11. In some guns with low trigger pull Magnum primers might not work reliably. In both of mine I get anywhere from 5% to 10% FTI, which is annoying in practice, and totally unacceptable in a match.
  12. Really? I have two of them, and have no complaints at all.
  13. I shot Blue Bullets for a while, and they left ton of lead in my comp. Maybe because I have two 3/16" holes in the barrel.
  14. I know a GM who is also a gunsmith, and he switched to 9mm both in shooting and building, years ago. I had his 9mm gun and it was 100% reliable.
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