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  1. Not to mention the confusion in the rules over restricted states. Seems it has been brought up before that grandfathered residents can shoot what they want but out of state visitors would be restricted even though our rules say all will be restricted.
  2. Don’t try to magnimize it? You mean like 9MAJOR which is very common?
  3. If it were me I would bump the load .2-.4 and make sure crimp is ballpark .378 and rechrono and look for keyholing
  4. 9minor or 9MAJOR? Minor loads it’s generally weak loads or possibly an over crimping issue or simply the gun doesn’t like those bullets. What is FPS? MAJOR loads can be same thing but typically it’s comp strikes
  5. Doing away with large poppers would get rid of 95% of the problem.
  6. My CHEELY Guns run season after season with no issues as well. Good ammo in good mags makes life so much easier too.
  7. Indeed. Do a search for primer suck back or primer sticking to decapping pin and several threads should pop up.
  8. My Mount screws have always been Allen head. You sure they are torx?
  9. Happens to me quite often here
  10. Agreed my MBX holds an easy 29
  11. You are just making too many incorrect assumptions. Here locally there are a few banned from more than one club. They whined to HQ but those clubs are still going strong with USPSA. There is nothing in the USPSA bylaws, rules, etc addressing clubs banning people from the property. Also keep in mind people can get banned from clubs for absolutely nothing to do with USPSA or even shooting in general. We had a guy tear stuff up with his quad and he got reported. Banned on the spot.
  12. That's not true at all. A property owner can ban ANYBODY from the property regardless of sport affiliation. I have seen it done a handful of times just here locally. One club owner banned a shooter just because said shooter bad mouthed the club. all of shooters attempts to get the org involved fell on deaf ears.
  13. Not even a general rule in handguns for action type shooting.
  14. It all depends on the gun. Blanket statements typically don't pan out when it comes to reloading either. My old G34 would take loads out to 1.155 in 9mm but 1.13 was by far the most accurate for the bullets, powder, etc in THAT gun.
  15. Same way all threads morph
  16. I’ve probably seen half the calibration shots knock down steel that didn’t fall for a shooter. Depending on ones definition of being screwed all of those could qualify.
  17. All these years with many hundreds of shooters getting popper screwed and a big name has it happen and tahdah a rule change!
  18. This is what’s so fun about load development. Changing OAL does indeed affect grouping. And in more ways than one. I found changing OAL and charge weights also moved group center of mass quite a bit. Meaning, one load grouped 2” and at one o’clock while another would group 4” at seven o’clock etc.
  19. No it wouldn't. If you draw to a target 50 yards away and you launch one into the ground 10'1" there is no DQ.
  20. BGSL near Lexington is one of the best around. You can go to uspsa.org and search. It’s pretty easy to find clubs
  21. He also wasn’t moving so that rule doesn’t apply anyway
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