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  1. Brazos being the cheapest by a fair margin is IMO worth mentioning again. I am a big fan of acme. But will order again with Brazos because of the price point.
  2. Any division will get you back into the loop of shooting uspsa. Carry ops is nothing like open. You’ll be shooting with a dot but is totally different than open division. Buy whatever you think you’ll have fun with.
  3. Whichever you can find cheaper. They all die prematurely. Dpp and rts2 are favorites. I like the Romeo 3 and Romeo 1. Ran both on an x5. Romeo 1 with a 6moa dot is the brightest one out there for CO. If open is what you want eventually, Look for a used open gun on. You’ll find a good deal and shoot as good as you will with a more expensive brand new crave gun. Quite a few open packages have come up on here in the last 6 months that would get the job done and not hold you back at all. I tinker with gear and chase the new craves too. Have a used gun I bought here then threw mix matches parts together to make it more modern. Hasn’t made a difference in where I finish but I like the newer dots and metal gripped feel.
  4. Figured it wouldn’t take long. I was going to buy all 27 lbs when I saw it but figured I’d share the wealth. I won’t need that much with a baby in the way anyway
  5. For all you shooters world major pistol lovers or any shooters world powder really, I dont know if its a promo or what but at powder valley for some reason if you add one pounders of any shooters world powder, for every 5 lbs one is free. So add 5 one pounders and you pay for only 4 the 5th is $0. it works for as many as you want in 5 lb increments. BUT if you order 5 lb of say shooters world major pistol, and 5 lbs of say Clean shot, it will automatically give you the 2 free for the lesser cost item, being clean shot. There are currently 17- 1LB containers left of shooters world Major, it brings the cost down to less than $16 a pound before hazmat. ENJOY!
  6. Harbor freight. For the price conscious. I have one and I like it a lot for the price.
  7. You never change recoil spring s?
  8. That is a great tip I never thought of or read that before. I have a busted polymer click switch I have benched and eventually planned on sending it in for repair because the windage lock screw doesnt do much locking anymore. I will have to do this mod and keep it as a spare!
  9. I’ve had a few polymer lose zero because I couldn’t tighten them down enough and it would wear a notch into the adjustment screw which allows it to move even when locked down.
  10. If slide ride you could send it in to cmore for repair. Aluminum cmores hold zero better and dont strip out as easily as the polymer. And I’m not just saying that because I have one for sale right now.
  11. Call shay. He’ll probably be able to walk you through it.
  12. Tip #1. Send it back to the builder.
  13. Blue Might be third cheapest. Ive found Acme to always be cheaper and also can recommend brazos precision bullets. They are the cheapest right now.
  14. It could just be an optical allusion but your frame looks to be the same width as the slide. That would make it a wide frame. Measure the depth of the Frame.
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