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  1. No, those are post-ban magazines. The are worth nothing.
  2. Whoops. Overseas the tanfoglio. Still think double tap sports makes one though.
  3. Svi Mount. Brazos slipstream. Double tap sports, Phoenix trinity makes one, tevo sports. To name a few.
  4. I received mine 2 weeks ago and all I can say is it was worth the wait. Once you get yours, you will more than likely agree. I heard the coater hasn’t been sending out the orders in the order they were received. What color options did you guys pick for the guys waiting?
  5. Idk but this seems like a fix to a problem that doesn’t exist...
  6. Don’t got much to worry about now. Start thinking of ways to beef that sucker up. Sh@t throw an hs510 on that bad Larry and hide some more tungsten somewhere.
  7. Ive seen locally more than one svi grip crack. Seems to be an acknowledged SVI thing. Svi fanboys can say what they want.
  8. I used to run 4.2 wst with a 124 made 130+ Pf
  9. pretty much every pistol powder out there. Search feature.
  10. rogue tactical or limited 10 machine makes them too.
  11. I can’t send you a pm. Email me sugarshmell@gmail.com

  12. even if laser welded it will more than likely crack again.
  13. Hey partner, I have 2 X5s, both are non legion but I also got a legion grip.  if you let me know what youre running it in I can give you an offer. CO? Prod?

    1. Shmella


      I had it setup for CO. I havent shot much production with it to be honest.

  14. Lmao it was one time Dave. And I'll never let it go! You dont slow down the match. But nearly every other revo shooter does.
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