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  1. Yet another vote for the Everglades holster. Works with just about any 2011 frame/grip combo out there
  2. A question, since it was brought up: do you guys run Grams followers along with Grams springs in your MBX mags? I just recently replaced my old MBX internals with Grams spring and follower kits, and I've started to have issues with empty magazines getting stuck in the gun. Should I ditch the Grams followers and just use the springs?
  3. Almost two months now. I had to stop shooting of any kind for about five months this year because I was out of the country, and when I returned I changed my gun from a regular 2011 to this heavy boat anchor of a gun.
  4. Does anyone have advice for combating dry fire muscle fatigue? Here's the situation: during dry fire, the weight of my gun (60oz) and the amount of repetitions (lots) fatigues the heck out of my shoulders and forearms - So much so that I have to stop at around 20 minutes or my technique just goes to hell. Currently I'm doing Steve Anderson's first 12 drills from "Refinement and Repetition", and I've seen great progress despite the fatigue. However, I feel like I could be getting more training in if I wasn't getting so tired! Definitely open to suggestions!
  5. Got a simple question: Recently got a new open gun that has a "big hands" version of the Dawson heavy magwell. I don't actually have big hands, and this magwell doesn't seem to lock my hand in like the regular Dawson on my previous gun did, but I can't tell if that's really affecting my shooting. Should I keep it or ditch it?
  6. Just wanted to chime in and say that this setup looks really unique and cool
  7. UpYoursPal

    Thumb rest

    Elementary question, but how do you actually use a thumbrest? Is it just a way to confirm your support hand grip? Are you supposed to torque down on it?
  8. Reading this thread gave me a few chuckles and reminded me of the stage that I quit on earlier this year. Might as well bring this thread back from the grave for one last post. Back in March, I was getting set to deploy to a certain hot, dry country for a few months. I wanted to get a match in the weekend before I left, but most of my stuff was packed up and put away in storage. I probably could've cobbled together a belt for limited minor with my glock or something, but then I remembered that I had a certain gun that I really, really wanted to try out in a gimmick match: The S&W 500 Have you seen this video? Take a look if you haven't yet. I wanted to shoot a match like that guy. I had a .500 with a 4" barrel, some reloads, an N-frame holster that SOMEHOW I could modify to hold the 500 seucrely, and a big pouch to carry my speedloaders. Did I mention that I got 500 S&W speedloaders? Because I sure did! I also had brewed up some nice, reduced-recoil handloads that wouldn't beat up my hands on every shot. Fun, right? It actually worked pretty well for about 3 stages! Of course, my times were incredibly slow, but it made a TON of noise and everyone thought it was a hoot. Unfortunately, on the last stage of the four stage match, I started getting strange FTFs. I think the primers might have been too high, because the trigger wouldn't fully go back and the cylinder wouldn't rotate when I pulled the trigger. The last stage was a 30 round COF, and after I had dumped about 3 cylinders-worth of ammo trying to fix the problem, I just looked at the RO, said "Yeah, I'm done" and did ULSC. Would I do it again? Of course! Nothing is more fun than making a TON of noise and putting huge holes in targets. Less fun is having your huge revolver jam.
  9. Holy crap dude. You've got some big hands!
  10. I’ve had this thing for a month now and shot about four matches with it. Smooth, absolutely rock-solid, and works marvelously with my PT grip open gun. The retention system is incredibly easy and intuitive!
  11. Really tempted to throw in on one of these. Been hearing so many good things about it that it's almost too-tempting not to buy it! A few questions though: 1) I didn't see anything on PT's site about a deposit for the gun. Do they require one? 2) Does signing up for the waiting list obligate you to buying one? 3) Lastly, best mags for them? MBX or something else? Thanks all. Really glad to hear that this platform is taking off.
  12. I've got 1k rounds on order for my 2011. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Wait......what's a recoil spring?!
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