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  1. If youre shooting from one position a big umbrella upside down would work
  2. Mine is shiny, because it was never blasted before it left, so it is very aggressive, but that polish on yours is sick.
  3. I'm getting all tingly in my man spot when I see them.
  4. I use the SA straw hat. https://safishing.com/shop/straw-hat-pack-1-hat-3-face-shields-all5/?gclid=Cj0KCQjww47nBRDlARIsAEJ34bnALAS92XambpfBvJ2XAaRSaLzDXm1C65rvDAgU0r2nwM6GR4SJn_kaAn03EALw_wcB&ef_id=W4abywAAALtDkW3M:20190521125659:s#configuration
  5. It looks as though the brass isnt going all the way into the plate and getting crushed by the die.
  6. bigboy69

    port vs comp

    I still have my pin gun. Used to use solo1000 behind a 255 lead bullet
  7. Check out JJ or send him a message on FB. He wears a certain shirt that you can also slip in cold packs in the wrist area and on the inside of your bicep/tricep area
  8. WEAPON SHIELD SOLVENT. Spray it on and let it soak and go "shoot it out" then recoat after use.
  9. IDK if this is the same feeling or not, but I bought a used open gun and after it heated up after say 25 rounds it felt weird when I racked the gun. Long story short the slide was cracked. Only noticed it on a long stage when it got warm, it would warp or something.
  10. Thats actually an old Caspian frame with factory finger groove. HAHA! That gun has AT LEAST, AT LEAST, 15,000 rounds through it and was built 20yrs ago or more and is still tight as hell!!! The only thing I changed was the comp. and I had the slide EDM lightened. And the grip safety is still working. I do have to change that.
  11. 45ACP from the days of shooting pins. I may convert this over to a steel gun. A little bigger diameter bullet increases your odds a slight bit.......Who knows.
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