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  1. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Great advice from everyone. Area 8 match is next week so I'll let you all know how that goes.
  2. UpYoursPal

    9mm dies for 38 super?

    Hey all. I've been reloading 9mm for just a few months, and I just picked up an open gun in 38 super. Now, I get that super and 9mm have the same diameter bullets, so I thought "Can I use the dies I already have?" The internet gives me a few different answers, and it seems like most of them say you just need a new sizer/decapper. Does that sound right? I haven't been going at this for very long so I don't have strong handle on what works and what doesn't. Thanks in advance.
  3. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Well, in other good news I was notified last night that someone pulled out of the Area 8 championships, so I signed up for that! I'll be in squad 104 on Thursday. 13 stages seems daunting, but I'm pumped!
  4. Great advice! Will read and heed.
  5. UpYoursPal

    New MBX Caspian/Tanfo mags

    Sorry to bump this old-ish thread with a noob question, but I’m new to open shooting so a lot of this stuff is still a mystery. My open gun is a bit older (though new to me), and apparently it’s a 2011 with a Caspian slide on a trip frame. Would I need to get Caspian mags or STI mags from MBX? Thanks.
  6. UpYoursPal

    Cm 06-03 Can You Count?

    Shot this a few weekends ago and did okay. HF of 7.6616 for 48%. I'm a D shooter so this felt pretty good!
  7. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Right on! This stuff is addictive, and my hope is that one of these big matches will show me what is achievable by the really good shooters. And, by extension, what I need to work on. Right now there are two production GMs signed up, so I hope that I can check out their shooting at some point.
  8. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Coincidentally, since making the original post I've moved up to mid-C class. Still dinky, I mean, just a little less-so.
  9. UpYoursPal

    New Production Shooter Here

    Welcome! That's pretty quick to make C. Nice job!
  10. UpYoursPal

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    Friday, squad 20
  11. UpYoursPal

    My revolver progression

    As a fellow new revolero, I'm going to be watching this thread!
  12. UpYoursPal

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yes. Even if I take a full second between shots, I’ll occasionally get some muzzle dip right before the shot breaks.
  13. UpYoursPal

    P320 X5 Thread

    Got it. I did put a 13 or 15lb spring in there, so I probably just need to grip harder with the support hand.
  14. UpYoursPal

    P320 X5 Thread

    Anyone else have a problem with flinching with the X5? I went from a Glock to the X5, and for whatever reason I have a tendency to flinch low and slightly left on 2nd and third shots. I don’t flinch with any other gun - just the X5. It also doesn’t happen to the first shot, just some follow up shots. is this a technique issue? Is there something about going from a Glock grip to Sig grip that might be inducing this?
  15. The Delmarva section championship is going on in southern Maryland in September. https://practiscore.com/delmarva-section-championship/register There are still spots if you wanna sign up!