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  1. EGW has the tightest tolerances in their gauges compared to others.
  2. Oakley TR45, Developed for military and 3 gun shooting. Also the Oakley Prizm trail works well for shooting. Prizm road is also decent for shooting.
  3. Ive been running the 135g Blue Bullet with 4.8 grains of CFE Pistol for steel loads. I forget what I loaded for major.
  4. I did try that before because I seen that gap and it is tight. I think it nay be because its and older Tripp research frame??
  5. This is my game plan tonight. But I just received my aluminum aggressive Cheely grip and I'll probably will just install the new grip.
  6. The above pictures with the hammer cocked. This is with the hammer down
  7. The trigger pull weight is between 2 and 2 1/2 pounds
  8. I did replace the trigger with another trigger that looked shorter and it did give me more pre-travel. But I have been using this trigger the last 3 years
  9. When I put in the last sear and hammer I did that with sharpie. I curious to see what it looks like. It just started this season. It has run for many many years.
  10. This gun was built about 25 yrs ago. Tripp Research frame. This is a brand new factory STI take off grip. I've had other grips on it before and they were all fine, I just like this grip and it ran all last year with it on. It started doing it about 1/2 way through this season.
  11. I did change it recently, but it started with the original and does it with this one, but I can change it back to eliminate.
  12. It looks to me as if there isnt enough of the left side of the sear spring sitting on the leg of the sear. And I dont know how to change that except make the left leg straight up.
  13. Front screw is in and tight. Yes enough pressure on center leg for disco. Grip screws are tight.
  14. I cannot figure out my hammer follow issue. It started doing a couple dbl taps. So I tried bending the sear spring and it worked for a little bit. It happened again, did a little more bending and it worked for a little more. Ended up I couldnt shoot no more so bagged it for the day. So I replaced the hammer, sear, disco and sear spring. All EGW parts. It worked for a couple hundred rounds and happened again. So I replaced the hammer and sear, worked a little and happened again, messed with sear spring, happened again. Put a 3rd sear and hammer in it and it worked for a little and happened again. Tried a factory bent sear spring and it worked for about 20 rounds and it happened again......HELP? I also gave the gun more rear travel and it still happened. I replaced the trigger and gave the trigger more pre travel and now it is more sporadic. The next thing was to make the far left part of the sear spring pretty much straight up and see how it rests on the leg of the sear. It seems as though it jumps off of the sear leg.
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