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  1. This topic was discussed on the Area 8 facebook page, and someone mentioned that it was going to be brought up at the February BOD meeting. Does anyone have a link to that announcement, or any other details? It seems like RUMINT and I can't find anything about it no matter how hard I look.
  2. Quantico recently held a match that cut down the number of rounds by quite a bit, but in my opinion it forced the MD to be more creative with stage design. The stages were more difficult, but more importantly they were interesting and provided a really good shooting challenge. I don't think it's fair to say that reducing round count was the only factor in improving the quality of the stages, but I really think it helped.
  3. When trying to describe what a 2011 was to some non-competition shooters, I came up with what I think is a pretty good joke "A 2011 is like a 1911 that just got a job at a strip club - its bottom got bigger and it's gained a bunch of plastic"
  4. Quoting myself here because I reached out to Red Hill Tactical about this question, and they said that the "Custom framed 5.5 fits them"
  5. I’m also interested in hearing this. I don’t see a lot of holsters that are setup for a sight block gun.
  6. This is the best place for information on 2011-style guns
  7. Is that one of those "Yacqui" style holsters that are mentioned several times in the rule book?
  8. Hey, just wanted to say that this worked PERFECTLY. No malfunctions during the entire match!
  9. I'll give this a try, as well as Weapon Shield that someone upthread mentioned
  10. Very rarely will you have to shoot single shots in USPSA. It's even more rare that you'll shot single, well-aimed shots. With that in mind, shoot doubles at varying yards. Try them at 5, 10, and 15 yards. Really pay attention to how long it takes the sights to settle back in the 'A' zone at those distances, and use that to learn when to break the second shot. At 5 yards you probably can just hammer away at it quickly, but at 10 and 15 yards you may need to let the sights settle a bit more before firing again. Or, if your grip control is very good you might not.
  11. I use SWMP, which doesn't seem to be temp sensitive according to discussions I've seen here. But it also happened when I was loading 3N38 for 38 super
  12. This issue has been a constant thorn in my side for a long time. Essentially, when I go to a match where the weather might be a little chilly (not even that cold, like 30-40) my open guns experience a higher rate of malfunctions. However, as the day goes on and either the weather warms up, or the gun itself gets hotter with use, those malfunctions seem to all-but-vanish. The same thing happens at indoor ranges, which pretty much confirmed my thinking that cold weather is affecting some part of my guns' functioning. Now, I've been using Slip 2000 as a general purpose lubricant for years an
  13. Long story short: a few months ago I bent the rear sight blade on my TRR8, and have been trying to find a replacement. I've looked around the internet and for the life of me I cannot find what kind of rear sight blade the old TRR8 uses! S&W's site says that the TRR8 uses an "adjustable V-notch" site, which mine definitely does not have. I purchased mine in 2008 or so, so it's most definitely an older model, but you would think that it would be listed SOMEWHERE, right? Does anyone know?
  14. I have the Super Ghost Ultimate holster (that's a lot of superlatives right there) and it's extraordinarily adjustable. I'm able to fit my N-frame smith in there as well as an X frame. Though the X-frame is a little snug, as you can imagine. If the Evo is anything like that, you should be able to adjust the little polymer screws and spacers to accommodate just about any revolver, I would imagine.
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