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  1. Or go steel and add the limcat brass magwell for even more weight. Akai stainless magwell I think it even heavier than the brass limcat FYI.
  2. although I’m a little partial to pt, I would buy this in a heartbeat. It’s almost too good to pass up. I’m all about a deal and this is definitely one of the best deals out there. I didn’t see the market for the honcho as it sat originally. But now that you can pick and choose what you want and don’t want its a winner I think. And I agree with previous posters, any custom gun had basically no return policy anyway so I dont see how that is a turn off. Im ready to sell my limited gun and buy a 9/40 combo. It still comes in less than an atlas titan. Same lead time ( if that’s realistic) probably better quality knowing pt’s history and what they put out.
  3. I believe he cuts them based on the dimensions you give of your guns frame.
  4. Which texture e2 did you go with?
  5. Shmella

    P320 X5 Thread

    I run a 10lb with 124gr. Felt best to me. Tried a 9 and liked it but not anymore than the 10 so I stuck with the heavier spring.
  6. You guys are having extraction issues on newly delivered guns and are opting to fix yourselves???
  7. N320 isnt a good powder for an open gun. unless youre shooting bunny fart minor loads you are going to need a different powder to make major.
  8. Shmella

    Racker ?

    Ripped my thumb nail back a few too many times and always bend mine way up like the ape hanger infinity one above. I called to get one from infinity like the one above a week or so ago but the sticker shock price tag kept me from going through with it. 80$ for a slide racker....
  9. mounting is the same as rts2. You just cant use the same mount if it has a blast shield without modifications. From what ive heard the new sig red dots, max and xl are significantly brighter than rts2 and dpp.
  10. it doesnt say Max on it. When i saw both released i never considered the max. The xl seems to be everything the max is plus some.
  11. Even though the minis keep breaking i cant see myself ever going back to the slidride.
  12. I wish they made a caliber conversion for 40 in the x5 slide size.
  13. Well I’ll say this. A romeo3 is brighter with two 2016’s. I’ll take a pic to see if it shows up on my phone. I’ve never replaced a battery because it dimmed out so I can’t comment on whether it maintains brightness toward the end of the battery life.
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