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  1. Glad you are enjoying it, and your experience is not unique.
  2. That's exactly what I have done too. BTW - these issues seem to be specific to the new die design. I also have two old design machines, and those don't have problems. Overall I like the older ones much better.
  3. Foxbat

    Micro debris found in chamber area

    I have the compressor very near, but I don't have the means of holding them secure, like in the Hundo. Could probably make something like that.
  4. Foxbat

    Brass Dryers

    I am using a large rubber plug for the same reason. Actually, it is a small size swimming pool plug, the one with wingnut on top.
  5. What he said... and make sure the spring chute does not pull it up.
  6. I will take guaranteed quality any day over "standing behind the product". In one case that "standing behind" meant me doing grip swap (provided by the maker), and then a rather expensive shipment back to them - cost me $170 for an expensive gun. I would prefer "done right the first time" type of thing.
  7. Could you tell me - what is that difference in magwells, that you are observing? Mine was from 2014, and I don't recall noticing anything special about it - perhaps it was different design back then. Picture of mine.
  8. One of my used guns was SVI IMM, and I liked it so much I ordered new one... then another one. I have been totally satisfied with them.
  9. This has been discussed many times before. In my case I went through maybe 10 different guns before finally settling on something I really like. Some were purchased used, some bought new. The process took several years, and yes, there IS cost involved. Truth be told, it was not night and day between some of them. In my personal experience Limcat was a bit further away from my ideal comfort spot than others. In reality I could have grown used to it, but some other guns felt right the second I took them. So I am not badmouthing Limcat, but I do believe that selecting your gun based on this year Nationals results might not be the best policy.
  10. The winner would have probably won with an old clunker of a gun, but I don't think Limcat is for everyone. I had two of them, and they have different feel, which was not my cup of tea. You may like it, but you may not. You really need to go with what works for YOU, not some champ.
  11. Foxbat

    Newest holsters for open.

    Has the controversy surrounding that holster been resolved?
  12. Foxbat

    Cleaning Regimen- Full Tear Down

    Two months ago a tumbled round lost its primer in the middle of a long stage. That was the last straw - no more old brass at matches.
  13. Foxbat

    Cleaning Regimen- Full Tear Down

    Top end every so often... not sure how often, sometimes go 600-800 rounds with no cleaning and no issues. Before major matches - yes. Between seasons usually go till ejection gets noticeably slow. The frame... basically not touching it, waiting for it to tell me it wants to be cleaned. So far I would guess it has at least 30,000 rounds, and still is working as it should.
  14. Foxbat

    DVC 38SC tumbling

    Precision Delta bullets are slightly less expensive, but in my view they are every bit as good, just don't look as expensive. So I use both them and MG. As far as plated bullets - I see quite a few open guys shoot them with no apparent issues. Perhaps your gun is more sensitive, than some. Blue Bullets I stopped using even in practice, as they deposited tons of lead in my comps.
  15. Things do not break for no reason. Something made it break, and that "something" might still be there, so I would definitely send it in.