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  1. Ozy

    Optics Zero

    15 yards seems to be the sweet spot between close and far ranges.
  2. I agree 200%.... after struggling with them for 4 weeks, I fail to realize any benefits..... took them off!!! smart advice sir!!!!
  3. Ordered and placed an EH thumb rest , and I really like it! It made my follow up shots flatter and much more accurate. thank you eohwell for the heads up and reference.
  4. Agree Eric, practice will make perfect......that’s what she said.....
  5. Curious which grips makers and models dominate the shadow 2 crowd.....
  6. Great advice and input , Christian. Appreciate it very much. have fun at the infinity experience. I’ll try to make it( it will be my 3rd) next year.
  7. Thank you very much for the heads up.I’ll check evil hand out.
  8. Thank you guys... I’ll try one or two, at one point.
  9. I’m trying tp determine wether a gas paddle will be of critical help on my svi open. im left handed so the choices in paddles are limited. Who uses them , prefers them over “ naked” option, and which ones ?
  10. Ozy


    ok ,so far got, shadow 2 orange, bull shadow cxc with red dot mount, shadow 2 sao, and cz75 pcr czc tuned...... they are all nice but the bull shadow is a incredible!
  11. Ozy


    Just got a shadow 2 orange, mostly due to the high remarks it received here.... tbc....
  12. Ozy


    So so true..... the A01 LD, seems like a formidable pistol....
  13. Ozy


    Great point. I’ll check out his site.
  14. Ozy


    Thank you kindly. Great input and analogies. If I decide to gift you any of these “”” rubbish””” cz, would you like it wrapped?
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