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  1. I like shooting revolver. It's fun and challenging, and invariably you'll have people coming up to you who are interested in them. However, I just went to sign up for an ICORE membership and was immediately turned off by the fact that you have to print off and mail in a form. It's 2019 and there's simply no excuse for that. It seems like digitizing the application process would be an easy way to possibly increase membership, as I see that it was tried before.
  2. Does this mean that we can sign up even if we aren't classified?
  3. I think you have a cool story and I wish you the best at nats!
  4. How's the size of the Cheely grip versus the regular STI polymer grip?
  5. So I know that Venom does really nice work with Cerakote, but what about titanium nitride? I'm thinking of doing a two-tone 2011, alternating Stainless and TiN-coated components. I'd like to send Venom a Cheely grip for fitting, but do I need to send it out to get coated first or can Don do that?
  6. I think I get what you mean, and sure there are. But as I said in the first post, I'm a civilian (so non-combatant) and in subsequent posts I said that I'm going to be stuck in Kuwait, likely with no weapon at all, for the whole time.
  7. Hey now, if I wanted full easy I'd go to PCC!
  8. This looks awesome. Definitely gonna order one when I get back from deployment.
  9. I must be weird - I shoot both Open and Revolver. The fastest and the slowest divisions, respectively
  10. Do it. Open is the most fun division. From my experience switching from Prod -> Open and then trying Iron sighted guns a few times after, it does seem like the speed at which you shoot Open does make you faster with Iron sighted guns. Although it can also make you a little more sloppy with your shots, which could be bad if you're shooting minor. Again, this is anecdotal information, but something to consider.
  11. Well guys, bad news: they stuck me in Kuwait for a period to be determined, but likely for the entire time I'm out here. To add onto that, all of our pistols are locked away in an armory somewhere. So now the question is....how do I maintain practice without even so much as a gun? EDIT: I realize that I could get an airsoft gun to match the one I have, but it seems like the 2011s with red dots installed are $$$ Unless I'm overlooking something, is there a manufacturer out there that makes 2011-esque guns that won't break the bank?
  12. Easiest name choice in the history of guns!
  13. I ran into this exact problem with my 2011. Call Matt Cheely and order one of their blank mounts and have a gunsmith drill the holes for your particular gun. Edit: You have to call them to order that item. They don't list it on the website.
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