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  1. There are still cases where solid walls are better. We will always have some on hand.
  2. I always just melted with a lighter and then smooshed it a little with the side of a screwdriver blade
  3. In my experience they are generally posted somewhere.
  4. A 6 is too light for major loads. I think guys run those for minor. I ran a 7 with major loads for a short time. Gun was really flat but after a few matches the gun got dirty enough to have an occasional stoppage. I now run Wolff 8# variable and it will power through dirt and gunk.
  5. When is it dipping down? If late in the cycle it’s probably the recoil spring is too heavy. Shouldn’t need more than an 8 pounder.
  6. I’ll bet there will be changes one of these days. That’s a shame at Nationals.
  7. I've seen a few videos. Looks like they were short of fault lines.
  8. You have to learn. If an RO can’t verify the timer is getting the shots they’re doing it wrong.
  9. I think it’s pretty rare. Just think of how many 9MAJOR rounds are fired every weekend across USPSA. If it were even remotely a common occurrence nobody would use it.
  10. I “BELIEVE “ the origin of the rule is to prevent the image of gunslingers to the general public.
  11. Uspsa has far more members than it does seriously involved shooters. People who shoot one or less local matches a month(when many more are available)are not seriously involved in my opinion. Those tend to be the ones who care less. For them it is indeed OK.
  12. Thanks for helping keep matches going. In my experience the vast majority of local shooters rarely keep up with many changes let alone care about them. I think there are indeed malcontents out there but I’ll bet there are more “students of the game” who have issues with rules changes being implemented without zero concern for, or input from the membership.
  13. You’ll have to google it. Google will take you to several threads on these very forums. General consensus is it is slower when cold and faster when hot. Most who compete in both climates typically have two loads or strike a happy medium. All you can do is CHRONO hot and cold and see how it goes in your particular gun.
  14. Dont they use the same primers?
  15. Same reasons as always. Scored minor so just shoot 9mm. Yes there have always been soft 40 minor loads that could be used in Production as well but you just rarely see them. 9mm Ammo was always cheaper for one thing. Whether you reload or not.
  16. 92 on PS. Only goes back to 2014 so I guess that’s the first time PS was used around here.? My USPSA.org numbers go back much further to 2010 but that’s still not complete as I shot all of 2009 as well.
  17. Tripping even on a solid fault line then knocking a wall or targets down is not the same as intentionally moving stuff around on purpose. That’s just a reshoot for REF. Nothing more, nothing less
  18. You are one unlucky person. My two V4’s are perfect for 3 years at least.
  19. Turn it on. Remove battery and reinstall. If dot is still on it’s at least a V4 and good to go.
  20. I’m glad we aren’t a bowling forum. Imagine if those jugs were bowling balls!
  21. That’s the only real way to find out. It can get complicated. If a bunch of the money has already been committed to fund the match it’s possible refunds may not be available. But short of that I would refund shooters who can’t make the new dates. In essence as the MD I broke a contract with them.
  22. I have gotten hooked on 115’s now.
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