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  1. Yes, .40 I am just going on what he told me.
  2. Stuart told me 20-21 with the 15 rounders and CZC extensions.
  3. I have ran open guns well over 1,500 rounds with no cleaning. Just add oil and go. They always ran if mags were clean and ammo was correct. Before ammo was scarce a normal practice session was 750-800 rounds. Depending on powder they can get pretty nasty.
  4. Haha. Me too. I enjoy the cleaning and it’s easy as there isn’t much build up when done often.
  5. If you do your part and keep them maintained they run just like any other reliable platform. I’ve never had issues with 9mm open guns that weren’t caused by me, ammo, parts breaking, or poor maintenance. This would be the same for any gun.
  6. Oh yeah. I’ve ordered 4-5 of them. Use the USA website and he ships fast.
  7. Ok, looking forward to it!
  8. I have found nearly all my issues have always been ammo related. What is going on? Can we try and help?
  9. How is it running now that you have had it awhile? Any issues?
  10. Ok. Good point. Admin can delete as needed. We can take to PM if @LmtdOnehas any more questions. Onwards and upwards!
  11. It's on the website to check out. They are sourcing .40 barrels but Stuart told me it should happen this year. It is a beauty with hard chrome and all the works.
  12. Yes. Production, Carry Optics, Limited Minor, etc. They are also making a .40 Limited Major gun too.
  13. They are amazing. Fit, finish, and accuracy of ANY custom gun I have owned. Very soft shooting too.
  14. I chose CZC A01, so kind of in between as it isn’t a true CZ.
  15. Sadly you are most likely spot on. It was looking like a cool gun too.
  16. Good advice. I agree with the heavier recoil spring theory for sure. It works. Haven't messed with mainsprings much yet.
  17. My A01-LD is easily as accurate as any custom Open gun or any gun I have owned for that matter.
  18. I would love this (15 round limit) as the P365XL with 15 round mag would be so fun to run in CO.
  19. Has anyone reached out to Tom Carlson from Mark 7? He has been fantastic for me. Worth a shot.
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