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  1. If you only shoot one division i like them. But if you jump from say open to production, i thought it was a weird feeling going back and forth. I ditched them for that reason. just felt too weird to hold a gun without one when you get used to having something there to rest your thumb on.
  2. Mine is like a pound. Right up there with one of the lightest triggers I have ever owned.
  3. Shoot coated open or not. I always have. Never had the problems of leading everyone claims. Don’t break the coating when loading and you should be fine.
  4. My front Alpha x pouch kept loosening up on me. I wish I could trade my alpha x in for the XI pouches. The major flaw with the alpha x is the dovetail attachment. The xi seems to have fixed that horrible design by eliminating it. If only there was a trade in option for their poorly designed previous model.
  5. Not relevant to the latest question on this post. But I picked a stock master up and finally shot a match. I used to have a stock II. I don’t know exactly why but I like the stock master more. I’m used to shooting 2011’s so maybe the heavier slightly larger gun is the reason? It’s a great shooter though.
  6. Maybe they took the last 10 years off at sti?
  7. I’m surprised sv didn’t patent the interchangeable trigger inserts. You can’t really argue they stole that design from sv
  8. I have a super 1050 from 2001 and the Everglades die doesn’t fit my tool head either ..
  9. If you load 124-5 grain go for it. Load a 115 that long and you’re asking for trouble.
  10. the discount code is an error. they message you saying it is an error and they wont process the order.
  11. I didn't watch the video. Ive owned both. Buy a Dillon. The lnl isn't terrible but the Dillon is way better. The case feed/shuttle aspect of the lnl is terrible.
  12. Although I don’t have many rounds through it seeing how I got it and then my range shut down the following week.
  13. I used to have a stock 2. Sold it a little while ago and recently got the stock master. I can’t directly compare but I like the stock master better for some reason. It’s way better fit than my older 2015 stock2. Balances well with aluminum grips imo
  14. Man a few of You are a whiny bunch. My recently delivered honcho is my new favorite gun. Out the box has ran mint and shoots great. The fit and finish is awesome. The trigger is one of the nicest triggers I’ve ever owned. It checks all the boxes and then some. If you guys stopped emailing and forum bashing about the wait they’d probably have a little more time to send out emails instead of defending their reputation on here. Show me a builder putting out as many guns as quick or any new build as quick regardless of quantity for that matter. And during this sh!!ty pandemic? Everything
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