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  1. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Yep. They were definitely hoser stages.
  2. UpYoursPal

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Should I be concerned that the guide rod hangs a few MM past the slide? I have a relief cut in my comp so it doesn't impede there, but are there other things I should lookout for?
  3. I’ve just started shooting 38 super, and I’ve come to realize that I really need to be picking up my brass at matches. Believe it or not, I’ve been leaving my brass at the last few matches! I mostly shoot indoor matches where it shouldn’t be too hard to get them, but I’m wondering both WHEN and HOW I should do it? Between stages? After I shoot? After the match is done? Any advice would be very helpful.
  4. UpYoursPal

    Steel matches ?

    That was very helpful. Thanks!
  5. UpYoursPal

    Steel matches ?

    I have a ton of 9mm brass and hate hunting down nearly 200 cases from a steel match.
  6. UpYoursPal

    Steel matches ?

    Was thinking of posting a new thread about this topic, but found this in the search. I currently run an older 38 super open gun with a Caspian slide. I really like steel challenge, but I hate the idea of running 38S major loads at these matches. What would I need to do to convert it over to, say, 9mm minor and still function well? Would I need to have a whole new slide/barrel fitted, or just a new barrel with shorter comp?
  7. Much like you, I started in production and eventually moved to Open. Though that was after brief forays into revolver and carry optics, and only semi-enjoying both of them. Once I tried open I was instantly hooked. I have way more fun shooting open than any other class, even with the inherent difficulties. What I did when starting out was take the advice of another shooter and buy used. It was a way to get a gun that (hopefully) already had most of the kinks worked out and functioning nicely. It IS more expensive, but if you don't mind that then this might be the category for you!
  8. UpYoursPal

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Hey all. Got the guide rod and new springs in today. The rod extends a few MM from the end of the slide (doesn't sit flush), but it doesn't mess with the relief cut on the comp so it should be okay. I had some issues with the slide hanging up while racking it, so I did as tkheard suggested and used the original reverse plug which seems to have fixed the problem. Hopefully it functions well at the range. Thanks for all your help guys!
  9. UpYoursPal

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    Thanks guys. My comp does have a relief cut in the bottom so it should be okay. I went ahead and ordered the bull barrel version, so let’s hope that this works!
  10. UpYoursPal

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    I really hate carrying around paperclips for disassembling my 2011, and have been looking into getting one of the Dawson tool-less guide rods. However, the listings for the bull barrel version say that they're for un-compensated guns. Is there a model that's meant for open guns? I just want to make sure I have everything correct before I drop $70+ on something that doesn't work. Thanks!
  11. UpYoursPal

    Shadow2 Open project

    This is so cool and inventive! Really eager to see how this turns out.
  12. UpYoursPal

    An Answer to "How do I break down a stage?"

    I know that this thread is pretty old, but it's too good not to be at the top. I learned so much from this, and I'm definitely going to be putting it to use at the next match.
  13. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Thanks. According to Practiscore, there's about 35 spots left right now. One has to wonder if the move from WV to Southern Maryland had something to do with it.
  14. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Classification record was updated with A8 finish. Rad. Also, you guys were totally right - this stuff is addictive. I went ahead and registered for a second day at DelMarVa (Fri and Saturday), where I'll be shooting Open. Fortunately I live somewhat close to this match so I can just drive up/drive down each day. Hopefully I'm not too sore after the first day. In addition to all the advice in this thread, I'm gonna do two minor things for DelMarVa: 1) Get one of those little golf caddies to carry around my crap, and 2) Bring a chair!
  15. UpYoursPal

    Top Shelf 1911s vs Glock based Pistols

    Watch Gunbroker like a hawk. Every once in a while you'll see a screaming deal on high-end guns and nobody else will notice. It's how I got my current open gun!