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  1. Yes you need to rezero after changing a module
  2. How aggressive is that grip???
  3. Yes, I make mine out of a pill bottle with Velcro and black marker.
  4. DAMN RIGHT!!!! I WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN IT TO MY FRIEND UNTIL HE FELT IT AND LOVED IT. I have to get another for my other gun.
  5. Did you order the correct mount, meaning 1 degree and zero degree mount?
  6. TEVO Mount. 2nd to none customer service and overall great person with great product.
  7. I'm tempted to try the prizm trail since in a match you see dirt, grass, stone, trees etc and it should be good at picking stuff out that is not one of them listed.
  8. I shoot with the TR45, indoors and outdoors. To me the TR22 are too dark for my liking. I've used Prizm daily in a jam outdoors and it was fine. I do want to get the prizm low light lenses.
  9. I believe you just didnt happen to me yet. This past Pricetown is when it happened to the RTS2, so I made a sunshield for it.
  10. I didnt experience that yet on my 510c, but i have had that happen on a slide ride and an RTS2.
  11. I believe thats for industrial??
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