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  1. I’m surprised nobody is giving the Romeo 3 xl any thought. Glass same size as a 510c. Less than half the weight. Same footprint about as the max
  2. I don’t care what ppl say about Comps not being effective at minor. I know for me, shooting falling steel with an open 2011 is night and day different than a non comped gun even shooting sub minor. It’s just easier with any form of comp
  3. Shmella

    Thumb rest

    Pretty much anything except a gogun *thumb rest [generic]*. The guy who trademarked the name is an abomination to shooting sports and an akai or anyone else’s is a much better design anyway.
  4. kind of sounds like the frame was squeezed by the steel grip bowing the rails out a little and loosening the slide to frame fit allowed it to move more freely. Now when you put the plastic grip back on is the slide to frame more loose than before ?
  5. I've never heard of only using Nato cases for 9 major. Dont overthink it. Work up with a chrono, dont use stepped cases or the obvious culls.
  6. Well said. Not much to 9major. Work up slow with a chrono and watch for over pressure signs. Use the powders that are tried and true and not much to 9major.
  7. Jack, you gotta update your timeframe at some point. You’ve been saying you bought two TruBors 12 years ago since I joined here in 2014. Those two TruBors have to be at least 17 years old by now!
  8. That’s my point. I’d want to buy the grip module by itself and slap it on my x5 and call it a legion and be done with it.
  9. If you hold an x5 and an x5 legion side by side what are the differences besides the grip?
  10. So since the legion is on the production list can we slap a grip module on a regular x5 and be good to go in prod?
  11. Limcat is the best mount. If you want reliable extraction and a good blast shield. It covers it all. Most sturdy too.
  12. Yes but isn’t this supposed to be the latest and greatest new hotness that is better than the other $4K options? I would think they could sell quite a few of them if a limited only was available. Who’s producing a steel grip limited gun with mags for 4K or less?
  13. Those two limited guns are grossly overpriced. I don’t see why a limited only option couldn’t hit that price point and swallow up the open market for it.
  14. Im up to 10.5 gr aa7 with a 124g JHP to make major. My last open gun made the same pf with a 115jhp and same charge weight, 10.5 AA7.
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