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  1. Race shop pt honcho is under 3k with an aluminum grip, sight block barrel and would come with a ready to go 2lb trigger job. Can’t comment on the solution stock trigger but I know general consensus is factory ck guns have sub par stock triggers. pt is a much better deal imo
  2. Did you pay shipping again to ship it back again and are you paying shipping to get it home?
  3. Have you looked at PT honcho Race shop? You can use their gun builder and price out a Limited only gun one caliber and IMO get a nicer setup for similar or less cost than the CK limited solution depending on options. Example, a sight block Butler cut 40 cal stainless steel evo gripped limited gun comes in under $3200
  4. And here comes the fan boys
  5. maybe I got an early model or a defective one. It was not very bright at all. It would wash out in any partially sunny day for sure.
  6. Mine was the dimmest red dot of all the mini dots and not even close in brightness to any others out there. I’m surprised ppl are saying the dot is bright enough. Brightness id rank it dead last
  7. svi teardop is my favorite but you have to notch the grip to work in non sv grips and at that point youre kinda married to it.
  8. A honcho would shoot lights out better than a single action tanfo/cz limited gun.(DWX) unless cost saving is the most contributing factor in that comparison.
  9. Sounds like a honcho is right up your Alley. Buy it this weekend and you’d get about 500$ off with the Veterans Day promo they’re running. Free 2nd barrel with purchase.
  10. Pretty sure its not a tevo. or an ipsc alex, or an akai, or a double tap sports, not sv. I dont know of anyone else that makes a double sided. it looks like the profile of a hamlet dynamics but two sided. I like their mount but not single sided.
  11. Both. Not the absolute best in performance. Not bad Performance and quality but certainly not the best either. Customer service... yea not the best either. this guy is just racing to 50 posts anyway and I don’t agree with his claims.
  12. i gotta call baloney here and disagree with everything in this post.
  13. You know the moderators zero your post count when you race to 50 then post in the classifieds right?
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