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  1. UpYoursPal

    How to practice in Iraq?

    Yeah, I'll be armed. I'll also be in Baghdad, but I'm not familiar with BDSC or BEC. I'll send a PM.
  2. UpYoursPal

    Open 9mm Glocks

    Shameless plug: I've got a Glock 22 slide with brand new comp and barrel up for sale in the classifieds. Just remove the sights and you're G2G
  3. UpYoursPal

    How to practice in Iraq?

    Hey guys. I work for the government (non-military) and they've determined that I should spend my summer vacation in the desert! How fun! Anyway, I want to stay current with shooting for when I get back in the fall, but all I'm going to have to work with is a compact Sig (M11 if you're curious). As an Open shooter, that's gonna take some adjustment. What kind of practice routine should I use for the few months I'm out there with practically zero live fire? Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. UpYoursPal

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    This a very feelgood thread. "Yo, I'm gonna make GM" *makes GM* "Alright that was cool*
  5. UpYoursPal

    How do you mark your brass?

    Wow! I've never seen that device before. That would be very handy. I'm using a Dillon 550 right now so I'm used to slow.
  6. UpYoursPal

    How do you mark your brass?

    Because I'm a foolish 30-something with a healthy back, I decided a while back that I would start shooting .38 super. While it's a great round, I *HATE* having to play brass chicken during the match and inspect countless cases to find those few cases that are like-9mm-but-not-quite. I started marking my brass with a sharpie to help with recovery afterward, but that's a time-consuming process in itself. Does anyone have a good method for marking brass that doesn't add another year to the reloading process?
  7. I started shooting USPSA this year with a brand new Glock 34. Liked it, practiced with it a lot, added as much as I could while still being production-legal. Shot production all the way up through the Area 8 match in August, and haven't really shot it since. -Bought a Sig P320 X5 with a DPP for CO. I put the Grayguns competition package on it, but only shot that for a match or two. While it was a very nice gun, something about the ergos caused me to flinch pretty severely on some shots, even while slow-firing. What's strange is that it was a problem that ONLY happened with the Sig - not the Glock, nor any of my other guns. -S&W TRR8. I had this revolver for almost a decade, but it had been sitting at my parents' house from when I moved out. Thinking that it would be interesting and fun to shoot revolver, I invested in some moonclips, a moonclip rig for my belt, speed holster, and a trigger kit. I shot it for two matches before I started getting weird accuracy issues that caused the gun to be completely unshootable. I'm talking like 8" groups at 10 yards. Constant keyholding. And this was with every type of ammo - both jacketed AND lead! I don't know if the gun needs to be re-barreled or what, but for now it's retired. -My current gun: Very old Tripp Research (pre-STI) 2011. I talked about this relic of a gun in this thread. It's my first foray into the open division and it's been wonderful so far. I find myself practicing fundamental skills more often because of how much I like this gun. Sure, it's a money sink, but most importantly I'm having FUN. I shoot this in both USPSA and Steel Challenge. I recently purchased a 9x19 barrel from fellow poster Aircooled6racer for the purpose of Steel Challenge, mainly so I don't have to pick up brass! My biggest question right now is whether I should work to upgrade this old gun, or just get a totally new one. The gun doesn't hold me back, with the exception of the optic and lack of racker (I can't put one on because the optic mount is so big). It seems like there are enough affordable open guns in the classifieds section that I save for a little bit and pick one up.
  8. UpYoursPal

    What do I have here?

    Amazing! That looks just like my frame and pretty much like the grip (except for the badge in the middle) Also I'm pretty sure I have the same magazines, albeit with new base pads.
  9. UpYoursPal

    What do I have here?

    Interesting. Someone up above mentioned that I should look into getting the scope replaced, but it was also mentioned that this particular frame is slimmer than the new frames so a mount might not clear the slide. Would it a good idea to get a new frame fitted in order to put a new optic mount on AND clean up some of the slop? Or can I get away with throwing on a mount and using the spacer plate that's currently on there? If I did get a new frame fitted, would that require also refitting the hammer, safety, and all the other internals? Sorry for the elementary questions. This is my first 2011.
  10. Col. Jeff Cooper would be my (and I would assume most people's) first choice.
  11. UpYoursPal

    What do I have here?

