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  1. I saw a post on another site about the viability of using Canik TP9SFX 18 rounders in the FS PDP because of magazine scarcity. Anyone tried this? How did you get it to work?
  2. I’m thinking about how to shoot this for Open and Lim major. Going from left to right, it seems like you can start stepping after the first target and get maybe 3 steps (6 or so feet depending on your height) before leaving the left-most partial. That means you would only have to cover like 10 feet to get to the next corner, but at the risk of slightly slower splits and maybe hitting the NS. Anyone tried this method? Or would it be better just to lean out on the partial as @RH39 said?
  3. How much are extra steps worth on low, medium, and high HF stages?
  4. I recently sold my TRR8 because while revo can be fun, it’s also a big hassle. I think it would be a lot more palatable if you could do 8-round major PF
  5. Shot this one over the weekend and ended up having a major brain fart. Took 3 shots on the left steel, then took only one shot on the left target for some reason, two on middle and two on right, came back and made up the left paper, then hit the right steel. All alphas, which was great, but just really dumb shooting Open major 5.27s 40 pts 7.59HF for 49.9%
  6. They are apparently importing from Canada
  7. Dang. Google tells me that N-Frame cylinders are a hair over 1.7", which is probably too large for the Rhino unless you just chopped off the top strap entirely and lengthened the cylinder arm. Oh well, that's too bad.
  8. Could you measure the distance between the top and bottom strap? Thinking out loud again, I wonder if a circular cylinder would have enough room for additional holes
  9. Is the .40 cylinder any bigger than the 9/38? I wonder if you could take a blank .40 cylinder and bore out more .355 holes in it to get 7 or more shots. Edit: Or .375 or whatever the diameter of the brass is
  10. I ordered during the second week of March and shipping/hazmat has not been collected yet
  11. This, so many times. Even though I use my 9 major barrel for 85% of the time, every one of the other barrels gets taken for a spin every so often. I’ve gotten pretty good at switching from open major to limited major during matches with morning and afternoon squads!
  12. Ordered the 6 moa this morning. Can't wait! By chance, are there any plans to make an optic with a wider window, similar to the Romeo3XL?
  13. Most of the U.S. military is still using the Beretta M9. The Army is transitioning to the M17 (full size Sig 320 with external safety) while the Marine Corps is going to use the M18 (Sig 320 compact). I believe that there are still a few Sig 228/229s out there in the Naval Special Warfare community, and as well CID type-units. Most of SOCOM is using the Glock 19 these days, although a few of the more-specialized units are using some exotic pistols like the Staccato P. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just what I've gathered from discussions on this topic for the las
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