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  1. Foxbat

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    Yes,, they do go off. I am not concerned about this, as I mentioned both my SVI's are set that way, and as long as I use something like Win primers, they work 100%. So I don't see any reason to replace the main spring.
  2. Foxbat

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    #25 is pretty strong, I think I have far less. Mines are just as they came from SVI, I did not replace anything there. Trigger pull is in the 1.75lb range. I don't mind this situation, because as long as I don't use magnum primers, they work 100%. I use WInchester small pistol, and they work perfect. There is also great variation between small rifle primers. Winchesters work fine, but S&B give me REAL problem - more than 50% FTI.
  3. Foxbat

    SVI wait time

    Your worry is not justified. Yes, it does take a few days to get used to them initially, but after that you simply forget about it. However, the grip quality it has stays. I have two of them, and I would not have it any other way.
  4. Foxbat

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    In some guns with low trigger pull Magnum primers might not work reliably. In both of mine I get anywhere from 5% to 10% FTI, which is annoying in practice, and totally unacceptable in a match.
  5. Really? I have two of them, and have no complaints at all.
  6. Foxbat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    I shot Blue Bullets for a while, and they left ton of lead in my comp. Maybe because I have two 3/16" holes in the barrel.
  7. I know a GM who is also a gunsmith, and he switched to 9mm both in shooting and building, years ago. I had his 9mm gun and it was 100% reliable.
  8. Just get a correctly made gun, and load good ammo, and it will shoot like a dream, 100% reliably. I had 9mm guns made by 4 or 5 different builders... only one had issues. Some people shooting 38 were surprised how flat my gun was shooting.
  9. No, all vertical.
  10. I had several 9mm guns with Sliderides, and none of them had ejection issues.
  11. Yes. It is called Market Size.
  12. Foxbat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    Well, you have the right to run your company any way you wish, but I belong to the old school, that maintains that it is not customer's job to find you. It is your job to reach your customers. Clearly here all those who bought other products on BF did not buy yours. So whether by thought or not, but you lost business. Before buying I looked at your site for sale - there wasn't. I bought from you many times before, so my first stop was your place. Sorry you missed me. I know I am just one customer, and my $300 is not going to change your bottom line... but then - maybe I am not alone.
  13. Foxbat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    I wasn't. I knew there was a good chance it was going to happen - that friend told me that's how it was last year. But there was also a chance they might be all sold out on Friday, so I just went with one bird in the hand.
  14. Foxbat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    There are still a few of us out there, who refuse to touch all those IG, FB and similar. But Monday was already too late... I presume others already sold tons of product on Friday. On Monday EG was selling whatever left at 15% off.
  15. Foxbat

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    They were $279 for 3750