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  1. Op, Very nice open design.
  2. Not a thing , but wondering if the solomons have been dethroned by another maker as the shooters must have....
  3. Trying to decide on new competition shoes with good spikes and all day comfort, to replace my solomon speedcross 5s...... Any recommendations?
  4. If budget allows, infinity svi open are just incredible. looks and build to match. you won't be disappointed!
  5. Another vote for the svi extra wide ambi....very ergonomic.
  6. Another vote for DP .40 long.
  7. So far so good....2 months and several thousands thru my imm open .... holds zero and trouble free.
  8. Ozy

    Vp9 compensator-

    Has anyone tried one on his/ hers Vp9? Any thoughts and feedback?
  9. Looks like quality work. Good to know l&m do such great work.
  10. Both are comparable price wise.... overall I agree with you on account of supporting a us based company. That aside, just asking pound for pound which is a better red dot.
  11. Ozy

    Grease or Oil

    oil, and make it wet when applying it.
  12. I like the rts2 but I keep hearing that the khales helia is the best bang for the buck for open dots. what say you?
  13. ...so if I’m reading you correctly, you oppose adding a shock buff?
  14. No, not sure how many coils- which will be too much/little.
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