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  1. Shmella

    Steel grips

    Not necessarily. I liked the evo. I don’t have small hands it it fit well. Then I got an sv which is a lot thinner and I didn’t like it at first but got used to it and preferred it over the evo after a bit. Mags would stick in a evo and not an sv which made me like the sv even more. Then I got the l10. A perfect balance between an sv an evo and mags dont get wedged and stuck like an evo does. Cheely texture isn’t aggressive enough and is ruled out for me
  2. Shmella

    Steel grips

    Feels the best out of all of them. Perfect width and contour IMO
  3. Shmella

    Steel grips

  4. Just curious, what do you use for Bullet weight and powder?
  5. Shmella

    Atlas Chaos 38 S, Smooth Slide

    .... wow
  6. Shmella

    KKM Hybrid Barrels

    can you throw a caliper on the width of the rib closest to the threads?
  7. Shmella

    STI Gen2 2011 grips,available?

    anything will work really, one way is more enjoyable IMO.
  8. Shmella

    Cleaning my compensator.

    Lol , what do you think? Cut the head off a nail so you can fit the shaft of the nail in the tool. . Round off the tip of the nail with a file, bench grinder, a (locally sourced)rock, sand paper, your sidewalk, basement floor or anything decently hard. It’ll round off fairly easily. The nail I found in my basement was pretty soft and rounded off the tip of it in like 10 seconds.
  9. Shmella

    Cleaning my compensator.

    I agree with the dremel tool needing to be stickied to every comp cleaning thread ever. Post the picture above to every comp cleaning thread in the past and future and just lock it up for further discussion. This is THE solution for a dirty comp. It is also an extremely satisfying way to clean the comp. it makes such light work of it I like cleaning my comps now.
  10. Shmella

    Cleaning my compensator.

    I bought one of these after I saw @B_Seehawer post it in an old topic on this same subject. I can vouch for this being the best easiest way to chisel out the comp without damaging anything or any solvents that could cause issues. I did what he recommended with a nail rounded off so it doesn’t have a sharp point too. Best thing ever
  11. Shmella

    Making this gun flatter

    Use a 7lb spring.
  12. Shmella

    Cmore mount screws

    The two Slide ride screws are 10/32 x ½ inch socket head cap That is the screw that mounts a slide ride to a mount or railway etc
  13. Shmella

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    That window looks tiny
  14. Shmella

    Steel Grips... LSI? Limcat? SVI?

    Cant recommend the L10 enough. I had Evo, SV Signature. This is the perfect mix.
  15. Shmella

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I had a viper on a 929 revolver. very light 120-125pf load. broke the glass in under 300 rounds warranty is good though...