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  1. Shmella

    Super light open gun

    With the stainless magwell the balance pivots at or slightly behind the trigger .
  2. Shmella

    Super light open gun

    Almost there. Feels much better weight distributed.
  3. Shmella

    New Atlas Open 2011

    are you speaking from experience or from what youve been told?
  4. Shmella

    Training with extremely limited time

    I would look for a new job.
  5. Shmella

    Building My Own Open Gun

    reviving this great thread, How the heck is your gun throwing brass 20 feet?
  6. Shmella

    RTS2 2011 mount

    Brazos slipstream sits the mount as far back as any single sided I have looked at. Its not as far back as the Infinity but I didnt want to spend that much on a mount and settled on the brazos. On the otherhand, if an infinity came up used for a decent price, id jump on it.
  7. Shmella

    First open gun for $2K?

    Keep watching the classifieds. They come up. There’s a Brazos gun for 2600$ish right now. That’s a good gun but you still need mags and rig. I snagged a used open gun with 4mbx mags on here for 2500 so the deals do come up
  8. Shmella

    Venom Customs!?

    Ive owned one of his guns. Ran out the box, and id buy another in a heartbeat. hes a member on here and there are many other buyers who are members here as well. Never heard a bad thing about his guns. Gooldy took 10th at open nationals with one of his guns.
  9. Shmella

    Super light open gun

    And here one is. I like it but still bought a steel grip because I really liked my sv Imm and I want it to feel as close to that as possible. In the mean time I shot it some with the plastic grip and surprisingly didn’t think it was that harsh. Definitely feels light and I actually like it more than I thought I would. Steel grip with a. Stainless magwell is being fitted now though and I’ll get some time to compare. Probably will keep the steel grip on it for the softer gun.
  10. Shmella

    2011 aluminum grip

    The grip slides on to the frame on a square/rectangular channel like I marked in the photo. Also people report on real 2011 aluminum grips having a history of cracking. I’m sure these aren’t the highest quality aluminum and wold probably break down the line but that’s just a wild guess.
  11. Shmella

    2011 aluminum grip

    I have no experience with aorsoft grips but looking at the picture it looks like it would need a lot of modding. The front grip screw slot looks like it isn’t really a slot and has a screw where a hole should be. Also the rear grip screw slots are not shaped the same where the grip would slide onto the frame.
  12. Shmella

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    People complain about how dirty it is. I honestly never really noticed a huge difference. Its dirty i guess. I used to shoot 1000 rounds in between cleaning and never had an issue. And my definition of cleaning is not very thorough.
  13. Shmella

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    I used to run it in my 9mm SV IMM with 115 gr. 10.5 at 1.165 -1.170 Made 169 PF. Same load out of my new to me Shorty Bedell makes 160PF so I will try 124s with this gun. I liked it much better than Autocomp/CFE Pistol. My favorite powder for 9major.
  14. Shmella

    Red dots in the rain

    The problem is water getting on the lenses when waiting for the buzzer to go off. Shoot as fast as you want, you still have to wait for the buzzer. I’ll have to try the ping pong thing.
  15. Shmella

    Heated Vests?

    The daa shooting vest is actually really warm and functional at a match. Put hand warmers in the pockets and it keeps your core very warm. It Just looks really stupid imo but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it yet. Every cold match I’m in that dumb looking vest.