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  1. I know exactly what the issue is. When disassembling/reassembling you got something under or behind the locking block thing. This only every happened when reassembling after a lazy cleaning. If a chunk of something gets under the locking block it messes with the way that block interacts with the barrel and will do that. Never happened when shooting but did when I reassembled the gun dirty. Crud doesn’t really get under there unless the gun is apart so it was a non issue for shooting but keep that area clean before putting it back together. Clean out the frame directly where the locking block sits and I’m sure it will entirely go away. I’ve never read that anywhere else. It was always smooth as butter and locks and unlocks super easy other than when I took it apart and reassembled a few times, seeming randomly that would happen. I thought it was just too dirty at first until I found out that one area that changes the way the locking block sits. An early giveaway of stuff under the locking block is how easily the slide stop goes in and out. When reassembling, if the slide stop doesn’t want to go in as easy as it came out (or as easily as any other 2011) take the slide off and clean the spot in the frame the block sits and try again. If the slide stop goes in easy there isn’t anything under the locking block and you’ll be smooth sailing.
  2. Looking forward to shooting this. I don’t really see the need to mill the slide
  3. Yea there’s no difference in these guns trigger mechanisms than any other da/da tanfo. Mine was worked over by patriot defense so it’s got a decent trigger now but if I had more free time I would have just done a home brew polishing trigger job with the Memphis vids. Also the match was mandatory mask to play. It was the first and last match I’ll shout that has a mask mandate. In the middle of July too... that mask was gross in short time
  4. I have one. Shot one match this year and I was one of the only times I’ve shot the gun so I can’t really comment much to be honest. I like it more than the stock 2 I used to own. I’m putting a dot on a dovetail mount to shoot carry op with it for the ne t year or so. s#!tty match vid of 3 stages but hey you asked for it (edited to upload a better resolution video)
  5. Thanks good to know. which dots have you killed so far? I have a Romeo xl and original romeo 3. I was thinking about getting an SRO but have heard those dont hold up any better.
  6. Do these dovetail mounts hold up to long term use? I am thinking of shooting CO but dont want to mill my new stock master slide.
  7. If you only shoot one division i like them. But if you jump from say open to production, i thought it was a weird feeling going back and forth. I ditched them for that reason. just felt too weird to hold a gun without one when you get used to having something there to rest your thumb on.
  8. Mine is like a pound. Right up there with one of the lightest triggers I have ever owned.
  9. Shoot coated open or not. I always have. Never had the problems of leading everyone claims. Don’t break the coating when loading and you should be fine.
  10. My front Alpha x pouch kept loosening up on me. I wish I could trade my alpha x in for the XI pouches. The major flaw with the alpha x is the dovetail attachment. The xi seems to have fixed that horrible design by eliminating it. If only there was a trade in option for their poorly designed previous model.
  11. Not relevant to the latest question on this post. But I picked a stock master up and finally shot a match. I used to have a stock II. I don’t know exactly why but I like the stock master more. I’m used to shooting 2011’s so maybe the heavier slightly larger gun is the reason? It’s a great shooter though.
  12. I’m surprised sv didn’t patent the interchangeable trigger inserts. You can’t really argue they stole that design from sv
  13. I have a super 1050 from 2001 and the Everglades die doesn’t fit my tool head either ..
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