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  1. What’s the easiest way to get ahold of Don these days? I’ve tried messaging him on FB a few times and he has never responded.
  2. Another vote for the Everglades holster. Works great with PT grips and even polymer STI grips. Little pricey, but you won't regret it.
  3. So if I’m reading this right, stroking is not necessary for a mid-length gun? Like, it can function fine without it? Just want to make sure.
  4. Hey all. I've been shooting USPSA open division for a little while now, and finally have an open 2011 that I really like. It's built like a tank, and unfortunately weighs as much as a tank - 63 oz! I didn't know it was possible to make a gun that heavy, but with a full length PT frame, PT grip, and unmodified PT slide with steel comp it comes in veeeery heavy. The issue here is that I ALSO like to shoot it in steel challenge. I find it fun, and good practice for USPSA. But as you might see, a 63oz open boat anchor is tough to swing around on steel plates. With that in mind, I was toying around with the idea of getting a complete top end built just for steel challenge. The idea is that it would be a light slide, mid-length design, with a short titanium comp. Please look over these parts and let me know if I'm missing anything -5" slide (already purchased from a BEnos user) -5" OAL KKM threaded barrel (Apparently this one https://kkmprecision.com/product/govt-355-bull-4-65-clarkpara-ramped-threaded-1116x40-2/) -Barrel link -2 port CFD comp -FP stop -Firing pin -Aftec Extractor -Regular size Dawson tool-less guide rod -Some kind of racker Now, I understand that the slide will have to be shortened to accommodate the 5" barrel, but does it also have to be stroked? Reading the forums hasn't given me a conclusive answer on this. Will this require any modification to my existing frame? Ideally I'd like to just swap slides and recoil systems to go between USPSA and SC, but if there's more to it then I'd like to know. I'm also flirting with the idea of putting a lighter grip on there, but that's for another thread. Thanks for taking time to read this!
  5. Some jerk stole my package with the book!
  6. I had this same issue. Apparently they email you the instructions as an attachment. All banners are to be shot at 10’, with the exception of Smoke & Hope, Speed Option, and Five to Go which are done at 5’
  7. Yes. I’ve done this exact thing. It blew out the magazine release on my Glock
  8. Forget the caliber issue - we need to be talking about this TOTALLY RAD gun! Really digging this, dude. Great design, great attention to detail, and GREAT color scheme. I imagine you'll have lots of people asking to fondle this at your local matches
  9. Welcome fellow Virginian! I think you'll find that the shooting community in VA/MD is really strong and supportive.
  10. Yet another vote for the Everglades holster. Works with just about any 2011 frame/grip combo out there
  11. A question, since it was brought up: do you guys run Grams followers along with Grams springs in your MBX mags? I just recently replaced my old MBX internals with Grams spring and follower kits, and I've started to have issues with empty magazines getting stuck in the gun. Should I ditch the Grams followers and just use the springs?
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