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  1. How was the TPC course? I was looking at it, but 5 days seems like a LOT. I recently took a 2 day class and was absolutely finished at the end of day 2.
  2. The Dawson Precision mag release is fine: https://benstoegerproshop.com/2011-sti-mag-release-by-dawson-precision/ Just make sure you get the one that is drilled for 4-40 To answer the original question: I use the Limcat paddle on my PT Evo grip and I love it.
  3. You say you're having these issues after only 5 matches? That's odd. Have you cleaned your mags at all? Is it possible that they got dirt in them and it's causing the follower to drag?
  4. I couldn't get the bolt to cycle reliably with CCI SV and a comp in my mk IV 22/45 Lite. Ended up just taking it off entirely, and I don't really miss it. How did you manage it?
  5. I recently got some Eley ammo to try in my new SC barrel. Functioned great, but it felt like it was loaded pretty hot. Seems like it would be around 175PF as the poster above mentioned. Even with a RN bullet it was still accurate.
  6. While we're here and talking about it, I think that limited should follow Open's rules for major - i.e. .355" bullet diameter and up. You can get an extra 3-4 rounds in your mag if you're willing to beat your gun to hell AND deal with stupid recoil. Although I suppose 38 super/supercomp might be more tolerable than 9mm major in an un-comped gun. I'm sure as hell not going to try it.
  7. Thanks for this advice from years ago @CHA-LEE Shot it this way today and got a smokin’ fast 4.53, albeit probably a little *too* fast because I shot 50 points. Still good enough for 86% in open and my first M classifier!
  8. Those are all good points. I also have to eat my words a little; I went to the range for a practice session yesterday after posting that, and started to have FTE issues when shooting SHO/WHO. No problems with freestyle shooting, but I wager that the accumulated crud probably slowed the slide down a bit.
  9. Just curious: have you ever tried not cleaning your gun between a few matches or practice sessions? I ask because, like you, I've been cleaning my gun after every match ever since I got it. However, I'm running an experiment right now to see how long it can go between cleanings before problems start to crop up. I didn't clean it after a two day class, as well as a range practice session afterward, so right now it's sitting at about 1k rounds since the last cleaning.
  10. Howard Leight foam earplugs, Peltor Comtac electronic protection on top.
  11. If you're comfortably exceeding PF, does a variance of 0.05gr really matter that much? Like, is this an issue that could really affect your round's performance? I'm genuinely curious.
  12. UpYoursPal

    More help

    Classic C-more or RTS-2?
  13. In open, a frame mount is almost always preferable. If you shoot CO then you don’t really have a choice - you have to mount the dot on the slide.
  14. For open: Romeo3XL CO: Probably Trijicon SRO PCC: I don’t know. Probably Romeo3XL again
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