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  1. I have both. The MBX run 100% for me out of the package but need the springs changed like every 2 months. The Gen2 STI mags work but after first tuning them.
  2. I really like my Cheely.
  3. Seems to me that the slide ride lasts longer than the other options. I like everything about mine but the size. It sits too high for my taste in a regular mount and gets in the way of my thumb on a sideways mount. For those 2 reasons, I use the RTS2 on my primary and a DPP on my backup gun.
  4. I agree, buy which one you like the looks of and learn to shoot it. I have had atleast one in each length. I prefer a middy with steel grip because I like the balance, but I can shoot them all about the same.
  5. Has anyone tried the Arrendondo Shell stabilizer for the Dillon XL650? What are your opinions? I’m loading mostly 9 major.
  6. While the concept of the sideways C-more is really appealing, I can’t use them. On the draw, my thumb catches the back of the C-more each and every time. I’ve tried massaging my technique but just couldn’t reliably change, so back to a top mount and RTS2 for me!
  7. +1 on the MBX mags. The only problem with them is that the springs wear out prematurely. I change mine every 2 months or else I will start getting nosedives. That being said, all that I have bought have been tuned perfectly right out of the package. I’m getting ready to try tuning some Gen 2 STI mags and see how those work out with grams springs and followers.
  8. Having a bunch of 170’s flopping around on your belt just plain sucks. Depending on the stage, I will sometimes start out with a 140 and reload to a 170 which I keep in the number 1 spot on my mag holders. This is more rare though as I normally start with a 170.
  9. You hit the nail on the head. Not really any advantages besides those. I’ve had 1 hinge come loose and need to be sent back to the maker to be re-epoxied. Couple other models I saw had loose hinges that didn’t do a lot for your shooting comfort or confidence.
  10. Oh, and he takes everything apart. He doesn’t throw it in there without complete disassembly.
  11. My brother ultrasonic cleans everything on his MPX minus stock and forearm. No problems at all. He cleans it that way after every weekend of competition. He has the heated ultrasonic cleaner.
  12. alanm

    Backup Gun

    I always have my backup. It’s not exactly the same as my primary gun but it’s always nice to know I can continue the match if my primary gun goes down. I feel it’s a bit more of a necessity in open than in limited, though.
  13. Definitely going to be the barrel for my next open gun. Thanks to the folks at KKM
  14. alanm

    Practice Loads?

    Practice with what you are going to shoot in the matches. No use getting used to a lower recoil pulse in practice and messing up your timing during a match with a higher power load.
  15. I’ll be curious to see if it holds up.
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