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  1. Upon further review, I think it may not have been the 2019 version. The racker was screwed into the slide, and I think the grip was the extreme shooters grip. The grip felt great to me though.
  2. My gun is in the shop right now so I got to borrow a friend's 2019 DVC open. Some thoughts: -Boy is it tight! It wasn't easy pulling the slide back, and even the mag release felt tight. The gun definitely needed some more break-in -The gun was very flat and came back on target quickly, even with my normal load which isn't developed for it -The trigger is pretty good. A little heavier than mine, but still crisp -It points very well! The gun is balanced quite well and that makes transitions nice and easy -The mag release is weird. I ended up botching a few reloads because the other end of the mag release button kept hitting my strong hand, which is something that never happened with my other 2011. I'm not really sure what the fix for this is. -My friend installed a *thumb rest [generic]* which I wasn't used to, but greatly appreciated. While it would've been nice to get more time with the gun, I thought it was pretty solid!
  3. This is weird because I don't reload .38 special, I only shoot factory.
  4. As long as the gun is well-maintained, it'll last for a long time. My 2011 frame, for example, is about 25 years old, and the slide/barrel are probably close to that but the previous owner took good care of it so it shoots very well for me.
  5. It does look pretty rad, though I’ve gotta admit that I liked the stainless/TiN look the last ones had going. I’m also not sure what to think about the RTS2, but hey, whatever
  6. So through a twist of fate, I'm gonna have the opportunity to buy a brand new STI DVC Open for less than $3k, which WILL come with three mags (2x 140mm and 1x 170mm). Seems like a pretty sweet deal for a brand new gat, but should I be wary of straight STI guns? It'll be the 2019 version with the RTS2 and new grip and racker, for reference.
  7. I use Slip 2000 and it’s pretty good, but seems to slow down in cold outdoor environments.
  8. I'm interested in hearing about this as well, @MrPostman
  9. Checked again: Barrel is still nice and tight, but I took another look in the barrel and noticed this strange "ring" somewhere in the middle. I'll try to take a picture when I get home, but it looks really strange. The barrel also looks kind of dull, instead of bright and shiny.
  10. I've been thinking about all of the Czechmate suggestions, and after reading more about it, it looks like a really solid suggestion that I'm going to consider. I've seen that while there isn't a robust market for Czechmate mods like there are for 2011s, it's probably enough to satisfy me. This thread has been especially instructive: Question: I'm now pretty used to the feel of the 1911/2011 platform, and I've never shot a CZ-anything before. Nobody I know has a Czechmate, but I know someone who has a few CZs, including a -75 and Shadow 2. In the absence of an actual Czechmate to try out, is there a comparable CZ gun that mimicks the feel of the grips, control, trigger, etc? That is, is there another CZ that may have the same feel in the hands as a Czechmate?
  11. Bumping an old thread, but I actually picked up a very similar open gun about six months ago. Same exact mount (Hueing carbon fiber), shortened PDP3, and a Caspian slide with unknown barrel/comp. Only difference is that mine is on an old Tripp Research 2011 frame. Good to see someone else with a retro open gun!
  12. Started in production, dabbled a little bit in revolver and CO, but now I've settled in open. Open is definitely more fun than the other categories (except maybe revolver because of the novelty factor)
  13. Now that looks like a real space laser!
  14. How much does a build like this run?
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