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  1. Happens on my old style sv mags. Is that what you’re running? Relive that spot. My sti mags don’t hit there.
  2. Happens on my gun too. Bottom of the Barrel feedramp. It’s caused damage to my mags and barrel as well from the mags. I keep saying I’m going to relieve the mags but haven’t got around to it. Barrel has a nice gouge at the bottom right side. I don’t like it but have lived with it.
  3. Thank you. I never understood changing spring weights to fix ejection issues.
  4. Shmella

    P320 X5 Thread

    There isn’t a full size x5 slide in 40 is there? I’ve had the desire to shoot limited here and there and an x5 in 40 would be a nice cheap limited gun. Can’t seem to find a 40 x5 caliber change..
  5. I see. I know nothing about Roll sizing machines. Didn’t realize they processed brass so quick they outrun the case feeder.
  6. Can’t really ask those questions any better than I did.
  7. Pretty much the same. Combo of slide glide and Lucas oil. I tried a sample pack of the Lucas oil one day and it seems to fit the perfect balance of oil and grease.
  8. That’s exactly my experience. I thought I was helping by pointing it out. Instead I was fed to the wolves. Now there are magwells to work around it.
  9. I just think it is funny that you and the Facebook possie was quick to call me stupid for suggesting it could possibly be the grip to blame then a year later develop and sell a magwell that corrects this non issue. Ironic.
  10. So the magwells that you will be selling correct an issue that allegedly, according to pt sponsored shooters, doesn’t exist.... I even said at the time I was only pointing it out to suggest looking at the issue and find a way to contour it better or something.
  11. Ok so I worded it wrong. Not proprietary. Mags easily stick in your grips without a funnel style magwell. Some other grip manufacturers don’t, don’t which I pointed out. That was an issue that a lot of people had. I linked a post from here that showed ppl wallowing out their grips to overcome the issue. The pt fan boys trashed me for it. And said it was a non issue. You actually said. “if anyone goes full retard on an evo grip we won’t warranty it” aka you jumped in on the fun. I bet the guys who said it was a non issue own your magwel that corrects it now. Funny
  12. Funny how all of the magwell and steel grip manufacturers are coming out with ways to overcome the metal grip situation of mags getting stuck. I remember getting flamed a year or two ago by people in this same topic on Facebook for saying the only way around mag sticking is to dremel your grip. Even Phoenix Trinity’s Tiffany hopped in on the trashing. Now they have a proprietary magwell to overcome the “problem” that didn’t exist?
  13. Well there goes that theory
  14. Im going with baby hands. Or you hold the gun sideways. Which I guess you could argue that is the proper way to grip a gun...
  15. I can’t seem to get the Brazos Bullet’s to drop into cases from my mr Bullet feeder consistently. I had to really open up the expansion/bell to get a bullet to not topple off. I never really had this problem with acme or blues but the 124 profile of the Brazos has been a little finicky for my setup. Anyone else have this issue? I have to play with the bell to find the sweet spot. I’m thinking I might have too much at this point to try and overcome the toppling and just making it worse.
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