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  1. You are not really overthinking it. You just don't know how it all works yet. IN very general terms the fatter, coated bullet will go faster simply because it will expand and seal up the barrel better after fired, therefore making maximum use of the gas behind it. A harder jacketed bullet at .355 will be slower because it does not expand nearly as much so gas gets passed it when fired, therefore not maximizing the gas. One of the hardest .355 jacketed bullets out there is Montana Gold. It is known to take more powder to get up to desired speed because of all of the above. Hope that all made sense.
  2. It won't come out the way you are expecting. My bet is the final word will be, "A case head separation, or any other instance where part or all of a case is stuck in a chamber, IS NOT the same as a bullet lodged in the barrel". Calling those one in the same would lead to way too many conflicts. Such as, ammo that is too long getting stuck in the chamber after starting the COF now being called a squib. Or a simple stuck case that the extractor won't pull out. But yet if a stepped piece of brass separates, there is no obstruction, and therefore not a squib. This would need rewritten as well. From the glossary- REMEDIAL ACTION The term used for correcting any problem to get the firearm back in operation, such as a jam, stuck bullet, or feeding problem due to issues with the magazine, ammunition or firearm.
  3. Scrape off the top of the plunger. Powder/gunk buildup will dent a federal
  4. I can’t comment on that. I am of the opinion that it’s hard to tame a 9 shorty regardless.
  5. Been using WAC for almost 10 years. I have barrel holes as well. Guns run great and pretty flat. No damage at all
  6. Sarge


    If they want to bitch about flags anthems and statues I don't care. Not much I would say about that because it's a 1st Amendment issue. It's the Fu** that would have me make them remove or cover it. I had a competitor wearing a hat at a Major match that simply said Fu** it. I took him to the MD and RM and they had him remove it. There are kids and ladies at matches. And that is offensive language and against the rules. Baffles me why a gun owner would wear that though?
  7. I was always led to believe it somehow affects the hardening process? APW would PD not chrome mine when I sent them my gun. I just sanded the exposed end to match my chromed slide.
  8. For good function and reliable power factor you’ll need to get 125’s to about 1050fps. You are running almost a full grain light with some of your loads. You are going to be 4.2ish before even getting close.
  9. Minimum cartridge for USPSA is 9X19
  10. Depends on the platform. Try that with a gun with slide racker and you’ll have issues. With 1911/2011 platform riding the safety prevents accidentally leaving safety on or bumping it on.
  11. Hmmm ok. So it wasn’t a 17L and you didn’t realize that? You should be good to go then
  12. What is on the slide?
  13. Probably can sell or trade it easily for a 17. Really no need EVEN for G34 length in CO
  14. Supporting the sport is important to me as well. But if I feel there is a better product out there, that will typically be what I spend my money on.
  15. Still not legal Glock Website: www.glock.com Notes: (L models are not approved)
  16. It is quite typical to run .356 and some even use .358’s in their 9’s. Pressure increase with .356 will be negligible
  17. Haven't come across any of those yet. I still run magnets through all my brass. Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Agreed. My money would go towards night sights/light
  19. I’m sure there are LEO, government agencies that prohibit such things
  20. It also drops in a pocket quite easily.
  21. A gun SN? I would contact the maker and ask
  22. I just drove 5 hours last weekend to work and shoot a level II with 8 stages. Of course I try to go every year because it’s an awesome match. Unless there are red flags about poor quality I wouldn’t hesitate.
  23. If you move to Northern Ohio there is plenty of USPSA to be had. Then if you want to travel occasionally there is a ton further south. When you are bored just put Canton zip code into uspsa.org and expand the search to see all that is possible. Battle for the North Coast is a good match. I'll be there working as usual. Look me up if you make it!
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