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  1. There are several school of thoughts on the distance ,that ideal for open major…… anywhere from 15,18 ,25 and even 40 yards zeros. and you say?
  2. Op, if this is for general use and range practice session, you can’t go wrong with any of the bull shadow( I have 2), or any of the shadow 2 variations( I have 4 of them), with the orange 2 at the top of that list. for a bit more money , the A01ld is the cats myaow, an absolute marvel of a pistol, imho.
  3. Thank you guys…. Great input …. Tried it in dry fire practice and felt natural to me… proof is in the pudding live fire…
  4. Noticed several shooter utilizing this kind of method to try and mitigate the recoil. Who else uses this method/ grip ? And what are you reasons for it.
  5. Any further updates and feed back on the 015? Any issues or mods we should know about? Rumor has it that Bobby McGee is no longer with SAFARILAND….
  6. Great to hear. I absolutely conquer - czc are good people to deal with!
  7. Couldn’t agree more … the Bokassa are super comfortable…. Yet aggressive enough to give you a good grip and traction.
  8. Has anyone tried the HOKA trail shoes for our game?
  9. How does it compare with the cr, double alpha and other fast holsters?
  10. Curious if any more “ seasoned” uspsa shooters have gone from open division to limited? Or the other way around. And?????
  11. 10# on a. Svi 5”, 12# on a 5.4
  12. Thank you RB- does anyone use Wolff 7# variable?
  13. And by which maker- sprinco, Wolff, ismi?
  14. I’m using a 10# with PD ammo.
  15. Ozy

    Optics Zero

    15 yards seems to be the sweet spot between close and far ranges.
  16. I agree 200%.... after struggling with them for 4 weeks, I fail to realize any benefits..... took them off!!! smart advice sir!!!!
  17. Ordered and placed an EH thumb rest , and I really like it! It made my follow up shots flatter and much more accurate. thank you eohwell for the heads up and reference.
  18. Agree Eric, practice will make perfect......that’s what she said.....
  19. Curious which grips makers and models dominate the shadow 2 crowd.....
  20. Great advice and input , Christian. Appreciate it very much. have fun at the infinity experience. I’ll try to make it( it will be my 3rd) next year.
  21. Thank you very much for the heads up.I’ll check evil hand out.
  22. Thank you guys... I’ll try one or two, at one point.
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