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  1. Sharpshooters is a pretty good indoor range. You can draw from the holster, and do facing movements if you convince the RO you're not an idiot. Quantico is good if you can get a membership there. Shoot a match (they have either USPSA or Steel Challenge every month) and then ask about becoming a member. They do USPSA practice just about every Saturday. If you don't mind driving a little bit, the Myrtle Grove range over in La Plata, MD is pretty good. It's outdoors, so you can put up multiple targets, use your chrono, etc. However, it still has shooting lanes, so you can't do any range movement unless nobody is there. It also gets busy on the weekends. As for matches within 3 hours drive....there are TONS. Like, NoVA has a huge shooting community and you could probably hit 10 matches a week if you really wanted to. Here's a non-exhaustive list of the clubs I regularly attend (I live in Alexandria): -The Machine Gun Nest (VA30) -Fairfax Practical Shooters (VA28) -Fredericksburg Practical Shooters (VA14) -Quantico Shooting Club (VA22) -Blue Ridge Arsenal (VA32) -Maryland Practical Shooters (VA13) -Southern Maryland Practical Shooters (VA23) -Northern Virginia Gun Club (VA35) -Eastern Shore Practical Shooters (VA18) -Anne Arundel Fish and Game (AAFG) (VA25)
  2. Yeah, I'd go back if my schedule allowed it. But only if the match was canceled because of extreme external factors, and not because of mismanagement.
  3. I see that the barrels are still out of stock. Any idea when you'll get a new batch in?
  4. I'm out of the country and don't have an international calling plan
  5. Has anyone shipped off their gun to TK Custom for work recently? I'm looking to get a cylinder converted and wondering how long it would be out of commission. Thanks folks.
  6. Looks like a pretty clever mechanism, and from what he said it'll be pretty cheap as well. I wonder why it took people so long to develop a case feeder for a 550.
  7. Hey all. For the past few months I've been loading 38 super and other calibers on a plain jane Dillon 550. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. However, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a 1050 with some extras: Mr. Bulletfeeder Pro, autodrive (not Ammobot or Mark 7), upgraded bearings, and a spare toolhead. Cool stuff, right? Well, now I need to outfit it with some dies. I'm taking suggestions for you - the experienced reloading heads of BEnos! Having only used regular Dillon carbide dies in the past, I wasn't very impressed with them, so I want to splurge a bit and get the very best dies for each individual station. Essentially, I'm looking for the best dies if cost is not a consideration. I will be reloading 9mm major for an open gun, so please keep that in mind. I'll also take suggestions for other station tools to make life easier, like better decapping pins, or swaging rods, or anything you can think of! I'm going all out so let's hear your thoughts!
  8. I got a little worried when the hour rolled over, and then another minute. I thought maybe I had gotten the date wrong and considered going back to sleep. However, patience and my F5 skills paid off and I was able to snag a spot in the PM/AM/PM squads!
  9. It looks like the "USPSA Nationals" club on practiscore made all of the matches private, probably so they can adjust registration stuff. I'm definitely gonna be refreshing the page to try and snipe a spot. Never been to nats before!
  10. Thanks. I have the older PT grip so there might be some hope there.
  11. Looks like the national events have disappeared from Practiscore. Anyone know if they'll be posted up once open registration starts?
  12. Dumb question: Does the regular Dawson ICE magwell fit the PT steel grip?
  13. I do practical shooting so I can wear goofy jerseys, bright wraparound shades, and spend way too much money blazing away with completely impractical guns. When I finish, then I can dab on the haters and moonwalk off the range. If you treat this as anything other than a game, then I don't know what to tell you.
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