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  1. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Damn. What a first match to shoot!
  2. UpYoursPal

    Where can I get a custom jersey made?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to be getting quotes from a few of these places.
  3. UpYoursPal

    Good Ammo Prices

    I like www.sgammo.com for buying in bulk. They have good prices on a variety of bullet weights and ship very quick.
  4. Couldn't think of a section to put this in, so it's here in the BEginners forum I'm not looking for a flashy jersey with all sorts of logos and everything on it. I really just want to get a joke jersey made with something like "PROUD D CLASS SHOOTER" on it. Every site I've checked out wants a bunch of money for even a limited run of jerseys, but I just want a one-off thing as a joke. Anyone have a good source?
  5. UpYoursPal

    I like this thing

    I also like that thing
  6. UpYoursPal


    Those are some tight pairs
  7. UpYoursPal

    How do we catch the GM's?

    How do you catch a GM? Simple: set a bear trap on the firing line!
  8. UpYoursPal


    I'm a big fan of the deltapoint and as others have mentioned you can find them online for <$350, or around $300 if you poke around Gunbroker.
  9. UpYoursPal

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Holy crap! Scary stuff. I've only done about 8 or so matches but I've yet to see anyone get DQed or do anything especially unsafe. Shooting yourself in the leg is pretty nuts.
  10. UpYoursPal

    How much of a jump is the Gen 5 34 from the Gen 3 34???

    They're not that dissimilar.
  11. UpYoursPal

    Indoor stages

    I've done a bunch of matches at TMGN and their stages are legit. It helps that they've got a pretty big club with lots of support.
  12. UpYoursPal

    Another FNG

    I also have an X5 and think it's a fantastic gun. Welcome!
  13. UpYoursPal

    Hello from CT

    Hey there
  14. UpYoursPal

    Trigger kits back in stock

    Just installed the GG kit today and I absolutely love it. Trigger is probably 2.5-3 lbs and very short and smooth. Can’t wait to take it to the range!