    Good afternoon my dudes. I purchased an open gun from a fellow on gunbroker a few months back. It was my first foray into open, and I tried to read as much as I could on this forum before purchasing. Now, I've been shooting it consistently and really like it, but I still have a few questions about it. To start: it's an odd gun. As the pictures will attest to, it has some strange components that I haven't been able to find info on. The basic description the seller gave was ".38 super, Capsian slide, Tripp Research frame" Pics are linked because they're pretty big. https://imgur.com/AiRCrPb Here is the side profile. The serial number starts with "SS", and is a very low 3 digit number under 100. I've emailed Tripp Research and gave them the low-down, but if this thread (https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/180826-tripp-research-ss-1220-frame/) is any indication, it's a pretty old frame. https://imgur.com/a/S3cnNyE As you can see, the dustcover lists "TRIPP RESEARCH, INC AUSTIN, TX USA" Kinda weird since Tripp is located in Bastrop. I guess that Bastrop is close to Austin https://imgur.com/a/A0JrS06 Here you can see the weird scope mount, which is some kind of steel thing with a carbon fiber-looking appliqué on top. It has a the huge, honkin' Tasco Propoint II on top, although the Caspian logo looks nice. https://imgur.com/a/xhMh2vy Here you can see the weird mounting solution the gunsmith went with. It has some weird 4-hole mounting plate (with tapped screws) on the side, with the actual scope mount having three hex screws attaching to....? https://imgur.com/U3aJ1z4 Here's what the inside of the frame looks like. I have NO IDEA what to make of this. I haven't checked to see if this holes correspond with with the hex head screws. https://imgur.com/a/irzRpnA This is the barrel. It has no markings anywhere. No manufacturer marks, no caliber marks, nothing. As you can see, it has a cone mount comp. https://imgur.com/a/S3XRIO9 The comp. Other than being fit nicely, I know nothing about it. Oh, and sorry for it being so dirty, it's been a while since I've cleaned it. ------------------------------------------- So there you have it! Does anyone know anything about this strange frankengun? As an aside: the only things that I've added to it are the magwell, and a lighter recoil spring. The spring that came with the gun was HEAVY. It felt like 15lbs or more. I don't know if it was set up to shoot incredibly hot rounds, or if the spring was just very old, but it was one of the heaviest springs I've ever felt. On that note, what can I do to upgrade this gun? Part of me wants to replace the scope with something more modern, but the big tube works decently well. My only complaint is that I have to turn the tube on and adjust the brightness at the start and end of every stage. However, it is kind of nice to be able to adjust brightness based on your shooting environment. The trigger seems good, but I don't really have a good frame of reference since I came from shooting production Glocks. Slide-to-frame fit is pretty sloppy (it rattles a little if I shake it), but it's still very accurate. Could I replace the barrel? Should I get an entirely new frame and have the slide fitted to it? Another aside: this thing does NOT like MBX magazines. It REALLY likes gen 1 STI magazines.
  12. UpYoursPal

    Cm 06-03 Can You Count?

    Shot this again last night. 11.262 HF for a decent 62%
  13. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Yep. They were definitely hoser stages.
  14. UpYoursPal

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Should I be concerned that the guide rod hangs a few MM past the slide? I have a relief cut in my comp so it doesn't impede there, but are there other things I should lookout for?
  15. I’ve just started shooting 38 super, and I’ve come to realize that I really need to be picking up my brass at matches. Believe it or not, I’ve been leaving my brass at the last few matches! I mostly shoot indoor matches where it shouldn’t be too hard to get them, but I’m wondering both WHEN and HOW I should do it? Between stages? After I shoot? After the match is done? Any advice would be very helpful.